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Comments by mikeholt

Old Ship Aground, Minehead

Note that this pub was fairly briefly closed and boarded up, pending a sale by auction.
The freehold has now been sold, not certain when it will reopen.

Therefore PLEASE BE AWARE that previous reviews may no longer be accurate.
I expect to visit next week.

16 May 2013 14:54

Steamers Bar, Minehead

Have enjoyed some excellent beer and several very good evening meals, but opening hours are rather "pot luck" and food service hours even more so.

Recomended, but do telephone first !

23 Feb 2013 10:52

The Luttrell Arms, Dunster

Visited recently and found the high standards generally maintained, excellent beer and food.

Was therefore very sorry to hear that they are in administration.
(this is not a malicous rumour, but a fact that may be confirmed by an internet search)

Hope that whover buys it keeps it tradditional.

13 Jun 2012 16:35

York House Inn, Minehead

Has been closed for some weeks for refurbisment, and is due to re open "soon"
Has been purchased by the owners of the nearby "hairy dog"

13 Jun 2012 16:21

The Luttrell Arms, Dunster

Still as good as ever, beer in top form and reasonably priced for the area.
The bar food might be expensive compared to some, but was excellent on my recent visit.
I highly recomend the steak, 18 more of a proper meal than a bar snack.

4 Feb 2011 23:19

York House Inn, Minehead

Has recently reopened, believed to be under temporary management employed by the official receiver following a business failure.
This is presumably to facilitate a sale as a "going concern" rather than a closed and boarded up pub.
No food at present, very quiet as not everyone knows it has reopened.

4 Feb 2011 23:13

York House Inn, Minehead

Has closed down, "may reopen inthe New Year" according to reports in a local newspaper. Not open at present.

24 Dec 2010 21:10

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Visited last night, and the beer was as good as ever, but what about the furniture !
All the proper traditional, if slightly tatty pub furniture has been removed to an off site store, and the place entirely re-furnished with the latest trendy stuff.
Most bizzare, though only temporary I am assured.
Somthing to do with London design week, I am told.
500 clocks that dont tell the correct time, and 300 stools that are uncomfortable to sit on, and three legged bar stools that certainly LOOK unsafe for stout persons.
Even the landlord having to sit away from his usual corner, owing to there being no suitable seat.
And as for red and green illuminated plastic pigs on the mantel piece, whatever next !
All very odd! Though it was very busy for mid week, so presumably some enjoy this foolishness.
Have a look for yourself.

23 Sep 2010 20:47

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Very sad, if the place does close.
I understand that the owners wish to sell, that does not HAVE to mean that it will close, a new owner could purchase as a going concern.

Unfortunatly though, the site is probably worth a lot more for redevelopement than as a going concern.

Suppose it sells for 1 million, a new owner has got to sell an awful lot of beer, at a very high price to justify spending that sort of money.

22 Sep 2010 11:21

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

The beer was excellent when I last visited, about 2 weeks ago, and the place is cleaner and better maintained than most.
As regards the dissapointment of the previous poster, I think that food has to be ordered at the counter, I dont think that they take the order at your table.

17 Sep 2010 09:28

The Hairy Dog, Minehead

Too noisy, indifferent beer, cant recomend it.
The loud music seems to be mainly for the staff, as it was almost empty when I visited.

And with todays concerns re the enviroment, is it sensible to have outside lighting on in bright sunlight ?

12 Sep 2010 09:09

The Crown Inn, Tisbury

Closed all day when I visited recently, possibly for change of ownership, anyone got more details.

12 Sep 2010 09:01

The South Western, Salisbury

Highly recomended.
Only a limited range of beer, but it was in perfect condition, and served straight from the cask, which is unusual. The beer is kept in a cold room behind the bar, hand pumps are installed but not normally used.

I stayed overnight recently and recomend the accomadation, the breakfast was excellent. Have not tried other meals, but hopefully these are as good as the breakfast.

12 Sep 2010 08:57

The Stage Door, Dartford

Recomended, I visited during the recent great power cut and was impressed that they made the effort to stay open without electricity, when many other pubs shut.

Excellent pint of Spitfire, helpfull friendly barstaff, no food due to power cut.

Garden very pleasent until it got too dark, and I fell over the furniture.
Bar was sufficiently lit by candles.

They had a portable generator, but this was reserved for freezer and beer cooler, not lighting.
Efforts to work to the TV from the generator failed due to no power to an aerial amplifier or similar.

Full marks for trying, when others gave up.

25 Jul 2009 11:53

The Stage Door, Dartford

Recomended, I visited during the recent great power cut and was impressed that they made the effort to stay open without electricity, when many other pubs shut.

Excellent pint of Spitfire, helpfull friendly barstaff, no food due to power cut.

Garden very pleasent until it got too dark, and I fell over the furniture.
Bar was sufficiently lit by candles.

They had a portable generator, but this was reserved for freezer and beer cooler, not lighting.
Efforts to work to the TV from the generator failed due to no power to an aerial amplifier or similar.

Full marks for trying, when others gave up.

25 Jul 2009 11:53

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

The beer is still as good as ever, the ever changing choice being a bit wasted on me as I only drank the Harveys best.
Very good value by todays standards.
Yes the toilets could be improved, and the decor is bit tatty, but we come for the beer and the basic but good food.
I am not a great music lover, but many visit especialy for the jazz, and they assure that this sounds much better after the manky carpet was removed !

I was very impressed by how helpful the staff and regulars were to a disabled visitor.

3 Apr 2009 20:24

The Quay, Minehead

Yes it has re-opened as stated by the previous poster.
Exmoor gold ale in excellent form when tried, friendy welcome, recomended.

14 Mar 2009 15:32

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

Good choice of well kept real ales, note that the selection varies.
good food (lunchtime and early evenings)
Opens all permitted hours in the summer season, but not allways in the winter.
The Exmoor Hart and Exmoor gold are particularly enjoyable.

19 Jan 2009 13:43

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

As posted by others, is now a Wetherspoons.
Is now known as "DUKE OF WELLINGTON" rather than simply the wellington.

Cheap, but not very welcoming, beer only so so.
very quite over Christmas, opening hours seem to be a bit "pot luck"

19 Jan 2009 13:20

The Quay, Minehead

Appears to have closed down again.
Not boarded up, but also not open at all over the Christmas/new year period.

19 Jan 2009 13:15

Old Ship Aground, Minehead

Good choice of well kept real ales, extra cold lager and guiness, large outdoor seating area is very popular.
Real fire (though not much other heating!)
Pool table.Dogs allowed.
Adjacent to the harbour and therefore popular with boating types.

31 Jul 2008 14:08

The Quay, Minehead

Good beer when I visited about a month ago, clean and tidy, did not try the food, but others were clearly enjoying it.
Too noisy for my taste, but of course younger customers probably like it like that.

Note that this pub was formerly the RED LION and was closed and boarded up for a long while.

The couple who ran it as the red lion are now running a bar and restaurant nearby called THE WATERFRONT, quay west (past the lifeboat house, right on the edge of town)

31 Jul 2008 13:59

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

The beers still as good as ever, and by todays standards moderatly priced (2.60/2.80)

The condition of the toilets and the carpet does let it down though.
Still highly recomended, worth putting up with the toilets and carpet for the excellent beer.

5 Jun 2008 16:50

The Tipperary, Fleet Street

Visited yesterday evening, very enjoyable, room to sit at the bar which was suprising on a Friday night.

Those, like me, who are not keen on Greene King Ales should note that Fullers London Pride is also served, and very good it was too.

Used to be rather a dirty place, but has been much improved in recent months following a change of management.

6 Oct 2007 15:43

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

It came as a bit of a shock to realise that I have been drinking there for almost 30 years!

It has hardly changed in that time (though I see that the electric heater I installed for them as a temporary measure 25 years ago has now been replaced!)

I still look forward to a visit.

The toilets though really are disgusting. Cleaning the facilities, puting a seat on the WC, and supplying toilet paper cant be that hard! We might even get hot water one day, i believe that it worked in the last century !

Still worth 7/10 despite the toilets.

6 Sep 2007 18:31

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury

Recently visited for the first time in months, the beer was as good as ever (spitfire). friendly staff, good food.
I stayed overnight and was less impressed by the accomadation,generally in a very poor state of repair (shower not working,room door did not lock, polyester sheets,very small duvet, wallpaper and tiles falling off etc.)It was however cheap and the breakfast was very good.

Since this website is devoted primarily to qaulity of beer, food, and service, and not accomadation,I vote 7/10. If however I was voting re the accomadation, they would be lucky to get 2/10 !

4 Sep 2007 09:10

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

I have visited twice in the last few days, and found the usuall high standards. Although very busy, the staff did their best to serve everyone promptly. Few, if any, free houses have such a range of real ales all in good condition. Many pubs boast of a larger range but often only have two or three available. Other free houses have beer in very doubtful condition as a result of slow turnover. (once a cask has been started the contents should be used in only a few days or it spoils)
The choice of snacks is basic but very good value.

12 Aug 2007 14:50

The Butcher's Hook and Cleaver, Smithfield

Recently visited with a friend, the fullers london pride was excellent and the service prompt. More crowded than i would have expected on a monday evening. Before visiting I looked on this website to see what others thought of the pub. I therefore kept a very good look out for mice ! live or dead. Saw several mice, but felt it unwise to report this (see a few posts down)needs a cat! otherwise very good.

10 Aug 2007 11:08

The Mad Hatter Hotel, Southwark

Recently visited with a disabled friend (not in a wheelchair, but can only walk with sticks and can not manage stairs) they commented very favourably on the ramped access from the street, the spacios disabled toilet and the very helpful staff.

For myself, what i look for in a pub is fullers london pride, working air conditioning, and room to sit; which is why i like the mad hatter.

31 Jul 2007 15:48

The Royal George, Charing Cross Road

I enjoy regular visits and have allways found the london pride in good condition.
Staff polite and helpful, though not as well trained as should be.
Pleasant outside seating area.
This pub has a pleasing quirky/unusual feel to it and is a refreshing change from the bland, standardised offerings nearby.
A notice states that only plastic glasses are allowed outside, though i have not seen this enforced.

31 Jul 2007 15:38

Fleetwood, Broadgate

The london pride was excellent on my recent visit. Unlike many pubs in the area, one can usually get a seat.
This pub has working air conditioning, hardly needed with the summer we have had so far, but it was much appreciated last summer, and may well be needed any day now !
Intending smokers should be aware that smoking is NOT permitted at the "outside" tables. This is because the tables are not really outside but are under the roof of the Broadgate development.

31 Jul 2007 15:23

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

i would agree with the generally favourable remarks made by others, but would point out that this pub is very popular and consequently overcrowded.
recomend visiting earlier in the week if want to get a seat !

31 Jul 2007 15:08

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

I visited the wenlock again on sunday, the beer was as good as ever, and only 2-50 a pint.
There are indeed a few slightly mad customers, one may be a postman, one definatly is a plasterer ! several fat persons also, one of whom might be a caretaker, but so what!
if you want a bland standardised pub, full of bland standardised customers then i recomend a wetherspoons, otherwise enjoy the Wenlock.

When i arrived the beer choice was less than usual, but this was rectified in minutes by the cellarman.

Holly and another pianist played from 15-00 onwards and were well received.

if you have not visited before, remember that the address is wenlock ROAD and not wenlock street, which is nearby. Cab drivers have a tendency to take you to wenlock street.

30 Jul 2007 14:16

The Luttrell Arms, Dunster

one of my favourites !
note that it is not really a pub in the accepted sense of the word but that it is a hotel bar, though none the worse for that.(the hotel rooms and the restaurant have a good reputation, though i have only tried the bar)
log fire, traditional ales, very traditional decor and furnishings,dogs allowed.very good bar snacks.good choice of wines and spirits, as would be expected in the bar of a decent hotel. the staff are very polite, helpful and well trained.
i especialy recomend the locally produced exmoor ales.

12 Jul 2007 15:14

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

great choice of beer, allways well kept. cheap by london standards with several ales at only 2-50.
note that the beer choice varies daily,dont assume that a beer mentioned in a previos review is still available.
can get very crowded especialy at the end of week.
needs air conditioning as was unbearably hot last summer.

11 Jul 2007 15:01

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