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Coach and Horses, Norwich

Shortly to be taken over, but unfortunately still GK. If the new owners can clean and re-paint the place (the ceilings are still fag smoke brown FFS!) and do some decent food (they were doing Spanish tortillas for a few eeks - maybe more tapas would be a good idea?) they might have a hope. Should have a decent theatre trade, and it could be very nice inside with a bit of tlc. At present, it's rubbish.

29 May 2010 13:32

The Ten Bells, Norwich

Used to be a great pub before it went commercial and stopped bothering about real ale -paltry 'selection' of Greedy King's patehtic IPA and Speckled Hen. For the tourist nowadays - a shame.

29 May 2010 13:25

Plough, Norwich

Recently re-opened under the ownership of the Grain Brewery. Five real ales, usually three of theirs plus guests which have so far been from Earl Soham. Also a good range of Grain bottled beers (which could be better advertised, as could the real ales - no board so you have to peer at the pump clips over people's shoulders). Good selection of spirits and wines - the G&T is excellent! Really nicely re-furbished and decorated inside, with a fabulous beer garden out the back, and all the 'no's that make for a great pub - no loud music, no pool table, no machines, no TV, no t***rs.

29 May 2010 13:23

The Fat Cat, Norwich

It might sound a bit churlish to criticise a pub that has 20-30 real ales on all the time, but the selection is geting seriously stale - at least a dozen are big name regionals - Fullers (3), Grrene King, Adnams (2), Bombardier, Courage Best(!) - or ever-presents - Brewer's Gold, Pale Rider, Landlord, Fat Cats (3), Bl;ack Dog. The remaining few seem to be either from Green Jack, or unheard of beers from small breweries - nothing wrong with that neccessarily, but where are the great and intersting beers from brewers like York, Orkney, Otley, Dark Star, Brewdog, Thornbridge, Old Chimneys, Atlas, Moorhouses, etc etc?

We used to go to the Cat with a sense of excitment that only increased when we saw the boards, unfortunately not so often now!

22 Apr 2010 22:18

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

Good food, if a little pricey. All wood interior, can be a bit dark at times, especially in the front. Beers are all Chalk Hill, don't remember ever seeing a guest. The Flintknappers mild is great, others OK.

14 Sep 2009 20:45

The Rosary Tavern, Norwich

Re-opened with new tenants in late August. Beer was fine, 6 ales, nothing too adventurous e.g. Black Sheep, Deuchars. One local from Humpty Dumpty.

14 Sep 2009 20:42

Barley Mow, Hartford

Postcode is actually PE29 1XU

10 Jun 2009 11:55

The Rosary Tavern, Norwich

Recently closed unfortunately - thanks Tim for all the good times!

14 Jan 2009 17:12

The Rosary Tavern, Norwich

Great friendly pub, with a good range of beers (Jackal plus 5 or 6 others last visit). Food served lunchtimes, but you have to go and get your own cutlery, sauces etc from the other side of the pub - not easy when it's rammed full on match days!

11 Jul 2007 13:13

The White Horse, Brentwood

Great down to earth pub where just about everybody is a regular (some more than others!), but not 'cliquey'.
2 regular beers (Adnams and London Pride) plus 4 guests, often including one or two from Brentwood Brewery, as it's pretty much the brewery tap.
Regular (every month or so) live music from the White Horse Band, usually to raise money for charity, also fishing competitioons etc.
Beer and music festival runs from July 12-15th.

11 Jul 2007 13:09

The Fat Cat, Norwich

Probably the best pub in the world, and I'm so proud it's in my home city!
Had my last indoor cigar there on June 30th, and tried the Fat Cat Mild which was excellent. About 10 regular beers, plus masses of guests from all over the place.
Of the five Fat Cats listed in BITE, four are related. Sheffield is the original, owned by Kelham Island brewery (possibly why Pale Rider is a house beer!). Ipswich and Colchester are owned by members of the same family, but are completely independent (e.g. Colchester does far more food)

11 Jul 2007 12:28

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