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The Cheshire Cheese, Temple

Went here during the Jubilee Pageant on 3 June 2012. Packed as you would expect, but with a very good humoured crowd, out to enjoy themselves. Had a choice of Bombardier, Sharps Doombar and Tribute. Had the Bombardier, which was excellent. The couple behind the bar serving the throng were both speedy and friendly - all in all a nice little local pub in the heart of the City.

4 Jun 2012 08:15

The Grapes, Hereford

Went here on Saturday Easter lunchtime. Excellent pub food, locally sourced, and a good selection of beers and ciders. Wye Valley seems to be their 'house' beer.

9 Apr 2012 12:58

Alto Lounge, Reading

This is a cross between a bar and a bistro. Too small for its function really, and can get very cramped when all the tables are taken. That said, it's customer friendly, has a wide range of customers at different times of day, and serves very decent burgers.

26 Sep 2011 14:42

White Horse, Emmer Green

This is at the cheap and cheerful end of the pub chain foodhouse spectrum. Very popular, and hard to get a seat in the evening. Lots of noise, two tvs, and a snooker table. Serves Greene King beer, which is kept okay. Big decking area outside for smokers/families.

Has a friendly manager who runs a good quality pub quiz on a Thursday.

26 Sep 2011 14:34

Grosvenor, Caversham

Basically a restaurant. Has been revamped recently, although not terribly thoroughly. There was a bit of a hoohah when it re-opened and tried to limit the areas you could sit in without ordering food, but they did at least listen to feedback, and have loosened up on that.

Serves a very good pint of Timothy Taylors on a regular basis, has a variable pint of Fullers London Pride and several other beers at any one time.

26 Sep 2011 14:28

The Travellers Rest, Caversham

More restaurant than pub most of the time - but as the evening wears on, the pub side of things gears up, based around the pool table. There's a definite core of regulars who use it as their local.

There's a beer garden back and front, a good selection of bitters, and plenty of room, but it's really just a big barn full of tables.

26 Sep 2011 14:23

The Prince of Wales, Caversham

Nice spacious pub, with a beer garden front and back. Good Brakspears beer and thai food. Can get very noisy, so not my choice on a Friday or Saturday night. Has a big rugby contingent during the Six Nations/World Cup.

26 Sep 2011 14:17

The Antelope, Belgravia

Big square bar on the ground flooor, then a warren of smaller rooms upstairs. Served a very good pint of Fullers, but there was a considerable wait for food (at around 6.30pm on a weekday night) although the place wasn't busy.

Good choice as a place to go before a visit to the Royal Court Theatre.

26 Sep 2011 14:09

The Grafton Arms, Fitzrovia

Long narrow ground floor bar and an upstairs room that often gets hired out for parties. Also has a small beer garden on the first floor. If you go here after work, the odds are heavily in favour of you having to stand up.

Beer good, prices no more outrageous than any other pub nearby.

26 Sep 2011 14:04

The Prince of Wales Feathers, Warren Street

Visited for the first time since the refurb a week ago. Good beer (as before), but very disappointed by the food. They've hiked the prices, and stuck the food on huge trendy plates, but it's really not that great.

Will be drinking here only.

26 Sep 2011 14:00

The Bar at tcr, Tottenham Court Road

Benefits from having a reasonably sized garden where you can sit with your nicotine-addicted friends. The garden's the best place to be - the pub interior is soulless and noisy. Have eaten pizza there, which was perfectly acceptable.

Totally agree with the previous reviewer re the lack of any decent draught ale. That's just lazy.

26 Sep 2011 13:56

Baron Cadogan, Caversham

Smaller than most Wetherspoons. Has a smoking area at the back, but no garden as such. Definitely more of a local than the town centre Wetherspoons, and has a selection of friendly and helpful staff - haven't met a grumpy one actually.

You never know if the guest ales will be any good, but Cadogan's Gold (which I presuem is not sold elsewhere) is a nice golden beer, and permanently available.

26 Sep 2011 13:48

The Hope Tap, Reading

Not bad for a Wetherspoons - and better then the Monks Retreat at the other end of Friar Street, being considerably lighter and airier, and with a (slightly scruffy) beer garden at the back.

26 Sep 2011 13:41

The Corn Stores, Reading

This pub serves the best pint of Fullers Pride I've had in Reading.

It doesn't look likely to cater to discerning ale drinkers, since the pub makes up the ground floor of an Italian/Greek restaurant. But I've been here upwards of 10 times, and every time the beer has been perfect.

So, ignoring the restaurant, this is a small Fullers pub (with Gales Seafarers on as a guest ale the day I visited). There's one bar, no music, and a tv with the sound switched off. It's 2 minutes walk from the railway station and a great place to meet people before or after a rugby or football match, since it seems to miss the huge crush that is centred on the Three Guineas.

26 Sep 2011 13:35

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