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Comments by mneligan

The Greys, Brighton

Visited with a family group on a recent Sunday. I found the staff friendly, the atmosphere relaxing,and the beer and the food very much to my liking. Why can't more pubs be like this? Wish I lived in the vicinity. I would like to thank the staff for a very pleasant afternoon.

22 Apr 2015 20:34

The Queens Head, Piccadilly

I've only been in this pub twice. It is like a small miracle or an oasis in the desert of shite that is Piccadilly. Please do not go there as I don't want it to be too crowded. Too late - the suits are already assembling like a flock of vultures on the pavement.

10 Dec 2014 19:13

The Railway, Streatham

Visited The Railway today for the first time - though I have often driven past it. I was VERY impressed and I really enjoyed my visit: thanks! The real ale was excellent, the staff charming and the general atmosphere was the sort that made me feel at home and reluctant to leave. My wife agreed (for once). I was grateful it was not a "gastropub". I just wish I lived closer. Places like this might lessen the impact of the vanishing of so many London pubs. I look forward to my next visit.

13 Oct 2013 21:13

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