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Comments by muckspreader1

The King Street Run, Cambridge

Crap smellie place full of greebs and soap dodgers.Get a hair cut and a nit comb you filthy animals.Beer is overpriced and crap.Avoid!!!

24 Apr 2006 10:33

The Cambridge Arms, Cambridge

Could be better not bad world lagers on draught.Could make out weather the bar maid(lynne)was male or female.or maybe both???You decide.Anyway not to bad!!

24 Apr 2006 10:31

The Rat and Parrot, Cambridge

Nice rooftop garden but thats all.Lets put music on and pretend to have a dj.Ok if ya like R & B.To many students on the mince and think its cool to down shots.Very overpriced and not worth the money.

24 Apr 2006 10:27

All Bar One, Cambridge

Yet again another truly awful pub.Cambridge might have alot of clever people and a university but it has no decent pubs.Crapp!!

24 Apr 2006 10:24

The Regal, Cambridge

Stayed in cambridge for 10months and found all the pubs boring and lifeless.Cambridge has nothing to offer apart from bicycles and students,and plenty of chavs.if you want real pubs with real prices and MUSIC come up north and enjoy youself to the max.And i mean north not manchester i mean north north.Carlisle and newcastle!!!!

24 Apr 2006 10:21

The Jail House Pub and Restaurant, Workington

Without doubt workingtons crappest pub.A total disgrace.Very dirty no choice of beer or real ales.Just full of chavs and drunks.Always seems to be more staff and doormen than actual customers.Things dont get better in the toilets just like elliots used to be just wipe your feet before you leave.Close it now or knock it down!!

22 Apr 2006 13:18

Henry Bessemer, Workington

Without doubt the best choice of world beers and real ales.Food is very basic not my cup of tea but edible.Not a bad wine list either.Prices are good andhonest.The whole pub is in need of a revamp,looking a bit tired now and feels like a canteen.Very friendly staff and always helpful.Always good for a few cheap pints.

22 Apr 2006 13:15

The Royal Oak, Workington

Who on earth can call this pub great.Its a total chav pit.Full of wannabe hard boys doing the old line in the toilets.The food is crap and tasteless and so are the bar staff.Avoid at all costs.Absolute crap stay away!!!!!!!

22 Apr 2006 13:10

Yankees Bar, Workington

Without doubt the finest pub in workington!!Also my local and the idiot who said the bar staff are unfriendly needs to take his head out of his arse and go to the royal oak or barrymores(the jailhouse)if you wanna experience bad service.Meals are great and the atmosphere excellent.In all a credit to workington!!!!

22 Apr 2006 13:03

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