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Comments by melton69

The Bree Louise, Euston

Like many contributors, I am in two minds about this pub. The beer range is brilliant, with some real gems, which I assume the landlord has specially sought out, and the range of ciders is impressive. But..., the general standard of the fixtures and fittings is less than pleasant, the smell from the gents is the worst outside of Luton (See Black Horse, Luton) and the cider was body temperature - I dont expect it chilled (!), but this was unpleasantly warm. And my group all had meat and ale pies, and they were all-gravy pies with the obligatory 2" puff pasty top. Sigh, could be so much better...

3 Oct 2012 22:13

The Black Horse, Luton

OK, not the cleanest pub I've even been into, and the gents have an appalling, penetrating and lasting smell, but the beer is great, the locals are friendly and the music eclectic. Home from home (except for the smell from the toilets!)

3 Oct 2012 22:02

The Black Horse, Dry Drayton

Sad to report the landlord is rude, prices are pretty ridiculous (even for Cambs), beer was average and the experience if you dont actually order food the second you walk in the door is dismissive. Heaven forbid if you might actually like to check the menu while having a drink and not order immediately. Will never darken their doors again. What a disappointment.

3 Oct 2012 21:56

Lewes Arms, Lewes

To echo the comments posted below, I am yet again disappointed by GK's corporate greed. Interesting choice for a consumer relations exercise, not the most sensible selection I must say. I certainly wont be going in there again on one of my many (hopefully) future visits to a fine beer town.

29 Mar 2007 09:11

The Fox and Goose, Hebden Bridge

Very friendly welcome by the landlord, who kindly gave me his email address in case I had forgotten any questions I wanted to ask (I'm moving into the area in a few months time, and who better to tell you what the area is like than the landlord of a CAMRA pub?). Excellent range of beers (they had the rare WoodenHand Brewery on show when I visited), always a Mild/Stout on the bar, as well as a real cider. No gassy lagers, just proper continental bottled one and some Belgian beers too. And he's got a bar billiards table - what more could you want?

22 Mar 2006 08:55

The Three Horseshoes, Whissendine

A cosy locals pub, usually with 3 real ales on (usually Greene King and one other, e.g. London Pride). The beers are well kept, but served too cold. Friendly welcome, by the landlord and locals.

9 Nov 2005 13:02

The Harboro Hotel, Melton Mowbray

Always an interesting range of beers, often with a theme (e.g. stouts for Halloween), always in good condition, this pub deserves its reputation for fine ales. Also an extensive selection of Belgian Beers, often with one on tap too. Very relaxing big comfy blue sofas (too comfy sometimes!) and affordable pub meals too make this a popular choice with locals and visitors alike. Can get smokey by the bar, but there is a seperate room for diners/drinkers who dont smoke.

9 Nov 2005 12:59

The Mash Tub, Melton Mowbray

A schizophrenic pub after its refurbishment, during the day is full of old men with cloth caps drinking pints of mild, but after 7pm, becomes very noisy and has a slightly younger clientelle! Usually 2 or 3 real ales on (Old Hookey, Banks Mild and Bitter last time I went). Always a warm welcome, and as long as you choose when to go, caters for pretty much any pub-goer!

9 Nov 2005 12:51

Anne Of Cleves, Melton Mowbray

The only proper beer garden in Melton (i.e. a garden, not a courtyard), but the beer is always expensive and not always well poured (especially when busy, i.e. when full of office types at 5pm on a Friday afternoon!). Usually a good range of beers though

9 Nov 2005 12:44

Half Moon, Melton Mowbray

Very friendly welcome, but the Bass was decidedly dodgy, which has been my experience quite a few times over the years unfortunately. If you want a well kept pint of real ale, there are better places in Melton.

9 Nov 2005 12:41

The Boat Inn, Melton Mowbray

Great pub that used to be Burtonwood, but now serves a wider range of beers (Burton Bitter and Old Hooky last time - both in excellent condition). Warm and friendly welcome, this is a proper old fashioned boozer. Can get smokey Friday and Saturday evening, and seating gets limited on darts nights (Monday).

9 Nov 2005 12:39

Crown Inn, Melton Mowbray

excellent pub, great range of real ales (although I would avoid the super-chilled Tiger) and aways a very warm welcome from the landlord. The lunchtime snacks and meals are good value too.

9 Nov 2005 12:36

The Cutting Room, Melton Mowbray

I have tried to assess this pub fairly over several visits in the last year, but each time I have been disappointed. The real ale selection is generally limited (usually Green King Abbott, occasionally other things too), served far too cold, and invariably badly served (although they always top up the pint when asked, they usually end up getting less in than when they started). Admittedly, I am a real ale fan, so I am biased, but a friend was also diappointed the other day - 2 small glasses of house wine for nearly 11, OK for a trendy London bar, but for Melton? Its a modern venue that Melton deperately needs, but performing below expectations so far.

9 Nov 2005 12:33

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