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The Plough, Whitby

I actually got kicked out of here for putting money in the pool table after they'd rung the bell for last orders at 10:45pm on a Saturday night. The landlady is the rudest, most surly individual it's been my misfortune to come across in a long time. There were around twenty people rattling around here all night and no wonder it's empty when you get service like that. I felt acutely sorry for the barman who was the complete opposite of his employer.

3 May 2016 19:34

The Hare and Hounds, High Hawsker

My local. 75 seconds to walk there, sometimes considerably longer to walk back. Fabulous beer ( Theakstons Old P, Wainwrights), the warmest of welcomes and food to die for. There's always plenty of activity going on such as quizzes, food nights, etc. Great pub.

29 Apr 2015 23:16

The Cross Keys Inn, Denholm

Fantastic pub and inn. Really friendly landlord and landlady. Two guest beers on the pumps and draught flow John Smiths and Tetleys. It also has a bar with Sky, pool and a jukebox which ticks my boxes. There's a lounge which is much more sedate and a restaurant which does superb food. B & B is available with an amazing Scottish breakfast.

18 Feb 2015 23:26

The Laurel Inn, Robin Hood's Bay

Nice night in here. The Copper Dragon Black Gold was exceptional, one the best pints I've had for a long time. Friendly staff and customers. Can't say locals as I'm now a local myself!

10 Oct 2014 23:26

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

Rejoice, it's open again.

5 May 2014 23:16

The Shambles, Whitby

Had a couple of really good nights in here. They have live music and the band was pretty good. It does food too. It's a big place and was pretty lively both nights but there are a couple of unobtrusive bouncers looking on. At one end, there's a pool table and snooker room which we loved. The beer was great. Golden Pippin was lovely and the prices were very reasonable.

5 May 2014 23:03

The Endeavour, Whitby

Appalling, truly appalling. No wonder it's up for sale. From walking in and getting service with a snarl from the middle aged goth a like behind the bar to getting charged £9:20p for a pint and double vodka and coke. The same round at The Shambles was a whole £2 cheaper.The Black Sheep was foul. It smelt of vomit and tasted of vomit. Totally undrinkable. The entertainment was good though. The pissed up couple who were nearly shagging on the table next to us were most amusing.

5 May 2014 22:52

The Little Angel, Whitby

Excellent pub. Outstanding beer, the Landlord was perfect. Offers on during the week so very reasonable price wise. Loads going on every night to pull the punters in. Friendly barman, interesting locals. I love this pub.

29 Apr 2014 19:35

First in Last out, Whitby

Great local pub. Very, very friendly locals. Nothing outstanding beer wise but a nice vibe to the place. Big screens for sport and plenty going on through the week.

29 Apr 2014 19:32

Crown and Anchor Inn, Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Very friendly pub serving a good pint of local ale. We had two decent meals here when we visited the island but the pubs here certainly like to close bang on time or earlier. Landlord and staff very efficient.

29 Apr 2014 19:28

The Ship Inn, Holy Island of Lindisfarne

So so beer. I had a trip around the pumps until I found something acceptable. We had a meal which was terrible. Not impressed by calling time early and the staff don't seem able to accept any responsibility for anything going wrong or of a poor standard. I wouldn't return.

29 Apr 2014 19:23

The Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

I cannot believe this place has closed. It used to be one of the best pubs in the UK and now it's gone. Hopefully someone local will buy it and run it for the local community instead of the idiots who were in before who destroyed the whole ambience of the place by knocking through and putting transport cafe tables in. Absolutely tragic.

22 Dec 2013 13:34

The Victoria Hotel, Whitby

spent two nights in there. food's good, especially the fish pie. however, drinkswise the theakston's lightfoot is spectacular. the new owners are building trade up nicely. the atmosphere was great and it was rammed on an out of season weekend.

10 Nov 2013 21:24

The Little Angel, Whitby

Went in two nights on the trot. Friendly staff, good range of beers. Good juke box too. It was goth week when we went and some of the sights we saw in there were unbelievable. Some people have no shame. 4 of the women must have weighed over a 100 stone between them!

31 Oct 2013 15:18

The George, West Bay

very disappointing. we went in at 5:30pm and wanted to order food. we were told that they don't do food until 6:00pm. fair enough. we'd checked the menu and made our choices only to be told that they don't do that food after 6:00pm. nowhere did it say on the menu that it was unavailable. the service from the older staff was pretty indifferent too.

3 Aug 2013 23:45

Tiger Inn, Bridport

what a great pub. fabulous beer, great atmosphere and full of locals. we stayed two nights and can highly recommend it. lovely room and superb breakfast. top boozer.

3 Aug 2013 23:36

The Lord Nelson Hotel, Bridport

not good. went in for some food. walked to the bar to be met by an unsmiling barman. we asked if they were doing food and he just grunted at us so we didn't bother. no atmosphere, nearly empty apart from the 'interesting' local talking about how violent he could get when he drinks.

3 Aug 2013 23:34

College Arms, Lower Quinton

quite simply, the best place we've ever stayed. a magnificent pub. it's got something for everyone. good beer, a superb dining area, real history in the building, wonderful food, great hosts, beautiful rooms and comfy beds, sky sports and a pool table far enough away not to disturb others and a fantastic beer garden. it ticks every box for me.

3 Aug 2013 23:27

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

Enterprise Inns, what are you doing??!! This was the best pub in Looe. In fact, the fact that its no more would make us think twice of staying there again. The owners were so kind and friendly. Tragic waste of a great pub.

29 Jun 2013 22:56

1331, York

Attended a family wedding here. A nice sprawling place with a cobbled courtyard and small beer garden. No great shakes on the real ale front, pretty generic stuff but the food served was superb. Great for functions and a meal.

10 Jun 2013 22:42

The Black Swan, York

What a fabulous pub. Old, atmospheric and a great place to stay if you're visiting York. The breakfast is bordering on ridiculous it's that big. As for the ale,I had the best pint of Old Peculier I've ever had. Magnificent.

10 Jun 2013 22:38

The Broom Bar, Ullapool

in the process of being knocked down and two houses built on the site. another one bites the dust.

1 Jan 2013 19:01

The Dolphin, Robin Hood's Bay

still brilliant, still wonderful beer, still great atmosphere. the band were fantastic. big thanks to steve for the cds and kirby for the ghost stories!

3 Nov 2012 21:46

The Grosvenor Hotel, Whitby

food has improved out of sight. pint of wainwrights was nectar. only downside is it's a family pub and some of the kids behaviour in there was poor to say the least. i blame the parents.

3 Nov 2012 21:32

The Crescent, Salford

looks pretty grotty from the outside and to be honest, it's a bit spit and sawdust inside too but all the better for it. loads of hand pumped real ales on offer, so much so that i couldn't make up my mind. spent a convivial hour there and my son, who now lives round the corner, says he's going to make it his local.

3 Nov 2012 21:16

The Bay Hotel, Whitby

Fantastic food, awful beer. It seems to me that they think they don't have to try too hard and unfortunately, this goes for most of the pubs in Robin Hoods Bay. I cannot find anything decent to drink here and I've been trying for years. I had a pint of Wainwright's and it was so disappointing. However, the food is grand and served in huge portions. Cannonbolt, I don't know what you had but I 've never had a meal in here that wouldn't have fed half the pub.

2 Sep 2012 23:12

Josephs Well Tavern, Leeds

reopened and now named the well. fabulous pub/venue for bands and lovers of music. great room downstairs that has a stage, lighting and sound. i hope the students get behind this place and make it the success it deserves.

15 Aug 2012 17:32

The Arch Inn, Ullapool

back again, still brilliant, more wonderful staff, same lovely crowd in there, packed to the rafters. love it, love it, love it.

10 Jun 2012 22:12

The Tut 'n' Shive, Yeadon

went in for a pint after a visit to murgatroyds fish and chippy. wow. what a cracking boozer. convivial atmosphere generated by very friendly bar staff. my sons stella was as gassy and fizzy as it should be, the wife had a very reasonable double voddy and coke and my guinness was superb. all for less than a tenner.

the decor of the pub is very impressive. beautifully done out in red velvety colour and cloth, some alcoves even have mini tv's built in to the wall. i wish it was nearer where we lived as i'd definately make it my local.

28 Dec 2011 22:16

The Bankhouse Inn, Pudsey

lovely sunny afternoon. hot and sweaty from doing the garden. let's go for a beer. two pints of flying scotsman (which were lovely) and two double vodka and cokes. that'll be 18:70p please. WHAT?????? have i been transported to london?? ridiculous.

6 Nov 2011 19:33

The Arch Inn, Ullapool

couldn't wait a year for another review. still great, still so friendly, still great beer at a great price, still great food, still wonderful locals (yes you graham and linda), still a fab pool table on which we spent over 50, we just love the place and the people. thank you michael, tiffany and the rest of the staff.

1 Nov 2011 23:03

The Greyhound Inn, Saxton

what a glorious pub. it's like stepping back in time. so many cosy little rooms and an open fire so i can imagine it being wonderful in winter. still sam smiths so still cheap. lots of our party were quaffing the ale and making appreciative noises. very nice.

3 Sep 2011 20:07

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

great pub, proper boozer. adnams, black sheep and whitby black dog on. loses a point for the utterly disinterested, miserable barmaid.

30 Aug 2011 19:33

The Admiral Boscarn, East Looe

i would say ullapool but i'd blow a gasket if you started to diss some of those pubs. i tend to go on ambience in a pub and not the drinks. i did like a lot of the pubs in looe, specifically the jolly sailor and the fishermans. i used to like the bullers but the clientele let it down. i like spit and sawdust pubs y'see. must be the rock fan in me.

14 Aug 2011 22:13

The Admiral Boscarn, East Looe

good grief fuggle, i bet the publicans welcomed you back with open arms. you did complain about every pub though didn't you? for the record, it's mr mph and i think this pub is one of the worst i've ever set foot in.

14 Aug 2011 00:24

The Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

i thought they couldn't make it worse but they have. on a positive note, the drink is better than it was. that's it though. i love a good juke box, i couldn't resist whacking rammstein and metallica on again but a juke box does NOT belong in this pub. who's idea was it to knock through and make it all one room? all atmosphere has now been completely destroyed and there's no going back now. the transport cafe tables are the cherry on the cake. so sad.

7 Aug 2011 00:01

Argyll Hotel, Ullapool

we had a top night in here doing the quiz. it was comically farcical. the quiz had been done before, i had 7 points knocked off but it was such a laugh and the quizmaster was a good guy. the locals were very friendly and the pub has a good atmosphere.

6 Aug 2011 23:57

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

YEEEEEES!!! they've put the parlour bar back to how it was. it's just like it used to be, so quiet and chilled in that room. the main bar is a hive of activity with stressed staff rushing hither and thither serving food and drinks. we had a top ginger ale called hollows from hexham. wonderful place.

6 Aug 2011 23:55

The Arch Inn, Ullapool

yet another thank you to michael, the staff and the wonderful locals at this pub. it was the busiest we've ever seen it. may it go from strength to strength.

6 Aug 2011 23:51

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

blackthorn, are you mr logic from viz by any chance?

17 Jul 2011 20:51

The Fylingdales Inn, Fylingthorpe

Another visit but this time we stayed overnight. Absolutely fabulous. The room is like a flat and beautifully done out. The service, the breakfast, the atmosphere, the food, the drink, the owners, the barstaff, the conservatory, the beer garden, everything is top class. Can't wait to go back.

1 May 2011 22:25

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

midlandale, why would i stay there for a week if i was a regular?? good grief, don't join the police will you as detection is obviously not a strong point. as it's been pointed out, yes there are locals there but that's what you would expect surely? i can only say that we found them all to be very friendly and would definately stay there again. great room and fabulous breakfast too.

16 Mar 2011 23:19

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

the review below is utter rubbish. we've stayed there for a week and been in numerous times. it's a very welcoming pub.

30 Jan 2011 18:04

The Arch Inn, Ullapool

here's my annual update. wonderful visit yet again. we were in every night this time. a big thank you to michael and the bar staff for the music and keeping us going with 50p's for the 127 games of pool that we played. roll on next year. always busy, good food, ale, what more can you ask for?

1 Nov 2010 23:28

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

what have you done to my parlour bar!! it's ruined! no longer a place to chill and the place was full of luvvie actors. meh.

30 Oct 2010 21:59

The Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

oh dear. what have they done to it? it looks like a transport cafe with the new tables in and the beer was simply undrinkable. how to ruin a fantastic pub.

30 Oct 2010 21:57

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

jesus wept, you whinging get, did you not like any pub in looe? better go somewhere else next year eh?

5 Sep 2010 23:35

The Grosvenor Hotel, Whitby

can i change my mind? talk about a surly attitude. the barmaid was extremely rude on the first night but the second night was better when she wasn't in. it has a weird atmosphere in the public bar.

3 Aug 2010 23:05

The Bay Hotel, Whitby

fantastic food but the booze is foul. the coke, the lager, the guinness and the john smith's bitter were all rank. what a shame.

3 Aug 2010 23:02

The Dolphin, Robin Hood's Bay

did the quiz on the sunday night and listened to the local blues band on the monday night who are very good. the locals are so friendly. i did notice that a round is bloody expensive though. the atmosphere out on the street was brilliant.

3 Aug 2010 23:00

Summer Isles, Achiltibuie

the hotel bar is okay to sit in the window and contemplate the world going by as the view is stunning but it's not the friendliest place i've been to in those parts. compared to what it used to be a few years back, the transformation is remarkable as it's now some sort of boutique hotel. frankly, i think the prices are totally ridiculous.

30 Jul 2010 23:41

Morefield Motel, Ullapool

more of a place to eat than a pub as such but still worth going to for a meal. the food is simply gorgeous. i have never had a bad meal here and believe me, i've had a few. generous portions, friendly efficient service make it a must if you're going to ullapool. the actual resteraunt in the motel is supposed to be amazing too.

30 Jul 2010 23:36

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

more of an open restaurant bar than a pub really but very nice all the same. good selection of beers if a little pricey. the food can be a bit up and down in quality. live bands, comedians, art shows, all sorts of stuff going on throughout the year.

the main reason why i love it though is the parlour bar. it's tucked out of the way near reception. it's the most chilled, reaxing little bar that you'll ever visit. the music is traditional but not twee. the open fire adds to the wonderful ambience and to sit in one of the pews or on one of the sofas and contemplate the world is heaven.

19 Apr 2010 21:39

The Dolphin, Robin Hood's Bay

Been again for a couple of nights. Wonderful pub. The Old Peculiar was outstanding. It was busy both nights and we had a really good time chatting with the locals and staff who were extremely friendly. Best pub in Robin Hoods Bay by a mile.

16 Apr 2010 14:08

The Laurel Inn, Robin Hood's Bay

Disappointing. Very flat atmosphere when we went in and the beer wasn't up to much. There's better pubs in Robin Hoods Bay.

16 Apr 2010 14:05

The Fylingdales Inn, Fylingthorpe

Under new management now. We popped in for an afternoon drink and were pleasantly suprised. There's a lot going on for locals and tourists during the week but my main reason for returning would be the superb guinness and the rotating hexagonal pool table! Really good fun trying to work out the angles. Nice pub.

16 Apr 2010 14:03

The Bay Hotel, Whitby

We ate here two nights on the trot this week and the food is brilliant. Good, wholesome, tasty grub with a wide range on offer. The portions are absolutely massive too. Beer wise, they had four ales on but I drank lager which was pretty rank unfortunately. The decor could do with updating but it's definately worth going here for something to eat.

16 Apr 2010 13:59

The Harbour Moon, West Looe

i've just come on here to find out if this place has closed and obviously it has. how on earth can you not make a success of this place??!! it had it all. rooms, pool, sky, food, views, bistro, beer garden, etc. damn this recession and crap landlords.

24 Mar 2010 22:12

The Alma, Bolton

great rock pub. amazing jukebox. pool table. went in on a dinner time so the atmosphere was nothing like it would be on a night but how i wish this place was in leeds. very friendly bar staff. a point off for no guinness or carling cold.

17 Feb 2010 19:56

The Grosvenor Hotel, Whitby

i think i spent some of my fiftieth here but the memories are somewhat hazy. very friendly pub at the top of the hill. the food was good and the portions were absolutely huge. there's a pool table and sky sports on one side of the pub.

13 Feb 2010 21:11

The Dolphin, Robin Hood's Bay

just spent a great night in the dolphin counting down the grandfather clock to my 50th birthday. good company, great atmosphere, lovely pub. the family room that's tucked away at the back was full too. it made my fiftieth a memorable night.

13 Feb 2010 21:04

Goblin Ha, Edinburgh

fantastic. we stayed overnight on the way up north and couldn't fault it. lovely room, great public bar, very friendly locals and the restaurant.......................gorgeous meal. we would definately stay there again.

1 Nov 2009 21:46

The Fuaran Bar, Altandhu

lovely pub. very atmospheric and dark inside, almost baronial. would like to sample the grub next time we go. perfect stop when you visit achnahaird beach.

1 Nov 2009 21:42

The Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

bit of a suprise to find a juke box in here so it must have new owners. it was most gratifying to play 'blackened' by metallica in such tranquil surroundings.

1 Nov 2009 21:15

The Arch Inn, Ullapool

yet another great visit. had a meal this time and the food is fantastic. the place was busy every night even though ullapool was pretty quiet this year. friendly locals, friendly staff. great pub.

1 Nov 2009 21:12

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

when we come to looe again, this will be our destination. just had a week there, b and b, and it was faultless. wonderful pub, so atmospheric. the staff were fantastic and so friendly. the room was more like a little apartment and the bed was the comfiest i've slept in away from home.
tasty breakfast set us up for the day. all this for 60. absolute bargain. watch out for the water pistol when you leave the bar! pool table and sea shanties on a tuesday and thursday. we cannot wait to stay there again.

23 Aug 2009 22:24

The Harbour Moon, West Looe

this was a bit of a shock after reading on the comments on here but we were pleasantly suprised by our visit. of all the pubs we went to in looe last week, this was the most polite and friendly service that we had. people were tucking into the food with some relish, the fry upin particular looked well tasty.
seems to be a bit of a turnaround at the moon.

23 Aug 2009 22:17

The Blue Peter, Polperro

this pub is worth going to for the ambience, atmosphere and friendliness of the staff alone. olde worlde, great music, good beer and the food is supposed to be tops too. if you go to polperro then you must visit this pub.

23 Aug 2009 22:12

The Ship Inn, East Looe

what a pleasant suprise this place was. thought it looked a bit foody/family from the outside but we had a top night in here with a couple that we bumped into. a shame a poisoned dwarf from the bullers spoiled it slightly when we nipped out for some grub and tried to beat the couple up. thankfully the landlady kicked them out pronto and barred them. the pub is not like that at all and is very family friendly.
tastefully done out and doing good food too. well worth a visit.

23 Aug 2009 22:09

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

went in for a meal. the pub was packed out which is a good sign. my ale was a bit iffy so i changed to guinness. the food was really good, probably the best we've had in looe. nice atmosphere when the pub is free from loud, middle class arseholes who love the sound of their own voice. this particular group were actually driving customers away they were so obnoxious.

23 Aug 2009 22:05

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

let me count the ways i love this pub. fantastic staff, good beer, wonderful ambience, great friendly locals, nice dog(s) (hi bandit!), brilliant music on the radio. this isn't a criticsm but i think they're missing a trick with not using the back room anymore.
come on landlord, it could be even better than it is already.

23 Aug 2009 21:42

The Bullers Arms, East Looe

oh dear. this pub was always a bit rough and ready. now it's just rough. there's some lovely people go in there, i don't want to tar everybody with the same brush, but one certain individual and two of her cohorts put a blot on our holiday.
she abused two friends of ours in the ship and was thrown out and barred from there. the fact that she spends most of the time in the bullers would stop me going again i'm afraid.
i really feel for the landlady here as how do you barr someone who's one of your best customers who provides most of your profits? i used to love this pub but won't go in again whilst this poisoned little individual goes in there.

23 Aug 2009 21:34

The Salisbury, Manchester

god, i love this pub so much. why is there nowhere like this in leeds? if you like rock music, it's the pub for you. great atmosphere, ale and jukebox. a must for a few pints before and after an academy gig.

5 Jul 2009 22:03

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

cheers lbw, haven't laughed so much for ages. you're obviously of a 'delicate nature' shall we say. don't take any notice of these ravings which seem made up to me. this pub is one of the friendliest i've ever been in.

25 Jun 2009 19:10

The Shambles, Whitby

A really chilled place. I couldn't help but notice the Stannah stair lift on the way in and think it might be more use for me on the way out. A good range of beers and lagers, great background music that's not too loud and a fantastic location to boot. The decor and sofa's add to the realxing, intimate feel of the place. Friendly bar staff too. Seperate family room. They also do food. Well worth a visit.

23 Jun 2009 14:17

The Birch Hall Inn, Beck Hole

why is it never open on a sunday afternoon??!! beautiful weather, gasping thirst=pub shut. it's so bloody frustrating! i've been too many times now and it's been shut. no wonder pubs are closing, you wouldn't get this on the continent, moan, moan, whinge, whinge.

20 Apr 2009 19:56

The Captain Cook, Staithes

Never judge a book by it's cover. The pub looks closed down and tatty from the outside. It's different once you get inside. It's worse. I like my pubs rough and ready but this is just plain dirty. The toilets didn't work and the barman was indifference personified. I was thinking of staying overnight but I think I might have caught something.

I have spoken to someone who goes there frequently and they said that I caught them on a bad day and should give them another chance which I will do. Also, in their defence, the football was on and everybody seemed engrossed in the game. The beer did look magnificent and they were selling Credit Crunch Ale at 95p a pint which you can't get nasty with.

I'm giving it another go next week so i'll report back then.

20 Apr 2009 19:51

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

Really nice boozer with a good range of ales. Very 'woody' and cosy inside. I'm not easily offended but I couldn't see any reason for the picture up in the corner of the room. Somebody like to explain? Is it something to do do with the name of the pub?

15 Apr 2009 14:57

The Castle Inn, Criccieth

that is an absolute disaster. what a shame. it was such a nice little boozer and the food and staff were fantastic. i hope they've haven't gone completely and perhaps just closed for the winter months. damn this recession.

3 Feb 2009 20:20

The Broom Bar, Ullapool

i think i was a bit harsh in my earlier review. we went again and got a very warm welcome so please ignore my previous comments.

2 Nov 2008 18:19

The Arch Inn, Ullapool

gets better and better. they have bands on now, it's even friendlier, the food looks great (it was packed every night even in late october), the ale's great and the pool table is still there. best pub in ullapool.

2 Nov 2008 18:16

Palace, Leeds

I was in last Friday and yet again, the service was crap. The male bar staff in particular seem to take a perverse pleasure in ignoring you. The standard of the lager was dreadful too. I tried three different brands and they were all terrible.

It's such a shame as it's a fine looking pub with a good atmosphere and the smoking area out the back is very pretty, what with the fairy lights.

11 Aug 2008 19:17

The Castle Inn, Criccieth

What a find. Ticks all my boxes for a great pub. The service we got was 10/10. They were so friendly. Great ale, pool table and jukebox tucked away in a smaller room at the back so it doesn't disturb the front two rooms where food is served. It has a really nice atmosphere and the locals were friendly bunch.
The food is top notch. My missus(who is a very faddy eater. Her idea of a meal is a packet of cheese and onion crisps followed by a bag of dolly mixtures) fancied the idea of a kids meal followed by a pudding.
She couldn't decide between three of the puddings so they brought bits of all three at no extra charge.
Best pub in Cricceith by a mile. Thanks for the dolly mixtures Sam!

9 Aug 2008 20:35

The Fuaran Bar, Altandhu

Well, gavmel, with an attitude like that no wonder they were surly towards you. As it's such a remote pub, have you thought that they might be catering to the locals with the pool and Sky sports? I suggest you stick to wine (or should that be whine) bars or whatever it is that takes your fancy as you obviously wouldn't know a good pub if it bit your arse.

6 Mar 2008 22:56

The Railway Hotel, Hebden Bridge

good lord. some people wouldn't know a decent pub if it bit them on the arse. it's a proper pub. no irish themed nonsense, a proper pub, serving proper beer, to proper people. if your idea of a good pub is friendly locals, good beer, juke box, darts, etc then i suggest you get yourself in here if you're in hebden. we thought it was fantastic.

3 Feb 2008 01:12

The White Lion, Hebden Bridge

we stayed here for one night and i would definately stay again. the room was in the building adjacent to the pub and it was like having your own flat. excellent. if i'm going to nitpick, we drank lager and tried three different varitities and all three were flat. the food, whilst tasty and in monster portions, was heated some what unevenly. i couldn't finish the breakfast it was so big. for god's sake, don't have cereal or you'll explode.

3 Feb 2008 01:08

The Fuaran Bar, Altandhu

Absolutely fantastic place. Middle of knowhere,Sky Sports,pool table,juke box,good beer and food. Friendly landlord too. What more could you ask for? Beautiful decor and location also.

1 Nov 2007 10:28

The Coach and Horses Inn, Chepstow

having been to chepstow for the rock festival i can only echo everybody's point of view. a truly great pub. really nice atmosphere and very good bar staff. the best pub in chepstow by a mile.

16 Jul 2007 10:55

The Square, Leeds

this is one of the worst pubs i've ever been in. totally devoid of atmosphere and character. the barmaid couldn't even pour the lager properly and was a giggling idiot. it was very expensive and was foul and undrinkable. just a big empty cavern where people go to get hammered. many years ago it used to be the peel which was a great pub with a rock disco downstairs. happy days. i'll never set foot in there again.

16 Jul 2007 10:50

Fagan's, Sheffield

as good as everybody says it is. great mine hosts. really good guinness and food and such a lovely atmosphere. sorry to tom and his missus for the 'missing wallet' scare. i felt such a chump.

13 Dec 2006 18:29

The Applecross Inn, Applecross

please make the effort to go to thiss pub if you're anywhere near the area. it's a hell of a drive over the bealach-na-ba but it's worth it. one of the country's best pubs without a doubt. fabulous food from judith, views to die for, peace and tranquillity. book a room and listen to the waves lap against the shore on a night. if you're lucky they may have local musicians playing too. heaven.

27 Nov 2006 16:06

The Dolphin, Robin Hood's Bay

cracking pub. great for famillies. spent many a happy hour there.

27 Nov 2006 15:57

The Laurel Inn, Robin Hood's Bay

yes it is. like stepping back in time. great pub.

27 Nov 2006 15:55

The Greyhound, Tong

full of ten bob millionaires. nice pub otherwise.

27 Nov 2006 15:51

The Bankhouse Inn, Pudsey

hmmmm. she told me someone had compensation stars in their eyes. don't be put off by this unfortunate accident. the staff are really friendly, the food's good and it's a great spot to chill on a warm day. in fact it's good on a winters day too in front of the roaring fire.

27 Nov 2006 15:50

The Salisbury, Manchester

blinding pub if you're into rock. good stop off on the way to the academy. pool table, fantastic jukebox, friendly people and good ale. one of my favourite pubs.

27 Nov 2006 15:33

The Sun Inn, Dent

fantastic pub. friendly staff, great food, cheap b and b and great ale. and a pool table and juke box. come on, what more do you want?

22 Nov 2006 04:09

Mckays Hotel, Pitlochry

we stayed there about 12 years ago. it was me and 3 mates who i told on the way there that pitlochry was the base for the scottish liberation army. boy did that joke backfire as the barman was the most anti english person i've ever met. the lanlord had to send him home eventually. must've changed. surely?

22 Nov 2006 04:04

The Bridge Inn, Peebles

bloody awful. crap beer and it was like sitting in someone's front room. boy, did we feel english in there.

22 Nov 2006 03:58

The Grove Inn, Holbeck

one of the few pubs i'll go to in leeds. hidden by high rise shite but worth tracking down. good ale and atmosphere.

22 Nov 2006 03:52

The George Hotel, Inveraray

best place i've stayed in scotland. how they do it for the money i don't know. the rooms are sumptious and haunted. it's a friendly ghost though. it's a beautiful, cosy hotel. very welcoming staff too. i'm dribbling just thinking about the food. i had a steak pie but the pastry was more like a yorkshire pudding. i could eat it every day for the rest of my life (which probably wouldn't be too long if i did). so reasonably priced too.

17 Nov 2006 14:08

The Ben Nevis Inn, Glen Nevis

great pub. great views (obviously really). it's the food that really sells it. the sticky toffee pudding is the most orgasmic thing i've tasted.

17 Nov 2006 14:01

The Upper George, Halifax

fantastic pub if you're into rock music as it's got a jukebox that i want to rip off the wall and take home with me. spent many a happy hour in here.

17 Nov 2006 13:57

The Hunters Inn, Pool in Wharfedale

another pub going down the nick. nowhere near as good as it was a few years ago. brusque service and it really is filthy. i mean, i know it's a bikers pub but the amount of flies buzzing around your head when you're trying to play pool... it's like being in 'help i'm a celebrity'.

17 Nov 2006 13:54

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

great pub. very,very friendly. only one gripe. get that pool table put back in, you crazy foo's.

17 Nov 2006 13:31

The Bullers Arms, East Looe

one of my all time favourite pubs. can't wait to get in here when we come on holiday. it's so friendly and welcoming. we played about 3,000 games of pool last time we were in there. sure, it's a bit spit and sawdust so if you're looking for champagne and caviar, give it a miss. but if you want a proper pub......

17 Nov 2006 13:29

Bricklayers Arms, Leeds

great pub. very friendly. 'interesting' locals and student mix. can we have the old jukebox back please?

17 Nov 2006 13:25

The Arch Inn, Ullapool

i like this pub. lot of locals go in and it's pretty friendly. i always get a good game of pool in there. landlord, smile a bit more! is it cos i is english?!

17 Nov 2006 13:23

The Broom Bar, Ullapool

about as much atmosphere as a dead goldfish. staff were friendly though. the tiled floor would be lethal in wet weather i would imagine. ale was okay.

17 Nov 2006 13:21

The Ferry Boat Inn, Ullapool

best view from a pub, end of story. still a good pub even though richard's left.

17 Nov 2006 13:15

Stein Inn, Stein

where do i start? we've stayed here a couple of times. the staff are fantastic and very friendly. the rooms are superb. the views, spectacular. the food is incredible and the breakfast?! you won't eat until teatime you'll be that full. the ale is very good and they've got a pool table. joy. it's got to be one of the best pubs in britian, no exaggeration.

17 Nov 2006 13:10

The Green Tree Hotel, Peebles

stayed there recently. very friendly and they gave us a huge room to stay in with the biggest telly i've seen in a hotel. when you turned the sound up, the floor shook!

17 Nov 2006 13:04

The Tap and Spile, Whitby

We were ripped off on our last visit to this pub. Bought 2 vodka and tonics and it was 2 more expensive than at the Wellington up the road. I queried this with the landlord as i thought he'd made a genuine mistake but just got a load of abuse back. Avoid this one if you're looking for a friendly place.

17 Nov 2006 12:57

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