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The Cherry Tree Inn, Stoke Row

Not very local for me, but I visited in 2002 during a cycling pub crawl of Brakspear's pubs to dringk as much Brakspear's as possible before they stopped brewing. It was a proper old-fashioned country pub, and there was a 94-year-old man drinking there who told us he had been a regular for over 80 years.

Went back last week and was sorely disappointed. It is now yet another smart food outlet (with heavily-gravelled approach so you have to walk a bicycle the last little bit). Beer drinkable but very average. Crisps nice but at £1.30 a packet they should be. Most people seemed to be eating. Nasty plastic name sign stuck on the front of the building (see image 1 at top of page).

The sign outside says "Pub Restaurant" - maybe "Restaurant Pub" would be more accurate. As a rule of thumb, I find any establishment which has a sign outside announcing it is a pub, generally isn't my sort of place. The Cherry Tree is no exception.

23 Jul 2012 10:09

The Bull, Streatley

Traditional old hotel in good location on Ridgeway and in centre of Streatley. Pleasant interior, nice garden, friendly enough staff. Like most pubs in the area, it's Marston's, but here they serve all the cask beers via sparklers which may be OK for some beers but not for Brakspear's which is a southern beer not designed to have the flavour removed in this way. (If I'd noticed in time I'd have asked for the sparkler to be removed - in some Marston's places they refuse because it's "company policy" to use a sparkler - sod the customer's wishes. I don't know what they'd have said in the Bull.)

In short, not bad, but there are better places in Goring less than a mile away, not to mention up the hill in Aldworth.

28 May 2012 15:15

The Sun, Whitchurch Hill

Nice country pub, friendly staff and locals, better-than-average Brakspear's from Marston's - on my visit they had sold out of the non-Marston's guest (Hooky Dark).

28 May 2012 14:59

The Perch and Pike, South Stoke

Visited on a hot Sunday afternoon. Friendly enough place in a pretty village. We were a little surprised it wasn't busier. Beer OK (like most pubs in the area it sells the Marston's range including Brakspear's Bitter). We had one starter only, so I can't really comment on the food beyond saying what we had was good but somewhat expensive. The locals can certainly afford it, but if you're walking the Ridgeway on a budget you might want to go somewhere else for lunch. But definitely a pleasant beer stop.

27 May 2012 22:23

The John Barleycorn, Goring

OK pub selling OK beer. Nice enough garden. Seems a little run down. Not a bad place at all, but based on my brief visits to both pubs, I prefer the Catherine Wheel just up the road.

27 May 2012 22:07

The Catherine Wheel, Goring

Nice pub selling OK beer. Seems mainly frequented by locals (it's not on any of the main roads through the village), but friendly enough to strangers. Beer is from Marston's, who dominate the tied trade in the area, owing to their takeover of the Brakspear's brand. I was drinking Brakspear's Bitter, once one of the world's great beers, but nowadays hardly worth crossing the street for. That said, the Brak's at the Catherine Wheels was really very good.

27 May 2012 22:04

The Roundhead, Reading

It was definitely open last week. I didn't go in so can't comment further.

18 Mar 2012 14:03

The Maiden Over, Earley

I occasionally used this place 6-8 years ago, because I had business in Earley and it seemed the least dire of the local pubs, but it wasn't really up to much. On a recent revisit it is definitely improved and had a reasonable range of beers, including Loddon Hullabaloo in acceptable condition. It suffers from being in a very uninspiring building and location. From the posters etc. on display, it seems the landlord makes an effort to serve and entertain the local community. It's basically a typical mid-late 20th century estate pub. Ok if you are in the area but not worth visiting otherwise.

18 Mar 2012 14:01

The Cross Keys, Pangbourne

Slightly strange pub in a very affluent area (check out the local house prices!) but mixed clientele and staff. Boring beer (well, it's GK, say no more) but in reasonable condition. I find the other pubs on the village strange too, in different ways - maybe it's just me... Anyway, it seems to be one of the better ones in the vicinity.

25 Feb 2012 22:54

The Bramshill Hunt, Arborfield

Basically an estate pub serving the local residents including Arborfield Garrison. Boring beer (ie GK) in reasonable condition. Nothing really wrong with it but absolutely no reason to visit if you don't live nearby.

25 Feb 2012 22:42

The Horse and Jockey, Reading

Back street local, except it's not on a back street but on one of the main routes into town. Seems to be very much a locals' place. They do have a real ale on (usually from fff I believe) but my mate and I were the only ones drinking it on my last visit. Still, it's not a bad place, and nicely old-fashioned if that's what you like.

25 Feb 2012 22:34

The Fox and Hounds, Tilehurst

Friendly enough locals' pub, beer was well kept - Shepherd Neame Master Brew was on when I was there - not the world's most interesting beer, but unusual for the area. The licensee seems to be making an effort. Definitely an above-average pub.

25 Feb 2012 22:20

The Royal Oak, Tilehurst

Definitely above average. Well-kept beer, friendly licensees. I sat on the patio watching half a dozen red kites circling overhead. As others have said, like a country pub but in the middle of a large residential area, and somewhat hard to find - not somewhere you'd stumble over by accident, but worth the effort.

25 Feb 2012 21:59

Hatch Gate Inn, Reading

Reasonable pub in an area where there are few such. On my visit they cask Abbot and (if I recall correctly) Old Speckled Hen on handpump. There was also keg GK IPA. Since I was driving and didn't want a strong beer, and anyway don't much like either Abbot or OSH, I had an orange juice with my meal. The food was quite good, basic pub fare. We chose from the traditional menu - I haven't tried the Indian food. Personally I prefer the Six Bells across the road.

12 Feb 2012 10:29

The Six Bells, Reading

Burgfield and the surrounding area south-west of central Reading is a bit of a desert as far as good pubs are concerned. In that context this is one of the best ones - a basic old-fashioned village local. Reasonable pint of Pride on my last visit. Friendly enough. As a recent resident in the area I will use this pub, but frankly it's not worth travelling far for.

12 Feb 2012 10:21

The Bull, Theale

Ok but nothing special. Beer (Wadworth's) too cold. Popular as an after-work venue for local offices.

12 Feb 2012 00:18

The Cunning Man, Reading

This is the nearest pub to where I now live, but I don't go there. It's one of those identikit "family" pubs with an emphasis on food. Complete absense of character or atmosphere. I went in on my own once and felt very out of place among the tables of diners. It's not unfriendly, and the beer is reasonably well kept; it seems to be very popular judging by the number of cars parked outside. But I can't see the point of going to a place like this when I can drink bottled beer at home for a lot less money.

30 Jan 2012 00:47

The Wig and Pen, Norwich

Decent beer, but the reason I'd go back is the food - really top-class pub food (Steak and Ale Pie, Fish and Chips - that sort of thing) in huge portions at reasonable prices. Ideal for stomach-lining at the start of a crawl!

29 Jan 2012 18:21

The Fat Cat, Norwich

Revisited on another Norwich crawl last month. As on my only other visit, the vast selection of beers were not in the best condition and even with so many, there seemed to be a lack of anything really interesting. All in all, a disappointment.

29 Jan 2012 18:13

Nags Head, Reading

This is indeeed an excellent ale pub, but it has one drawback which seems to be getting worse as time goes by. It is far too noisy when busy. There seem to be 2 main reasons for this.
- It is a rather bare rectangular room and there's not much sound damping. I would think this could be improved by adding some damping material on the walls and ceiling
- There is always recorded music playing - usually quite good stuff if you like '60s rock - but when the conversation starts getting loud, they turn the volume up, so people have to talk louder, so they turn the volume up more ... The simple solution is just turn off the CD player when it starts getting noisy.
The Nag's is a pub I usually visit when in Reading but recently I've been going less often, purely because I get a headache before I've finished my 2nd pint! It's not a town centre bar aimed at teenagers, it's basically a community pub where you should be able to have a conversation without shouting.

29 Jan 2012 18:02

The Old Green Tree, Bath

This would be absolutely brilliant if it wasn't so popular - it is just too crowded and often has no seats available. As a non-local, it's just fine, but reading some other comments, I can understand how Bath people might get fed up with the way it (like most interesting places in Bath) is crowded by tourists - but tourism in Bath is hardly new - if you don't like it, go live somewhere else!

8 Oct 2011 22:51

The Bell, Bath

Really good pub with excellent beer and interesting music. I've been a few times in the afternoon and it is usually pretty quiet. Unusual layout. One of the better pubs in Bath, which isn't short of good ones!

8 Oct 2011 22:44

The Red House, Newbury

Old-fashioned basic back-street pub hidden away near St John's roundabout. There used to be lots of places like this in every town but there are not many left. Not where you'd go for a sophisticated evening out, but friendly enough and has drinkable beer (West Berks Mr Chubb's on my recent visit).

8 Oct 2011 22:18

The Lion, Newbury

One of the better Newbury pubs, it's just a basic boozer really but none the worse for that.

8 Oct 2011 22:14

The Fox And Hounds, Donnington

According to their website this has now been renamed "Harry's Bar and Kitchen". I always respected Arkell's Brewery (the owners) as being proud of their traditional pub and brewing heritage. This reduces my respect for them by several notches. I suppose there may be people who think the new name is better but personally I think it's idiotic.

12 Sep 2011 10:43

Zero Degrees, Reading

On first sight it's not the sort of place an old fart like me would like, but actually it's not bad at all. The beer is too cold, but most of it is the sort of beer that doesn't suffer from this quite as much as traditional English ale. The black lager is especially good.

Contrary to the last couple of reviews, the beer is NOT keg and indeed the pub is in the current GBG.

The only time I ate there (a few years ago now) the food was fine too.

11 Sep 2011 19:23

The White Hart, Hamstead Marshall

I tried it out recently, weekday lunchtime. Walked in, asked the pleasant young barmaid for a beer. "Do you want to start a tab?" she asked. I said "no" and she went round the back for half a minute or so (opening a tap in the pipes somewhere?) then came back and pulled a quite acceptable pint (West Berks Good Old Boy). "I'll just get your bill" she said and went off again, then came back with a piece of paper which she gave, with my money to a man who was standing by the till. He rang it up and gave me my change. There were a fair sprinkling of other customers, most of whom appeared to be eating.

All this is to illustrate it seems not really to be a pub, but more a restaurant which happens to sell (quite good) beer as well. They were perfectly friendly and I wasn't made to feel unwelcome. I might drop in again if passing to see if they have streamlined their procedures at all. And after all, if it can survive as a restaurant with beer, but not as a proper pub, then that's better than nothing.

9 Sep 2011 21:49

The Victoria, Bayswater

Very nice interior, good but pricey Fuller's beer, not bad at all. On my last visit almost everyone except me seemed to be eating, and there were a few people talking a bit too loudly about how successful they were - it's that sort of area I suppose. All in all, not bad, in an area where (as far as I know) there are few good pubs.

9 Sep 2011 19:05

The Cleveland Arms, Bayswater

Can only agree with the general feelings expressed by others - a proper pub with character, in an area with few such. ideal for filling in time waiting for a train, but well worth spending a bit longer in it. Not only is the beer reasonably priced, but you get free peanuts too!

9 Sep 2011 18:54

Lord Lyon, Newbury

Pleasant enough country pub with modernised interior. Decent beer, friendly. There's nothing about it that makes it worth a special trip, but it's fine for a beer if you're passing,

2 Sep 2011 11:48

The White Hart, Hamstead Marshall

This place appears to be open again, though I haven't been in.

mcroyal - this pub is definitely in Hamstead Marshall which is not too far from Newbury. There is another White Hart in Hamstead Norreys which is indeed quite a bit further out, in pretty much the opposite direction.

2 Sep 2011 11:40

Tithe Bar, Northallerton

Decent enough place. Stopped for lunch on a cycle tour. Beer (York Guzzler) wasn't very good - not bad enough to complain about, and they changed the cask soon after, so probably we were just unlucky to get the last couple of pints. Would visit again if passing.

29 Aug 2011 15:25

The Victoria Hotel, Durham

Lovely old place with very traditional interior including an interesting old cash register. Beer was good too. Was a bit quite when we were there a Thursday lunchtime) but friendly.

29 Aug 2011 15:16

Market Tavern, Durham

Was not impressed. Chain pub menu, ale (I had Maxim Delilah) far too cold. Lacking character (takes more for a pub to have character than just being old).

29 Aug 2011 15:11

The Shakespeare Tavern, Durham

Visited in late June, really liked the pub. It was quiet when we were there but had some amusing chat with the barman and another customer. There was a traffic jam outside - nothing moved more than a metre for 40 minutes - apparently this is a daily occurrence and it was quite fun to watch the manoeuvring as drivers tried to extricate themselves from the very narrow street (luckily we were on foot.) Gents' is on a slope. I'd never been there before so don't know what it used to be like but I thought it had character and would return, in spite of the rather uninteresting range of ales (in reasonable condition to be fair).

29 Aug 2011 15:04

Ye Old Elm Tree, Durham

Just up the road from a B&B we stayed in in late June. Best beer we found in Durham, and the food was very good too - a cut above standard pub food, at very fair prices. There was some amusing banter going on between the Polish chef and the barmaid when we visited. Definitely worth a visit.

29 Aug 2011 13:00

The Angel, Corbridge

Visited on a Friday evening in late June. The place was packed and very noisy. It's basically more a restaurant than a pub, and the food was quite good, as was the beer. Not really a place for a drinking session, though; fine if you want a meal and don't mind not being able to hear yourself think.

29 Aug 2011 12:54

Dyvel's, Corbridge

Pleasant beer garden, seems to be family-oriented. Decent beer.

29 Aug 2011 12:51

The Cheviot Hotel, Bellingham

Visited in late June. Typical pleasant country hotel bar - we sat outside so I can't really comment further on the interior. Beer was in excellent condition but too cold (why is it that the further north you go, the colder the beer is served?). Definitely above average, overall.

29 Aug 2011 12:47

The Cobbles Inn, Kelso

Revisited recently. Was not disappointed - the beer really is excellent and so is the food. One of the few places worth going out of your way to visit.

29 Aug 2011 12:40

The Bridge Inn, Ratho

Decent village pub on the canal, good beer. Definitely worth stopping of at if passing.

29 Aug 2011 12:36

The Clachaig Inn, Clachaig

Good atmosphere in the back bar, generally a good selection of ales and whisky. You might feel a bit conspicuous if you're not an outdoor type - but why would you be here in the first place? The Clachaig effectively has a captive market and doesn't have to try too hard (it must be an absolute goldmine for the owners), but actually the staff and general ambience are pretty good. Food is fair value, simple stuff. The Clachaig effectively has a captive market and doesn't have to try too hard (it must be an absolute goldmine for the owners), but actually the staff and general ambience are pretty good. One weird thing - if staying there, be aware they don't do breakfast before 08:00 which is very strange for a place aimed at climbers and walkers.

29 Aug 2011 12:32

The Portcullis, Stirling

OK if a little barn-like on my visit in June. Reasonable beer. Handy for the castle.

29 Aug 2011 12:15

The Bridge of Orchy Hotel, Bridge Of Orchy

Good ale in otherwise typical Scottish country hotel bar. Fine as a place for a quick refreshment. I was there in the afternoon and it was quiet - it might well be livelier in the evening. Nothing wrong with it, which is a positive recommendation in the north of Scotland (and I say this as a Scot).

29 Aug 2011 11:59

Lorne, Oban

Advertises "Local cask ales always available" but on my visit at end of June they only had the ubiquitous (and non-local) Deuchars, in average condition. Definitely food-oriented, lots of families with kids etc. The fact that this is in the GBG is a sad reflection on the general standard of beer (and pubs) in this part of Scotland.

29 Aug 2011 11:45

The Craignure Inn, Craignure

Best beer I found on a recent visit to Scotland (OK that's not saying much). Nice friendly pub, ideal while awaiting the ferry, but seems the sort of place that would be fine to spend an evening in.

29 Aug 2011 11:38

MacGochans, Tobermory

Unusual place catering for a wide range of customers from yachties to local teenagers. Beer too cold and seemed to have been racked - definitely lacking something. Although branded "Tobermory" the beers are brewed by the Oban Bay Brewery who IMO specialise in poor beers with silly names. On the plus side, food was good value, staff friendly, and by the rather low standards of pubs in small towns in the north of Scotland, the place is not too bad.

29 Aug 2011 01:33

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Good range of beer (no Yorkshire terrier on our visit), unusual location, but didn't seem to be trying very hard.

29 Aug 2011 01:13

The Waggon and Horses, York

Good pub just outside the city walls, with emphasis on beer. We stayed here on a visit to York in June. Food so-so, room OK but nothing exceptional (reasonable price), beer v. good. Enthusiastic landlord. Unfortunately no Bateman's Mild on our visit. York is a wonderful place for a crawl, and this seems fine as a base to crawl from.

29 Aug 2011 01:09

The Cannon, Jedburgh

Erm -some mistake surely. Is this in Jedburgh, Scottish Borders (where there does seem to be a pub called the Cannon) or is it in Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland, which is where the postcode is, but at the location of a fish-and-chip shop?

29 Aug 2011 01:01

The Wadkin Arms, Osgodby

Visited it on a cycling tour a few weeks ago. It was mid-afternoon and the pub was quiet, so hard to judge what it's like at busier times. Seemed a pleasant village local, and the beer was certainly good.

28 Aug 2011 15:23

Windmill, Doncaster

Visited on a wet Tuesday in June. We were cycling and soaked so maybe not in the happiest of moods but I'm afraid the pub did little to lift our spirits. Boring beer choice (Black Sheep, Adnams, Bombardier). Tried the Black Sheep since it hadn't travelled quite as far as the others. Not ver y good at all, even for Black Sheep. I'm unlikely to be in Thorne again, but if I was I'd give this one a miss.

28 Aug 2011 12:55

Strugglers Inn, Lincoln

Proper community pub not far from centre. Good beer, friendly. Well worth a visit.

28 Aug 2011 12:51

The Wig and Mitre, Lincoln

Not really a pub, more a restaurant that serves beer as well as wine. Food was fine and beer in good condition. No complaints, although I wouldn't go there just for a drink.

28 Aug 2011 12:44

Rose and Crown, Holbeach

Visited on a cycling tour back in June. Country pub, but definitely not aimed at the Range Rover and green wellies types - it's a basic friendly boozer with decent beer and solid food. Ideal if that's what you want - and we did!

28 Aug 2011 12:39

The Fat Cat, Norwich

We were a bit surprised to find this was a back-street pub, quite a walk from the city centre. Luckily for us on a Norwich crawl a few weeks ago, it turned out to be just round the corner from our B&B.

The pub is legendary among beer-lovers throughout Britain whether or not they've ever been there! It was the last pub we visited inNorwich and we were not disappointed. Seemed to have 12 ales on handpump and another 17 on gravity! (Possibly some of them were not on, but still a huge selection.) Reasonable prices. Very busy (on a Sunday evening).

What more could one ask of a pub? Well, it did seem that some of the beers were not in tip-top condition; I do suspect that even with their high turnover, there are just too many beers on the go at the same time. However, none of them were really bad, and it's definitely a "must visit" for ale drinkers in Norwich.

28 Aug 2011 12:34

The Alexandra Tavern, Norwich

Really good back-street local with excellent beer. One of the best pubs on a crawl of Norwich a few weeks ago - and there is plenty of competition in the that city!

28 Aug 2011 12:22

The Murderers, Norwich

OK I suppose, but too much emphasis on Murderer theme - and not enough on beer quality on my visit. Would not hurry to return.

28 Aug 2011 12:17

The Ribs of Beef, Norwich

Excellent beer, nice town pub. Our first stop on a Norwich crawl, and we stayed for a second pint. Enough said!

28 Aug 2011 12:13

The Vine, Norwich

Early Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, sat downstairs in the small bar where we were the only customers (seemed to be busier in the upstairs restaurant). Nice Thai meal, beer good but not exceptional. Worth including on a crawl of Norwich, as we did!

28 Aug 2011 12:10

The Triangle Tavern, Lowestoft

Visited on a damp Saturday in June. The surroundings are not prepossessing but the beer was excellent - Green Jack Mild at £2.00! Can't comment on the interior really as we sat outside to keep an eye on our bicycles - it is the sort of area where that seemed wise (as I don't know Lowestoft, that comment may be unfair). Definitely worth another visit if in the area.

28 Aug 2011 12:01

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

Visited on a wet Saturday in June. Pub was busy. Good beer including Adnam's Mild (any pub that sells cask mild gets a thumbs-up from me). Seemed to have character. Would definitely return if in the area.

28 Aug 2011 11:55

The Cross Keys, Aldeburgh

Visited on a Saturday in June - nice pint of Adnam's bitter, seemed friendly enough, if a bit overcrowded. Didn't seem much wrong with the place - maybe something has changed since the previous adverse comments.

28 Aug 2011 11:52

The Oddfellows Arms, Falmouth

Nice friendly local, well kept beer. What more does anyone need?

28 Aug 2011 10:53

The Dolphin Inn, Hastings

Nice old pub. In prime tourist area but seemed to cater mainly to locals, which is a plus point IMO. Well kept beer. Worth a visit if in the area.

27 Aug 2011 23:56

The Rose and Crown, Burwash

Not bad. Nice beer (I had Harvey's Mild - excellent condition), but even nowadays £3.10 for a 3.0% beer is not a bargain. Seemed to be a lot of affluent retired people in the clientele (Sat. lunchtime) There is nothing really wrong with the place, but I had time to stay for another beer - and didn't bother. For me, it just did not inspire.

27 Aug 2011 23:52

Nags Head, Newbury

Was closed again, seems to be sort of open now. Had an almost undrinkable pint of Doombar recently. Management seem to have no idea, and I assume it will close again soon. Shame, it was once a good pub.

8 Aug 2011 13:28

The New Inn, Bath

This is a good friendly proper pub. I visited on a damp Saturday afternoon; it was fairly quiet, most of the customers appeared to be regulars. I had a sandwich with chips which was OK. IME Wadworths' beer doesn't travel well and is never in top condition more than 5-10 miles from the brewery in Devizes; however the pint I had was perfectly acceptable. It's nice to come across a traditional no-nonsense pub - there are fewer and fewer of these around.

17 Jan 2011 15:13

The Garricks Head, Bath

It's more of a bar/restaurant than a proper pub, but it's comfortable, with blazing fires (gas, not real, but warm enough!) and good beer, and no pressure to order food. Very much aimed at the theatre crowd. Prices not unreasonable. There are better pubs in Bath, but I'd have no objection to another visit here.

17 Jan 2011 15:05

The Cross Guns, Avoncliff

I've been to this pub a few times over the past 4 years or so and always found it very good. Good/excellent beer, knowledgable landlord, wonderful location. I can well believe it can get overcrowded - that's hardly the pub's fault - just go somewhere else on a sunny Sunday. I've got no experience of the Cross Guns' food (for me a pub is for drinking beer, anything else is secondary :-))

17 Jan 2011 14:57

The Queens Hotel, Newbury

Beer range has changed and is more varied and interesting than before, but no mild. Unfortunately they generally insist on using sparklers on the handpumps which means it takes ages to pour a pint - to be fair they make an effort to give a full pint. Also it ruins the flavour of most Southern beers which aren't designed to be served this way.

5 Dec 2010 09:51

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

Proper old-fashioned drinker's pub. Took the wife there at the weekend and she didn't like it at all at first - we were sat in the back room and it is, basically, falling apart. We moved to the front bar which was much livelier, and in relatively better repair, and she decided the pub had some character but she still wouldn't want to risk using the ladies'. Me, I think the place is just great. But it will have to have some work done on it sometime soon or it will be in danger of disintegrating.

8 Nov 2010 12:34

Bruce Arms, Pewsey

Old-fashioned unspoilt country pub, a bit ramshackle with chickens in the yard etc - a nice place to visit if you like that kind of pub!

3 Nov 2010 12:14

The Rising Sun, Stockcross

Now open again - new landlord and landlady seem just fine - hopefully it will be back at its best very soon.

18 Sep 2010 21:58

The Three Horseshoes, Brimpton

Nice enough location by road junction in small village. Beer quality a bit variable (unusual for an Arkell's place). Generally somewhat rough and ready and gives the impression it could be better than it is. However there are no other pubs nearby, and it's OK if you happen to be in the area.

3 Sep 2010 14:41

The White Dog, Ewhurst Green

Looking for somewhere to eat on Bank Holiday weekend, other local places were full, ended up here on a friend's recommendation. The beer (Harvey's) was OK but not great. Service somewhat shambolic. We waited for a table in the restaurant section, were told it ws ready but it wasn't properly set, and could have been cleaner too. This is acceptable in a basic pub charging pub prices but this place has pretentions and charges restaurant prices. Starter of olives, chorizo and something else (it was not memorable) was straight from a supermarket. Wife's chicken Caesar had some sort of gloopy dressing on it - not exactly unpleasant but not a proper Caesar dressing. My seafood risotto was overcooked and overpriced.

Although I've been in many much worse places, this one isn't somewhere I'd make any effort to go back to.

30 Aug 2010 13:28

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

On Bank Holiday Saturday, found a car park so we could have a look at the Old Town, wife and I were thirsty, looked in GBG and saw that FILO had its own brewery - "I wonder where it is?" - looked up and it's right next to car park. A very lucky find - exactly the sort of town pub I like - no frills, friendly service, a mixture of locals (some quite eccentric) and tourists, and most importantly, excellent beer including their own brew (we tried the mild - very good). The icing on the cake - lined glasses so you get a full pint! (Though I didn't realise at first and asked for a top-up - they must get tired of that ...). Highly recommended.

30 Aug 2010 13:14

The Salehurst Halt, Robertsbridge

Really nice proper traditional country pub. Parking a bit difficult, but worth a bit of a walk. Seems to be a community hub, but friendly to visitors too. Excellent beer as well. Definitely one of the top pubs of the last month or two, for me.

30 Aug 2010 13:02

The George, Robertsbridge

Pleasant enough place with very nice pint of Rother Valley Wealden Bitter on my visit. Friendly landlady (and dog). Not really a pub though - large restaurant area with basically a corner for drinking in (plus a garden). OK for a pint or two but not somewhere I'd want to spend a whole evening in.

30 Aug 2010 12:57

The White Hart, Hamstead Marshall

This pub is currently closed and for sale as a "pub/restaurant" so hopefully won't become someone's house. Estate Agent's board now says "Sold"

22 Aug 2010 21:55

The Rising Sun, Stockcross

Currently closed - I believe landlord has left after some dispute with brewery. Since it's West Berks Brewery's only tied pub, they'll be wanting to re-open as soon as possible.

22 Aug 2010 12:57

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Unpretentious pub, all of 50 metres from the High Street and therefore apparently invisible to tourists. Nice pint of Windsor & Eton Knight of the Garter - normally I'm not a fan of golden ales but this one I like. Beer garden out at the back. Unfortunately the garden is on a small but surprisingly busy road, and what with this and the aircraft overhead going to/from Heathrow, it's not the quietest place to sit.

The place does give the impression that the hosts care about it. In my opinion definitely one of the better pubs in the area.

22 Aug 2010 12:24

The Henry VI, Eton

Pub with updated decor, probably trying to appeal to tourists but it was pretty empty when we were there on a Saturday lunchtime. Only one cask ale on (Brakspear's Bitter), and while perfectly drinkable it was in below average condition. Pints were served very short, but to be fair, on request were topped up to the brim without question, with the comment that many customers like a big head. (It's annoying when you ask for a top-up of 85% of a pint, and they top it up to 90%).

I see no reason why I would return, but it's not my sort of place - others will no doubt like it a lot more than I did!

22 Aug 2010 11:57

The Royal Oak, Windsor

Expensive tourist-oriented pub with unadventurous beer range. Luckily, in Windsor, "unadventurous" includes the very drinkable Windsor and Eton beers, and my pint was in good condition; I did have to ask for a top-up though. I wouldn't make a big effort to return, but on the other hand there are plenty of worse places.

22 Aug 2010 11:46

The Two Brewers, Windsor

Nice small traditional pub by Great Park entrance. Can sit outside and watch the world (or at least a wide selection of nationalities) go by. Distinctly overcrowded by tourists (I'm not local so I suppose I was one of them) but that's not really the pub's fault. Beer in excellent condition. Like several Windsor pubs, probably best visited between November and Easter.

22 Aug 2010 11:38

The Horse and Groom, Windsor

On our visit this pub right next to the castle was overcrowded and not particularly inspiring. Probably OK out of tourist season. Limited range of beer (TT Landlord) but was in good condition.

22 Aug 2010 11:31

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Proper traditional town-centre pub, it hasn't been ruined to pander exclusively to tourists, although it was fairly crowded when we visited. Beer distinctly better than average and an interesting selection. Definitely one to revisit, preferably out of peak season.

22 Aug 2010 11:28

Geordies Byre, Wallacetown

This is a great place - a proper friendly old-fashioned pub with possibly the best beer in Ayr, a lively atmosphere and no pretensions. Its location is unpromising (it's north of the River Ayr, which in local terms means it's in an undesirable area) but well worth finding - as others note, it's only a few minutes' walk from the town centre. Highly recommended!

16 Aug 2010 14:44

The Russian Tavern (Port Royal Hotel), Port Bannatyne

Unique place. When my wife and I visited they only had one cask ale (Arran Blonde) but it was in good condition so no complaints - Bute is not exactly awash with good beer. Also the bottled Harvey's Imperial Russian Stout is wonderful (2003 vintage on my visit). The landlord and his wife are very friendly and interesting to talk to - you may not agree with all the landlord's opinions though! Menu looks expensive but quality is high, quantities are large and there are free extras (home-made bread, salad of wild leaves etc) so it's not unreasonable at all. Decor and furniture is somewhat Russian and rather basic - this suits me fine but might not be ideal if you want to take someone there to impress them (but if that's what you want you may not find it anywhere on Bute...)

16 Aug 2010 14:35

The Anchor Inn, Cowes

Visited on Saturday afternoon. World Cup football was on, with about 20 people watching it, otherwise it was fairly empty. It seemed OK but nothing special. Beer was in good condition but the only local beer was Goddard's Fuggle-de-Dum which IMO isn't really a summer beer, and at 4.8% is stronger than I like for afternoon drinking. For me personally it didn't seem a place I'd make much effort to return to, but I would revisit if passing.

5 Jul 2010 12:16

Tibbie Shiels Inn, St Marys Loch

This is about as isolated as you can get south of the Highlands. Idyllic location between two lochs in the Borders hills. Good area for walking/cycling. The pub has historical and literary connections, with Sir Walter Scott and James Hogg among others. Good well-priced food, a cut above standard pub fare. Had reasonable cask ale on when I was there. Landlord friendly and chatty, although more the sort of person you'd expect in a town pub. If you're in the area, there is literally no other choice!

28 Jun 2010 14:23

The Anchor Inn, Coldingham

Typical Scottish bar; basic but with good beer and cheap food which was fine if you don't expect restaurant quality. We were on a cycling tour so the chips with everything style suited us fine. I might not make a big effort to return, but if I was in the area I'd certainly not mind going back for a beer.

28 Jun 2010 14:11

The Black Bull Hotel, Duns

Good honest Scottish town local with decent beer. Friendly to strangers. This is the sort of place that has existed for decades - which is a plus point in my view.

28 Jun 2010 14:04

The Cobbles Inn, Kelso

What a great place! Own brewery, on my visit the American-style IPA was excellent, the Porter was fine too, but a little sweet and coffee-ish. Although it is definitely a pub, it does specialise in high-quality food - I thought the venison burger was excellent, and very fairly priced too. Highly recommended!

28 Jun 2010 13:37

The Allanton Inn, Allanton

Rural pub with good food and good beer. Clearly the emphasis is on food. Fine for a visit if you're passing, not somewhere for a session though.

28 Jun 2010 13:31

The Olde Ship Hotel, Seahouses

Pleasant old pub with lots of nautical memorabilia everywhere. Gets pretty crowded, possibly due to lack of local competition. Reasonable selection of local and national beers, in reasonable condition. Basically it's a pretty good pub that could be better, but as it's busy it doesn't need to try too hard. Still, I'd visit again if in the area.

28 Jun 2010 13:21

The Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm

Pleasant bar with outdoor seating by village green. Lovely rural location. Clientèle a mixture of locals and tourists. Good food. Good beer. Worth visiting!

28 Jun 2010 13:15

The Templehall Inn, Morebattle

Village inn, a few miles from start/end of Pennine Way. Has reasonably-priced rooms. Had one well-kept Scottish cask ale when I visited (unfortunately I can't remember which beer it was.) Pretty basic bar but friendly enough place; I'd stop by again if I was passing.

28 Jun 2010 13:12

The John Bull Inn, Alnwick

Truly excellent proper back-street pub, mostly seems to be frequented by locals but very friendly to strangers. Hard to find, but only a short walk from the town centre. There is a good range of Belgian beers on offer if the enthusiastically-kept choice of cask beers doesn't tempt you, and there are few pubs on Speyside, let alone England, with a better selection of malt whiskies. This is one of the best pubs I've been to anywhere.

28 Jun 2010 09:53

Leaping Salmon, Berwick upon Tweed

Unusually run-down for a JDW - must be due for redecoration. Average selection of beer, not in very good condition - I didn't finish my pint. Needs sorting out!

28 Jun 2010 09:46

The Barrels Alehouse, Berwick upon Tweed

Excellent beer-drinkers' pub with a varied clientèle. Not somewhere you'd go for a sophisticated evening out but ideal for a pint or three of good ale if that's what you want - and in my view that's what a pub is for.

28 Jun 2010 09:40

The Four Candles, Oxford

Somewhat above-average beer selection for a JDW, otherwise pretty much the usual formula

15 Jun 2010 17:37

The Royal Oak, Wantage

Visited for the second time on Saturday lunchtime. What a great place, especially if like me you like traditional pubs and beer! No-nonsense interior with some interesting nautical memorabilia, excellent selection of beer and cider, friendly landlord and clientèle. The only downside is the slightly restrictive opening hours - best to check these if you're planning a long tourney to try the place.

15 Jun 2010 17:24

Fox and Hounds, Uffington

Seemed a pleasant enough country pub, decent beer - no complaints, will revisit if I'm in the area again. Didn't try the food but other customers seemed very happy with it.

15 Jun 2010 17:19

The Crown at Aldbourne, Aldbourne

Located in picturesque village but the pub itself seems more like a town pub - crowd of smokers outside, rather boring beer selection. I visited on the day of England's first World Cup match so it probably wasn't typical. Anyway, nothing wrong with it, but I wouldn't make a big effort to return.

15 Jun 2010 17:13

The Barley Mow, Bristol

Not somewhere you'd chance upon if you're not local, but well worth seeking out. A proper community pub, but also quite close to Temple Meads station so could be a good place to start or end a crawl. V good beer too.

29 May 2010 23:52

The Kings Head, Bristol

Wonderful old interior (CAMRA National Inventory), incongruously placed among ugly late-20th Century commercial buildings. Friendly service. Decent if unspectacular range of beer. In my opinion a "must visit" pub, although as others have said it is expensive.

29 May 2010 23:43

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Pleasant building just off a busy road, nice interior, live music if that's your thing (I don't think they need an amp in such a small place), good range of ales. On the downside, ale was much too cold, the outside seating area is smoky and messy, and the Fleece (large teenagers' pub next door) had some extremely loud and not very good rock music on, causing the whole neighbourhood to vibrate. I have a feeling I caught it on an off day, will give it another chance sometime if I'm in the area.

29 May 2010 23:36

Colston Yard, Bristol

Pleasant,smart cafe-bar style interior, reasonable range of beer in good condition. Does not have a great deal of character, but a good enough place to stop if you're in the area.

29 May 2010 23:25

The Eldon House, Bristol

Very pleasant pub, friendly landlord, good ale, well worth a visit.

29 May 2010 23:18

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Arrived at 11:55 - notice on door said it opened at 12:00. Strolled around for 20 minutes, at 12:15 it still wasn't open, so I went elsewhere. The management can open when they please but they shouldn't put up misleading opening times.

29 May 2010 23:13

The Rowbarge, Woolhampton

Just revisited today and mostly agree with chechirecat - the only thing that wasn't cr*p was that IMO the beer was the right temperature (ale should be cool not cold). Short pints, one surly barman (probably not his fault - he was harassed because he had far too much to do), many people complaining about non-delivery of food - my friend had to leave to catch a train having waited 90 minutes without his meal arriving. I would strongly suggest making a picnic and finding somewhere else to sit by the canal - or just use one of the Rowbarge's tables - they're far too chaotic to notice.

21 May 2010 23:35

The Red House, Marsh Benham

I visited again this week. Still very much food-oriented, and (as one would expect given its location) very affluent clientele. Decent enough pint of West Berks seasonal beer; there were 3 real ales on offer.

Not really my type of place, I might go back if I was passing and happened to be thirsty, also the food might be worth trying (based on other comments)

12 May 2010 11:29

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Decent pub with good atmosphere next to Waterloo Station. Had 7 real ales on when I last visited. But - the big disappointment is that of these 7, not one was really interesting - 6 usual suspects (GK Abbot, Youngs ordinary etc), plus Hogs Back TEA which is hardly a rarity. This used to be a destination pub for ale drinkers, but not any more. Still OK while waiting for a train.

9 May 2010 10:48

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Fairly typical Fuller's pub, apart from its location above the station, and the stupid name. That's to say, generally reliable beer, staff mostly appear to have been properly trained, rarely have to ask for a short pint to be topped up. The beer range is a bit wider than usual in a Fuller's place, they typically have St Austell Tribute in addition to Gales/Fullers beers. Having said this, it lacks character and isn't somewhere I'd go unless waiting for a train - but for a quick pint, it's fine.

9 May 2010 10:40

The Pride of Paddington, Paddington

There are few good pubs (none?) in the immediate vicinity of Paddington station. This is better than some others but not one I'd bother revisiting except for a quick pint before a train. Beer OK but nothing special, and expensive; clientèle the typical anonymous crowd you'd expect for this type of place.

9 May 2010 10:33

The Fountains Abbey, Paddington

Attractive exterior, reasonably interesting interior, but otherwise a typical large anonymous London pub.

It's listed as a Cask Marque pub but on my quick visit the beer was far too cold and the selection really boring. Since my main purpose in going to a pub is to drink beer, this is not one I'll revisit in a hurry.

9 May 2010 10:24

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Visited last summer but only just got round to reviewing, so may be out of date! Absolutely unique beer and ancient pub. I thought the beer was fine but not absolutely tip-top; my friend didn't like it much (we both know our ale). Barman seemed to have had a few (at around noon), from his appearance this would be his usual condition, but he was friendly and knowledgeable. As well as ale, there was a real ginger beer which we were told was made by a local vicar - very nice, alcoholic (4 point something % IIRC), vastly superior to the dreadful sweet rubbish Crabbies are promoting. All in all, despite reservations re beer quality, very much a must-visit.

11 Apr 2010 13:52

The Gloucester Arms, Oxford

Passed by at start of a recent pub crawl with friends, somewhat put off by heavy metal gig adverts etc (we're in our 50s and were never into heavy metal even when younger), but spotted the handpumps and gave it a go. Pleasantly surprised, friendly barman, good beer, nice interior, jukebox not too loud. This was Saturday lunchtime; I doubt if I would want to visit in the evening but would definitely go back when it's quiet.

11 Apr 2010 13:11

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

Good selection of beer at good prices, often has a mild available. Always seems to be possible to find a seat, but it's never empty. Agree with comments about Wetherspoons-like atmosphere (lack of) but the beer is much better than most 'Spoons do. Food used to be good but on last visit (March '10) had worst chips I have had for quite some time.

11 Apr 2010 13:04

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

Nice pub, good selection of beer including several unusual ones for the area. Generally friendly. As with most central Oxford pubs, a high proportion of customers are tourists. Fairly handy for the Pitt-Rivers and Natural History museums.

11 Apr 2010 12:59

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Good beer, very long and narrow drinking area, good atmosphere. Usually busy. This would be a really good pub but last time I was there it was spoilt by the truly dreadful piped music - God knows what Tolkien, Lewis et al would have thought.

11 Apr 2010 12:54

The Crown Inn, Pewsey

Quirky traditional village pub with several good local beers including their own brew. Enthusiastic landlord. This is just the sort of place you hope to come across while in rural England. Definitely worth trying.

11 Apr 2010 12:45

The Railway Tavern, Hungerford

Went in while waiting for a train. Only ale was Pride which would be OK but it wasn't in the best condition; drinkable though. I was the only customer apart from a couple of locals (weekday afternoon) and it didn't seem particularly friendly. Nothing really badly wrong with it, but the much better Downgate is only just up the road.

11 Apr 2010 12:39

The White Hart Hotel, Whitchurch

Very good community local (even though it's a hotel). Beer always in good condition, you get the usual Arkell's range and nothing wrong with that. Slightly odd layout and decor, and once when I was there a large portion of ceiling fell down, but then the place is several hundred years old.

Definitely worth a visit.

11 Apr 2010 12:28

3Bs, Reading

Has some real ales, condition variable. It is as it describes itself, a cafe/bar rather than a pub. Strange mix of clientele includes students, arty types, ordinary pub-goers (e.g. me!) and the occasional drunk off the streets. Big problem is it's hardly ever open.

11 Apr 2010 12:14

The Turners Arms, Mortimer

I used to live nearby and this was an excellent village local run by a family, with good beer, good basic food and a good atmosphere.

I was therefore disappointed to revisit recently and find that it was under new management, less friendly, and the food is now Thai - nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't fit a traditional pub and IMO doesn't go with ale. Also the beer range was boring (probably Brakspear's fault not the pub's) and I was served one of these annoying pints that isn't quite short enough to ask for a top-up - though probably I should have. The barman appeared to be the manager (not certain) so there is no excuse for that.

All that said, unless the other pubs in the village have improved dramatically this is still the best.

11 Apr 2010 11:41

Carnarvon Arms, Whitway

Presents itself as a place to eat. Boring beer. Unfortunate rural location bypassed by A34, so little passing trade.

11 Apr 2010 10:26

The Rising Sun, Stockcross

Update to my comment of March 09 - there is still frequent live music here if that's your thing. It's usually (always?) unamplified so not too intrusive if you're not interested.

11 Apr 2010 10:23

The Red House, Marsh Benham

This was closed but seems to be open again. Last time I was there a year or so ago it was very much food-oriented but did have some beer. I will not rate it as I assume it's now under new management.

11 Apr 2010 10:18

The Stag, Leckhampstead

I was there a year or so ago, so this may be out of date. Nice village local in good location, friendly enough. Beer OK. Will revisit if passing.

11 Apr 2010 10:14

Plough on the Green, Newbury

Large pub in good location, nothing much else to recommend it. Boring beer, full of noisy kids eating fried food when I was there - was some time ago admittedly.

11 Apr 2010 10:09

The Old London Apprentice, Newbury

Decent community pub near racecourse. I've only been in a couple of times, was nearly empty both times. Reasonable but unspectacular pint of 6X.

11 Apr 2010 10:05

Nags Head, Newbury

Good community pub, TV tends to show horse-racing, popular with local race-goers. Beer well-kept but unfortunately a really boring selection (Courage best, Pedigree, Gales HSB). Friendly staff. I like the place, just wish the beer was more interesting.

11 Apr 2010 10:02

Lamb Inn, Newbury

Very good community pub, probably best in Newbury (there isn't much competition!) Beer reliable though somewhat pricey - usually a couple of major regionals on offer e.g. London Pride, Tribute. Several different drinking areas ranging from quiet to raucous. Worth a visit.

11 Apr 2010 09:58

The Blue Ball, Newbury

Next to busy A339 but not directly accessible from it. Keeps changing management, with periods of closure and frequent change-of-use applications. In low-budget residential area, could be a good community pub but it's one of these places with TV screens, a couple of bored/drunk punters, no atmosphere, boring beer (Waddies'6X).

Far too many pubs are closing, but this one would/will be less of a loss than most. Much better would be an enthusiastic management team to turn the place round.

11 Apr 2010 09:53

The Bell and Bottle, Shinfield

Good selection of beer but as Quinno says the building and pub in general is a bit of a mish-mash. I used to live a few miles away and would visit occasionally, went back yesterday and it hasn't changed in the last 5 years. Good selection of beer, variable condition. Nice enough location. Mixed clientèle. OK if you're in the area.

11 Apr 2010 09:08

The Magpie and Parrot, Shinfield

Definitely a one-off. In some ways could do with a good tidy-up, but that would spoil the atmosphere. Decent beer, if unimaginative selection when I was last there (Pride and a Wadworth's seasonal). Nice open area at back. General location not wonderful, it faces a busy road. Worth a visit.

11 Apr 2010 09:01

The Rowbarge, Woolhampton

Been coming here occasionally for years because of location. Service was always slow (not enough staff).

Since becoming a Blubeckers that has improved. But it no longer has a pub atmosphere. On a recent visit beer (Good Old Boy), although not far too cold as I'd expect in this sort of place, was not in very good condition. Beer prices are acceptable for the area (£3/pint), but I was charged £1.50 for a small packet of peanuts. Only had a meal here once, some months ago - food was boring and pricey.

This place could be wonderful because of location, but at least in summer it's packed anyway so I guess they don't need to bother.

11 Apr 2010 08:52

Sir Issac Pitman, Trowbridge

Quick visit at 11:30am on a Saturday - place was busy but not packed. Standard 'Spoons but better than average beer range.

20 Feb 2010 14:18

The Railway Inn, Westbury

Had a long wait for a train on a cold wet winter night - went in here. Beer just about OK, only one other customer (10pm Saturday). Almost as miserable as hanging around on the station. Not my kind of place at all.

19 Feb 2010 22:59

Grain Barge, Bristol

Great location, pleasant informal interior, not too expensive. Had a pint of stout which was really delicious but served too cold. Worth a visit.

15 Feb 2010 13:06

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

Pleasant traditional pub with fairly basic interior and large number of beers (at least 6 when I was there). I had an excellent pint of Cheddar Potholer. Was serving food at 4:30 pm on a Saturday.

On the downside, it's not cheap, and there are too may beers in the 4.0-4.5 abv range

15 Feb 2010 13:02

Swann Inn, Newtown

Went for pub lunch with family, was greeted by waiter with menu ... this is really more of a restaurant than a pub. It was the only local place still doing food (about 2:30 pm). Food very pricey for pub food, but well cooked and generous portions. Interior design very characterless in spite of attractive exterior. Beer OK and not over-priced. Garden OK but pub is on a busy road. In short, nothing to complain about but I won't rush to return, especially if I don't want food.

24 Jan 2010 11:09

The Three Guineas, Reading

Decent range of beer, handy for the station, but lacking in character and music usually too loud.

16 Oct 2009 16:29

The Hope Tap, Reading

Spoons near the Jobcentre - seems to be a good place to visit if you're out of work and can't afford to pay more. Otherwise I can't think why anyone would go there - there are 2 other JDWs in reading, both better than this.

16 Oct 2009 16:24

The Foresters Arms, Reading

Very good back street pub, rare outlet for Harveys ales. Friendly. Old-fashioned with two separate bars and garden. Well worth a visit even though it's a bit out of the way.

16 Oct 2009 16:16

Nags Head, Reading

Wonderful - one of my top 5 lifetime pubs (and I've been drinking for at least 40 years!) My only gripe is that the music is sometimes too loud. It also gets crowded especially before Reading FC home games - but empties completely when the bus leaves for the stadium. Friendly staff, good reasonably-priced pub food, great beer at very fair prices for the area.

16 Oct 2009 16:07

The Allied Arms, Reading

Really good traditional pub, very well managed, with recently extended range of well-kept ales. Nice quiet garden (except when nearby church bells are ringing!) Only downside - prices have risen and it is now really quite expensive (well over £3/pint).

16 Oct 2009 15:59

The Back of Beyond, Reading

Pretty much a typical 'Spoons, a few minutes walk from town centre, a few of the typical 'Spoons drunks but some normal people too. Nice outdoors area by the river. Reasonable selection of ale. As others say, better than the other two JDWs in Reading.

16 Oct 2009 15:49

The Eldon Arms, Reading

Good old-fashioned local, with well-kept beer often including Wadworth's Mild. Well worth a visit.

16 Oct 2009 15:38

The Retreat, Reading

One of the 2 or 3 best pubs in Reading. Front bar is like the landlord's living room - a bit scruffy with all sorts of stuff lying around. back room is bigger, also untidy. Toilets basic. The main thing is, good ale! My kind of pub.

16 Oct 2009 15:36

Dundas Arms, Kintbury

This is in Kintbury, not Hungerford (whatever the postal address may indicate!) Excellent location by canal. Well-kept ale. Somewhat restricted opening - you'd expect a place like this to be open all day, at least on summer weekends - but it isn't.

16 Oct 2009 15:25

The Carpenters Arms, Burghclere

Good unpretentious country pub. Recently I have had some memorably good pints of Arkell's 3Bs on gravity. Can't comment on food. Worth a visit.

16 Oct 2009 15:09

The Monument Public House, Newbury

During the day it's a rough-and-ready town boozer, in the evenings it has loud music. Butts Traditional ale usually OK.

16 Oct 2009 15:02

The Crown Inn, Theale

Theale has at least 6 pubs and isn't really big enough to sustain them all. This is one of the better ones and the owners are making an effort.

16 Oct 2009 14:53

The Tottenham, Soho

Very nice traditional interior, beer OK. Worth a visit.

16 Oct 2009 14:46

The Downgate, Hungerford

Really good "proper" pub on edge of town, well kept beer, nice outside area by the common, friendly. One of the best pubs in the area.

16 Oct 2009 14:22

The New Inn, Gloucester

As others say, it's a lovely old building but needs some attention. Beer OK but nothing special, ditto service.

4 Oct 2009 18:19

Cafe Rene, Gloucester

Wonderful location in old Gloucester, and a great building. Beer was OK when I was there but not very well presented - the dried-out towels mentioned by a previous reviewer are not only useless for cooling but don't look good either. Also the outside seating area could have done with a good clean-up, emptying ashtrays etc.

4 Oct 2009 18:16

The Sun Inn, Wells

Looks good from the outside, but inside it's a typical town pub, like you'd find anywhere, with an emphasis on TV sports and little interest in beer. Not my kind of place, though there's nothing wrong with it if you like that sort of pub.

4 Oct 2009 18:09

The King's Head, Wells

Visited Wells recently and went to this pub several times. Can't comment about the evening as visits were in daytime when the atmosphere was relaxed, and there was a good and unusual selection of well-kept beer. Would definiteley return.

4 Oct 2009 18:04

City Arms, Wells

Visited a couple of years ago and again recently. Good range of beer, good basic food at fair prices, friendly atmosphere. The only thing is, to my mind it isn't really a "proper" pub, more a sort of bistro that does good beer. However it is definitely worth a visit if you're in Wells.

4 Oct 2009 17:52

The Saxon Inn, Child Okeford

Visited Sunday lunchtime and it was packed so th efood is probably good - we didn't try it but the beer is excellent and the place has character. Well worth a visit.

4 Oct 2009 17:48

The Queens Head Inn, Broad Chalke

Stayed overnight here. Accommodation fine, staff very friendly but somewhat untrained. Beer is Badger range in good condition. Food OK but pricey for what it is. Newish tenants are trying hard so it may well improve.

4 Oct 2009 17:45

The Dove Inn, Corton

Visited this pub again - I have been twice before and each time the pub was great, the landlord friendly and the beer excellent. This time the been and welcome were fine, but what have they done to the building?! uPVC everywhere, restaurant-type tables, no atmosphere at all. What a shame - it's OK for a beer if you're passing and the food looked good, but I wouldn't go out of my way to visit.

4 Oct 2009 17:41

The Volunteer, Grove

Good pub, enthusiastic new landlord wanting to build up trade. Well-kept Hook Norton beers.

22 Mar 2009 19:56

The Swan Inn, Great Shefford

Went for a quick beer on a Sunday afternoon. Large village pub, pretty tatty inside and out. Does do local beer (Butts) which wasn't bad. OK if you're passing by and you're thirsty, but (based on my short visit) not worth making an effort to go to,

22 Mar 2009 19:46

The Tally Ho, Newtown

Dropped in for a quick one on a weekday afternoon. The place was empty but the manager was friendly and the beer well-kept. Normally I find Wadworth's beers pretty average, but here the 6X was very good. Worth a visit.

22 Mar 2009 19:39

The Ibex, Chaddleworth

Friendly village pub, well kept beer although the beer range is restricted as unfortunately it's a Greene King pub. Despite that, it has character and is worth a visit. If you find GK beers totally uninteresting it does some guest ales.

22 Mar 2009 19:32

The Fox and Hounds, Peasemore

OK village pub, beer in good condition, friendly enough. Nothing special but worth visiting if you're passing neraby

22 Mar 2009 19:21

The Boringdon Arms, Turnchapel

Good pub, good beer, good food, good location. Definitely worth a visit if your in the area or doing the S coast path. Does reasonably-priced B&B too.

22 Mar 2009 18:03

The Alehouse, Reading

I think this pub has gone downhill - it's still a good ale pub but I've had a couple of pints that were merely in good (not excellent) condition recently. The general grottiness of the place especially the toilets is losing its quirky charm, the more so since it's now really quite expensive. The management and owners need to sort the place out - it's not surprising that former regualrs are now to be seen in the Allied Arms, the Nags Head and no doubt elsewhere.

22 Mar 2009 17:52

The Fox And Hounds, Donnington

Decent country pub serving Arkells beers. Unfortunately it's right next to the A34, but still worth a visit.

22 Mar 2009 17:43

Bowlers Arms, Wash Common

Cricket club bar open to the public. Good beer. A great place to go and watch cricket with a nice pint of Butts ale. Can't comment on the food. Worth a visit especially in summer.

22 Mar 2009 10:47

The Blackbird, Bagnor

Nice location, handy for Watermill Theatre. Well-kept beer. Pleasant garden. Food is OK if a little uninspired. Worth a visit.

22 Mar 2009 10:41

The Rising Sun, Stockcross

This is a proper traditional village pub. Excellent place, handy for Newbury and much better than any of the town pubs. West Berks beers plus occasional guests and mini-festivals. The pub was refurbished by Dave Maggs who owns West Berks Brewery and he often visits. Beer quality excellent. Food is traditional pub food and good value. Previous landlord was a musician and there were frequent musical events - not sure whether this will continue.

22 Mar 2009 10:38

The Swan Inn, Inkpen

Very good place for a beer if your're walking/cycling/just in the area. Food quite good but could be better. Great location.

22 Mar 2009 10:30

The Crown and Garter, Inkpen Common

Decent beer but food nothing special for the price. Nice garden. Worth a visit.

22 Mar 2009 10:28

The Craven Arms, Newbury

Typical of a country pub aimed at family market. Acceptable beer and food but nothing special. I wouldn't go out of my way to visit - there are better places within a few miles.

22 Mar 2009 10:24

The Queens Hotel, Newbury

One of the better pubs in Newbury but that isn't saying much. Beer drinkable. Unusually has mild available (Banks's Original). Food edible (my friend says - haven't eaten there myself). Interesting old building. Gets busy on race days.

22 Mar 2009 08:26

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

Don't understand the negative reviews. Pub is average but that means it's better than most in Newbury. Beer well kept (typical Fuller's pub in this respect), food OK, staff OK, nice location. Can get busy.

22 Mar 2009 08:18

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