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The Durham Arms, Canning Town

The No Smoking law doesn't apply here it seems!

9 Sep 2014 00:16

The Vesper Gate, Kirkstall

Greeted with a nod of the head.
Only beer on was J Smith & Tetley, other pumps not covered over.
John Smiths was less than average.
Only sell 'ordinary coffee' not latte or cappuccino (for her indoors)
Had a sort of tumble weed feel, lots of older couples eating.
Won't be back.....

24 Mar 2012 09:25

The Eagle Tavern, Leeds

It's probably one of the most civilsed pubs in Leeds.
There' the occasional swear word or two.
The beer is always good and Max & Mandy are arguable the best advert for Sam Smiths.
I enjoy the peace & quiet, no loud idiots to spoil my libations.

7 Oct 2011 00:33

Regal Moon, Rochdale

Large, ex art deco cinema which has been tastefully updated.
Friendly staff, good food, clean loos.
Well worth a return visit...

3 Sep 2010 15:04

The Harewood Arms, Harrogate

Very nicely decorated pub, good selection of Sam Smiths offerings. The view above is of the rear of the pub, several benches in a large car park area.
Generally civilised staff.

11 May 2010 00:35

The Rodley Barge, Rodley

We'd hoped to have fish & chips at the Rodley Frying Machine but arrived to find it's now a balti establishment.... what a shame.
We thought we'd pop into the Barge for a drink & snack.
The Rodley Barge Bitter was OK at £2.40 pint, nice 3.9% pint.
The toasted sandwiches & chips were less than average.
So, there is no good reason to return to Rodley.... no F&C and the pub is less than average.
Might be tempted back to try The Owl which I used to drink in during the early 1980s.

6 Jun 2009 12:22

The Tradesmans Arms, Scoriton

Hope the re-opening goes well for you.
I'll look out for further reviews
You deserve 10 out of 10 for enterprise!
Good Luck

18 Nov 2008 15:14

The Black Bull, Ripon

All far too laid back in my opinion.
Everything seemed too much effort.
Long delay seen when folks ordered food.
Don't think we'll be back.

13 Nov 2008 00:34

The White Lion, Todmorden

OK place, nicely refurbished.
Fair selection of ales/beers but could have more 'real' ales.
Worth a re-visit.

24 Oct 2008 20:38

Devonshire Inn, Skipton

Cavernous place with lots of drinking areas.
There is the usual Wetherspoon tendency to stick ot the floor in certain areas!
Bar staff: unable to manage when more than one person is at the bar per bar-person.
Not particularly clean, tables un-cleared, staff want to barge about the place, etc.
Won't be returning to this pub again.

11 Sep 2008 00:05

The White Lion Hotel, Castlefield

About as much charisma as a dead dog!
Disinterested service of a less than average pint of Landlord.
Won't be back!

4 Aug 2008 15:52

The Moon Under Water, Deansgate

Well it was very busy!
Served by a helpful young barman.
Drinks OK and the food arrived as promised and was also OK.
Noisy but good natured feel about the place.
Worth another visit.

4 Aug 2008 15:50

The Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster

Hey Johnny 333, I'm not that old, I just enjoy a few pints of Mild!
As you say, it's a bit quiet.

24 Jun 2008 01:08

Yates's, Newcastle under Lyme

Is this the place where a Senior Citizen was asked to remove his flat cap as it/he presented a security risk?
Enough said!

20 Jun 2008 16:31

The Windmill Inn, Pontefract

Nice & Clean.
New oak type wood panelling, fresh & bright.
Mixed, good natured clientele.
A nice little haven.

20 Jun 2008 13:32

The Scarborough Arms, Sheffield

Isn't this the place where they don't have a children's menu?

12 Jun 2008 14:46

Glassblower, Castleford

Not impressed with this place.
1~ Could do with a revamp/redecorate.
2~ The toilet floor was decidedly tacky and your shoes nearly stuck to it.
3~ The spoon with the coffee looked as though it had been used as a tyre lever and for digging potatoes.
4~ Staff very dis-organised.
Best avoided.

12 Jun 2008 00:53

Winter Seam, Glasshoughton

Large single storey pub with an airy feel. Outside area with large parasols. Friendly, helpful staff. Handy for the train station & the Freeport. Well worth a visit.

5 Jun 2008 13:59

The Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster

Sadly the home made meals are only available on Sunday, instead there is the 'standard range' of offerings.
Pity; but the Best Mild @ £1.19 a pint partly made up for the disappointment.
I think johnny333 needs to go to a Spoonies for his wants!

8 May 2008 22:02

The Paramount, Manchester

A friend & I meet here on a regular basis and usually spend about 6 or 7 hours having a few pints (5) and a meal.
They've made an effort to keep the tables clean; you used to stick to them previously.
Generally a good atmosphere with OK Staff.
Now that it's No Smoking it's even better.
OK place, will keep returning.

20 Apr 2008 16:16

The Birch Hall Inn, Beck Hole

What a really super place, great location, great beer, great service, pies to die for.

26 Mar 2008 10:44

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

Sadly a shadow of it's former self. The sandwiches were legend. The staff are not really committed to service or serving a good pint. Better places to drink are not too far away. OK if you need a drink and you've got your dog with you.

24 Mar 2008 11:28

The Town Hall Tavern, Leeds

It's very clean and smart, serves Timothy Taylors.
I still in a way miss the old place with the best Tetleys in Leeds.... not that I'm a Tetley fan/drinker.

25 Feb 2008 13:30

The Angel Inn, Leeds

The Landlord & Landlady have lost control and many regulars now go elsewhere. The bar staff are generally too busy talking to each other about weird music, etc.
Pity it's going downhill again.

25 Feb 2008 12:00

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Too crowded and too many BT types in there.
Better to go to The Prince of Wales over the road.

25 Feb 2008 11:57

The Eagle Tavern, Leeds

It's still offering a great pint and a great greeting from the Staff.
Max & Mandy are a credit to Samuel Smiths, hosts par excelance.
Interesting mix of drinkers and the ocassional well behaved dog.

22 Feb 2008 17:19

The Howden Arms, Tadcaster

Another Sam Smith gem pub.
Small and friendly.
Great atmosphere.
OBB @ £1.26 = great.

12 Feb 2008 20:09

The Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster

At last I managed to spend a few hours in Tadcaster.
I couldn't visit the town without a pilgrimage to The Angel & White Horse.
Friendly staff & locals.
It's a pure delight.
Shire horse in the adjoining stable, roaring fire in a very large grate, oak paneled bar area with lots of places to sit..... and Old Brewery Bitter at £1.26/pint! The large hot lunch (dinner if you must) was a real steal £5.25.
I will be back here very soon.
A real gem.
10 out of 10.

6 Feb 2008 14:39

The Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Manchester

A nice pub, with a generally well behaved clientèle. Good range of beverages.

13 Sep 2007 14:39

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Always worth a visit, great selection of Sammy Smiths and the passing scenery is great viewing!
Good beer + good food... what more could you want?

30 Aug 2007 17:31

Woodies Ale House, Headingley

OK place, can get busy with students from the Met. Univ.
Interesting wooden decor.
TV on with sports usually.

16 Jul 2007 17:19

The Eagle Tavern, Leeds

It's come a long way since the famous Les Moon left many years ago.
It's been a Sam Smith pub for some time now, with just about the full range of SS offerings.
Max & Mandy will make you most welcome, although I wish the brewery would find a few pounds to do at least a paint job.

13 Aug 2006 20:13

The Mustard Pot, Chapel Allerton

Oh dear, back to the bad days!
Recent visit, broken window glass and rubbish near the entry door, "hiya" staff greeting.... new staff.
Advert on the door for staff.

30 May 2006 00:24

The Angel Inn, Leeds

Great place to sample the wide range of offerings from Sam Smiths brewery.
The Sovereign and Old Brewery Bitter are both good.
Mixed clientele, no troubles ever seen.
The courtyard is popular on a good day.
The food looks OK, although I've only ever eaten the snacks.
If you stand with your back to Harvey Nichols and look across the paved road (Briggate) you'll see the entrance to the Angel Inn Yard.

8 Jan 2006 12:33

Becketts Bank, Leeds

Can get a bit crowded, especially when its cheap beer of one of the themed nights.
Better now they've made the mezanine Non-Smoking.

8 Jan 2006 12:28

The Mustard Pot, Chapel Allerton

What a change from it's previous state!
Very attentive, polite & helpful bar-staff.
Nicely decorated and populated with well behaved folks.
It was a joy to sit and watch the football on Sky.

8 Jan 2006 12:26

The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

What agreat place!
Loads of atmosphere, aided by a nicely maintained coal fire!
Good selection of drink & food.
A real find in the generally 'flash' Blackpool...

8 Jan 2006 12:24

The Steamer, Fleetwood

Nice atmosphere, attentive and friendly bar-staff.
Good selection of drinks.
A short walk from the great indoor market and the quayside.

8 Jan 2006 12:22

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

One of the nicest pubs in Manchester, good beer, great prices, nice staff, good food, nice place to 'watch the world go by.'

7 Nov 2005 09:09

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