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The Prince Of Wales, Ampthill

Not really a pub pub as focus is on the food. But the food is generally very good and the refit of the pub, including the family area gardens, has been a great success. Recommended for lunch.

26 Jul 2011 12:50

The Prince Of Wales, Ampthill

When I was of near-drinking age in ampthill back in the 80s, this was the pub to avoid. However, I saw the refit last weekend and against my better judgement, popped in for a swift one. Unrecognisable. Well done.

24 Jan 2009 08:38

La Virginie, Acton

This place should be renamed La Bizarre. Open only on weekdays from lunchtime til 10 and closed all weekends. In the gunnersbury park area, this is the only pub in real walking distance, so to close from 10pm friday to 12pm monday is just bizarre. Usual selection of drinks and a rather eclectic decor, which suggests the owner ran out of money after 5% of an intended refit. But an ok place for a local drink. If the owner is reading this, what is going on here?!

24 Jan 2009 08:23

The George And Dragon, Acton

Good pub - the listing is out of the date as there is no live music anymore (long live the shebeen!). However, food is good, especially the sharing plates. Good selection of beer and, a rarity for acton, a low nutter count amongst the clientele. Excellent pub quiz on monday night. If only there were more pubs like this in the area.

24 Jan 2009 08:15

Globe Bar, Chiswick

Pretty good hotel bar, especially given it's location next to the chiswick roundabout. Useful start/stop point for chiswick night out and some unusual bottled bars. Staff pretty friendly and punters generally polite & quiet.

16 Aug 2008 18:02

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