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The Railway Hotel, Ainsdale

Was in the pub last night, was probably the best knees up iv had in 30 years they had one of the best entertainers not on the box, Amy housewine, she is better than the real thing. The Razza was propper rocking, the bar staff where on form and worked the bar really well and at one point it seemed like the whole place was up and dancing. I feel sorry for anyone who was not there.

15 May 2010 13:17

The Railway Hotel, Ainsdale

I like this pub, I like the guy who runs it, I like the bar staff and the chef. The beer is good and the food looks ok, the quiz on thursday is good fun and the bingo is the best, every sat they have a band on that is normaly good, sometimes very good, I myself in the last 10 months have not had a bad pint. The gents are run of the mill and clean enough but my old dear tells me the ladies are a bit iffy and could do with a makeover, saying that there is enough birds that get in the place.

5 Mar 2010 11:45

The Latchmere, Battersea

Visited last Friday great singer, great atmosphere, had a really enjoyable evening, nice to be back well done,

16 Feb 2010 17:30

Willow Grove, Southport

Good few pints, very nice

17 Apr 2009 18:36

O'Neills, Southport

Excellent pub, in there the other night, great beer, great staff, always worth a visit.

17 Apr 2009 18:34

The Fox and Hounds, Battersea

It was my local till it went up market, so I only get in there once in a while now, normaly when I stagger home drunk from some other bar and just fancy a collapser on the whole the barstaff have been ok and the food looks and smells good, the beer is nothing out of the ordinary and is a bit pricey.

8 Jan 2009 15:44

The Latchmere, Battersea

It aint that bad, granted the food does have the look of a deserter about it, and the staff are a bit slow but as a local I have no problems atall getting served and I can go in any day of the week and meet someone I know. I remember when I could say the same about the fox and hounds, the old clock house, the cambridge and the old rising sun. So the Latchmere is a good bar for me. Two tips if you go in ask the bar staff for a drink and dont eat the food.

8 Jan 2009 15:27

The Carlton, Southport

I was up there a few weeks back, it looks shut.

16 May 2008 13:22

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

who was it then?

15 Apr 2008 14:03

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Was in the falcon on sat, prehaps it's the ban on smoking? sorry 1 out of 10 and that's only because it sold alcoholic drinks, Even though it was hard getting one.
How can a lick off paint change a place so much?

23 Jul 2007 12:18

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Falcon was closed last night, so ended up in revolution a very good bar with good people, from last nights visit got to give it 10 out of 10. The pear drop vodka is very very strange.

21 Jul 2007 08:38

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

The two last post have to work for the falcon, I have been going in the pub on and off for 30 years and untill the refurb or holidays, no where else for the last 8 years and I have been in it 3 times since the refurb and I have not got a clue who the manager is. was in the place last night went into the back bar was told I could not buy a drink unless I was eating, So for me that makes it a restaurant well from 8am to 7.15pm anyway.

13 Jul 2007 13:30

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Know what you mean, 9 at night on friday the back bar was full and made it a struggle getting to the toilets, how can 12 normal sized people fill such a big bar, Where have all the old faces gone? Jim and dawn, sean,that gormless one, the hadleys lot and I have not seen lynn and her friends in there, have only been in there twice since the destruction, No Carling, one freindly face behind the bar and that's only because she was there before destuction. On both occasions ended up in the Revolution, place was hiving with better value drinks and staff who new what they had to do. Saying all this, will still go in to check for the return of a fast moving local with a good mixture of people. The only thing famous about the fish and chips is the birds eye sticker at the moement the rating has to be 2 only for the one friendly face left.

9 Jul 2007 09:18

Willow Grove, Southport

had some bannana sambuca mmmmm it was a good laugh up here for a few days, just as well cos the loos are miles away!

27 Jun 2007 20:09

Baron's Bar, Southport

it was yuk, decided to sit outside in the narrow alleyway, had to "sup up" because the bar man was wanting to tidy the chairs and tables away, it was very early in the evening and still daylight.

27 Jun 2007 20:03

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Re-opened tonite!! another pub gone to the dark side.
2 men that have been drinking in there 5 nights a week for the last 5 years asked to leave because they had their firms shirts on, whats it coming to? they dont even do a dirty job, total discrimination, I assume that none of us will be made welcome.

Hey M&B some of us have to wear shirts bearing our companies name to be able to earn money to drink in your establishments, why even your own under paid staff have to wear what ever outfit you provide, double standards or what. Wake up you management snobs,

27 Jun 2007 19:17

The Carlton Tavern, York

Does W Boyd still get in the bar, years since I have been in the place was a good bar.

12 Jun 2007 11:12

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

rumour has it they are going to rip the back part of the bar out and turn it into another gastro pub.

1 Jun 2007 09:59

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Falcon is closeing for a refurb 8 june someone told us last night they intend to get rid of the bar and turn it into the slug. I so hope not.

19 May 2007 07:28

The Coronation Hotel, Southport


7 May 2007 22:11

The Bold Hotel, Southport

A dredfull place with the smell of bacon of the bar staff.

7 May 2007 22:06

The Guest House, Southport

A very good pint but not enough full of standmeups.

4 May 2007 12:13

The Carlton, Southport

Went in there for the second half of the liverpool chelsea game, of course we where cheering for the other london club, got not one bit of a smell of any bother and was made to feel very welcome and it turned out to be a good old knees up. Went back in the next night to support AC against manure another good night. the barstaff where very good on both nights. Next time we are up in southport will def been in the carlton.

4 May 2007 12:09

Northumberland Arms, Newcastle

Very smelly loos, very smelly pub

11 Mar 2007 09:11

The White Horse Bar, Edinburgh

Place stank of 3 week old neeps, some pleasant regulars, only stayed for the 1 legged it to the World end!!!

11 Mar 2007 09:03

The Fox and Hounds, Battersea

Zaarin posts like a pub plant' it just aint that good they run out of beer, the staff in the most are dead from the floor up, The food is good but im sure would taste better if the place was self service. Oh and it's not cheap, the drink that is.

29 Dec 2006 15:33

The Fox and Hounds, Battersea

The pub is closed over chrismas because its punters have all gone back to there spawning grounds a terrible place the keep running out of beer food is ok but just not enough to keep me there.

29 Dec 2005 15:28

Old Bank, Southport

had one drink in it early on fryday night staff where nice and pretty but must get fed up of being letched over place was normal with poor beers and lots off production shot's. asked for a flat liner bags off funny looks.

6 Nov 2005 09:06

The Coronation Hotel, Southport


6 Nov 2005 08:56

O'Neills, Southport

just like every other o'neills.

6 Nov 2005 08:40

The Guest House, Southport

did have some odd beers but was packed at 7 30 need to get in early to get a good spot nice pub nice staff just need to get a good larger.

6 Nov 2005 08:36

The Windmill Inn, Southport

Discovered it last night the Becks was good the bar staff ignorant, locals hilarious, true "twin peaks"
all we needed was the Log lady!!!! Never going back.
Wonder what that belt was that guy had round his chest?

5 Nov 2005 17:45

The Tron Tavern, Edinburgh

In there the other night, One nice barman one horrible barman, the prices changed each time we got a pint! from different barmen, but hey we were the tourists otherwise ok.

5 Nov 2005 17:34

No 1, Edinburgh

Excellent pub really lovely helpful staff great music,
just come back from Edinburgh it was great!!!!

5 Nov 2005 17:28

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

The kelpie has failed love you lots good luck

8 Oct 2005 19:48

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

a good pub with a good mix of people, the top management of the company let it down you cannot even get served at one part of the pub because they have cut the wages bill.Dodgy Darsh is a kelpie tiger, allways good to see her throw someone out.The big wedding coming up congrats to Ewa and her man.

4 Sep 2005 13:16

The Fox and Hounds, Battersea

Locals congregate to the right of the pub?

Most of them were 'ethnically cleansed' five years ago, have friday nite fun estate agent spotting.
Its a dump

2 Sep 2005 12:20

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

The staff work very hard, and you sometimes do have to wait, but 'standing' looking interesting isnt enough you have to try and communicate what you want.
Polish staff are great Ewa is excellent as is me 'little' mate Darsh!

1 Sep 2005 09:20

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

gabby and dodgy darsh have always been famous. the pub lost another good bar person last night she will be missed its hard not being alowed to smoke at the bar but still the best pub fore me

20 Feb 2005 09:09

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