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Comments by noggin46

The Priory, Litherland

This pub is now closed and due for demolition for a housing developement !

1 Dec 2013 14:20

The Fleece, Whitby

A bit off the circuit on the east side but nice patio looking over harbor and not full of idiots. Beer ok and so are the staff.

28 Sep 2013 21:31

The Magpie Cafe, Whitby

An expensive place and the fish is no better than anywhere else. But people coming to Whitby think its great. I suppose they have money to burn

28 Sep 2013 21:11

The Duke of Wellington, Danby

A pleasant enough place in a good location. On a nice day you can sit on the front beer garden and watch the world go by in this peaceful village. You are made welcome by the landlord and locals. Seems clean and tidy and the toilets are spotless, we commented to the landlord how good they were, and we dont often say that!
Does B + B and food which we did not try so cant comment, small car park to the front but plenty in the village. No blaring music or footy in you face, and well worth a visit. Prices are not too bad either so give it a try!

21 Sep 2013 20:38

Ralph FitzRandal, Richmond

Quite a large spoons which used to be a General Post Office. Has nice beer garden, and lots of local ales on offer which were ok. Staff welcoming and helpfull, On 3 levels but has mini lifts so no problem for wheelchairs ect. Been open about 10 yrs so not the modern spoons design inside, but seemed clean and tidy and is much cheaper than some of the touristy pubs in the town. Well worth a visit

4 Aug 2013 21:04

The Mill, Hull

A decent pub which has recently had a refurb. Toilets good now and no smell as the other revuer said. Beer good and not too expensive. Plenty of sport on the 3 or 4 screens, but you can get away from it in a pleasant quiet eating/drinking area. Decent beer garden and seating had all been freshly varished. Only downside service was a bit hit and miss. Not been in here before but shall go again when in the area. Food all day. Small car park

30 Jun 2013 17:15

The Howden Arms, Tadcaster

A small pub but big in character. Went in for the first time and were treated like regulars by the locals.
Sam Smiths pub opposite John Smiths brewery! How good is that.
Well worth a visit beer and banter great!

21 May 2013 20:10

The Big Angel, Whitby

This pub is now a wetherspoons outlet and lodge. A big refurb has been done and is now the smartest pub in Whitby, no yobbos in like it used to be. Beers are expensive for a spoons. £2-89 for real ales and Carling £3-09, well what do you expect its rip off Whitby. Staff didnt seem very obliging. There are 2 bars upstairs and down, we found it better upstairs, you get away from the buggy brigade
Worth a visit the views accros the harbour are great, nice front patio area as well

2 May 2013 19:26

The Minerva Hotel, Hull

Used to go to this pub regularly was well run and beer was good and always had plenty of regulars, when Scotty had it. Food was very good and always had 2 beers at low price.
Now there has been so many wizz kid and know it all managers, the place is often shut down and then re-opens sadly these people have no idea how to run a decent pub lets hope it can find its place as a great Hull pub, but I doubt it.
Great location on the Marina and loverly views across the river Humber just needs a long staying good manager.

18 Dec 2012 20:51

The Rosette, Scarborough

Sizzling pub by Mitchels & Butler. O K for a bit to eat and a beer, cheaper on a Monday for beer. Was pretty quiet the Monday we went in, but was told by the staff it gets hecktic in summer with holidaymakers and kids running around. Has nice garden and kids play area at the back and staff were helpful. Food was quite slow arriving, but this is normal in any Sizzling pub as Mitchel & Butler never employ enough staff for good service. That apart worth a visit, decent car park to rear, toilets good

18 Nov 2012 17:08

Sir John Ardene, Newark

My fisrt visit to this small spoons was good. Decent beer and staff very helpfull. Many other pubs close by in the market place all seemed busy for a Monday afternoon. A pleasant place with good views around were all life passes by. Recommended

1 Nov 2012 20:10

Goodmanham Arms, Goodmanham

Nice little place with plenty of real ales and sam smiths on. Not too expensive and like stepping back in time, even got on old motorbike in the passage entrance! Own brewery on the go and as the last revue says its 2 a pint, cant be bad, lets hope it doesnt get the food and wine bug and get spoilt. Well worth a visit.

8 Oct 2012 21:18

The Star Inn, Willerby

A change of tenant at this pub. Didnt try food as it was a saturday night, but they say it is ok. Usual Mansfield beers on, I had a Jennings bitter and my partner had a Carlsberg 5-40 for the two so not too bad. Person who served us was a bit crusty and just asked for the money and that was it. no thankyou or anything. The place is ready for decoration and a new carpet, the gents was closed for refurbishment, so may be changes afoot? Large carpark at rear and beergarden at front. Worth a visit, but staff could be more affable

9 Sep 2012 19:33

The Plimsoll Line, Redcar

Well to the person who wrote the revue in 2006 Wetherspoons has gone on to be the large pub chain it is now and not dead! This one is ok nice beer garden and plenty of punters in with a reasonable set of guest ales. Didnt try the food so cant comment on it but prices were good Guest ales 1-99 and Carlberg 1-99. Good selection of beers, lagers and ciders

4 Sep 2012 19:45

O'Neill's, Cleethorpes

A bit run down in parts but has a large beer garden to the rear + smoking area. A large bar area with some nice alcoves at the front were all life passes by. And pleasant enough eating areas. They dont sell any real ales but we got a pint of Carling + pint of Caffreys for 3-98 which is very reasonabel we said. Car park at the back and in a handy place for the beach and clubbing scene.
Can be a bit noisy with hen partys and young noisy drinkers, staff seemed ok and friendly to us, but we think sometimes they have a lot to put up with.But worth a visit and its better than some of the other pubs in the area. Owned by Mitchels and Butlers chain.

4 Sep 2012 19:32

The Farm Barn, Thorngumbald


23 Aug 2012 19:26

The Fleur de Lis, Banbury

Visited on a busy afternoon. A modern place and lots of folks eating. We found it ok for service, we had not been in here before. Beers seemed ok and toilets were clean. Nice drinking area at the front on a traffic free street. Worth a visit. Didnt see any alcho types in this one. Prices 1-99 for real ales, cant be bad!

23 Aug 2012 19:12

Exchange, Banbury

An older type spoons, but we had no problems with it. Beers were good small toilets, staff were ok and friendly enough with us. Food was ok and service. The only downside was quite a few strange alcho types, sat in one area so thats ok, thats what pubs are for, years ago all pubs had them, now some have no customers at all!

23 Aug 2012 19:01

The Golden Bee, Stratford Upon Avon

Pleasant place and happy staff. Beers were very good and all was clean and tidy. Rear beer garden and large airy area at the rear of the room. Lots of eaters in (including us) the service was good. You were made to feel welcome. Good prices-- 1-99 for the real ales. Better than the rip off prices at some of the places in this town. But I suppose the folk who complain about Spoons pubs should go to them instead, but no they still come to Spoons!

17 Aug 2012 19:54

The Golden Ball, Scarborough

Go to this pub when in Scarborough. Since the new tenants took over coming up to a year ago, they have turned this pub around, and as of yesterday it has been voted the best there! By mystery people from Scarbrough civic society who give the awards out so well done to them!
Best pub need I say more, go and visit, right on the harbourside. Not suitable for wheelchairs

17 Aug 2012 19:36

The Eagle And Child, Stow On The Wold

Called in to the pub section of this place to see what it was like inside seeing it it the oldest pub in the country. We were very dissapointed. The place has had the guts pulled out of it and is just a cafe bar type of place inside! The prices -- pint of guest ale and a pint of lager 7-85 WOW didnt have another as did not have my bank manager with me for a loan!
A plce to avoid + the cook/chef was smoking in an ally not good. The hotel part does not welcolm drinkers, I wonder why. Supposed to have scratch marks on the fireplaces made by witches in the old days so the say. Or was it a spaceman.?

14 Aug 2012 20:09

The Old New Inn, Bourton on the Water

Pleasant old fashioned pub. Not many in but we were made welcolme by the staff who said the place was not very busy at all, cant see why as it has a lovely beer garden to the rear and is a large place with the model village next to it which is lovely. The bass was very good but a bit pricey. toilets very clean so was the pub. Just away from the maddening crowd and day trippers. Well worth a visit a bit sparse inside no car park. But has some nice photos and stuff from the past to look at and dart players welcome! Hotel section if you want to stay.

14 Aug 2012 19:52

Ye Olde Red Lion Hotel, Market Bosworth

A pub that caters for beer drinkers as well as food, which we didnt try so cant comment, seemed quite a few eating, but more drinking. Pleasant enough place inside but needs a refurb. The real ales were not too good and warmish also expensive 7-60 for a pint of ale + a lager! Suppose its a captive market as one of the other of the 4 pubs is closed and the other 2 are pretending to be restuarants.
Not impressed with this pub.

14 Aug 2012 19:34

The Goathland Hotel, Whitby

This is a pub/hotel, that caters for Americanand other tourists. Ok If you like that sort of thing, otherwise stay clear.
Beer was warm and almost out of date, the prices are Carlsberg 3-60 real ales (dont ask!) Childrens drinks 1-30 a small one! Its disgusting how these places rip people off. Dint try the food but it didnt look up to much considering the prices on the menu. A place to avoid, unless you are desperate to see the heatbeat connection. Bar staff like robots .

3 Aug 2012 16:44

Thomas Ingoldsby, Canterbury

A busy place but you get served ok and the place is clean with newly refurbed toilets. Beers ok but a bit flat for me, I suppose its how they are served in the south,I am from yorkshire! A few kids running around were a menace but ignoring that the pub is ok and staff seemed friendly. Worth a visit

28 Jun 2012 20:10

The Samuel Peto, Folkestone

Has been redecorated outside since I was last in. The beers were all ok and although a bit flat for my liking, they all tasted ok. Staff seem ok, some regular drinkers in, but all seemed friendly. An unusual place inside and out, much cheaper in here than other bars in Folkestone. No beer garden or car park.

28 Jun 2012 20:02

The Royal George, Folkestone

Was attracted to this place by the live music that could be heard quite a way off, so went in and the band were playing some good stuff, Thin Lizzy and rock music, which I like, they were very good! The place was full, not bad for 6-30 in the evening. No real ales but we were impressed by the friendly people in there. Right near the harbour, and outside seating is ok. Well worth a visit if you are staying at The Burstin hotel as we were and need livening up! Live music every week.

28 Jun 2012 19:47

The Timber Dock, Hull

Went for a visit today, as this pub has now reopened after a big refurb, and a name change. It is now called The Firecrest and is now a Marstons 2 for 1 type of eatery. Much improved with real ales from the Marstons stable, Hobgoblin, Pedigree ect. The food was very nice as were the surroundings, with some smaller areas in what is basically one serving area and large rooms joined together. A pleasant beer garden and a posh smoking den! Also a decent car park. Worth a visit, beers a bit pricy but not over the top for a place like this. One thing we did notice, we saw at least 3 ex Wetherspoon employees, strange. But all the staff seemed ok.

21 May 2012 21:54

The Springhead, Hull

A pub which is a shadow of its former self. Looks a bit tired now but is busy for food at weekends. Cant comment on the food as we have not tried it. Staff seem ok and we were made welcome. Large car park with good access. Used to go here for the live bands including some big names (Walter Trout and the like) + many more. A pity those days seem to have gone now. Many local bands and bands from out of town played here, a wonderful time used to be had by all.

10 Apr 2012 20:50

The Marquis of Granby, Hessle

Tend to agree with the previos revue, the staff dont want to serve you. the place is pleasant enough with decent car park and eating area. Separate bar area. Not the pub it used to be in the 60s to 80s when it was always packed! But which pub is these days? Used to be THE place to meet.
Beers are ok but not tried the food although plenty seem to eat it, mostly local pub, prices reasonable on beer and food. Worth a visit (if you dont mind waiting till the barstaff serve you)

10 Apr 2012 20:37

The Manor Farm, Hull

Tried this place for the 1st time. We found it was very pleasant and clean, it has 2 beer gardens one down the side is very nice. The real ales were a little warm for my liking, the food was good, toilets were very clean and the staff seemed ok to us, we went on a tuesday afternoon so was fairly quiet.
The only downside was 2 screaming kids who seemed out of control. Iam not a fan of kids in pubs anyway, under 10 years of age mainly.
Otherwise all ok, recommended.

22 Mar 2012 16:50

The Victoria Hotel, Cleveleys

First time we had been in this very big pub. Thursday afternoon. Apparently the new manager has done a great job at this once run down place, so say the locals. We found them friendly, the beers were very good and the prices cheap. There were not too many in but all were friendly and had tales to tell. Of the many bands and large function room that used to be very popular when it was in use before the stopping of music and the likes in sam smiths pubs a few years ago.Well worth a visit, built in the 1930s and always been a Sam Smiths . Nice open fires and the like,

20 Feb 2012 20:38

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

An unchaging pub, which is a good thing here. Go on a dinnertime its full of banker types and folks in suites, its always been this way. Beers quite good and plenty of them and always changing. Yes the staff seem a bit fed up, but you get served ok. Seating not changed for donkeys years, wooden in parts, thats what makes these places. How many different bank notes can you spot behind the bar? Enjoy while you can. A dying breed of pub unfortunatly. Well worth a visit to this historic pub.

20 Feb 2012 20:14

The Cavern, Liverpool

Ok for tourists I suppose. I remember going to the original Cavern in the 60s, heaving, sweaty, full of now iconic bands, and a happening place to be! Not so now, as the other revuers say expensive crap drinks and 3rd class pretenders on stage. The original Cavern was moved when the offices where built on that site (next door in the Lucy in the Sky cafe ) as it was not deemed strong enough to support it, and the bricks were saved to re-create the Cavern as it is now. A bit of history of the place for you! How thing change eh? Enjoy.

20 Feb 2012 19:49

Albert and The Lion, Blackpool

Went on a monday afternoon 6th feb. The place was VERY QUIET! So thats the time to go if you dont want the hassle from holidaymakers. idiots and the like. A very nice place, staff were obliging and friendly, we found no problem with the place. The real ales were good and well pulled. Yes the staff told us its manic in the season, but what do you expect you types who like a good moan, it is Blackpool

14 Feb 2012 17:14

The Mitre, Blackpool

Visited this pub for the first time, we were made welcome, only a few in but all were friendly and chatty.
The place was very clean and so were the toilets, my partener commented to to barman how good they were. It was midweek low season so it will get busier when the season starts I guess.
Two points, the prices are expensive, thats the breweries fault, and no real ales, but what we did drink was ok. Worth a visit. The smallest pub in Blackpool and very cosy.

14 Feb 2012 13:02

Red Lion, Skegness

An older type spoons, but a good selection of real ales. Food is usual menu but very acceptable. Staff were friendly and had time to speak to you as it was pretty quiet, (Thursday pm winter) Can get very busy in summer with holidaymakers and tourists, so be warned!
All in all a pleasant enough place beers good worth a visit. Used to be a large coaching inn the Argos, Betting shop + 2 others were all the pub, look at the gutter and facia and you will see how big it was! Called The Lion years ago.

30 Jan 2012 14:43

The Old Scalby Mills, Scarborough

If you want to pay big money for real ales, then this is the place to come!
And they were only average. One of the most expensive pubs around, a tourist trap, what do you expect?

6 Jan 2012 21:50

The Mary Shelley, Bournemouth

Found this pub ok. Very nice decor, a lloyds bar. Plenty of ales on but badly pulled sometimes. A busy place of an evening. Toilets were clean and the staff were ok , there was a trainee on when we visited who served us, so maybe she should be better at pulling pints soon?
Agree with the other revue about the coffee brigade. Worth a visit. All life passes by the large windows!

18 Dec 2011 21:05

Spotted Cow, Poole

A much pleasenter pub than The Lord Wimbourne. Great views accross the harbour. A large double deck pub which has just had new toilets and a part refurb.
Beers were good, no problems there for us, and they were all on.
Different type of punters here, and not so full. Nice small beer garden on the front on a summers day were you can watch the multy million pound playboy yatchs being built at Poole quay.

18 Dec 2011 11:38

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

Wasnt too impressed by this large pub. The place was packed (Tuesday afternoon) so must be a regulars pub. Beer garden was large and I suppose its nice in summer. Beer selection ok and was quiet good, lots of kids in + buggies I suppose its a family pub. Toilets were ok and the staff seemed ok
Not a place for a quiet drink . Beers were expensive compered to The Quay

18 Dec 2011 11:12

The Big Angel, Whitby

This pub is still closed, but good news! It has been bought by Wetherspoons. Work starts early 2012. So it may shake some of the ripoff pubs in Whitby, when it opens, and may give locals a place to be proud of and reasonable prices. Something which is sadly lacking here.

11 Nov 2011 19:20

Marine Hotel, Hornsea

At last this pub has had the refurb it deserves, beer garden great the smoking den has been relocated and the beer is still good, and so is the staff. Well worth a visit now. Great location on the seafront, views are fantastic.

23 Oct 2011 20:55

The Sun Inn, Beverley

I think this is the oldest pub in Beverley, been extended over the years. Now has live bands and is a popular place. Original parts still exist if you look around. Beers good but are very pricey. Check it out!

23 Oct 2011 20:42

The Monks Walk, Beverley

A strange changing place. Had a recent face lift and modernisation, beers expensive a touristy trap kind of place. Used to be called The George and Dragon until 25yrs ago, where you could go in a piano room sing your head off and a good night was had by all!
One of the old pubs of Beverley always full and all happy with lots of beer down them!
Many years ago there was a shed round the back, where the beer garden is now. A man used to make clay pipes and sell them around the town from it, this was in the 1800s
A pub with history, if you look for it. Worth a visit if only to check the history out.

23 Oct 2011 20:33

Parkers, Hull

Went to this pub on a visit to Hull Fair, it is on the corner of Waltern st at the entrance to the fair site.
It has had a refurb and makeover since my last visit, but the beers are very limited and no real ales. Lounge seemed quite comfortable, but the karioke was terrible! Just a run of the mill pub with no real character and a bit rough, a shame a lot of good pubs have gone this way. Used to be a 3 story building I beleave but had a near miss by a bomb in the ww1 and was unsafe so they just took the top floor off!

17 Oct 2011 19:33

The Litten Tree, Skegness

We went in on a saturday for our first visit. We found the place full and the outside patio area also ( it was a warm day). We tried the Bombadier which at 1-89 was good. We got a full pint, no problem.
A guy came to clean the table and also wiped the menu, you dont see that much these days! So dont see any problem with the place. Exept for screaming kids, who shouldnt be in pubs anyway.
Would go again, and yes I have been in some real dumps, this is not one.

13 Sep 2011 20:14

Unicorn Hotel, Ripon

Called in today, bank holiday sunday. A nice spot, nicely refurbed by Wetherspoons, plenty of cosy areas to relax in. Some nice real ales on and in good condition and pulled by friendly staff. Large beer garden at the back and handy car park nearby. This is a lodge type spoons, so you can eat drink as much as you want, and sleep it off! very busy today, our 1st visit to this lovely pub. Recommended

28 Aug 2011 20:53

Spa Lane Vaults, Chesterfield

Called in on a saturday dinner, there were quite a few in, and we had never been in this one before. We got a beer and burger, they let me have one of the real ales, but it was a bit vinegary, so I took it back. To there credit they were full of oppolegy and changed it for another, which was very good, the staff seemed friendly enough, toilets were ok, and the customers seemed pretty normal. The place was ok to us, despite what some revues say.

9 Aug 2011 21:47

The Peacock, Bakewell

Went in on a saturday pm, it looked ok but wow!
Staff didnt seem interested in the customers, and were more like robots than humans. The beer garden was full of kids screaming and tables had almost taken over the car park! The prices, I got 2 pints of the Peak ales 6-70 !!! WOW. I agree with fastcar0121, These prices are disgusting, preying on the tourists, Toilets are nothing to write home about either, we shall never go here again a place to avoid (unless you got a big bank balance, or desparate)

7 Aug 2011 21:33

The Merton Inn, Bootle

Went in with some relations who can be a bit fussy. No problem here, a loverly place tastefully decorated and very clean and comfortable.
We had food and we all ate the lot, including the relations, who are used to going in so called posh places. All very nice. The real ales were very good, and we all had a nice time. The staff were very obliging, and toilets 1st class. Recommended

3 Aug 2011 19:37

The Plough, Whitby

This pub was refurbed about 15 months ago, and is popular with the locals. Sam Smiths here is good and the prices are very cheap. The same as Jolly Sailers.
You are made welcome by the staff, who used to be at Jolly Sailers, and the locals are ok. Quite a few separate rooms so you can sit where the mood takes you
Long beer garden at the rear, no parking near. Well worth a visit,

1 Jul 2011 20:59

The Marine Bar, Bridlington

A pub in a good location you can sit out and see the beach and watch the world go by. Or go inside to be made very welcome in this looks like newley decorated and refurbed interior. Real ales were very good and at 2-50 a pint was ok. Carvery on a sunday, toilets 9/10. Plenty of car parking just opposite, well worth a visit. In the quieter north end of the town, so no bother with idiots, they tend to stay in the town centre.

6 Jun 2011 10:34

Dambusters Inn, Scampton

Never been in this pub before, but we were made welcome by staff and owner. Didnt try the food but heard people who had saying how good it was.Toilets were clean and tidy, the ladies had no toilet paper, but was soon sorted when my partener told the staff. The real ales were very good and the place is a quirky one with all sorts of stuff from ww2 even model aircraft hungfrom the ceiling! 12 ago the pub used to be the local post office!Well worth a visit, recommended

30 May 2011 20:25

The Burlington Tavern, Hull

A pub with decent real ales on and pleasant enough inside, all toilets upstairs so not disabled friendly. A real jukebox (a rearity these days) and prices are reasonable during the day, but beware the prices all go up by 1 in the evening!
The punters are a bit rough and ready and some swear a lot and can spoil your visit if you take any notice of them. Toilets ok and staff ok, so worth a visit. City centre location, no car park. One of the oldest pubs in Hull.

27 May 2011 17:10

Ye Olde Three Tuns, Thirsk

This pub is now closed and converted to rented cottages

4 May 2011 19:09

The Litten Tree, Bournemouth

Ok for a pint and sport. Comfortable seating, no real ales but staff friendly enough. Funky lighting is good. Worth a visit. Plenty of eating houses around here with a world wide flavour.

1 May 2011 19:35

The Christopher Creeke , Bournemouth

A popular pub. Clean and comfortable, well priced beers sometimes poorly pulled. Yes it may be another spoons, but better than some rip off joints that are in Bournemouth. Good hardworking staff and obliging. Perhaps the people who complain about it should stay in the past, were they belong. This is the future of pubs. Recommended. And yes I remember pubs in the 60s most were awfull.

1 May 2011 19:26

The Anchor Inn, Swanage

First time we have been in this pub. As we went in the bar was full of pints of all kinds. We asked for one of the real ales, and was told to take one off the bar, they are all free said the bar person! Said it was pipe cleaning day, which it was. All the beers were very good and the locals were chatty and friendly. Seems like a decent place, and busy during the week. food looked very good and reasonably priced, toilets clean seating ok, no beer garden but so what. A clean and tidy place and not too posh. Well worth a visit, enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Recommended. Town centre location. Pipe cleaning on wednesday.

1 May 2011 19:07

The Kings Head, Salisbury

A large double decked spoons with good quality real ale at sensible prices. pleasant beer garden next to the river. So come on you moaners, what do you want, maybe they should go and pay the earth somewhere else. This is a good place with friendly staff and clean toilets most of the time. All pubs that are anything like get rowdy at times!

30 Apr 2011 18:49

Ox Row, Salisbury

This pub is located on the marketplace. We went in on a tuesday pm. Not many in seeing as the market was outside the door. No wonder, the real ale we tried was awfull, and the price, 3-80 a pint! WOW! come on. I complained about the price and they said it was the v.a.t increase. Who do these people think we are, stupid! The beer was terrible, We wont be going again. Avoid.

30 Apr 2011 18:38

The Norland, Hessle

A pub which has had many changes over the years. Used to be called The Eight Bells in its heyday, full of trawlermen. Recently been changed to a sizzling pub. No windows open so gets very hot in summer. A nice place inside with a large car park. Ok for drinks at resonable prices and some real ales on which are usually pretty good. Can get noisy and a bit dangerous at weekends with idiots, but if you ignore that the place is fine. Nice beer garden at the front.

23 Apr 2011 18:07

The Cricketers Arms, Selby

A welcoming pub with a barlady (or landlady) which is a true gem of a character. A large Sam Smiths pub, open fires, cheap ale, and comfortable, what more can you ask? Well worth a visit

23 Apr 2011 17:48

The Wheatsheaf, Hull

A pub going downhill quickly. Toilets were run down, the staff pretty useless and prices are expensive now. We didnt eat, but the people on the table next to us were complaining about the food and waiting for it for an hour! No atmosphere and the beer was pretty awfull. Shall not be going again! A place to avoid in this very pleasant area full of expensive houses.

16 Apr 2011 21:15

The Sandringham, Hull

This pub is now closed and boarded up (April 2011) and a for sale notice outside

16 Apr 2011 21:03

Willy's Pub and Brewery, Cleethorpes

A popular pub, but can be a bit noisy and rough at times. Prices are getting out of hand now with the cheapest home brewed handpulled now at 2-22 and others nearly 3 ! A lot dearer than Wetherspoons now! But worth a visit

4 Apr 2011 20:01

Mitchells Bar, Cleethorpes

Pleasant enough place, cafe type bar with outside patio area at the front. Toilets upstairs so not disabled friendly. We went on a sunday afternoon so was quiet, but lots of large speakers about so I guess it is liverly on a night. Down side, no real ales, mostly lagers exept tetleys bitter which was on offer at 1-70. But beware prices are very expensive otherwise, 3+ for tetley usually. Wow how much! Other lagers approaching 4 !
Be warned!

4 Apr 2011 19:45

The White Horse Inn, Beverley

I agree with the last revuer a great pub but the gents is terrible and the smell puts you off going in there. Unfortunatly we are back to square one with landlords as another has gone! So come on Sam Smiths get this pub sorted out. Still the cheapest and most popular in beverley, highly recommended but avoid the gents!

24 Mar 2011 20:23

Hayride, Beverley

A pleasant enough place, very nice inside and out. Good parking and a large play area for kids. Food is quite nice we got quickly served, but I was told it can take 1 hour at busy times! Seeing it is only run of the mill pub grub, this is a long wait.
Down side there are a lot of kids running about, the beer is very limited and also very expensive. Soft drinks the same, so be warned.
The Greene king cask we tryed was not very good, that was the only one they had on our visit exept the usual suspects.!
Popular and worth a visit but watch what you drink!

24 Mar 2011 20:08

The Golden Ball, Scarborough

Unfortunatly this pub has now lost its great landlord and has began to slide downhill. nobody seems to be bothered to do much. or even open on time! Went in today and it didnt open till 1-30. Toilets not too good and looked as if carpets had not seen a vac for a few days. Whats happening at Sam Smiths pubs?

6 Mar 2011 20:22

The Windmill Inn, Pontefract

A Sam Smiths pub, very friendly staff and clientele. Three rooms games room, bar and a snug! Very nice inside with paneled walls and good seating. Outside note the stonework and windmill, very impressive! Beers very good. Locals have some good tales to tell you, so make sure to speak to them, well worth a visit. Recommended.

10 Feb 2011 21:23

The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield

Went in here on a saturday afternoon, it was busy. The staff were helpfull and the real ales very good. There is an upstairs with separate bar & a small patio area up here for smokers.
Large downstairs eating and drinking area,with modern but comfy seating. Apparently this used to be a garage, that had a bar above it, before being aquired by spoons (a bit of info for you)
All in all a nice pleasant place, well worth a visit. Close to city centre and shops and other attractions.

10 Feb 2011 20:44

The Inferno, Bournemouth

Used to be a fire station, hence the name! Not the best of places, aimed at students at nearby uni.But cheap beer. I suppose you cant have everything, Or can you?

3 Feb 2011 19:16

The Ship, Whitby

A decent little pub where you are made welcome. Two rooms one with pool ect the other at the front quite comfortable. Only Black Sheep on handpull but it was ok. Staff friendly enough. Was redecorated a short while back, used to be a bit tatty but ok now, beer pricey,as is usual for most pubs in Whitby, but worth a visit

9 Jan 2011 21:30

Duke of York, Whitby

The only pub I know of that asks for the money before you get a drink! This is unacceptable. The prices are way over the top, and the staff are terrible. We walked out and went elsewere!
A pub to avoid, we shall never go here again.They depend on the tourists so they can rip them off. Avoid!

9 Jan 2011 21:07

The Big Angel, Whitby

This pub is now closed and boarded up on 7th january 2011. Apparently been bought by a pub chain, I wonder which one?

7 Jan 2011 18:27

Old Grey Mare, Hull

A pub that used to be a hotel called The Newland Park until it was refurbed and renamed a few years ago. Still does B/B ect. Nice spot inside plenty of comfy seating. Also has an area with pool, subutio football game, and even a good dartboard! that makes a change. One real ale on at our visit, but all prices are cheap enough and were good. Opposite Hull university gates so a good place for students. Family area at the rear so children not a problem Food is well priced but cannot comment as we didnt try it. Can get very busy with students at university terms, but worth a visit, small car park at the front.

1 Jan 2011 21:35

Sweyn Forkbeard, Gainsborough

A pleasant enough place. Plenty of real ales on at my visit and were on form. Staff are friendly, the food was ok and didnt take too long to appear. There is a nice sheltered beer garden ok for a few beers on a sunny day. Toilets are tidy but as normal in some Spoons are a bit of a climb! Shall visit this one again.

27 Dec 2010 22:48

Fair Maid, Cottingham

This used to be a brilliant pub/club called The Westfield the place to be in Cottingham. Now a place to eat mainly. No real ales when we went only usual stuff. Quite expensive for beer, which is not good. Lots of kids running about the place, only run of the mill food, which wasnt too bad I suppose, Staff not too good and tables left for ages before being cleared after customers had gone. A pity it has gone downhill so much. Good car park and pleasant looking beergarden

21 Dec 2010 20:40

Glassblower, Castleford

Not as good as some other spoons. A bit dated, but a good choice of beers and the staff seemed happy enough. No parking anywhere near exept if you pay in the nearby carpark. Saturday afternoon was quite busy when we went, didnt try the food so cant comment, but plenty were eating. Would visit again.

17 Dec 2010 16:02

The Three Tuns, Thirsk

This is a loverly well converted place, with lots of character. Used to be very expensive and run down before being taken by wetherspoons. Made into one of there lodge type inns. So you can stay the night if you wish! Nice beer garden at rear, little step down areas especially for candlelit eating or drinking, large bar with good choice of real ales, all of which are very good. Staff friendly, one of them even showed us round the place!
Toilets very good and very clean. Seating is comfortable and not too crowded together. Can get very busy on race days. Recommended.

7 Dec 2010 20:58

The Darrowby Inn, Thirsk

This is a pleasant enough place, with olde world charm and lots of nic-nacks and interesting stuff in the place. Was renamed to The Darrowby to link it with the tv series All Creatures Great and Small. Worth a visit but the real ales are expensive as the others are. Staff not too friendly, but the locals seemed ok. You can imagine Mr Herriot and Mr Farnon walking in for a beer!

7 Dec 2010 20:39

The Hook and Parrot, Bridlington

On our visit, a cold snowy day, we found the staff chatty, the Guiness was only 1-50 a pint (usually 2-99) its a pub with a tatty style I suppose but you can watch all life pass the window. Old style wooden alcove seating, toilets look as if they had just had a refurb and were clean and tidy. No real ales on, but a quiet sunday pm, so no yobs as the other reviewers said

7 Dec 2010 20:20

The Royal Oak, Paull

Cosy friendly pub, always nice and warm in winter after youve had a walk on the nearby river humber embankment. Food is very tasty and resonably priced.2 real ales on (prices keep edging up) but is always ok. Small car park opposite, which is handy. Great beer garden at back the views of the river take some beating! Staff seem a welcoming lot. Toilets clean and tidy. Recommended.

3 Dec 2010 16:16

The Postern Gate, York

A modern type of Spoons pub, a great place to have a drink on the rear patio area, next to the river Foss, swans, ducks and water voles if you are lucky! Three areas inside the pub, and a large bar. There are usually quite a few real ales on, and pretty good. Service is ok and the staff are helpful. Can get busy on weekends with hen and stag nights, but well worth a visit, a Travelodge adjoins it, so it is well placed for anyone visiting York

25 Nov 2010 19:40

The Granby, Whitby

A decent pub, popular with bed and breakfast holiday people. New landlord has improved it more beer choice, and you can still get a good pint of Camerons strongarm! Food is good and reasonebly priced, for Whitby. Toilets are its weak point, cramped and tiny near the kitchen, but the kitchen looks clean and tidy.
Staff friendly and seem happy enough. Recommended. Off the tourist track!

22 Nov 2010 20:25

The Hansom Cab, York

A pleasant Sam Smiths pub usual good quality beers on, and quiet posh inside and out. Staff very good and obliging. Locals down to earth and friendly, always ready for a yarn, some are a bit strange but all are ok. Always busy, popular with tourists who are on the York tourist trail. A true gem of a place.
Used to be called The Burne in the 60s when it had a stage with live bands, a fight every friday and saturday was a must! How things change.
Well worth a visit now!

22 Nov 2010 19:58

Winter Seam, Glasshoughton

A large modern spoons pub, with outside patio area. Beers change often and are always on top form! Handy place for junction 32 and X-Scape which are on the same complex. A good day out, shop and drink! The only downside is the fun fair what is very noisy if you fancy a beer outside. Friendy staff food ok. Recommended can get very lively weekend evenings!

16 Nov 2010 22:08

Marine Hotel, Hornsea

On my previous visit to this pub, the place was a disgrace, seating was shiny black with dirt in the bar, little better in the lounge and the toilets were terrible and smelt! And the floor had a large hole, covered with plywood
I went in at the weekend and the seating had been recovered the conservatory had been renewed and tidied up, and the place looked a little better inside, but the outside is as bad as ever and looks terrible and run down. This pub does a good trade dispite all this. You would think the chain that owns it would spend some money on it and put it back to the best looking pub in town, were it was.
Good point, the staff seem a friendly lot and the smoking den is brilliant, with great views! The beer is cheap and a decent pint.

16 Nov 2010 21:47

The Rugby Tavern, Hull

A refurb was done here about 4 years ago. Had a lot of managers in the last 2 years some ok but apparently all got the sack. Seems strange, but the regulars go on as the other reviewer says forever! Beer usually good and pub is clean, you are always made to feel at home. A pub mostly for older drinkers, you can have a natter and the locals are friendly lots have a good yarn to tell you. Recommended.

12 Nov 2010 19:15

Blue Bell, Scunthorpe

Old fashioned type spoons, but clean and friendly. Food quite good and the beers exellent what we tried. Pleasant beer garden at rear looks over a large car park. Raised area in pub very good for eating. . Well worth a visit

5 Nov 2010 21:31

The Birch Hall Inn, Beck Hole

This pub always gets a visit from us when in the area. A great spot! The bar is the smallest in England I beleave! Very welcoming and very unusual to say the least. Just sit out and enjoy and get away from Sky sports, piped music and all that. Colin always has time for a chat and you are made to feel at home.
Real ales change, some of the local brews are very good, check out the beer garden during summer its lovely. Very close to the river! Go in the lounge and get a suprise!
Highly recommended! Limited opening hours in winter.

5 Nov 2010 21:11

The Jolly Sailors Inn, Whitby

Often call in here when in Whitby. You dont get ripped off in this friendly pub, always someone to see and have a chat to. Sam Smiths pub, one of 2 in the town. Beer always good and the new landlord is ok also. Try the stout and the old b bitter, and the prices are the cheapest in Whitby!

5 Nov 2010 20:48

The Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster

There isnt many pubs were you can sit and have a beer and watch the shire dray horses in there stables! But you can here. And they diliver to local Sam Smiths pubs . A good spot, we were made welcome, and the beer is good, especially the Old Brewery and the stout. Panelled walls and ajoining the brewery not many pubs do that! We went on a sunday pm and it was quite full, but got served quickly. Didnt have the food we not keen on it in Sam Smiths pubs. Well worth a visit + lots more S Smiths in the town. Recommended. Friendly locals.

26 Oct 2010 21:17

Crown and Anchor, Kilnsea

A nice place, refurbed a few years ago. Mostly Tetley based beers which are usually good. Great views of the river Humber, were you can sit outside on a summers day and relax. food available which we didnt try so cant comment. Inside you can still admire the great views in the 2 front rooms, also has a TV lounge at the back. Kitchen area seems dated but clean,and toilets same. Staff didnt seem too friendly, more interested in talking to each other, and they say the landlady is the same, so beware! But ignoring that well worth a visit.

24 Oct 2010 20:46

The Darley Arms, Hull

This pub is now closed

24 Oct 2010 20:25

West Kirk, Ayr

An unusual place, converted church. Quite a lot of original features, but quite dingy inside. The Duechers is good and cheap some of the others had run out, so only 3 real ales on at my visit. The staff seemed ok to me, but there again I am not a regular, toilets ok but unusual entrance. Worth a visit, didnt try the food.

20 Oct 2010 17:55

Zachariah Pearson, Hull

Friendly local type spoons. Used to be heaving every night but now not on the student and trendy circuit. Still worth a visit, staff and real ales are both very good. Freqented by some regular drinkers, but they in a minority. Prices are very reasonable compered to other spoons in the city.

16 Oct 2010 19:44

The George and Dragon, Ilfracombe

On our visit, we found it a welcoming place. The oldest pub in Ilfracome, which was olde worlde inside, with a few modern additions. The real ales on offer were good and not too expensive, when compared to other pubs in the area. The toilets were clean and tidy, always a good point for us. As were the tables and bar. A nice atmosphere to drink in and the locals seemed friendly enough. Did not try the food. but it looked and smelt inviting. Would go again when in the area. Highly recommended.

16 Oct 2010 19:25

The Ferry Inn, Brough

On our visit it was a late sunday afternoon, and were lots of drinkers sat in the sunshine. Seems to have improved, and had been painted outside. Was clean inside with a real ale on which was good. Didnt try the food so cant comment on that, Toilets were clean, and we were made welcome by landlady and staff. We will go again to this historic pub.

14 Oct 2010 19:00

The Swordsman Inn, Stamford Bridge

A Sam Smiths pub. The food is not too good, but it has a nice beer garden to the back, and the beer is ok. Has separate bar and stone floors. Used to get flooded regularly before the new defenses were put in place. Used to be called The Lion. Worth a visit on a summers day.

9 Oct 2010 19:36

The Avenue, Kingston upon Hull

A much improved pub with new toilets, kitchen and decor. Popular local with at least 3 hand pulled ales which are pretty good and reasonably priced

9 Oct 2010 19:01

Gatehouse, Doncaster

We visited on a sunday afternoon. It was fairly quiet and the place is modern. You should take a course in mountaineering to go to the toilets, but the beer was good and the staff very obliging. We had the sunday lunch which was served fairly quickly and was hot. Served on hot plates which is good.
The toilets were clean and tidy and there is a handy disabled one handy which my partener needs. Would visit again

29 Sep 2010 19:18

The Golden Ball, Scarborough

A popular well run pub. Is always clean and the beer is very good. A Samuel Smiths pub with great views of the harbour. Not disabled friendly because of all the stairs, but well worth a visit.
One of the best landlords you could wish for, he and his wife are always serving during the day. Very busy in the summer.
Toilets are always very clean. Also the cheapest pub in Scarbourgh!
Meals are available all day.

22 Sep 2010 18:16

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