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Comments by maxEboy

Cuba, Newbury

A decent bar. Not on the main drinking route for the main townies of Newbury as its too far for their poor legs to walk, but that's ok as we don't want the Lock Stock and Barrel BMW drivers and the Racecourse set there anyway.

29 Mar 2007 13:58

The Mansion, Gipsy Hill

Very bizarre/interesting decor. Good food.

29 Mar 2007 13:41

The Red Lion, Soho

Not many people know this but this pub is where Marx and Engels and others used to meet, where the first meetings of the Communist Party were held and where the Communist Manifesto was initially drafted and approved. This is a historic building in the hostory of Politics and it should have a Blue Plaque on it. I hope the people that live there when its converted know the relevance of this place.

29 Mar 2007 13:38

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