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The Mark Addy, Salford

I was in Manchester with a friend yesterday and headed over there off our normal pub crawl route to find it covered in scaffolding and closed.

We started walking away and a taxi pulled up and out got a man and woman who were also met with disbelief that it wasn't open.

They could have at least updated their website to say that they had closed down - which I later found out after a quick look on the internet.

16 Mar 2014 11:43

The Griffin Inn, Bath

Visited here on 15th December with a large group of friends. Luckily we managed to squeeze into the small room right at the back of the pub. They had several real ales on from some microbreweries. I honestly can't remember which breweries they were but they were drinkable an cost about £3.30 a pint, which seems to be the standard rate for a pint in a Bath pub these days.

For a Saturday evening we were very surprised to hear the bell for last orders ring at 10.40pm and then bang on 11pm we were told to drink up and leave.

Another minus which we all commented on was that, although it was the middle of December it wasn't exactly freezing cold but they insisted on having the radiators on full blast and there was no ventilation apart from a sash window that only opened a couple of inches.

Seriously guys - turn the heating down ! I'm actually glad that we didn't stay any longer - I think I would have melted !

1 Jan 2013 18:40

The Trinity, Bath

Very busy when me and a friend visited at lunch time on 1st December, but we got served straight away.

It's now an Abbey Ales pub so I went for a pint of their Bellringer Maximus (slightly stronger than normal Bellringer at 5% abv) while my friend had a pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord. It came to about £6.60 for both pints which isn't cheap, but then neither are most pubs in Bath cheap these days.

We perched on some stools by the window next to the entrance and watched two groups of people walk in, say "oh no, they're showing the football!", do an about turn and then walk out. Me and my friend both found this bizarre because they were showing a Bath Rugby match on the TV !

1 Jan 2013 18:29

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

@Dishwad - I've reported ALL of your comments to be removed, including the rascist comments !

11 Dec 2012 20:49

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

Expensive for a 'spoons - but it is London and it is on Leicester Square. Drank my 3.70 pint of Stowford Press sat at a table outside in the sun (it managed to stop raining for half an hour!) so can't really complain.

13 Jul 2012 13:13

The Swan, Hammersmith

Someone recommended I come here as I was going to a concert at Hammersmith Apollo, and I'm thankful for the recommendation.

It was busy when I first went in at 4.30pm but I got served straight away and had a pint of Hop Daemon Brewery Green Daemon, a strong but hoppy 5%abv ale. I sat in a room at the back and watched a bit of the tennis then went and dropped my bag off at my hotel.

I returned to the Swan 2 hours later and the place was heaving. It appears it was a popular pre-concert drinking venue for everyone going to Faith No More gig at the Apollo. It was so busy that punters were stood on the street outside the pub with their drinks.

Despite this I got served straight away (a pint of Addlestones cider this time) and I squeezed into the room at the back again.

I managed to go to a couple more pubs in the area before the gig at the Apollo but this was the best.

13 Jul 2012 13:07

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Had some time to kill before catching a train and stumbled upon this pub, the 3rd Nicholsons pub I had been to in London in 2 days, but not the best.

My pint of Green Daemon was good, but nothing special stands out about this pub, except that the side entrance to Charing Cross railway station is conveniantly located across the road.

13 Jul 2012 12:59

The Coal Hole, Strand

Visited here at 1.30pm on Sunday 8th July and it wasn't very busy. I got served straight away and found a stool to sit on. Most people were sat down eating and there was a group stood at the bar having a drink after just running a 10k race. Once they left at 2pm and the Wimbledon Mens final came on the TV the place was empty.

I had a pint of Sambrooks Lavender Hill followed by a pint of Robinsons Global Hop. Both beers were well kept and tasty and cost 3.70 each. Service was very good and I thanked the friendly bar manager as I left.

Will definately return but will try and avoid the busy periods that other people reviewing this pub have mentioned.

13 Jul 2012 12:55

The Grapes, Mathew St, Liverpool

What IS that smell ?

When are they going to get rid of it ?

They must make enough money with all the passing Beatles tourists and locals to be able to rip up the carpets and give the place a lick of paint.

At least it's still one of the cheaper pubs in the city centre, not that the booze on offer is anything to write home about.

29 Jun 2012 00:39

The Punch and Judy, Liverpool

It blew up yesterday !

Punch & Judy is no more - the bulldozer was tearing it apart after the bad fire they had in the early hours.

Fortunately no one was killed or injured.

29 Jun 2012 00:33

The Square Bottle, Chester

This is always my first stop when I come to Chester and is one of the better Wetherspoons. They always have a LocAle such as Peerless or Spitting Feathers and the service is always a lot quicker than other 'Spoons.

However, on my most recent visit last week I waited a while to get served (person before me spent ages ordering food!!). When I eventually got served I asked for a pint of the delicious looking Conwy Brewery Honey Fayre.

"Sorry, it's gone!" was the barmaids reply.

Well turn the bloody pump clip around then. Do Wetherspoons train their staff to NOT turn the clips around if the beer has run out!?

Anyway, I settled for a pint of Conwy Brewery Rampart which I think cost 1.89 so I was happy in the end.

6 May 2012 12:25

Waggon and Horses, Alfreton

I meant to say "ONE member of staff serving" !

6 May 2012 12:17

Waggon and Horses, Alfreton

Usual Wetherspoons affair with member of staff serving. Waited nearly 10 minutes for my pint of Thatchers Gold as the barman kept on serving queue jumping regulars !

Has a beer "garden" at the back which I assume would have crowded had it not been raining.

One TV screen was showing horse racing and another was showing rugby - this is something I've never seen in a Wetherspoons as all the previous ones I've been to have just had BBC News 24 on with the sound turned down.

6 May 2012 12:16

Blue Bell, Alfreton

Was in Alfreton for the Bath City game on 28th April. It was a 1pm kick off so I arrived in Alfreton at 10.30am. The Blue Bell was already open so I came in for a couple of pints of Strongbow. (3.00).

Not really much to say about this pub except it was full of regulars who swere friendly, as was the barmaid that served me.

6 May 2012 12:11

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

CAMRA Liverpool & District Pub of the Year 2012.

6 May 2012 12:07

The Ma Boyles Oyster Bar, Liverpool

Have walked past several times over the past 6 months and it's always been closed.

I don't think it's closed down - they just have very strange opening hours.

19 Apr 2012 01:27

The Lord Warden, Liverpool

On my last visit here at 7pm on Tuesday they had no guest ales on so I went for a pint of Magners. It only cost 2.00 so I couldn't complain, although it did taste as though it had been watered down!

It was very busy with the usual regulars including an old bloke who sat in the corner singing to anyone who would listen.

Not an essential pub to visit, but as others have said, it's okay to visit here if you have a spare half hour before catching a train from Lime Street.

19 Apr 2012 01:20

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Decided to give this place another go last thursday. It was empty at 6pm when you'd expect it to be quite busy.

The uninterested bar maid served me a pint of Cains Bitter which was still only 2.60 (don't think they've put their prices up for over a year). I sat down at the long table by the TV which only ever seems to show Sky News with the volume turned down all the time. My pint settled to leave a 1 inch head so I had to take it back for a top up which the uninterested bar maid did after giving me a funny look!

This place needs a makeover as it could still be a great pub. But if the brewery can't be bothered and the staff can't be bothered then I don't think I'll bother with it anymore.

19 Apr 2012 01:06

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

I visited here last week and was suprised to see that they have finally finished transforming the interior of the pub - they've demolished the tiny bar that was at the "stern" of the pub and it now stretches out in front of you the whole length of the pub as you enter by the Wapping door. A new side door also leads out of the "stern" to the terrace on the side street.

The door to the "bows" still leads to the front seating area and the large "starboard" side seating area. It has also had a lick of paint and in general looks a lot better than it used to and the space is utilised more.

Lined up on the bar were 3 Wapping beers - Summer Ale, Stout and 1 other (can't remember) plus 2 from the Titanic Brewery - Last Porter Call and Iceberg. As I had just been to the excellant new Titanic exhibition at Merseyside Maritime Museum I opted for a pint of Last Porter Call to be informed "sorry, we ran out last night and no one turned the clip around"! So instead I opted for a pint of Wapping Stout which at 2.70 a pint was excellant value, plus it's brewed in the pub cellar and is actually one of my favourite stouts.

This pub is well worth the short walk from Liverpool One, the Albert Dock, or wherever else you are in the city centre.

I'm going back tomorrow for round 2. ;-)

19 Apr 2012 00:52

Rileys, Liverpool

Nothing special about this place. They serve a cheap pint of Higsons. During the day it attracts several oldies watching the racing. In the evening it gets a bit busier, and at the weekends it's one of the overspill pubs for the Vines (big house) so attracts the usual 40+ age group clientele who make a lot of noise and get pissed on a few shandys.

14 Apr 2012 15:46

Peter Kavanaghs, Liverpool

Very busy when I visited at about 4.30pm one Friday a few weeks ago. Difficult to get near the bar due to the locals who insist on standing in your way or leaning against the small bar. Took nearly 10 minutes to get served by one member of staff. There was someone else behind the bar but she thought it would be more productive to restock the fridges with bottles instead of serving one of the six people waiting to get served. I nearly walked out!

Eventually got served and pushed my way through the masses of ignorant locals and suited people stood by the fruit and games machines and got a table at the raised bit at the back of the pub where it was empty.

This is a nice pub with decent guest ales and I will visit again; I just need to work out when it isn't going to be busy and full of obnoxious locals.

14 Apr 2012 15:32

Peter Kavanaghs, Liverpool

Very busy when I visited at about 4.30pm one Friday a few weeks ago. Difficult to get near the bar due to the locals who insist on standing in your way or leaning against the small bar. Took nearly 10 minutes to get served by one member of staff. There was someone else behind the bar but she thought it would be more productive to restock the fridges with bottles instead of serving one of the six people waiting to get served. I nearly walked out!

Eventually got served and pushed my way through the masses of ignorant locals and suited people stood by the fruit and games machines and got a table at the raised bit at the back of the pub where it was empty.

This is a nice pub with decent guest ales and I will visit again; I just need to work out when it isn't going to be busy and full of obnoxious locals.

14 Apr 2012 15:22

Liverpool One Bridewell, Liverpool

This place recently closed down due to "blocked drains" and then re-opened with new management. It's still the same old Bridewell though and can get busy at times. The cramped interior of the "pub" doesn't help when it gets busy, especially when they show footy on the flatscreen TV's.

However, I've been in on Saturday evenings a couple of times and it's been empty.

It's still hit and miss as to whether they have any Liverpool One beers on. I want to come here more often but I can't see it happening.

14 Apr 2012 15:00

Blackburne Arms Hotel, Liverpool

Went in about 2 months ago to watch the footy. They had Black Sheep and another guest ale. I opted for a pint of Thatchers Gold which was about 3 a pint. I had to leave when the footy got to half time as I couldn't get to the bar for another pint as it was crowded.

I visited again a couple of weeks later and it was a bit quieter but I didn't really like the atmosphere. I couldn't really put my finger on what it was with this place but I prefer the pubs around the corner to this one.

14 Apr 2012 13:34

The Bierkeller, Liverpool

Closed - gone bust. They couldn't compete with the more traditional pubs on Dale Street like Rigbys, the Vernon Arms or Ship & Mitre.

14 Apr 2012 13:27

The Boater, Bath

Popped in last week and paid an eye-watering 3.60 for a pint of Thatchers Gold in what isn't exactly Baths most prestigious pub.

The sun was shining so I sat in what they claim is "the largest beer garden in Bath city centre". It isn't so much a garden, more like a large tarmaced area filled with row upon row of picnic tables and a raised area with a dozen tables and chairs. I got a limited view of Pultney Bridge and the weir but the weather was nice so I made the most of it.

14 Apr 2012 12:26

The Hop Pole, Bath

Visited here with a friend on Easter Monday after watching Bath City get thrashed by Forest Green Rovers. We were going to walk past and head into town but the torrential rain forced us indoors.

I ordered two pints of Bath Ales Dark Side and a packet of crisps which came to 8.10. The crisps were 80p meaning it was 3.65 a pint. On a previous visit I think I paid 3.20 for a pint of Gem. I remember when the Hop Pole was one of the more affordable pubs in Bath. Not long until it's 4.00 a pint !

14 Apr 2012 12:05

The Bell, Bath

First visit here in a while for me last tuesday. There was a cider festival taking place but I had a pint of Abbey Ales Bellringer (3.20) which I drank in the beer garden as the weather was rather pleasant. The pub was quiet when I visited and service was excellant (think it was the manager that served me). Well worth the short walk from the city centre along Walcot Street.

14 Apr 2012 11:59

The Marlborough Arms, Chester

I think grizzlygus must have been in a different pub.

I was here a few weeks ago and the pub is still as wonderful as when I first visited a couple of years ago.

The toilets even had bog roll, the cubicle door locked, it had running water and the hand drier works. What else do you want?

My pint of Stonehouse Cambrian Gold was spot on too.

5 Apr 2012 02:17

Vernon Arms, Liverpool

Now a very regular haunt of mine (too regualar in fact!).

Always a good choice of ales, staff are excellant, they show the footy but it doesn't get as "in-your-face" as some other pubs.

It can get busy in here but not as rammed as Rigbys and the Ship & Mitre often get.

You can't come to Dale Street and not go to the Vernon Arms. But shhh, don't tell everyone!

5 Apr 2012 02:00

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

So it's not just me who has noticed the "tormented staff" !

Anyway, I came here last week when it was very warm outside and on seeing the packed beer garden down the alley I thought it would take ages to get served, but once inside I got served straight away and had the whole Admiral Nelson room (or whatever it's called) to myself.

Not as many guest ales as they have in the other Okells pub in Liverpool, the Fly In The Loaf, but I always get a pint of Thatchers Gold when I come here anyway which is now sadly more than 3.00 a pint. :-(

5 Apr 2012 01:54

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

I was in here last week for the first time in ages....

...and I waited 10 minutes to get served and then walked out.

It was even that busy, but a group of 4 students all decided to order food seperately and then each paid by debit card!

Other people waiting to get served got agitated and the 2 staff couldn't cope and started to panic and served a several queue jumpers first, even though one barmaid had earlier acknowledged that she could see I was waiting.

Sort your staff out please Wetherspoons. I've been to a couple of your pubs in Chester and York and the service there is excellant.

5 Apr 2012 01:35

The Railway, Liverpool

I was actually in the Railway a couple of months ago and was waiting at the bar to get served for more than 5 minutes. 3 guys stood at the bar with their drinks looked at me and one said "I don't know where she is".

So I waited a couple more minutes and was about to walk out when "she" noticed me and came to the bar to serve me.

"She" had been sat nattering away to a friend at a table right next to me. If I'd known that "she" was the barmaid I woould have called her over to serve me earlier. Must have been such an interesting conversation that "she" didn't even notice that a customer was waiting nearly 10 minutes to get served!

I still go to the Railway; it's a nice pub.

5 Apr 2012 01:21

The Liffey Bar, Liverpool

Came here by accident with my sister and her Greek boyfriend.

Oh dear! Got a round of a pint of Strongbow and two bottles of Bud for less than a fiver though.

Never again!

5 Apr 2012 01:03

Kellys Dispensary, Liverpool

Try and get here at least once a week now and never disappointed. Still have the full range of Cains beers and a couple of guests. Last week they had a Liverpool Organic beer I hadn't seen before. Can't remember what it was called though because I was distracted by the "Apple and Elderberry" from Mersey Cider. At 6.6% abv and only 2.90 a pint - mmmm!

When a friend from down south visited a few months ago we avoided all the city centre pubs we normally go to when he visits and came here instead. My friend was impressed with the place.

Clientele is a mix of locals, students and people like me who catch the 86 bus especially to come here. ;-)

5 Apr 2012 00:59

The Excelsior, Liverpool

Now become one of my regular haunts, especially if the Ship is crowded or if I want to watch the footy.

Staff are very pleasant and make you feel welcome.

5 Apr 2012 00:46

Dovedale Towers, Liverpool

Have been here several times now and the interior has been refurbished and given a lick of paint. Regular ales are Ringwood Boondoggle, Tim Taylors Landlord and Deuchars plus a couple of guest ales and Mersey Cider.

There are several flat screen TV's showing news or sport and their menu has a bigger choice than the Pie Minister pies that they just sell at Bier in the city centre.

They have regular live bands too.

But like Bier it is a bit pricey - I paid 3.35 for a pint of Boondoggle on Tuesday, and on another visit paid over 4.00 for a pint of Mersety Cider.

5 Apr 2012 00:41

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Came here on 24th March before the Stockport v Bath City game. This was the chosen pub for the real ale drinking Bath City supporters and we weren't disapponted. I had a stout and a scrumpy (didn't make a note of their names) at very reasonable prices. Impressive beer garden out the back too.

I live in Liverpool and the Crown is worth a slight diversion from Manchester next time I venture over there. (Only 10 minutes on the train from Piccadilly to Stockport and a 10 minute walk down the hill).

4 Apr 2012 16:41

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Was open at 5.30pm last Monday and looks great from the outside. Pity about the inside - it looks like a 1970's working mens club.

Poor range of beers including Jennings and Deuchars; and yes, it really is 3.70 for a pint of Strongbow!

Yikes, will give it a miss next time in Manchester.

21 Mar 2012 21:22

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Not impressed with the range of ales - just seemed to be several bog standard bitters including Jennings. Went for a pint of Old Rosie Scrumpy at an eye watering 3.70 a pint.

21 Mar 2012 21:19

Jacaranda, Liverpool


The owners also operated the Masque live music venue around the corner on Seel Street and that has also closed down.

Apparently they also own Heebee Jeebee's bar on Seel Street and The Peacock bar, also on Seel Street.

How could they run their two decent venues - the Jacaranda and the Masque - into the ground, but their two bars that attract the wrong sort of crowd are still going !?!?

13 Jan 2012 01:10

The Bierkeller, Liverpool

Closed down by the looks of things!

13 Jan 2012 00:56

Head of Steam, Liverpool

I still come in here every now and again. Business seems to have picked up - they now have regular band/session nights and show football or rugby games on a big projector screen.

Gents toilets are still an absolute disgrace. The landlord/owner/manager is often seen running around barking orders at his staff but should look at himself first as he could really make this place happen, but he's not trying hard enough!

3 Nov 2011 04:20

Old Ropewalk, Liverpool

Now renamed as "Bier" the owners have also taken over the Dovedale Towers on Penny Lane.

Interior completely refurbished with new tables, chairs, wooden floors, nice grey/green paint job, flatscreen TV showing the footy.

Have been here twice now - first time had a pint of Ringwood Boondog; second visit had a pint of Mersey Cider (more like a proper scrumpy!). Both pints cost 3.20 (I think!)

Also a wide range of Belgian and other foreign bottled beers.

Can't really rate this as "Bier" needs a new entry on this site.

3 Nov 2011 04:01

Dovedale Towers, Liverpool

Now been taken over by the people who own the new city centre pub called "Bier" (the Old Ropewalk pub off Bold Street).

Haven't been to the new "Dovey" but it a got a good review in the Liverpool Echo last month and apparently sells the same range of beers as "Bier".

Planning to check it out at the weekend so will update then with my findings!

3 Nov 2011 03:55

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Was here last week to try a pint of the new Cains "Bonfire Toffee". I was expecting a stout or porter, or even a strong dark ale - but what I got appeared to be a pint of Cains Bitter with a very (and I mean "very") slight hint of toffee. And at 3.10 a pint I wasn't impressed.

My visits to Doctor Duncans are becoming less frequent !!

3 Nov 2011 03:50

Jacaranda, Liverpool

Went in here yesterday to get out of the rain - it looked closed from the outside but was actually open. They completely refusbished the interior by extending the bar at the end by the gents (although the gents are still very cramped!) and have knocked down the wall at the back where you stepped up to get to one of the fruit machines. An extra staircase into the basement has been added (I think it leads to the ladies toilets which used to be on the first floor).

It's gone from being bright and welcoming inside to very dark and dreary and lot of the old Beatles photos and memorabilia has been moved or removed! The wooden benches by the windows have now been upholstered and a long wooden table with benches has been added, along with a leather sofa, so it is now less cramped than it used to be.

Drinks are still cheap but there's something missing that I can't quite put my finger on!

8 Sep 2011 11:47

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Just to add to the previous comment - it's usually the manager who brings your drink to the table to save you waiting at the bar; and yes, he even does it when the pub is busy, and I've even seen him do table service when it's busy so people don't have to go up to the bar.

A great pub whose staff treat their customers with respect. A couple of months ago I was in there and a stag party were being very noisy and rowdy and annoying everyone else in the pub. One of the bar maids told them politely to be quiet and calm down - and they did. ;-)

8 Sep 2011 11:40

The Bierkeller, Liverpool

The Bierkeller has been open for about 1 year (?) and when I first started to go here each table had a menu listing the dozens of foreign bottled lagers and beers. The menus no longer exist and, looking in the fridges, the range of bottles isn't as varied as it used to be. They eventually introduced two handpumps for real ale and always had a LocAle (e.g. Cains, Liverpool One Brewery, Spitting Feathers etc) available. About a month ago the two hand pumps were removed and haven't been replaced.

In the past the Bierkeller was always closed on Sunday, but recently I've noticed it's now also closed on Monday's. Sometimes I've been the only customer and on one occasion, after I'd finished my drink, the manager said he was closing for the day. It was only 6pm!

The Bierkeller is a great concept but sadly a lack of customers doesn't make its future look too good.

8 Sep 2011 11:09

The Marlborough Arms, Chester

Second visit to this pub in as many years. Was as quite as it was last time I visited and the pint of Stonehouse Off The Rails that I had was also as good as it was last time.

For a city centre pub right next to the main shopping area this is a hidden gem. It started to fill up with more people by the time I left. This is the sort of pub that I wouldn't mind having as my local!

1 Aug 2011 13:07

The Pied Bull, Chester

Very disappointed with this pub. It looks good from the outside but inside is a different story.

I was expecting it to be laid back but it was very rowdy. All of the seating at the front of the pub had been taken which left the dining area at the back of the pub the only place to sit with my pint of Spitting Feathers Old Wavertonian. There were two other people sat here who were just having a drink - which is a bit difficult when you're sat at a table with place mats, cutlery and condiments. One of the bar staff even came up to me and asked if I wanted to see the menu!

A large plaque on the wall says something along the lines that this pub is the oldest coaching house in Chester where the first coach with four horses left for Birkenhead.

The Pied Bull isn't a bad pub, but then it's nothing special either!

1 Aug 2011 12:41

The Brewery Tap, Chester

My second visit to this pub which is up the road from the Bear and Billet. The interior is amazing but seating is somewhat limited. Every table was taken when I was here on Saturday afternoon and people seemed to be whispering to each other!

They had 7 ales on tap along with Westons Old Rosie. I had a very nice of Corvedale St Georges Stout which went down very well. I then had a pint of Spitting Feathers Thirst Quencher which I didn't enjoy as it was a bit too light for me.

1 Aug 2011 12:32

The Bear and Billet, Chester

I visited this pub for the first time on Saturday and was not disappointed. They had 5 ales on tap but as it was very hot outside I went and ordered a pint of Thatchers Gold. Suprisingly, despite the pubs location and its historical features, my pint only cost 2.90 which is 10p chepaer than the two Okells pubs in Liverpool, Rigbys and the Fly In The Loaf, that I regularly go to.

The barman was friendly and polite and the other clientele where a mixed bunch of young and old, but definately no riff-raff! It's a lively pub but in a nice way and one that I will definately return to. The Thursday "steak night" looks tempting!

1 Aug 2011 12:24

The Kingsman, Liverpool

Have been in here a few times since my last visit and the place hasn't changed. The bar area is quite large but consists of a few sorry looking locals (who wouldn't know what a proper pub is) and people waiting to get called for their carvery's. They had Cains Bitter on my last visit but it isn't the sort of place I'd want to risk drinking it!

16 Jun 2011 03:23

Hogshead, Liverpool

Drinks are cheap but the place has no character. Gents toilets are horrible. I've been in here a few times to meet people before going to a proper pub and it always takes ages to get served - one of those places like Wetherspoons where 1 member of staff is serving at the bar and also taking food to the tables, while 2 other members of staff are just stood around wrapping cutlery in knapkins or refilling the tomato ketchup bottles!

16 Jun 2011 03:19

The Cornmarket, Liverpool

Nice interior but empty when I visited one afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Barmaid was pleasant enough but this isn't what I'd call a locals pub and not one I'd be in a hurry to visit again. As others have mentioned it is mainly for the office workers in the vicinty. They must be on a good wage though because it's close to 3.00 for a pint.

16 Jun 2011 03:10

Kellys Dispensary, Liverpool

After all of the "trendy" bars on Allerton Road it's welcome relief to find a proper pub like this. As well as the various Cains beers they had a couple of LocalAles when I called in yesterday including a bber from Liverpool One brewery. I went for a pint of Addlestones Cloudy cider. Bar staff are friendly and they had the tennis from Queens on the TV.

Well worth a visit.

12 Jun 2011 13:12

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Now CAMRA Liverpool & District pub of the year for 2nd consecutive year!

12 Jun 2011 13:05

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Had 45 minutes to kill before catching a train from Lime St so went in here to see what they had on offer at another one of their beer festivals. Wasn't too impressed by the ales on offer so went for a pint of scrumpy from the stillage which name escapes me but they had the same one at their last beer festival. They really do need to source their ales and ciders a bit better!

The pub was very busy but I managed to get a seat by 2 couples who at first appeared pleasant, but then I saw that they were drinking some of the overpriced foreign lagers (see my previous post) and they were actually embarrasingly drunk and proceeded to take the mick out of the fact I was sat on my own next to them.

Then I realised - Saturday early evening probably isn't the best time to come here unless your one of those people who think the Ship & Mitre is now a trendy place to come before going to the scally bars in and around Concert Square and Wood Street!

24 Apr 2011 11:31

The Dispensary, Liverpool

I hope Dave the manager is reading this because he really needs to sort himself out! A few weeks ago Dave refused to serve someone I know. I don't even know what my work colleague had done but he hadn't caused any trouble - he was just sat there keeping out of trouble because he had his arm in a sling but was refused service at the bar and was then told to leave. And another time Dave banned a regular and told him not to f*@#n come back because the regular had insulted Dave's favourite football team!

11 Apr 2011 03:22

Central Commercial Hotel, Liverpool

Still expensive for a downmarket city centre pub where the bar staff take ages to serve you because they have no customer service skills unless you're a regular - although why you'd want to be a regular here baffles me!

11 Apr 2011 03:07

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

I still like coming here but now always go for a pint of cider. I like real ale but the choice they have here is consistantly non-descript and very samey and mainly comes from northern breweries.

I did have a nice pint of Butcombe Old Vic stout the other week though, but I think they need to branch out a bit more in terms of sourcing beers from all over the UK.

The S&M is capitalising too much on overpriced foreign bottled lagers and attracting a strange mix of clientele which, when the pub is busy on a friday night or at the weekend, makes it slightly unpleasant to visit - which is why my rating of this pub has gone down!

31 Mar 2011 23:52

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

Oh dear - that same old "typical" Wetherspoons experience was in abundance this evening!

I went here to see what fine ales they had on for their Great British Beer Festival. I spotted the Wadworth "125" Stout and ordered a pint...

"Sorry, it's gone"

There was another tasty looking stout 2 pumps down (forgotten the name)

"Sorry, that's gone too, so has that, and that, so you can only have that one"

I had "that one" (a light ale with a strange name) which was very nice. But, at least I was reassured by the barman that the ones that had "gone" would be replaced "by something else soon"!

If "it's gone" then don't advertise you have it!!!

31 Mar 2011 23:43

The Ma Boyles Oyster Bar, Liverpool

Went in a few weeks ago and paid 1.95 for a pint of Strongbow.

Went in last week and was asked for 2.40 for a pint of Strongbow. I handed over a five pound note and the barmaid said "have you got the right money? I haven't got enough change!"

Strange place! Was showing kids TV programmes with the volume turned down on a widescreen tele!

31 Mar 2011 23:29

Jacaranda, Liverpool

Has this place closed down? I walked past a few months ago and they were decorating the place - now it shows no sign of life!

31 Mar 2011 23:23

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

I like my real ale but when I come here I always get a pint of Thatchers Gold - now sadly selling at 3.00 a pint! :'-(

Bar staff are still great though and it's a nice pub if you want to stay clear of the riff raff!

31 Mar 2011 23:21

Fall Well, Liverpool

I was right about it getting trashed after the refurbishment!

The gents toilets are now a disgrace.

And this place still suffers the same problem as in past that people queue at the end of the bar nearest to the entrance (that's right - they queue) to order their tea, coffee and food; while at the other end of the bar (next to the toilets) where the handpumps are is understaffed. This isn't very good considering they (Wetherspoons/Lloyds) are having one of their beer festivals!

I waited over 5 minutes to get served a pint of (forgotten the name) Swedish real ale, while people at the other end of the bar got served their tea, coffee, ready meals and blue WKD in no time!

30 Mar 2011 23:53

The Excelsior, Liverpool

Good to see this pub open again.

Watched the England game here the other day and the place was packed and have also been in a few other times when the footy wasn't on and it was also busy on those occasions.

An ideal place to come if you don't like it when the Ship & Mitre gets unbearably packed out.

They had Deuchers UPA, T Taylor Landlord, White Knight and another guest ale when I was here.

Food also looks good (they do a good range of Pie Minister pies!) and the staff are very friendly.

30 Mar 2011 23:46

Blackburne Arms Hotel, Liverpool

I normally go to Ye Cracke, Fly In The Loaf etc in this part of town and hadn't been here in over a year. I visited last week and had an expensive pint of Tim Taylor Landlord. The pub was busy and most people seemed to be eating food from the menu. The three men serving behind the bar/standing around didn't seem to be too bothered about making me feel welcome.

So I don't think I'll bother with this place again!

30 Mar 2011 23:32

The Saracens Head, Bath

Had some time to kill before meeting a friend so went here to find it was closed at 11.30am on a busy Saturday (18th Dec).

A week before Xmas and also Bath Rugby were home to Ulster with a 1.30pm k.o. and this palce was closed!

Answers on a postcard to...

25 Dec 2010 15:48

Sam Wellers, Bath

Popped in here on 17th Dec to find it hasn't changed a bit after my last visit 3 years ago. Was fairly busy but I got a table by the bar and had a pint of Abbey Ales Twelth Night (2.90 I think) which was well kept and served by the ever efficiant landlady who has run this place with her husband for about 5 years (they previously managed the Saracens Head).

25 Dec 2010 15:44

The Rummer, Bath

I walked past last week on my way to the train station.

Evening trade was non-existent in this new restaurant. Should have kept it as a pub!

25 Dec 2010 15:40

The King of Wessex, Bath

@Mr Blue

I think this place won an award for the best kept pub toilets in the West Country a few years ago.

Maybe they should now concentrate on keeping the rest of the place clean! lol.

25 Dec 2010 15:28

Flan O'Briens, Bath

Was passing through Bath on Friday 17th Dec on my way to Trowbridge and decided to check out a couple of pubs in the city where I lived for 8 years.

For some reason I stumbled upon this place first and only went in because it was empty, which at 5pm on a Friday is worrying!.

It always used to be very busy in here most evenings when I lived in Bath so I was shocked to find only a handful of other punters here. The interior has been given a lick of paint and the high tables replaced with barrels on which to place your drinks, so now it resembles an O'Neills Irish bar more than it did in the past!

Only one person serving behind the bar who I assume is the new manager/owner. It used to be run by an Irish guy who wore glasses and who also owned the Green park Tavern on Lower Bristol Road. (Is he still about?)

Anyway, I paid 3.00 for a pint of Abbey Ales Bellringer. Okay, I know this is an Irish pub in Bath, but come on - Bellringer is brewed less than a mile up the road so why the need to charge that much I don't know.

I'd hate to think how much of Guinness or lager costs here!!

25 Dec 2010 15:19

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

Has become a regular haunt for me when I'm at the top end of town.

I always go for the Black Dragon cider, but was tempted by a Christmas ale from Peerless when I was here the other week.

Pub manager is very down to earth and the bar staff are very friendly.

I didn't realise they has a massive beer garden out back. Will have to check it out when the weather improves!

25 Dec 2010 14:09

The Railway, Liverpool

Been back here a few times. On one visit had a pint of Wychwood Hobgoblin, and another time had a pint of Old Speckled Hen.

From what I remember they were priced at something ridiculously cheap like 2.40 a pint, which for a guest ale is great.

Again, one of those pubs like the Lion Tavern (which is next door) that I should visit more often but I always find myself on the wrong side of the city centre.

25 Dec 2010 14:01

Queens, Liverpool

Actually, I think there's another 4 bookies within spitting distance of this old gem of a pub!

25 Dec 2010 13:57

The Pumphouse, Liverpool

I work at the Albert Dock right next to this place.

Whenever we decide to go for an after-work drink this place never get a mention, so it's either a short walk to the Baltic Fleet or in to town to find a proper pub!

Looks nice from the outside though. They should have kept the old steam pump and turned it into a museum!

25 Dec 2010 13:55

The Old Post Office, Liverpool

Expensive and unispiring for a back street city centre pub!

25 Dec 2010 13:50

O'Neill's, Liverpool

Went out yesterday to do some last minute Xmas shopping.

Had 40 mins to kill before my train home and I went in this place.

What the hell was I thinking!!??

Paid 3.20 for a pint of Strongbow :'(

At 5.30pm the place was crowded as you'd expect on Christmas Eve and everyone apart from me seemed to be off their faces! Had they all just won on the Irish Lottery or robbed a bank!? How can they afford a night out in a place like this?

More importantly, how can they enjoy a night out in a Irish chain pub like this bog standard dump, the likes of which can be found in every large town and city in England, and which makes Wetherspoons look like Alma De Cuba or Circo!

25 Dec 2010 13:47

New Penny Farthing, Liverpool

OMG - this place has reopened. Now advertising that they show live football on Sky Sports.

Still too scared to go in there!

25 Dec 2010 13:39

Head of Steam, Liverpool


The "shutter" entrance to the station from the pub is open, but not in the evening from 6 or 7pm onwards.

It's to stop people from coming through to use the pub toilets which before 6 to 7pm you need the PIN (which is C1978X for the gents sewerage works) when the shutters are up.

People in the station are then forced to pay 30p to use the station toilets, the entrance of which is by the "shutter" entrance to the pub. Although, I'd rather pay 30p to use the station toilets!

I still occasionaly come to the Head of Steam while waiting for a train and have observed that when the pub is empty thay have 2 or even 3 bar staff on with no customers to serve, but when it's busy and full of people having pre-Empire theatre drinks they have one person serving behind the bar and it can take 10 minutes to get served!

25 Dec 2010 13:30

The Grapes, Liverpool

Have managed to pop in here a few times over the last couple of months. Always empty when I've been here in the afternoon mid-week and they always have at least one well kept Liverpool Organic Brewery ale on tap.

Good place to come if you're doing a crawl in this part of town as it's only a short walk from Ye Cracke, Philharmonic, Fly In The Loaf, Roscoe Head and Dispensary.

25 Dec 2010 13:20

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Further to my previous comment back in May, I now come to the Fly at least once a week. I occasionaly have one of the guest ales but nearly always have a pint of Thatchers Gold, which at 2.90 a pint is expensive, but then again, over the past 6 months bar prices in Liverpool have been steadily rising and are now more in line with the south!

I try and come here in the afternoon or early evening when it's quieter and sometimes come here to watch the football on TV when it can get very busy.

But, even when it's busy the bar staff are very efficient, polite and friendly, and have been seen to bring you your drink (or drinks) over to your table to save you waiting at the bar. A lot of this seems to be down to the young(ish) manager who takes pride in this establishment which other pubs in Liverpool should take note of!

25 Dec 2010 13:14

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool


This pub is great during the week, especially in the afternoon, i.e. "Not as raucous and manic as other city centre pubs".

However, some evenings, especially Friday and Saturday, it is very raucous and manic and is actually not a very nice experience. It attracts the office worker crowd and people who should know better considering thair age and background! You know the type - wearing shirt, tie and expensive suits who crowd around the bar drinking and gaffawing and making it impossible for anyone to get to the part of the pub up the stairs where the TV is, or through to the ornately tiled room!

I don't mind pubs when they are busy - as long as I can get to the bar to get served and don't get looked at by other drinkers who think I've just stepped of a spaceship from Mars!

Furthermore, the selection of drinks isn't great and some of the bar staff can be rude and would rather chat to each other and serve people who push in before others who were there first!

25 Dec 2010 12:40

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Visited here last month with a friend from Bath. We had been up the coast to watch Bath City beat Southport 3-2 in a Conference league game. Can't remember what I had to drink when we came here because it was the last pub we visited after a very lengthy pub crawl!

I do remember that the stairs that once led down to the toilets in the cellar have been removed and the hole in the floor has been covered over creating space for more tables and chairs. However, unless the plans for the refurbishment have changed the bar is going to be relocated along this wall (directly opposite to the entrance door).

I don't know why they don't just close the pub for a couple of weeks and get the work done all at once instead of doing the refurbishment in stages. Or maybe it's because of the cost of the project which they can't really afford due to a lack of customers at times as other people have also noticed!

25 Dec 2010 12:20

The Punch and Judy, Liverpool

I was heading to Lime Street to catch a train and realised I had half an hour to kill. I happened to be walking past this place and dived in. What a mistake!

I can't remember what I had to drink - I was too gobsmacked by the shabby interior of the pub and the bizarre mix of clintele, some of whom looked as though they entered the pub 10 years ago and have never left. I thought the New Penny Farthing was bad, the Punch and Judy must be it's long lost cousin!

That was 2 years ago and I still have flashbacks!

3 Nov 2010 10:47

The Lord Warden, Liverpool

I went in here this evening.

Pleasantly surprised that they had Timothy Taylor Landlord, Wychwood Hobgoblin and Liverpool Organic Iron Man. I had a pint of the latter for 2.00 and it was a good, well kept pint.

The Parachute Regiment Association photos are back on the wall and they have added more widescreen TV's and were showing the Blackpool v West Brom game.

Still the same old locals (which is a good point) and no scallys. I'll have to keep an eye on this place because my rating for the Lord Warden has gone up from 5 to 7.

Let's hope they keep up the good work which appears to be a result of the refurbishment of this pub.

1 Nov 2010 22:40

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York

This wasn't on my list of pubs to visit when I visited last Saturday, but the sign saying "Yorks oldest pub" had me intrigued. A narrow entry leads to a small yard with tables and benches and then into the pub which is quite small. It wasn't too busy for a Saturday afternoon. I wasn't impressed woth the choice of ales on offer but went for a pint of Hobgoblin. I had to give the barman a double-take when he said "that'll be 3.01".

It was a good pint in a friendly atmosphere and the barman was helpful and pointed me in the direction of the Last Drop Inn.

3.00 and a penny though!

18 Oct 2010 16:19

The Three Legged Mare, York

Good location for this wonderful little pub. Had a pint of Yorkshire Terrier and stood in the small beer garden with the smoker in our group. There is a replica of a Three Legged Mare (a device used to hang 3 peope at once) at the back of the garden.

Well worth checking out.

18 Oct 2010 16:13

The Roman Bath, York

First pub I came to when I visited last Saturday to watch York City v Bath City.

When you live in Bath you get used to overpriced pubs and this was no different, espacially the name and the tacky interior. Apparently there is a Roman Bath museem in the basement.

No real ales so I payed 3.00 for a pint of Strongbow. That's more expensive than in Bath!!!

18 Oct 2010 16:08

The Last Drop Inn, York

Had an excellant pint of York Brewery Centurion's Ghost Ale on my visit last Saturday. Wish I had more time to sample some of the other ales on offer.

I sat on a stool with a large barrel as a table in the front window and watched the world go by (and all the shoppers an tourists get drenched in the rain!)

Would highly recommend this pub - excellant beer, service and vaule for money. As it's a York Brewery pub it was cheaper than the other pubs I visited!

18 Oct 2010 16:01

Bay Horse, York

Popped in here after York City v Bath City last Saturday.

Nice location opposite the museum gardens and 100 metres from ther river.

18 Oct 2010 15:54

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

Last few visits here have been okay.

They now permanently sell Thatchers Gold, Westons Marcle Hill and Westons Organic cider.

And they still serve 5/6 ales but as other people have mentioned, you ask for a pint and get told "sorry, we've ran out of that", so you ask for another and you get the same reply!

It's handy for Lime Street station but don't come in here when it's busy or you'll miss your train. Even when it isn't busy you can wait for 5 minutes to get served by the one bar maid who conveniently disappears when it's your turn to get served!

They should have a seperate till for serving people buying food and tea and coffee - in fact all Wetherspoons should!

18 Oct 2010 15:37

The Railway, Liverpool

First visit here last Friday afternoon. Interior is large with various small rooms. I sat in one with a hogs-head above a mirror.

It wasn't too busy when I visited but I expect it gets packed in the evening.

Had a pint of Cains Bitter served by a friendly barmaid. Worth visiting if you are on the Dale Street side of the city centre.

18 Oct 2010 15:25

McHales, Liverpool

Yes it is a bit of a dive. McHales is a dump, full of alcholics singing kareoke. The smokers spill out onto Lime Sreet and partake in the pastime of shouting abuse at the passers-by. I saw one old guy off his face the week and dancing on the vomit and cig-butt covered pavement.

Strangely the Irish American bar next door is part of McHales and often shows the football on TV. And bizarrely doesn't attract the alcholics from McHales. I still wouldn't recommend it though.

18 Oct 2010 15:08

The Dispensary, Liverpool

The Cains Bitter wasn't well kept when I came here last week. I didn't dare complain to the landlord though!

18 Oct 2010 14:57

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Paid 2.90 for one of the guest ales in here last week and it wasn't well kept. Now I know why I usually have the Cains Bitter when I come here!

18 Oct 2010 14:56

The Everyman Bistro, Liverpool

Came here on 1st October for the Cider festival run in conjunction with the Belvedere. When I asked what ciders they had the barmaid pointed to the bottled ciders in the fridge (the usual Magners etc) and to the draught Thatchers Gold. So, it wasn't exactly a cider festival, so I downed my pint and got out of the place asap. (see my comments about the Belvedere!)

18 Oct 2010 14:50

All Bar One, Liverpool

I walked past last week to see that it's been re-opened as a....

....All Bar One.

No thanks!

3 Oct 2010 11:38

Jacaranda, Liverpool

It's good here - you hand over a 5 note to pay for your pint and get change for a tenner - because the barmaid is too busy yapping away to the other barmaid!

3 Oct 2010 11:32

Fall Well, Liverpool

Has been renovated - new carpets, tables and chairs etc. Still dark and dull inside and usual slow service.

Have been in there twice in recent weeks and asked for a pint of Thatchers Gold cider - clearly marked by the Stella - only to receive a blank stare!

They still serve 3 ales on tap but they are hidden away at the far end of the bar.

I can't see the new furnishings lasting long considering the type of people that usually come to this place!

3 Oct 2010 11:29

Belvedere, Liverpool

Came in here on Friday 1st October for the cider festival. Only other people in here was the barmaid and a man with a dog.

A list on the wall featured about 8 ciders. I asked for one only for the barmaid to tell me they only had 2 ciders on. I went for the Gwent Ddraig (I think that's what it was) and then had to help the barmaid to pour it because she didn't know what she was doing.

The cider was okay but the lack of atmosphere and lack of any sort of festival was a minus. In fact, the last time I came here was for the cider festival last year and it was the same lack of effort that put me off ever coming here again. (see my review from 14 Oct 2009).

I went up the road to the Everyman Bistro where the cider festival was also taking place. Well, it was supposed to be taking place but you'll have to read my review of that establishment to find out what went on - or what didn't go on!

3 Oct 2010 11:04

Yates, Liverpool

Went here to kill 30 minutes before catching a train. Was a Monday early evening and was empty and was cerved straight away.

I wouldn't go to a place like this at any other time, easpeciallu on a friday and saturday night. I've walked past here at night and it's like the wild west - well, it is on Concert Square.

Why they call it Concert Square I don't know. They should name it "Scally v Hen Party v Stag Party Let's Get Pissed On Blue WKD And Fight The Police Square"!!!!

Avoid if you have an IQ higher that 10.

12 Sep 2010 11:33

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool






I was very impressed on my last visit as they had Bath Ales Barnstormer, one of favourites from when I lived in Bath.

And they always have at least one LocAle from Southport, Liverpool Organic etc.

Keep up the good work ;)

12 Sep 2010 11:24

Stamps Too, Liverpool

First visited here about 2 months ago and was impressed with the range of beers (6 on tap at the time.

The interior is a bit dark and grotty but that didn't put me off.

However, my last two visits I was less than impressed. I visited last month and the only beers they had on tap were Southport Sandgrounder and another (didn't make a note of its name).

And I stopped off yesterday (11/09/10) on my way to the Southport Beer Festival. All they had on tap was Liverpool Organic Brewery Hoptopia and another (again, I didn't make a note of its name).

I have a friend from the South West who is visiting Liverpool in November and I told him what a great find Stamps Too is and that we will have to come here. To be honest, I don't think it's worth the detour!

12 Sep 2010 11:15

All Bar One, Liverpool

Is getting a well deserved refurbishment so it's been closed over the summer.

It was getting a bit shabby inside but I hope they don't tart it up too much because it will just get trashed again!

12 Sep 2010 10:53

The Lord Warden, Liverpool

This place has now reopened and someone went a bit over the top with the white paint inside.

They've taken down all of the old photo's and pictures of Liverpool, and the small collection of photos commemorating the Parachute Regiment Association.

I don't know if they were trying to turn it into some trendy bar, because they failed and the place was still full of locals. Plus, no real ale.

It's not the worst pub in the world, and it's not exactly the best. Still okay for a quick pint though because it's got character and isn't full of scallys!

8 Aug 2010 13:14

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

I should also mention that the brick building you can see behind the pub in the photo has been there for several years and complements the Baltic Fleet with it's design; and behind that to the right of the photo can be seen the YHA.

However, you can no longer see the cathedral because they've put up several horrible looking apartment blocks, office blocks and a Hampton by Hilton (poor mans Hilton) behind the pub.

8 Aug 2010 13:06

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Had a nice pint of Liverpool Wit in here last night. It was a strange light coloured fizzy ale (4% abv) although it wasn't a lager. Next to it they had a strawberry flavoured (I think) Liverpool Wit which I might try next time.

Not many people know that there is a small room in the bows of the building at the top of the stairs where the toilets are. It can get very busy downstairs, but this room is always empty and gives nice views out over the Albert Dock, and there are some interesting old pictures on the walls.

The previous poster mentions a refurbishment. Well, if you look above the stairs leading down to the cellar where the toilets used to be there is a diagram of what the proposed re-design of the Baltic Fleet looks like, which includes moving the bar from its current position. I think they started on the refurbishment (by moving the toilets upstairs) but then it ground to a halt. Maybe they are doing it in stages because a few months ago (actually, it could have been last year) there was scaffolding up around the building. By the looks of it some exterior work was done including giving the outside a lick of paint.

8 Aug 2010 12:58

Queens, Liverpool

Oh dear - I walked past here last week and saw that the hoardings had been taken away and it had re-opened.

I got all excited and thought "what have they done to this pub".

I got closer and then realised they had converted it into a Paddy Power bookmakers!

Just what we need - another bookies within walking distance of 2 others on the same street!

27 Jul 2010 00:41

Old Ropewalk, Liverpool

Walked past a couple of weeks ago and this place had re-opened, so I popped in after work yesterday.

Apart from the barman there where 2 other people stood at the bar drinking, and they both seemed to be friends of the barman.

I had a quick pint of Strongbow (no real ales here) and left!

This could be a good pub, but whoever owns it doesn't appear to have any ambition! The Dispensary is around the corner so why bother with this place!?

27 Jul 2010 00:37

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Had a good pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord here last night. They had about 5 other guest ales on but I was too busy sweating and wanting to go and sit down after this strange humid weather we've had here in Liverpool!

This is my 4th visit here in the past couple of months and I'd like to come here more often, only I don't often venture up here that often even though I frequent the other fine pubs on Dale Street a couple of hundred metres away!

27 Jul 2010 00:32

The Grapes, Mathew St, Liverpool

Further to my last comment, I went in here a couple of weeks ago and guess what - it hasn't changed!

I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was packed (local radio DJ ane entertainer Pete Price was performing).

It's still dark and dingy and smells of cat piss and stale beer. Took ages to get served, but only because the 3 people behind the bar were a bit dopey. I asked for a pint of Strongbow and the barmaid didn't know what it was! Then the barrel needed changing which took 10 minutes.

Didn't notice any Cains or other beer on sale - not that I was looking out for it because it was never well keot when they did sell it.

I'll return to the Grapes in 12 months and will expect nothing to have changed about this place!

19 Jun 2010 12:39

The White Star, Liverpool

Still one of my favourites and I come here at least once a week. Always have an ever changing selection of Bowland Brewery beers, along with other guest ales. They've clamped down on the DVD/sock/perfume sellers. (I remember one time last year a guy in a shell suit trying to sell me a 3 pack of handkerchiefs!)

As ROBCamra mentioned, the front room can get very busy with people who insist on standing at the bar and preventing other people from getting served - even though the back room is often empty which is where I always head for!

The back room is where you'll find a good mix of locals, along with tourists who have done their homework and know that this is where the Beatles would hang out with Alan Williams. All of the other tourists head for the Cavern on Mathew Street - where the Beatles never actually played!

19 Jun 2010 12:28

Lime Kiln, Liverpool

Have been in here a few times to try their real ale - the last time being a couple of months ago when they had a World Beer Festival, except they didn't have any ale on sale!

Had a pint of Strongbow instead which cost something ridiculous like 2.90.

I've walked past here in the evening and it always seems to be crowded and has the obligatory bouncers (expecting trouble!).

Plus, it's situated on a corner of Concert Square which is one of the main trouble spots in Liverpool city centre, infested by yobs ans scallys who can't handle their watered down lager and blue WKD's.

19 Jun 2010 11:34

Tess Rileys, Liverpool

Bloody expensive.

Went in here after work the other day to watch the end of a World Cup match before catching my train home and they ripped me off 3 for a pint of Strongbow!

Was full of old people too staring into space. They must have been rich old people though to come to a place like this!

17 Jun 2010 03:51

Queens, Liverpool

Has been closed now for over a month. Hoardings have been up around the building but not sure what they are doing.

17 Jun 2010 03:46

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

@ realalebum - you went on a friday? Let me guess, late afternoon, early evening? No wonder it took "a lifetime to get served"!

Go during the week from lunchtime to late afternoon and you'll get served straightaway.

I've been impressed the last few times I've been here with the service, the beer, the prices and the surroundings.

Yes, it can get very very busy in here in the evening - especially Friday and Saturday - which is when all the sheep come here!

Anyway - The Philharmonic is getting refurbished in September this year and will be closed for 10 days.

17 Jun 2010 03:43

New Penny Farthing, Liverpool

Looks like this dump has finally closed.

Shutters have been down for the past 2 months - oh what a shame!

17 Jun 2010 03:31

The Lord Warden, Liverpool

Think this place has closed down.

Doors closed and curtains drawn for the past month. No sign of life!

17 Jun 2010 03:30

The Dispensary, Liverpool

CAMRA Liverpool & District Pub of the Year 2010.

Can't argue with that - well done to Dave and Pauline.

Probably THE best pub in Liverpool!

17 Jun 2010 03:24

The Cavern, Liverpool

It's only the Cavern by name - too touristy and frequented by tourists who think it's the original Cavern.

If you're lucky you'll see a guy on the stage with an acoustic guitar singing Beatles covers in the afternoon.

Sadly, and has been mentioned before, expensive drinks in plastic pint containers have put me off this tourist trap.

17 Jun 2010 03:19

Barracuda, Liverpool

This is now The Abbey and is a lot better (see the review above for The Abbey!)

17 Jun 2010 03:13

The Abbey, Liverpool

Have been here a few times over the past couple of weeks and seen a few of the World Cup matches on the many TV screens.

No real ales but it's an okay bar/pub. Nice interior and very clean with friendly bar staff.

Haven't been here late evening on Friday or Saturday so can't comment about what it's like then. But for the rest of the time I'd recommend it if you want a quiet drink in nice surroundings.

17 Jun 2010 03:11

The Albert, Liverpool

@Italian Scouser - It's miles away from Anfield.

Anfield is north Liverpool, Lark Lane in Aigburth is 5 miles away in south Liverpool!!!

17 Jun 2010 03:08

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

Now 1.99 a pint - they must have put up the prices for the world cup!!! ;)

Yes, I agree with Nothern_Ale_Monkey about the service.

They spend far too long serving people crappy food and teas and coffees.

I actually went in here this evening and had a pint of Frodsham Brewery A***** (sorry - don't know what it was called but began with an A) and it wasn't well kept!

2 Jun 2010 04:00

Ma Egertons, Liverpool

I still pop in here for a swift pint if I have half an hour to wait before I have to catch a train from Lime Street.

2.90 for a pint of Strongbow - you're 'avin a laugh!

Three pubs all next to each other that could so, so, soooo much better (Lord Warden, Head Of Steam and Ma Egertons) - all next to Lime Street, the Empire Theatre, St George's Hall etc.

The 3 of these pubs could be AMAZING - but are all bog standard "don't give a ****" lager-houses!

I only really like coming into Ma Egertons to look at the paintings and old theatre posters on the walls!!

2 Jun 2010 03:49

The Ma Boyles Oyster Bar, Liverpool

Visited here last week - wasn't tempted by the ales. In fact, it only looked like they had Doom Bar on, so got a pint of Strongbow instead - served in a dirty glass!!!

Considering it's almost a year since my last visit here - I think I'll give it another year before I return. Somehow, I can't see it improving!

2 Jun 2010 03:42

The Empire, Liverpool

Terrible place. Went in here last weekend to see if it had improved. Well - the prices have definately gone up! I found a seat in the corner at the back and after 10 minutes was asked to move so they could set up the kareoke!

I then walked past this place on Monday night on my way to the train station and was accosted by 2 drunks who fell out of this dump and hurled abuse at me - waving their bottles of Bud at me!

Horrible little hole - AVOID!

2 Jun 2010 03:33

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Have visited a couple of times over the past month during the day when it's quiet. Didn't make a note of what ale I had; it was nice but expensive.

The only reason I came back here was to test the place out and see if I could make it one of my regular haunts.

Sadly not. I don't think I'll be back to the Fly for a while!

31 May 2010 01:36

The Royal Oak, Bath

Returned here on Sunday 9th may before the Bath City v Woking play-off final (which was won by Bath!).

Was quite busy when I arrived at 1pm. Still enough time for a couple of well kept pints before heading off to Twerton Park for a victorious match which saw Bath City get promoted to the Conference Premier.

Returned after the game very much in need of lubrication after a tense 2nd half in the match. A pint of Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout and a pint of Rich's Farmhouse cider did the trick.

The gents toilets appeaer to have been spruced up and the bar staff are their usual cheerful selves.

A friend of mine had a couple of pints in here the other week before the Bath City v Chelmsford play-off semi-final. He said a group of Chelsmford supporters entered the pub, looked at the bar and the many ales and ciders on offer and said "this is an ale pub - they haven't got any lager!" and they walked out (probably to the Euro piss funhouse Golden Fleece down the road!)

Good riddance - I hope you enjoyed your watered down pint of Fosters!

12 May 2010 00:14

The Salamander, Bath

That should have said "not long until they have the 4 pint in Bath"

11 May 2010 23:14

The Salamander, Bath

Visited here on Sunday 9th May before the Bath City v Woking play-off final (Bath City won 1-0 and got promoted to Conference Premier ;) ).

Only 2 other people in the pub (well, it was 11.50am), bar maid very friendly.

Me and my friend each had a pint of Dark Side. Very nice pint - and very expensive - 3.35 a pint! Yikes - I should have remembered to remortgage the house!

My previous rating of 8 has been lowered to 7. I know tax etc has gone up - but are they trying to scare customers away? Long until they have the 4 pint in Bath!

11 May 2010 23:13

The Vines, Liverpool

I still come here at least once a week. It hasn't changed and I don't think it ever will. I remember about a month ago I went here and the only drink on tap they had was Kronenburg. I assume there was a delivery problem but I don't know why they even bothered opening.

It gets very busy on Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday - so unless you like kareoke and loud drunk lairy scousers I'd avoid it at these times.

28 Apr 2010 11:58

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

I visited several times for the recent real ale festival, although this time I just went for the ciders starting with Superstition Medium Dry Cider (7%), Barnstormer Dry Cider (6.5%) and Pyder Medium Cider Perry (6%) amongst others. By Sunday the Green Sleeves Nettle & Mint Cider (7.2%) had sold out.

There's a German Beer Festival 26th - 31st May, followed by the World Cup Festival 11th June - 11th July which should be interesting because they are promising beers from each country that is taking part!

The Ship & Mitre has set the standard that all pubs should follow - but it's a hard act to follow. Is it any wonder that The Excelsior next door has closed down (again)!?

I agree with blue_scrumpy about the lighting in the rear of the pub. And those two massive table next to each other (you know the ones I mean) need to be replaced by four smaller tables. In fact, the whole seating arrangements in the pub need to be organised more effectively. But that's just a minor gripe. As you said blue_scrumpy: "This place is all about the beer".

28 Apr 2010 11:46

Queens, Liverpool

Nothing special about this place, it's just a run of the mill city centre pub. Interior is always clean and the bar staff are friendly. No real ales but John Smiths is cheap at 1.89. A mix of locals, shoppers and tourists come here and it's always got a good flow of customers due to it's location in the main shopping area of the city centre.

The Queens is a good place to meet up with friends before moving on to the Dale Street crawl, or to have a swift pint after work or a busy afternoon trawling through the shops. Get a window seat on the first floor which overlooks Williamson Square, the Playhouse Theatre and St Johns Beacon and just watch the world go buy.

28 Apr 2010 11:27

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Went here last week for my usual pint of Okells IPA. Had my 2.60 ready and the land lady said "that'll be 2.70" and blamed it on Alistair Darling!

Not long til the 3.00 pint in Liverpool!

25 Apr 2010 13:11

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

As the Grapes on Roscoe Street was closed at 2pm the other week I came here instead.

Haven't visited the Roscoe Head for a while - stupid me!

I had a pint of William Roscoe (forget which brewery) served by a very nice landlady.

Excellant beer quality, excellant service, excellant little pub.

25 Apr 2010 12:58

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

This pub has improved a lot over the past 6 months. Always at least 6 real ales on costing only 1.85 a pint. They have had several beer festivals too.

Beer quality is a lot better than my visit last summer. Service has also improved a lot, although like in most Wetherspoons some of the bar staff seem to be on a different planet i.e. when it starts to get busy, instead of serving customers they carry on mopping up behind the bar, occasionally looking up at the customers and then just disappearing behind the scenes!

25 Apr 2010 12:52

Pogue Mahones, Liverpool

Have started going here more regularly. For an Irish pub it's cheap(ish) and the bar staff are very friendly. I haven't tried the food yet but it looks good.

Not as tacky as other Irish pubs and probably the best one I've been to in the country. Well, it's definately 100 times better than any O'Niells, and I would recommend Pogue Mahones over the expensive and touristy Flanagans Apple on Mathew Street.

25 Apr 2010 12:21

Old Ropewalk, Liverpool

Went here a couple of times end of March, beginning of April expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised. No ales, just the usual bog standard Fosters, Guinness etc. Interior is well kept, landlady is nice and they had the footy on TV.

But - I've walked past a few times over the past couple of weeks at different times and on different days and the shutters have been down! Shame, because I was starting to get to like this pub.

25 Apr 2010 12:12

The Lord Warden, Liverpool

Have been in here several times over the past few months - and they've stopped selling ale!

The 3 pumps for Landlord, Old Speckled Hen and another one are still there but with the clips turned around. Maybe they were being a bit too adventurous because it's still a locals pub. They do sell Theakstons Mild and the usual Fosters and Strongbow, and they show the football and racing.

I've dropped my rating from 7 to 5 out of 10 due to no ales being served.

25 Apr 2010 12:04

Jacaranda, Liverpool

My pint of StelIa here last week was only 2.30. It's best to go here during the week, maybe during the hours 12pm - 4pm; after that it gets very busy and on Friday and Saturday nights they have bouncers, so it's probably best to avoid then. (Pubs and bars with bouncers are expecting trouble!)

25 Apr 2010 11:52

The Grapes, Liverpool

Had a day off work a couple of weeks ago and thought "where can I go? I know - The Grapes!"

I hadn't been there for over a year and was looking forward to seeing what ales they had on - but when I got got there at 2pm it was closed!

Does anyone know what the opening hours are?

25 Apr 2010 11:45

The Excelsior, Liverpool

Further to my previous post - it's now closed down!

I went in a few times and they stopped selling any ales so I went for Strongbow. Then, they stopped selling Strongbow and the only cider they had was Bulmers pear cider.

I can't see this pub re-opening any time soon!

25 Apr 2010 11:23

Babycream, Liverpool

It closed down a few months ago. What a shame!

25 Apr 2010 10:47

The Crocodile, Liverpool

Went in here a few weeks ago for the first time to escape the rain.
Was pleasantly suprised. No real ales but great atmosphere.
Have been back several times since and they show the footy on TV. It's a narrow but very long pub. Outside is a courtyard with plenty of seating and also an external TV so the smokers can enjoy the sports too. On the other side of the courtyard is the smaller Baby Croc bar. Went in there once and it's less hectic but they also have plenty of TV's showing sports.

Not bad for a pub in a narrow street in the centre of Liverpool that you wouldn't know about unless you are lost! It's right by Mathew Street and the Cavern too so is handy for all of the other pubs and bars in the Cavern Quarter.

13 Apr 2010 02:36

Head of Steam, Liverpool

They've extended their range of real ales but I'm too scared to try any of them. I just stick with the Stowford Press cider which always seems to be okay.

As for the toilets (probably the only ones in the country that require a code number to gain entry) they are worse than ever. No locks on the cubicle doors. Only one cubicle had toilet paper which was on the floor covered in urine and god know what else because the dispenser was broken. It looked like faeces had been smeared on the walls. The taps in the sinks are broken. In fact - the only thing that seems to work in the toilets is the lock on the door that you need a code number for! Why the door is locked I don't know because it doesn't seem to stop the toilets from being vandalised and used by drug addicts!

13 Apr 2010 02:23

The Pilgrim, Liverpool

Oh dear.

Went here for the first time in months last week.

It was quite busy for a friday night. After having previous bad experiences with the beer here I had a couple of pints of Cains lager which at 1.80 a pint is good value.

Then came the time to visit the toilets. They were completely refurbished a while ago and given a lick of paint, new tiles and a new sink etc.

Seems they forgot about the door to the cubicle in the gents though. It was hanging on by the bottom hinge with the top of the door leaning at a 45 degree angle and resting against the wall. It looked like it had been like that for a while. All it would take is for the lazy owner to get a screwdriver and some screws and fix it.

Stay away from this dump!

13 Apr 2010 02:13

The Swan With Two Nicks, Worcester

DudleyC - I banged my head going down the step by the bar! Ouch! (ha ha)

Went here last week and was impressed. Had a pint each of the St George themed ales (brewed locally but I can't remember which brewery). 2.50 a pint and not as cheap as other people have reported. Didn't see the "70's theme bar" or "trendy bar" that other people have commented about. Or even the "bizarre lounge upstairs". All I found upstairs were the toilets!

13 Apr 2010 02:05

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

Went here last week on my way to see the Worcester v Bath City game.

Good selection of ales though I can't recall what they were called. The stout was very good. In fact the pub was so good that me and my friend returned after we saw our team Bath City thrash Worcester 2-0. Nice little beer terrace out the back. I wouldn't call it a garden because there's no grass!

Will return next time I visit Worcester and would recommend it. Bar staff are friendly too!

13 Apr 2010 01:55

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Gave this place another try and it's not too bad.

Although the previous comment about it being a "smart converted bakery" needs correcting.

Yes - it was a "bakers to the queen" aeons ago, but for many years was Kirklands wine bar in the 1990's, followed by several years as a strip club.

It still has a bit of a reputation and gets very busy at weekends; not helped by the fact that they employ bouncers/doormen at the weekends which is a "turn-off" for me.

Any pub/bar that has doormen is expecting trouble!

26 Jan 2010 02:15

The Lord Warden, Liverpool

Very impressed with the place. Pleasant clean interior - walls are adorned with old framed photo's of Liverpool. Barman on my 1st visit was friendly and served a well kept pint of Tim Taylor Landlord at 2.00 (or was it 2.10 a pint).

Went in again a few days ago and asked for a pint of Landlord. The barrell had just gone and the new (I'm assuming) barmaid admitted she didn't know how to change the barrel. Asked if there was anything else I would like so I got a well kept pint of Old Speckled Hen for 2.20.

I would recommend the Lord Warden as a 1st stop pub if you've just got off the train at Lime Street. (Go out the side entrance on the side of the station where the Head of Steam is, the narrow road behind the back of the Empire theatre to London Road and it's on the opposite side). It's then all downhill along William Brown Street and to the Dale Street crawl!

24 Dec 2009 01:18

The Flute and Firkin, Liverpool


I was walking up Hardman St the other day on my way to the Fly In The Loaf. I got to the Fly and there were doorman outside and it looked heaving inside. I carried on walking and came to the Flute. It looked busy but there were plenty of seats so I entered.

Very shabby interior what you'd expect from a Firkin pub. Took 10 minutes to get served a pint of Strongbow (2.70 a pint). Live football being shown on many screens, along with a few scallys in there who took their drinks outside the main door and smoked a spliff in the doorway!

Okay place to go if you're a student (or scally). Won't be returning!

24 Dec 2009 01:05

The Excelsior, Liverpool

Been in here a few of times over the past 2 weeks on my way to Lime St station as an alternative to the Vernon Arms or Ship.

It was dead each time. 1st two times I got a pint of Spitting Feathers - and sat on my own watching Sky News on the TV, which was competing with very loud chart music coming from the stereo.

3rd time I went in on Tuesday just gone (after a pint in the Vernon Arms which was heaving with Christmas party revellers) and Old Speckled Hen was on - only it wasn't - so I had to stick for the old Strongbow again. It was me, a guy drinking a pint of Fosters and the bar maid.

They've spent quite a bit of money refurbishing this place but somehow can't get the punters in. Meanwhile, I headed off to catch my train and the Ship & Mitre next door was heaving!

24 Dec 2009 00:58

The Beehive, Liverpool

Last few visits here I've had Hobgoblin, Bombardier, and the regular Deuchars IPA and Cains Bitter. Although at 2.50 it is probably the most expensive pint of Cains Bitter in Liverpool city centre. This pubs profits must have quardrupled since the new Liverpool One shopping centre opened. I've been to The Beehive at least twice a week for the past month and it's always been very busy. Still a great city centre pub with a very mixed clientele (and no scallys which is a bonus!)

24 Dec 2009 00:48

The No 2 Refreshment Rooms (Under the Clock), Cleethorpes

Came here prior to the Grimsby v Bath City game (2-0 to City - get in there! ;) )

Had a pint of stout (think it was from the Yorkshire Brewery??)

Out of the 3 pubs in Cleethorpes and Grimsby I visited this was the only one I found serving real ale. Was a good find.

24 Nov 2009 00:12

Renshaw's, Liverpool

Whenever I've been here they have the Racing channel on the TV.
There's a bookies next door which comes in handy for the drunk regulars of this pub which could be much much better!

23 Nov 2009 23:50

Rat and Parrot, Liverpool

I went here last week (not my choice by my work colleagues idea).

No real ales and paid 2.90 - that's correct - 2.90 for a pint of Strongbow.

Wasn't too busy and clientele was mixed (was about 5pm) but I definately won't be returning if they are going to charge 2.90 for a pint of Strongbow!

23 Nov 2009 23:47

All Bar One, Liverpool

I've got a soft spot for this place. Only recently started going here. Very cheap and they had the usual Tetley and guest ale. Interior is a bit tatty and they serve Wetherspoons type food - hence the plates and dirty tables all over the place.

Mixed clientele when I've been in the afternoon, but when I've walked past there in the evening it always looks crowded and not very welcoming. There's also a bar on the first floor but it's only open when it gets busy.

23 Nov 2009 23:29

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Should have mentioned it gets crowded in here when they show footy on the TV. Probably due to the good selection of ales and that it doesn't attract the scally element that you get in other city centre pubs and bars!

23 Nov 2009 23:22

Blackburne Arms Hotel, Liverpool

First visit here last week and was impressed. Had a pint of Landlord. Pub was empty when I visited . I don't go to this part of town often so, as others have said, I combined it with a trip to Peter Kavanaghs and Ye Cracke.

Might check out this pub again next time the football is on to watch it on TV. The pubs in the city centre get too crowded when the footy is on - I get the feeling it will be more relaxed in the the Blackburne Arms (we shall see).

23 Nov 2009 23:15

Belvedere, Liverpool

Went here on Saturday for the Cider festival (also held at the Everyman bistro which didn't impress me).

I've never been to the Belvedere and wasn't too impressed on my first visit. Had a pint of Hecks scrumpy (from the barrel as part of the cider fest.) Was a bit pricey, and, like when I went to the Everyman, I was only person drinking cider (not good when you consider this was a cider festival).

Interior of pub very bland and untidy. Not very welcoming, especially the bar area which looked very shabby.

Didn't take any notice of what the regular ales are on tap. Can't see myself returning here.

14 Oct 2009 23:15

The Everyman Bistro, Liverpool

Not impressed with this place.

Went to the Cider festival here last Saturday. Was expensive, interior of pub/bar very dull (i.e. no daylight - due to no windows).

Was supposed to be a cider festival but I was the only person drinking cider. Was surrounded by lots of middle class people eating food, and upper class arty student type people.

Will give this place a miss in the future, mainly due to the lack of atmosphere and expensive prices.

14 Oct 2009 23:07

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Went to the beer festival from 30th Sep to 4th Oct.
Usual massive range of beers. Didn't seem to be as busy as previous beer festivals I've been to at the Ship. There was a ridiculous number of ales, ciders and perry's to choose from. Wish I had more time (and money).
Tried the Goffs White Knight and Allgate Porteresque (and many more!)

5 Oct 2009 22:08

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Haven't been to the Baltic for a while. I now work over the road from it in the Albert Dock.

So I called in after work on Friday and had a lovely pint of Wapping Stout for 2.50.

The wood-burning stove was fired up, service at the bar was excellant, new toilets on the 1st floor were clean and more welcoming than the old bogs in the basement.

You can't really complain with the price increase because the other real ale pubs in Liverpool, such as the Ship & Mitre, Vernon Arms etc, charge 2.50 for most pints.

3 Oct 2009 12:47

The Grapes, Mathew St, Liverpool

I agree with other comments - considering the amount of punters this place brings in surely the owners can afford to give it a lick of paint, new carpets and get in a better selection of drinks.

I haven't been there for a while so don't know if they are selling Cains again. I'd like to go back to this pub again but fear that it hasn't changed since my last visit.

The Beatles connection is sadly wearing thin. The owners of the Grapes should pay a visit to the re-opened Vernon Arms on Dale Street and see what they've done to the interior and the selection of ales from local micro breweries that they sell.

27 Sep 2009 15:32

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

None of the guest ales were on when I was here last week. (Suggestion to the staff - turn the pump clips around when the beer isn't on!!!)

Had a pint of very watery Pedigree instead and was treated to a mass brawl at the bus stop outside Boots opposite the pub.

27 Sep 2009 15:17

Slater's, Liverpool

There used to be a sign in the entrance to this place that said:

"No children or food to be consumed on these premises".

27 Sep 2009 14:46

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Beer festival here 30th Sept to 4th October.

No doubt I'll find myself partaking in the festivities on at least 5 days that the festival takes place! ;)

27 Sep 2009 14:43

The Shakespeare, Liverpool

Visited here a while ago for the first time. Had a decent, cheapish pint of Bombardier.

Was put off though by the bland, modern interior of the pub. The ground floor is glass fronted and you as though you're on show to the outside world.

I sat upstairs, which also has floor to floor windows, and sat myself in a corner, surrounded by people eating from the bland looking menu.

More like an upmarket Wetherspoons and not very relaxing. Will not be returning!

27 Sep 2009 14:39

The Richmond, Liverpool

So the full page advert for this pub in the latest edition of Merseyale is obvioulsy wrong. Sadly I won't be returning to this pub to see if they are selling Landlord, Black Sheep, Bass, Cains Bitter, Deuchars or Tiger that the photo in the advert portrays.

Last time I went here a couple of weeks ago none of these beers were on so I was offered a pint of Guinness instead!

27 Sep 2009 14:30

The Ma Boyles Oyster Bar, Liverpool

I think I must have gone here on the same day as happytyskie!

I heard lots of good things about this place but found it to be totally the opposite.

As happytyskie says - (very loud) drunk scallys watching the football, (mothers with prams) and small kids running around. The pub was dirty and in general and didn't enjoy my visit.

In fact I drank my pint as quickly as possible and left as soon as I could. I can't even remember what I had to drink!!

27 Sep 2009 13:36

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Still not impressed with the range of beers they sell.

27 Sep 2009 13:24

O'Briens, Liverpool

As in the photo - the blinds are always closed.

Went here years ago with some work mates. It's as rough inside as the exterior suggests. There was a large group of 40-something woman singing karaoke and dancing on the tables (I kid you not!).

I remember having a pint of John Smiths which only cost 1.60.

I expect it's still 1.60 a pint and probably has the same drunken clientele that now all congregate outside smoking.

Go next door to the Jacaranda for normality!

27 Sep 2009 13:22

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Many a time spent in here waiting for my train home from Lime Street which is a short 2 minute walk away.

Also a great place to begin a crawl as 400 metres away is the Ship & Mitre on Dale Street - one of several great pubs in this part of the city such as the re-opened Vernon Arms, The Lion Tavern, Railway and Rigby's. And not forgetting the Poste House tucked away down cumberland Street.

27 Sep 2009 12:53

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Cains Bitter - 2.30 a pint and always kept well.

Strangely it's 1p cheaper here than at the Cains owned Doctor Duncans.

27 Sep 2009 12:39

Coopers, Liverpool

Worst station bar I've ever been to. Small, overpriced, boring selection of drinks.

Go to the Head Of Steam in the opposite corner of the station, or if you've got more than half an hour before your train go to Ma Egertons (out the right side entrance of the station and 50 metres up the road), The Crown (out the left entrance of the station and 50 metres down the road) or even better Doctor Duncans (down the escalator, through the Merseyrail subway and out the other end around the back of St Georges Hall).

27 Sep 2009 12:33

The Rose of Mossley, Mossley Hill

Still one of my favourite south Liverpool pubs. Well, there's not many to choose from in Mossley Hill apart from the Storesdale which is only a 10 minute walk away; or you can go to all of the "trendy" bars (or Yate's) on Allerton Road.

No ales at the Rose, just the usual stuff and they serve food 7 days a week! The bar staff are friendly, they show sport on TV and there's a covered decked/patio area around the back.

Only really gets busy on fridays and saturdays.

29 Aug 2009 01:34

Rose and Crown, Liverpool

Have been in here a few times. It's opposite the entrance to the Victorian bridewell (which is still in use as it's adjoined to the magistrates court on Dale Street).

Nothing special about this pub. They have a few big screens showing sport. No real ales; just the bog standard Fosters, Guiness, Strongbow etc.

29 Aug 2009 01:10

The Richmond, Liverpool

Have been in here a few times when it's been quiet and had a good pint of Cains. Only problem is that the interior is small and even when it's quiet you end up sitting next to someone.

Have walked passed and daren't enter it when it's busy (most friday and saturdays). I'm always put off by the outside seating area that you have to wallk through to get into the pub and which is inhabited by drunk chain smoking locals.

29 Aug 2009 01:05

New Penny Farthing, Liverpool

Difficult to imagine that the rest of Liverpool city centre is being redeveloped. That horrible office block in front of Lime Street station has been knocked down and the station forecourt is being done up. On the other side of the road is the wonderful St George's Hall. Then there is the art deco Royal Court theatre which has had a makeover.

And right in the middle is this monstrosity!

The ugly St Johns shopping centre which the New Penny Farthing is stuck onto is getting a 100 million redevelopment - so surely they have to knock down this horrible pub.

P.S. I've been inside and the interior is worse than the exterior!

29 Aug 2009 00:55

The Excelsior, Liverpool

Went in on Monday 24th to watch the Liverpool v Aston Villa game. I was tempted by the large A boards advertising the match outside the pub, plus the fact that the Ship & Mitre wasn't showing the match, I expected the Excelsior to be heaving.

Well, it wasn't - along with the barman there was myself and about 6 other people. I didn't notice any beers on tap (I'm sure they used to do Cain's) and I certainly didn't see the Betwixt that oldboots reports; so I stuck for a pint of *cough*

At least I could watch the footy on the big screen (they've got ESPN that has replaced Setanta) in peace and quiet without the usual football yobs screaming at the ref on the TV!

28 Aug 2009 20:03

Vernon Arms, Liverpool

Have been here several times since it re-opened (in February?)

Always a decent selection of ales on offer and I've never had a bad pint. Could do with more advertising because customers were scarce each time I visited.

Anyway - the crawl between Dr Duncans, Ship & Mitre, Lion Tavern and Rigby's has finally been filled with the Vernon Arms!

28 Aug 2009 19:51

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Other people have commented on how busy it is here. So it's probably best to go between 1pm - 5pm Sunday to Friday. It's usually quite empty - but at other times it gets crowded. Especially Friday from 5pm onwards and on Saturdays.

I've stopped tring to remember what pint I have had whenever I go there because all 10+ on offer are different everytime I go; maybe apart from Sharpe's Cornish Coaster which seems to be the only regular!

28 Aug 2009 19:43

The Grapes, Mathew St, Liverpool

Agree it could to with a thorough clean and lick of paint - it still smelt of stale beer when I went last week.

Pete Price (local personality and radio DJ) now hosts kareoke on Sunday afternoons.

Still only serving Directors and Chesnut mild. Could do better!

15 Jun 2009 00:38

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

blue_scrumpy - the reason for the loud heavy metal juke box is to make sure no scallies go in there. :)

But I agree with your points - it has regular guest ales and is friendly - and does get busy at the weekends. But you know what - I've never seen any trouble in there! Coz the million decibel metal music scares off the scumbags!

15 Jun 2009 00:30

Crown, Liverpool

Agree with oldboots - when I went in a couple of days ago all they had on was Timothy Taylor Landlord - but they had just run out of it!!!

15 Jun 2009 00:13

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

I should also mention that for months they had scaffolding around the pub to renovate/paint the exterior (well I think that's what the scaffolding was there for!)

15 Jun 2009 00:10

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

I agree - it does NOT look tatty! Just well weathered!

Would you rather they refurbished it and turned into a gastro pub? It's a real ale pub for gods sake and they probably spend most of their money on brewing the stuff that you are all drinking instead of on decor!

I like "tat"!

15 Jun 2009 00:07

The Lamb and Lion, Bath

In the evening it's over 21's only. A drunk man in his early 30's threatened to phone the police because a barman asked the blokes young (I'd say 15 or 16 years old) girlfriend to leave!

20 Mar 2009 23:44

Pogue Mahones, Liverpool

Sorry people but when I went on Tuesday evening I had a bad pint of Guinness that was watery and didn't have much taste. (In fact most Guinness is of similair awful quality!)

The problem with regular Guinness drinkers is that they think "the black stuff" is the only stout out there. Well, if you did your homework you will find that there are much better stouts out there like Wickwar Mr Perretts, Hidden Depths, Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout and the occasional stouts that Cains brewery and Wapping brewery down at the Baltic Fleet do. Not forgetting O'Hanlons and numerous other stouts and porters.

Guinness is a con and overpriced.

Anyway, I still like this pub. Only because it's cheap compared to most other Irish pubs and bars

18 Mar 2009 02:04

The Crown and Anchor, Manchester

I was in Manchester on tuesday evening and tried to find a decent pub before I went to the University Stident to see a couple of bands. Regretably I found the Crown & Anchor. I had already been to 2 other pubs in the centre of Manchester and they were rubbish, so I thought the Crown & Anchor would be OK. it looks like a nice traditional boozer from the outside but inside it is totally different.

Timothy Taylor Landlord was off, Deuchers IPA was on but I don't like it so asked for a bog standard pint of Strongbow. 3.10, yes 3.10 for a pint of Strongbow. Two guys sat at the bar even commented on what a rip off that was - I'll repeat - 3.10 for a pint of Strongbow.

The interior of this pub (if that's what you want to call it) is fake leather chairs and mock tudor wallpaper. They were playing VERY LOUD dance/pop music while on the 50 inch flat screen they were showing Deal Or No Deal also with the sound on the TV turned up. When Deal Or No Deal had finished they turned the music down and turned the volume of the TV up for the Granada News programme.

A dog was barking very loudly and runing through the pub/dump. A fruit machine was flashing in the corner by a group of chavs playing at a pool table.

Basically - stay away from this place. 3.10 for a pint of watered down Strongbow in the centre of Manchester.

I still haven't found a decent pub in Manchester - can anyone help!?

13 Mar 2009 02:00

Yates's, Liverpool

Went in here to escape a torrential downpour on my way to Lime Street station! Had a cheap pint of Strongbow. Upstairs was closed so the ground floor was quite busy. Tables hadn't been cleared - only appeared to be one person working there. No atmosphere, soulless, typical chain pub. I should have ran around the corner to Doctor Duncans to get out of the rain!

5 Mar 2009 15:58

The Pig and Whistle, Liverpool

Went in here a back in January when the Ark Royal was down at the Pier Head. Timothy Taylor Landlord was off so had a pint of Tetleys. OK for 2 a pint. Wouldn't want to pay anymore because the pub is nothing to write home about. I should have carried on walking and gone to the Lion Tavern!

5 Mar 2009 15:38

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

I agree with matt_wilkins, which is why I always walk past it and go down the back streets!

5 Mar 2009 15:24

The Prince of Wales, New Malden

Came in here before the AFC Wimbledon v Bath City game a few weeks ago. Why is there a Man Utd flag above the bar?

1 Mar 2009 16:40

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Came here a couple of weeks ago for first time in years (I used to have a pint in here before I went to gigs at the Fleece next door). Appears to be a better choice of ales now - me and my mate had a stout (don't know which brewery) at 2 a pint. Was very busy for a Sunday afternoon and a band was playing. Will try and visit next time I'm in Bristol in May.

1 Mar 2009 16:37

The Cornubia, Bristol

Visited on 15th Feb and had a couple of pints of Hidden Depths. Excellant beer and excellant service. My hangover from the previous night was instantly cured ;)

1 Mar 2009 16:33

The Barley Mow, Bristol

Visited here a couple of weeks ago and had a pint of Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout. Have only ever had it in a bottle. Pleasant pub and a good alternative to the Cornubia. Will try and visit when I'm next in Bristol in May.

1 Mar 2009 16:29

The Salamander, Bath

Was here a couple of weeks ago. Prices have gone up and it's still more expensive than the other Bath Ales pub on Upper Bristol road the Hop Pole! Pint of Gem was excellant as usual. My friends stag-do in May will include a trip to the Bath Ales bewery in Warmley, Bristol. Can't wait!

1 Mar 2009 16:20

The Ram, Bath

First visit for 8 months - same old Ram with the same old faces. Local pub for local people - in a nice way!

1 Mar 2009 16:08

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

The Bell was closed so I came here instead. Not long until it'll be 3.00 for a pint of Bellringer here! Pub empty and I got served straight away - well it was 11.30am!

1 Mar 2009 16:05

Porter, Bath

Side room with wooden floor appears to have been spriced up since my last visit 8 months ago. Bar staff still friendly but sadly - like most pubs in Bath - they have wacked on about 20p for the cost of a pint. Gone are the days when you can go out with a tenner and have a good time!

1 Mar 2009 16:03

The Bell, Bath

Visited Bath a couple of weeks ago after 8 months away and the Bell was closed - well it was 11.30am! Never made it back down Walcot Street and now I'm back up north. I wanted to see if the service had improved!

1 Mar 2009 15:50

The Assembly Inn, Bath

Currently being refurbished. Has been bought by Abbey Ales who brew Bellringer up the road.

1 Mar 2009 15:46

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Was going to go to my local in south Liverpool for a couple of afternoon pints last week but thought sod it, I'll catch the train into town and go to the Ship instead to see what new beers they have on. And that's the good thing about the Ship, you can can come here and try a different ale each time you visit. If you want your regular Cains fix then Doctor Duncans is 2 minutes down the road, but if you like variety come to the Ship!

1 Mar 2009 15:37

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Visited here for 1st time in 2 years. Had a pint of one of the guest ales which was well kept. Landlord was very welcoming. The Roscoe has a good reputation and is popular for all the reasons that people have commented on below. There was a couple from the Isle of Man who chose to come here for a few pints before their flight back home.

1 Mar 2009 15:30

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

One more pint of bitter to buy and I get a free one with my loyalty card.

1 Mar 2009 15:17

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Went here last weekend and it was crowded. Lots of people who had been to the Liverpool Beer Festival popped in here. Had a pint of Festive Stout. Not sure which brewery. Landlord got a bit stroppy because some people sat at the back next to me had their coats on the seats and he said it was stopping punters from coming in (!?!?) so everyone was ordered to hang their coats up and we all ended up crammed in like sardines. Would have stayed for another pint but impossible to get to the bar due to those strange breed of people who drink their drinks at the bar making it impossible to get served!! The landlord was more interested in making as much as money as possible instead of making it a pleasant environment!

1 Mar 2009 15:13

The Albert, Liverpool

Went here last friday for first time in about 5 years. Glad I did. One of the best (and one of the only) pubs in the area! Nice interior, reasonably priced beer and friendly bar staff. Had a couple of pints here and then had a pleasant walk through Sefton Park to the Aigburth Arms.

1 Mar 2009 15:03

The New Inn, Bath

Wadworths have lowered the prices. Now only 2.40 for a pint of 6X. Most other pubs in Bath are now averaging 2.80 for a pint. This is still better than when I went to London and was paying around 3.30 for a pint!

18 Feb 2009 19:19

Schmooze, Liverpool

My sister told me that this place is owned by Jamie Carragher.

8 Feb 2009 23:15

The Marlborough Arms, Chester

I enjoyed this pub. Had a pint of Stonehouse brewery Off the Rails for 2.50 served by a cheery barmaid. Will definately come here again when I next visit Chester.

3 Feb 2009 22:45

The Falcon, Chester

Had a pint of their Sam Smiths Stout for 1.79. Not the best stout I've had but better than Guinness. Cheap and cheerful for a pub slap bang in the centre of Chester city centre.

3 Feb 2009 22:43

Central Commercial Hotel, Liverpool

I called in here on Saturday lunch time as I had 30 minutes to kill before catching a train from Central. No ales so went for a pint of Strongbow which cost 2.70. Rip-off!

3 Feb 2009 22:34

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Further to the post by oldboots, I like to linger here when not in a group! Probably the safest pub in Liverpool - despite all of the "heavy metal fans and goths". Would rather be amongst them (probably because I am one - ish) than the scallys!

Have been taking notes and recently here I have had Hook Norton - Hooky Gold; Cottage - The Underdogs; Oakleaf (Gosport) - Heart of Oak; erm, and some others !!!

28 Jan 2009 01:24

The Pilgrim, Liverpool

Went here on sunday to watch the Liverpool v Everton game. Very busy as you would expect. Started off with a pint of Phoenix Hop Sack (?) 2.70 a pint was a bit expensive so had boring Carlsberg 1.80 for the rest of the game.

Toilets have been refurbished!!!

28 Jan 2009 01:12

Head of Steam, Liverpool

Went in this evening after work - Okells Bitter and Mild 1.99 a pint (while stocks last!). Also Okells IPA.

Still too random for my liking at this pub - as my last post says it's not consistent in here like other pubs in Liverpool like Ship & Mitre, Swan, Dr Duncans etc. You go to these pubs and know what to expect, i.e. good atmosphere and good range of beers. but you go to the Head of Steam and...

...well, find out for yourself!

28 Jan 2009 00:57

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Went here on Saturday - despite a power cut affecting the whole Bold Street and Liverpool One area they were open. Bizzarely the power cut only affected the lights and fridges! Football on the TV was still on which I watched while drinking a pint of Cains Bitter in candle light!

28 Jan 2009 00:50

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Me too - had a fine pint of Wapping Stout on Saturday!

28 Jan 2009 00:48

Rubber Soul, Liverpool

Has sadly (ahem) closed and gone into administration!

23 Jan 2009 20:56

Fall Well, Liverpool

99p for a pint of Greene King IPA. I wouldn't pay any more because than that to drink in this dark and dingy up-market Wetherspoons. Took ages to get served because of people ordering tea and coffee.

And this is why it always takes ages to get served in a Lloyds or Wetherspoons. Make up your mind - are you a cafe or a restaurant or a coffeeshop or a mid-range wine bar or a cheap boozer!?!? I suppose without the food and tea/coffee they would not be able to sell alcoholic beverages so cheap!

But at least employ more staff - please!!!

23 Jan 2009 20:51

The Dispensary, Liverpool

They had a beer festival last weekend that I didn't know about and it wasn't advertised in the local press. Had a pint of Ossett Black Bull bitter. Would have got there earlier and stayed longer if I had know about this beer festival but I had a train to catch. There loss! Try advertising more next time!

23 Jan 2009 20:42

The White Star, Liverpool

As promised I went in here today at 5pm. Along with Bass and Deuchers IPA there were 4 beers from the Bowland brewery. They were Chipping Steamer, Dark Stranger, Plucking Pheasant and Bowland Oak which is what I tried. Not bad 4% ABV and 2.35 for a pint. Apart from the Bass and Deuchers, and as confirmed by the pubs website, all the other real ales are from Bowland Brewery and not various microbreweries as stated in the comment by Carlurmston. Incidentally the website doesn't appear to have been updated for a while and doesn't say who it is owned by and why they stock Bowland Brewery beers.

15 Jan 2009 23:01

The Royal Oak, Bath

Regarding the comment from back2ploughlane and Wimbledon FC (or is that AFC Wimbledon!?!) I now live in Liverpool and will be travelling down to London for the Wimbledon v Bath City game on 14th February. I'm then travelling over to Bath and the 1st pub I will be going to (after spending the night at a friends house in Trowbridge) will be the Royal Oak.I lived for 8 years in Bath and this is the best pub in the South West! Okay, it was the best pub in the South West but I haven't been there for 7 months - Ihope it hasn't changed!!

15 Jan 2009 01:55

The White Star, Liverpool

Sounds like it has improved since I last went 6 months ago. Will find out for myself after work today and report back ;D

15 Jan 2009 01:25

Walkabout, Liverpool

Damn! Went in here a few weeks ago for a cheap pint as I had a bit of time to kill before I had a train to catch. Paid something stupid like 2.60 for a pint of Strongbow in a plastic pint glass (or should that be plastic pint plastic!?) What happened to 1.90 a pint?

15 Jan 2009 01:22

The Vines, Liverpool

Still no real ales. 2.50 for pint of Strongbow or 1.95 in the Irish bar down the road (which is bloody cheap for an Irish bar!). Excellant pub though and friendly bar staff! A must visit if in town!

15 Jan 2009 01:16

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Had another pint here last week. Don't ask me what it was called though and what brewery it was from! If you're not local and are visiting Liverpool for a day (or 2, or 3) go to the Swan. You will not be disappointed, or if you are you must be mad!

15 Jan 2009 01:13

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Had a pint of First Gold from York brewery on Monday and once again it was well kept and delicious. Whats more it was only 2.40 a pint which is the great thing about this pub. Most pints range from 2.20 to 2.50. This pub is dangerous though, because I have to walk past it on my way to Lime Street station after I finish work (which is why I now sometimes walk a different way because it's too tempting!) Lunch time doesn't get any better - I keep on heading off to Liverpool Museum to see the new Ancient Egypt exhibition but end up in this bloody pub for a swift half! ;D

15 Jan 2009 01:05

The Pumphouse, Liverpool

Don't listen to Delstefan! He must have been on the happy pills when he visited! Tourist trap (literally) for people from out of town or locals who think it's trendy to eat and drink in a pub at the Albert Dock. I'd rather pay extra and go to Baby Cream or one of the trendy bars/grill places in the Albert Dock or walk to one of the cheaper more "local" bars in town like First National, which is why I haven't been to this dump in 5 months! Better still, just go to the Baltic Fleet 5 minutes up the road, and no, I don't work or know anyone who works at the Baltic Fleet!

15 Jan 2009 00:53

The Poste House, Liverpool

Another 1st for me. Went here last week at lunch time after passing it loads of times. It's tucked away in a back street off Dale Street. Very small pub so must get crowded in the evening. Paid something like 1.95 for a very good pint of Cains Bitter.

15 Jan 2009 00:44

Matchworks, Liverpool

Are you sure there's a pub here? It's industrial/office units on the site of the old match factory! Don't fancy going up there to check out as it's on a main road in between Garston and Speke. The fire station by the old Speke Airport is now even "luxury" flats in the middle of nowhere!

15 Jan 2009 00:38

Ma Egertons, Liverpool

Nice little pub but could be a million times better if they had some real ales on. Not even Cains Bitter sold here! Cheaper pubs with more choice of drinks can be found on Lime Street!

15 Jan 2009 00:34

Head of Steam, Liverpool

No ales on tap (again) but had a pint of Westons Old Rosie scrumpy from the box! Strange pub - either empty or crowded! Needs to be more consistent all around. I think the only reason that it still exists is that it is right next to Lime Street station and the Empire theatre. If it was elsewhere it would have gone bust years ago. Don't forget that if you need to use the toilets you need to ask the bar staff for the access code PIN to gain entry (currently C1938X or is it C1983X (?) for the gents and has been for the past 6 months!), or just go around the corner and pay 20p to use the toilets in Lime Street station!

15 Jan 2009 00:30

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

They now have a loyalty card. Buy 10 pints and get the 11th FREE. Not bad really but still 1.35 for Cains Bitter 2 minutes up the road in the Crown on Lime Street compared to 2.30 in Dr Duncans. When I went in here early Sunday evening 2 guys were playing chess and an elderly gentleman was snoozing in a chair listening to his DAB radio! Very relaxing!

15 Jan 2009 00:19

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

New Year - new beers! Excellant as always! Had a pint of Sharps Special Ale today and tried a pint of Insulation (can't remember the brewery) yesterday. Looking forward to next months beer festival!

10 Jan 2009 01:15

The Midland, Liverpool

Not impressed that the bar staff serve the regulars/friends first!

10 Jan 2009 01:09

The Storrsdale, Liverpool

Damn - gone up to 2.53 for a pint of Stella (weekends only - cheaper through the week!) but still best pub in South Liverpool.

Went in here the other week and in the public bar they showed the Liverpool game on the small TV with sound turned down (on Eurosport 2) and Everton game on big screen (on Nova Sport!?!)

And everyone got on just fine!

2 Jan 2009 00:34

The Beehive, Liverpool

No Cains Bitter when I went in a few days ago (probably due not being re-supplied after Christmas) so I reluctantly chose a pint of John Smiths. I'm glad I did because that was the best pint of John Smiths I've had in years!

1 Jan 2009 23:55

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Popped in here on new years eve at 2pm and it was empty. This meant I could have a better look at the interior and so I must disagree with gerrydoyle and Gristy. There's nothing wrong with the interior and it definately isn't "grubby" or "shabby". Toilets were clean (and the hand drier works!)

1 Jan 2009 23:52

Crown, Liverpool

Wow - 1.35 for a pint of Cains Bitter! Up to 8 out of 10!

1 Jan 2009 23:46

The Grapes, Mathew St, Liverpool

Since the Cains problem they no longer sell Cains Bitter. Instead they now have Courage Directors which at 2.00 a pint is a bargain! I must try the food in here some time. It looks and smells nice and the prices on the menu look reasonable.

The Beatles 1st promoter, Sam Leach, always signs his book and new DVD in the Grapes 2pm - 6pm, Thursday to Saturday/Sunday!

Try and get the table on the right hand side near to the back of the pub. A plaque points out that The Beatles sat there (and there is a photo to prove it!) I always make sure I sit in the place where John Lennon did!

If this pub was on Abbey Road, or even by Gracelands, they would charge 10 times what they do and make it tacky - but because this is Liverpool they keep it cheap and cheerful, which is nice! ;)

Still smells of stale beer though!

14 Dec 2008 13:26

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Had a pint of ??? here last week! I need to start writing down what I'm drinking when I come here, because apart from the Wobbly Bob, they are always changing their guests - which is a good thing! ;)

14 Dec 2008 13:08

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

I used to enjoy coming here but recently have noticed that the prices have gone up. 2.80 for a pint of Cains Raisin beer! (It's not even that nice!) Plus, it was apparent that a solicitor/law firm was having it's Christmas night out on the evening I popped in. If you have ever been to Dr Duncans then you will know that there is only one entrance that leads to a step by one end of the bar, which is very narrow, and leads through a door to the very ornate and largish room with the open fire. Now, this group of pin-stripe suited, coke snorting Tory boys (all 40+ plus of them) had decided to congragate in the entrance to the pub and in the narrow bit by the bar, guffawing away into their pints - and not moving out of the way for Moi or anyone else who wanted to get past. Thankfully, once I got to the bar I got served quickly by a bar maid who looked grateful to be serving a subordinate instead of a suited prat. The large tiled room was empty and I could drink my pint in relative silence, only being interupted when the Tory boys came in to make the trip to the basement toilets to snort their coke!

14 Dec 2008 12:56

Crown, Liverpool

Went in here last week (train was cancelled and had 30 mins to kill!). A middle aged lady sat at the bar was F'ing and blinding! Surprisingly she wasn't a local but was American and had just arrived on a plane from New York to Manchester. A combination of jet lag and a (probable) nightmare train journey from Manchester to Lime Street had made her get very tipsy on a couple of G&T's! The large group of Aston Villa supporters in the pub getting bevvied up prior to the match against Everton didn't even flinch! I upped my rating of this pub from a 4 to a 7!

14 Dec 2008 12:37

The Beehive, Liverpool

I should also mention that this is right next to the new Liverpool One shopping centre and a good alternative to Wetherspoons (The Welkin) 100m further down the road! Mainly because this is a real pub!

14 Dec 2008 12:26

The Beehive, Liverpool

Went in here last week during my lunch break and had a swift half of Cains Bitter. First time I've been here and will definately return for a longer stay. They had a couple of other ales on tap and the food looked to be of a good standard and reasonably priced. (Why haven't I been here before!?!?)

14 Dec 2008 12:23

Welkin, Liverpool

Oh dear - I decided to give this place a 2nd chance a couple of days ago but what a mistake. Asked for a pint of Marstons Pedigree which is often the safest option. The barrel had just been changed and I ended up with the 1st pint which was very watery and had no taste. It was warm as well which is rare for Wetherspoons!

I was going to take it back and ask for a new pint but a queue of 20+ people (yes a queue!) had appeared at the bar. Once again the bar staff (all 2 of them) were busy taking food orders and making cups of tea and coffee! Starbucks and Costa Coffee have got some competition!!!

30 Nov 2008 19:50

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Went here last Friday to discover that they were having their Winter Beer Festival. Even better they had Mr Perrets stout from the Wickwar brewery in Gloucestershire. I used to drink this when I lived down south and was amazed to find it at this festival so had 2 pints and nothing else!

Went back on Saturday - no Mr Perrets but had Treacle Stout from the Osset brewery and also a pint of Red Ember from the Hop Back brewery in Salisbury (they also produce the wonderful Summer Lightning). There were 3 bearded blokes who were sampling every single beer on offer and ticking them off on the beer list/menu. They even had table service. Have never understood why you would want to sample several dozen different beers from 1/3 pint glasses but I suppose someone has got to do it!

Wish I had the time (and money) to drink more at this festival!

The Ship & Mitre once again proves that it is an oasis in a city full of cheap lager pubs and WAG bars!

30 Nov 2008 19:24

The Empire, Liverpool

Forgot to mention - drinks not cheap and no real ales. Strange collection of Beatles/Merseybeat memorobilia on the wall by the gents toilets!

25 Nov 2008 00:07

Barracuda, Liverpool

Accidently went there 4 years ago! Sounds like it's still rubbish!

25 Nov 2008 00:01

Wonder Bar, Liverpool

Crap place for scallys! Avoid.

23 Nov 2008 05:28

Welkin, Liverpool

It's Saturday = very busy. Wetherspoons - try employing more than 3 members of staff (that don't waste time by talking to each other when they should be serving!) I can't wait more than 5 minutes to get served, especially when the 3 bar staff are making tea and coffee for customers to go with their meal. (Why do people go to the pub and drink tea and coffee???) Beer festival had finished but I left before I could find out how much a pint cost! Went to First National bar on James Street - got served straight away because it was empty!

23 Nov 2008 05:26

The Grappa Bar, Bath


23 Nov 2008 05:16

The Alehouse, Bath

Small, with a unisex toilet! Bellringer not the best on town.

23 Nov 2008 05:08

The Piccadilly Ale House, Bath

Made the mistake of going here once several years ago! Nothing special and wasn't made to feel welcome by the landlord and locals! Walk past it.

16 Nov 2008 19:45

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

I went here last month and got served straight away which came as a shock. But yes - dirty tables and used glasses everyhwere!

16 Nov 2008 19:19

Welkin, Liverpool

Been here twice in last couple of weeks. Beer festival on at the moment - all ales 1.69. Had a pint of Viking Skull (I think!) - very strong and had a strange taste! Friendly staff and very busy, even at 10.45am. One of the better Wetherspoons I've been to but suffering from simlair problems like not enough staff and dirty tables.

16 Nov 2008 19:16

The Brewery Tap, Liverpool

(Ignore my last review - it's about the Baltic fleet!)

Have only been to Brewery Tap once - it is a bit out of town but if you are on this side of town combine it with a trip to the Baltic Fleet and Peter Kavanaghs on Catharine Street.

21 Oct 2008 03:24

The Rose and Crown, Larkhall

Short walk from Larkhall Inn and worth a visit if you're in this part of town.

21 Oct 2008 03:09

The Larkhall Inn, Larkhall

Used to go here a few times a week when I lived in Larkhall. Cheapest Thatchers in town (1.60 for a pint) back in 2006. Nice landlord and landlady. Large beer garden. Bit of a locals pub (probably to do with it's location) but worth a visit. 30 minute walk from centre of Bath or short bus ride. Larkhall is also worth a visit for its wine merchant, butchers and greengrocers (something of a rarity in Bath!)

21 Oct 2008 03:07

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

If you're in this part of town it's an excellant alternative to The Apple (if you don't like cider!) and definately an excellant alternative to the Landoger Trow!

21 Oct 2008 01:23

The Louisiana, Bristol

I travelled from Bath to go to a gig here. It had sold out (I should have checked first!) but I stayed for a couple of pints because it's a pleasant place. Went to another gig here a few months later (that hadn't sold out!). Stage area upstairs is ideal for intimate gigs!

21 Oct 2008 01:18

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

I agree with most of the comments about this Wetherspoons. It's one of their better ones (along with the Knights Temple around the back of Temple Meads station).

If you want an awful Wetherspoons go to the King of Wessex in Bath!

21 Oct 2008 01:07

The Rummer, Bath

Should have mentioned that it's a rugby friendly pub so on match days at the Rec it gets crowded in here. In fact, avoid the whole of Bath on match days - all the pubs are crowded, as are the shopping areas, car parks and trains.

20 Oct 2008 17:52

Revolution, Bath

Someone threatened a barman with a gun here recently. Nice! (He was probably fed up with the loud music!)

20 Oct 2008 17:43

The Bath Brew House, Bath

Oh yes, forgot to mention, they have a karaoke night, even when a big footy game is on TV. They turn the TV volume down and you are forced to watch it while listening to drunk locals from Rosewell Court across the road singing awful renditions of Tina Turner and Michael Bolton!

20 Oct 2008 17:32

The Bell, Bath

Strange how everyone who goes there has the same experience. I've been going there since 2000 and it's always been the same poor service. I went there once and a man came in with 2 boys (about 12 years old). He bought himself a pint of lager and 2 halves of lager for the 2 boys. I mentioned to the bar maid that the boys were no older than 12 and she just gave that blank facial expression that all of the staff there do! I warned her that I might report the pub to the local council licencing department and she just stared right through me!

20 Oct 2008 17:01

The Pulteney Arms, Bath

It's on the market for 85,000 with Christie & Co. but is also being leased by Enterprise Inns for 34,500 p/a. More nonsense from the Bath Chronicle but someone has to buy or lease it! Or both!

10 Oct 2008 02:44

The Apple, Bristol

Excellant place - but haven't been there for months. I would advise that you check the opening times though because the last time I went there to meet a friend in the afternoon it was closed and not due to open until 5pm. (This was about 5 months ago.) But I checked their website today and it says they open at 12pm!

26 Sep 2008 18:53

All Bar One, Bristol

I've been unfortunate to experience All Bar One in Bath - which is why I've never been to this one!

26 Sep 2008 18:21

Royal Oak, Widcombe

Ideal for a quiet pint of Butcombe on a saturday or sunday afternoon, but avoid when a big rugby game is on TV. It gets very busy and takes ages to get served - especially when the bar staff serve their friends first!

26 Sep 2008 18:19

The Weston, Lower Weston

Have been there a few times. The interior has been done up - probably a bit too much! It's more of a restaurant than a pub. They had London Pride when I went and it wasn't cheap. Before it opened the new owner was interviewed by the Bath Chronicle and said it wasn't going to be gastro pub. I'm afraid it is!

26 Sep 2008 18:11

The Dolphin Inn, Lower Weston

They serve a good pint of Pedigree. Nice to go there early evening or to sit in the beer garden on a saturday or sunday afternoon. Better alternative to the Full Moon for a pre-match drink at Twerton Park. However, it changes in the eveninig and seems to attract the local wide-boys and chavs!

26 Sep 2008 18:03

The Brains Surgery, Larkhall

I lived next door to it for a year but only went there twice. A bit too local for my likng!

26 Sep 2008 17:59

The Royal Hotel, Bath

Expensive, no atmosphere, but when your train is delayed by 30 mins (a common occurence!) it comes in useful. Or you could sit with the drunks on the church steps by the homeless hostel and have a swig of their sherry or white ligntning!

26 Sep 2008 17:45

The Roundhouse, Bath

What a stupid idea - open a Pret a Manger right next door to a well established local business that already sells freshly made sandwiches and baguettes!!!

26 Sep 2008 17:40

The New Crown Inn, Bath

Bizarre interior layout due to corner position at the top of Chelsea Road. Nothing special but good alternative if you can't be bothered going into town on a Friday night. Short walk to the Dolphin and the Weston.

26 Sep 2008 17:20

The Longacre Tavern, Bath

Forgot to mention the crack dealers who deal in the alley by this dump!

26 Sep 2008 17:14

The Stag & Hounds, Bristol

Haven't been there for a while but it always been ok. Doom Bar and Timothy Taylor Landlord on tap when I've been there.

My friends father in law came over from Poland and we went there last year. They only went and ran out of vodka! And it was a Saturday evening!

21 Sep 2008 00:34

The Slug and Lettuce, Bristol

It's a Slug and Lettuce chav friendly bar. Great let's go there for a fight!

21 Sep 2008 00:30

The Watershed Cafe Bar, Bristol

Went there about 10 years ago. Don't remember much!!

Last post from Oct 2007 says 2.90 for a pint of Gem! How much is a pint of Gem (or ale) now!? Must be at least 3.50!!! Does anyone know?

21 Sep 2008 00:27

O'Neills, Bristol

It's an O'Niells!

I've been unfortunate to visit the O'Niells in Bath and also the one in Liverpool! They are Paddys worst nightmare! Stay away from them! AAAAArrgghh!

If Terry Wogan was a pub he would be a O'Niells pub! It's not even a pub - it's not even a bar. It's...

...barbaric!!! I actually know people who like O'Niells! And yes, they are morons!

21 Sep 2008 00:21

The Salamander, Bath

A body was found in the gents a couple of days ago (apparently surrounded by syringes).

Apart from that I like the place.

20 Sep 2008 23:58

RSVP, Bath

Chav friendly.

Avoid if you have half a brain!

20 Sep 2008 23:55

Revolution, Bath

No - just avoid....

20 Sep 2008 23:53

O'Neill's, Bath

Forgot to mention - it's like all other O'Niells bars around the country. I.e. cr*p!

20 Sep 2008 23:49

The King William, Bath

Not pleasant - it's a gastro pub next to the Longacre Tavern. Had the misfortune of seeing Jeremy Guscott in there once!

20 Sep 2008 23:42

The Hobgoblin, Bath

Hmmm! Me and my friends were asked to leave here by the landlady. It was 1pm on a Saturday afternoon, we were the only people in there (having a swift pint before going to watch Bath City FC!), my friends wife had her baby with her. We were told to leave because we were scaring off other customers. No, the reason no one else was coming into the pub was because Iron Maiden was playing on the juke box at 20 million decibals (which didn't wake seem to bother my friends baby!) It was OK for the landladys 7 year old daughter to play by the bar though (and the kid used to "play" in the pub on a Friday and Saturday evening when it was very busy and full of tanked up people! Double standards me thinks, which is why me and my friends havn't been back there for 2 years! And recently the landlord got beat up on the doorstep of the pub! Wonder why!

20 Sep 2008 23:37

Gascoyne Place, Bath

Go around the corner to The Raven.

Say "no" to gastro!

20 Sep 2008 23:28

The Kingsman, Liverpool

Now a Toby Carvery with a cheap hotel called Innkeepers Lodge next to it. Think I had to stick for Strongbow as there wasn't much else on offer. I feel sorry for people who live around here because the nearest "proper" pub is either 1.5 miles away in Garston, the Rose of Mossley on Rose Lane (also 1.5 miles away). The Greenhills is 1 mile away but is also a Toby Carvery. Best option is just to go into Liverpool city centre!

1 Sep 2008 20:01

The Empire, Liverpool

Very small and full of locals who just sit there and stare into space. They normally show horse racing on the TV but last time I was there Gone With The Wind was on.

1 Sep 2008 19:44

Crown, Liverpool

Strange place, as previous reviews have said it always looks like somethings going to kick off! Would only go there during the day to shelter from the rain!

1 Sep 2008 19:38

O'Neills, Bristol

It's an O'Niells!

1 Sep 2008 15:52

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Worth going to if you're making a trip up to The Grain Barge.

1 Sep 2008 15:43

The Old Crown Inn, Twerton

Still attracts the same 10 locals. Landlord is nice and runs the place on his own. Courage Best is okay. Don't know how it's managed to stay open!

1 Sep 2008 15:38

The Full Moon, Twerton

Always dead through the week, and at the weekend attracts all of the local chavs. I went in there once to watch football on the TV. What a mistake! That's the fastest I've ever drank a pint!

1 Sep 2008 15:36

The Richmond Tavern, Wavertree

Had a pint of Waggle Dance there last week. It can get busy in the evening and is full of drunk young men!

1 Sep 2008 15:14

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Still an excellant retreat from all of the scally pubs and bars in Liverpool. Forgot what I drank there last time but it was one of the ever changing real ales. I don't think that the 3 elderly tourists who were sat next to me were impressed when Rage Against The Machine came on the juke box at full volume - at 3 in the afternoon!

1 Sep 2008 15:09

The Slaughterhouse, Liverpool

Has just been refurbished. Had never been there before. It's okay but it's your typical expensive Irish type pub. 3.00 for a pint of Magners.

1 Sep 2008 15:02

The Pumphouse, Liverpool

Has been refurbished and drinks are expensive. Think I paid about 2.80 for a pint of Strongbow. Go to the Baltic Fleet 5 minites away.

1 Sep 2008 14:57

The Pilgrim, Liverpool

Went there last week and the guy who got served before me was short changed - by the same barman that short changed me!

1 Sep 2008 14:54

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Nice pub but very small range of real ales.

1 Sep 2008 14:51

Head of Steam, Liverpool

Went here for the 1st time last week. It's a bit shabby inside with speaker wires and wires attched to lights sticking out of the walls, and was spoilt by the 2 women who let their 2 little brats run riot and climb all over the seats! Would be nice if it was given a bit of a makeover and had a better range of ales.

1 Sep 2008 14:42

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

The First Baltic Fleet beer festival was held over bank holiday weekend with 29 Wapping beers on offer. Unlike most beer festivals it wasn't too crowded. Only spoilt by the people who insist on congragating around the bar to drink their drinks making it difficult for others to get served - and the bar on the ground floor at this pub is tiny, which is why I went to the stillage on the 1st floor and bought a pint of Wapping Stout for 2.00!

1 Sep 2008 14:33

The Brewery Tap, Liverpool

The First Baltic Fleet beer festival was held over bank holiday weekend with 29 Wapping beers on offer. Unlike most beer festivals it wasn't too crowded. Only spoilt by the people who insist on congragating around the bar to drink their drinks making it difficult for others to get served - and the bar on the ground floor at this pub is tiny, which is why I went to the stillage on the 1st floor and bought a pint of Wapping Stout for 2.00!

1 Sep 2008 14:30

The Lock Inn Cafe (Canal Side Cafe), Bradford on Avon

Have eaten here several times and the food is good value for money. Stowford Press and Wadworth 6X on tap. Nice in the summer to be able to sit outside by the canal. I recommend that you book a table in advance if you want a meal in the evening. It gets very busy.

11 Aug 2008 00:39

The Saracens Head, Bath

Hasn't changed since my last review. Courage Best and Bombardier are cheaper than most other pubs in Bath.

11 Aug 2008 00:33

The Rising Sun, Bath

Went one evening and it was full of toff 6th form kids. Not enjoyable!

Another time it was full of Bath rugby supporters who were in there after a game. Again, not enjoyable!

Went one afternoon and I was the only person in there. Bliss!

11 Aug 2008 00:28

The Pulteney Arms, Bath

Good range of beers - Butcombe, 6X, London Pride. Large roaring fire and not too pricey.

11 Aug 2008 00:22

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Nice pub but expensive drinks.

11 Aug 2008 00:12

The Longacre Tavern, Bath

Went there once years ago. What a dump. Stay away!

11 Aug 2008 00:07

The Litten Tree, Bath

Very grand building and nice interior. Would make a great real ale pub - it's a pity that it's The Litten Tree though!

11 Aug 2008 00:06

The Huntsman Inn, Bath

Expensive and it has a reputation for trouble. Go to Lambrettas across the road.

10 Aug 2008 23:57

The Hop Pole, Bath

I always like coming here. Gem and Spa always well kept (and for some reason 10p cheaper for a pint than in The Salamander in town!) Great beer garden - gets very busy in the summer though and the interior is small. New managers are friendly and always make you feel welcome.

10 Aug 2008 23:55

The Tram Shed, Bath

I was forced to come here with some work colleagues. Never again! Full of wannabes.

10 Aug 2008 23:51

The Crown Inn, Bath

Go to the Barley opposite!

10 Aug 2008 23:44

The Barley, Bath

Have been here a few times and have been impressed. Thatchers and Bombadier were well kept.

10 Aug 2008 23:40

Revolution, Swindon

Expensive - check; very loud music - check; meathead bouncers - check; full of wannabe's - check; same as every other Revolution in England - check!

10 Aug 2008 23:36

The Sugar Loaf, Easton

Went here after a visit to the Cotham Porter Store. Nice Thatchers and right next to Stapleton Road station.

10 Aug 2008 23:21

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

Watched the FA Cup final there. The good cider made the game bearable to watch!

10 Aug 2008 23:19

Zero Degrees, Bristol

It was empty when I went with some friends. Even though we had the place to ourselves it took ages to get served! The Pilsner was good. It would be interesting to see what it's like in the evenings.

10 Aug 2008 23:11

The White Lion, Bristol

Great pub and great beer - I always try and get to it when I'm in Bristol.

10 Aug 2008 23:08

Revolution, Bristol

Never been here but if it's anything like 2 other Revolutions I've been to (not my choice!) I'm staying well clear!

10 Aug 2008 23:05

The Reckless Engineer, Bristol

Good range of ales and cider when I last went there.

10 Aug 2008 23:02

The Long Bar, Bristol

Very cheap but I wouldn't go there for a night out!

10 Aug 2008 22:56

The Llandoger, Bristol

They only had Green King IPA when I last visited. Nice pub though and cheap.

10 Aug 2008 22:54

Knights Templar, Bristol

Best Wetherspoons I've been to and guest ales always changing. You don't get the usual idiots that you find in other Wetherspoons - probably because of it's location. And it's a lot cheaper than the rip-off bar in Temple Meads station.

10 Aug 2008 22:52

Grain Barge, Bristol

Well worth the walk and the beer is well kept. My favourite has to be the bottled Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout.

10 Aug 2008 22:47

The Cornubia, Bristol

I can't understand all of the negative reviews for the Cornubia. I've always received a pleasant welcome by all of the bar staff and the beer has always been in top condition! And it's chav free!

10 Aug 2008 22:44

The Salamander, Bath

Fantastic Bath Ales run pub. Can get busy. Never had a bad pint in here.

10 Aug 2008 19:13

The Rummer, Bath

Great pub and they serve a nice pint of Otter. Friendly staff.

10 Aug 2008 19:11

The Royal Oak, Bath

Excellant pub and chav free. Nice little beer garden too.

10 Aug 2008 19:10

The Rising Sun, Bath

Dump for the local scum bags!

10 Aug 2008 19:07

The Raven, Bath

Well worth a visit - gets very busy in the evenings though. Good range of well kept ales.

10 Aug 2008 19:05

The Rat and Parrot, Bath

2 people fighting fell out of this place last week. (It was only 3pm!)Strangely the police were very quick to turn up. Avoid this chav magnet!

10 Aug 2008 19:03

The Ram, Bath

Nice pub with Bellringer and Thatchers scumpy. Gets busy when the rugby is on TV.

10 Aug 2008 19:00

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

I like this place and they have a good range of guest ales, but I have had some VERY bad pints in there and it's getting very expensive. Each time I go there they seen to have added 10p to a pint!

10 Aug 2008 18:57

O'Neill's, Bath

Went there a month ago - still rubbish but this time they had bouncers on the door. Pubs and bars with bouncers mean they are expecting trouble - so stay away!

10 Aug 2008 18:55

The New Inn, Bath

Nice pub and friendly staff, but like The Curfew (another Wadworths pub) it's pricey! Worth a visit though.

10 Aug 2008 18:53

The Bath Brew House, Bath

They used to sell Marstons Pedigree but don't anymore. In fact they have no bitters or ales apart from disgusting John Smiths. Gets busy when football is on Sky and attracts lots of students. Large beer garden/car park.

10 Aug 2008 18:51

The Marlborough Tavern, Bath

Expensive gastro pub with the same bland atmosphere as every other gastro pub in Bath!

10 Aug 2008 18:47

The Livingstone, Bath

Went there twice when I was checking out pubs when I first moved to Bath. Don't know why I went the second time - maybe the off-licence on Moorland Road was closed!

10 Aug 2008 18:45

Lambrettas Bar, Bath

Great place, very friendly and ideal to pop in to for a swift pint of Abbey Ales Bellringer. And they have a annual Lambretta rally!

10 Aug 2008 18:43

The Lamb and Lion, Bath

Cheap and full of chavs. Don't look anyone in the eye!

10 Aug 2008 18:41

The Kings Arms, Bath

Good pub, good range of beer - always guest ales on. Gets busy when live music is on. I like it.

10 Aug 2008 18:39

The King of Wessex, Bath

Good choice of real ale and very cheap, but why do they keep it so cold? Sometimes can tak 10+ minutes to get served. I've walked out a couple of times after waiting ages to get served. Not the best Wetherspoons I've been to.

10 Aug 2008 18:37

The Grapes, Bath

More expensive than what I said in my last post and they've got new management. If you want a cheapish no thrills pub that shows Sky Sports and Setanta then visit! I wouldn't stay after 9pm though!

10 Aug 2008 18:32

The Golden Fleece, Bath

Went there a few times because they had some good guest ales on offer. I stopped going though because of the meathead clintele!

10 Aug 2008 18:30

Flan O'Briens, Bath

If you drink Guiness and the other Euro piss then it is expensive! But I think it's 2.60 or 2.70 for a pint of Abbey Ales Bellringer whicj is why I think it's a great pub! And they show football on Sky!

10 Aug 2008 18:27

The Crystal Palace Tavern, Bath

Nice pub but too expensive!

10 Aug 2008 18:24

The Curfew, Bath

Nice friendly pub but getting a bit pricey.

10 Aug 2008 18:22

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

Too small!

10 Aug 2008 18:20

The Chequers, Bath

I agree - to gastro but they had Gem when I went! To "posh" for me!

10 Aug 2008 18:19

The Boater, Bath

Beer garden/car park is ok for the summer. Wadworth 6X and Bath Ales Gem on tap. Strange mixture of locals and students and rugby supporters. Also drunk rugby players causing mayhem.

Last time a went was in May the day after Bath won the European Challene Cup. Most of the Bath team were in there and I passed Matt Stevens (what an ape!) on the stairs. They were all plastered and making the pub a very unpleasant environment! Dancing on tables etc. Okay so they had a right to celebrate but trying to pick a fight with me wasn't a good idea! Why are all rugby players (and supporters) idiots after drinking half a shandy!?

10 Aug 2008 18:18

The Belvoir Castle, Bath

Used to walk past it every day without entering due to dodgy looking people smoking outside. Plucked up the courage to go in there and it's ok! Courage Best and Doom Bar on tap. Sometimes show footy on TV but whenever I went down there they had a quiz night.

10 Aug 2008 18:09

All Bar One, Bath

Have been forced to go there several times for after work drinks etc. I hate the place. Full of wannabes. Stay away!

10 Aug 2008 18:01

The Trinity, Bath

Expensive at 3.20 for a pint of Guiness and 2.90 for the guest ales. Go to Wetherspoons across the road!

10 Aug 2008 18:00

The Rose of Mossley, Mossley Hill

Now 2.65 for a Stella. No real ale but it's a good place and is always busy (but not too busy!). It's a better alternative to Yates's on Allerton Road!

10 Aug 2008 17:57

The Grapes, Mathew St, Liverpool

Smells of stale beer but famous because the Beatles used to hang out here. Only 2.00 for a pint of weel kept Cains bitter or 1.90 for a pint of Chestnut Mild which is a bargain considering it's on Mathew Street! Worth a visit!

10 Aug 2008 17:53

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

Yes, it's a smelly pub but good range of guest ales - and the Beatles used to hang out here!

10 Aug 2008 17:49

The Vines, Liverpool

Good pub but as other people have said there's no real ale. If you've got time to kill before you have a train to catch from Lime Street I would recommend here instead of some of the other dodgy pubs close by.

10 Aug 2008 17:48

Walkabout, Liverpool

This is a great place to visit in the afternoon. I've been there several times over the last month and it has always been empty. No real ales but 1.90 for a pint of Strongbow is a bargain! Nice balcony on the 1st floor for the smokers and Sky Sports is always on TV.

As for the evening, me and my sister had just been to see a band at the Barfly and had a bit of time to kill before our train home. The bouncers wouldn't let us in to Walkabout because I was wearing combat trousers and my sister had dyed pink hair! The people inside looked like scallys aswell so we were glad that we weren't allowed in!

10 Aug 2008 17:44

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Good range of beers, reasonably priced. Can get very busy in the evening though. Large terrace out the back. Best to visit in the afternoon if you just want a quiet drink.

10 Aug 2008 17:38

The Storrsdale, Liverpool

Have only recently started going here. It's a million times better than the Greenhills up the road. Deuchers IPA and London Pride on tap at the moment and they had Timothy Taylor Landlord a couple of weeks ago. Drinks are cheap (I paid 2.30 for a pint of Stella last week) and the staff are friendly; and if you like football they have Sky, Setanta and also show Liverpool games on LFC TV.

10 Aug 2008 17:34

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Good range of beers but not many ales from down south and not enough stouts and porters. But they have had Sharps Cornish Coaster the last couple of times I've been there which was well kept. Other ales I've tried there haven't been well kept! Worth a visit though.

10 Aug 2008 17:28

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Nice traditional pub. A bit too cramped for my liking though, but the real ale on offer was good.

10 Aug 2008 17:22

Revolution, Liverpool

Went there once. It's the same as all Revolution bars across the country. Not cheap and full of wannabes! And why do they have to play VERY loud dance music? Not a pleasant experience unless you want to try chilli vodka which was disgusting!

10 Aug 2008 17:20

The Pilgrim, Liverpool

Good place to go and the interior is very unique. Toilets are horrible! Nice little courtyard at the front with tables and benches. Quiet in the afternoon. Busy in the evening. Beer is cheap and always special offers. However, I was short changed twice by the same barman the last time I was there so check your change!

10 Aug 2008 17:17

Peter Kavanaghs, Liverpool

Worth the walk out of town. Lovely building, lovely interior. Guest ales are different whenever I go there and are well kept. Scally free - go there now!

10 Aug 2008 17:13

O'Neill's, Liverpool

Cheapish, nothing special as it's the same as all O'Neills bars around the country. Plus they have bouncers in the evening. Stay away!

10 Aug 2008 17:09

The Midland, Liverpool

Nice interior. Cheap drinks. Nothing special!

10 Aug 2008 17:08

The Krazy House, Liverpool

Used to go there in th 90's when it was just 1 floor and they had live bands. I saw Carcass, Napalm Death and Paradise Lost play gigs. It was always 2 for 1 on the drinks. They then added more floors playing different music to attract students. It actually attracted scallys and there was a stabbing there recently! Don't go!

10 Aug 2008 17:06

Jacaranda, Liverpool

Love this place. Cheap Stella but no real ale! Can get very busy. Always popular witht tourists who visit for the Beatles connection. Lots of old Beatles photos on the walls. Cellar bar where the Beatles did their first gig is open in the evening.

10 Aug 2008 17:01

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool


10 Aug 2008 16:57

Dovedale Towers, Liverpool

Went here a couple of years ago and it was a bit grotty. It's now been refurbished. I think it's owned by the people who run Alma de Cuba where all the WAGS go. There was a drive by shooting outside it a while back. Go to the Penny Lane Wine Bar up the road!

10 Aug 2008 16:55

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

I go here several times a week and love it. Had a great pint of Cains FA yesterday served by a lovely friendly bar maid! Just hope it doesn't close down now that Cains have gone into administration!

10 Aug 2008 16:51

Bar Ca Va, Liverpool

Nice place - but I don't like the fact that they need bouncers in the evening. I suppose it keeps the scallys out though - which is a good thing!

10 Aug 2008 16:44

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Went there a couple of weeks ago when the Tall Ships were in town. Unique looking pub, nice atmosphere and great beer - think I had the Summer Ale brewed in the pub!

10 Aug 2008 16:41

The Cavern, Liverpool

Cheapish bar and always lots of tourists in there when I go - which is a good thing. But I hope they realise that it isn't the real Cavern Club! I prefer the Cavern Pub opposite!

10 Aug 2008 16:04

The White Star, Liverpool

I went there last year when the Mathew Street festival was on and there was a good atmosphere with a band playing. I went there last week and it was empty apart from a few dodgy looking poeople, talking about when they were next going to the Magistrates court, and it smelt of stale beer. I was served by an uninterested scally bar man and paid about 2.70 for a pint of cider - which is expensive for Liverpool!

10 Aug 2008 16:01

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Whenever I have been here it's been crowded and it takes ages to get served. Several real ales at reasonable prices but be prepared to stand!

10 Aug 2008 15:55

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Has full range of Cains beers and is well worth a visit. Landlord and bar staff are friendly.

10 Aug 2008 15:52

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Ignore my last comment, it's not the best pub in Liverpool but the best pub in the World, with the best jukebox in the world. I live in Chippenham and lived in Bath for 6 years (where i still work). Dozens of decent pubs down here - but not as good as the Swan!

13 Feb 2007 00:10

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Best pub in Liverpool. Always loads of real ales, but if you're not into that the lagers cheap and the juke box is best in England. People from well known (and not so well known bands can be found here) - but it's so dark in here you wouldn't notice. Less bikers than there used to be.

13 Feb 2007 00:01

Jacaranda, Liverpool

Always go here when I'm in Liverpool. 2.00 for a pint of Stella - and don't forget the Beatles connection! They played in the cellar bar a few times. Lots of Beatles memorabilia on the walls.

12 Feb 2007 23:54

Sam Wellers, Bath

Those chairs are bloody uncomfortable! Good couple of ales on including Timothy Taylor. Need to sort out ventilation - hot in the summer and smokey. Saw a guy collapse in there.

12 Feb 2007 23:46

The Hobgoblin, Bath

Best pub in Bath if you don't want to drink with chavs. They've got the Lamb & Lion down the road. Always 5 real ales on tap - Hobgoblin, Gem, Brakspear, London Pride and Dirty Trick (Wychwood) at the moment. New manager and his wife are nice (previous managers now run the Royal Oak by Windsor Bridge in Twerton). Best juke box in town for metalheads, skaters, goth and emos.

12 Feb 2007 23:29

The Raven, Bath

Good selection of real ales still at 2.50 a pint. Gets very busy at times. It was better when it was Hatchetts, but the Hobgoblin is only down the road if the pie-eaters and rugby fans start to annoy you!

12 Feb 2007 23:18

St Christophers, Bath

This place has bouncers at the weekend. Drinks are expensive. No real ales. And it's a youth hostel! Amazingly it's opposite the Old Green Tree. Go to the Old Green Tree instead. Or there's a Waitrose 50m across the road. Buy a bottle of cider and go and sit in Parade Gardens. Better experience than St Christophers!

12 Feb 2007 23:04

The Tram Shed, Bath

Stay away from here - the Pig & Fiddle is 50m to the left; The Bell is 200m to the right!

12 Feb 2007 22:59

The Boater, Bath

Great pub for 6X. Can get busy on rubgy days. Excellent beer garden/carpark (!) in the summer which is right next to Pultney Bridge. Nice!

12 Feb 2007 22:47

The Crystal Palace Tavern, Bath

Expensive. Bar staff are slow. Tables dirty and covered in glasses and dirty, full ashtrays. Most expensive Bellringer in town. Go to Lambrettas Bar instead.

12 Feb 2007 22:42

The Salamander, Bath

Excellant pub - when it isn't busy! Cheapest pint of Gem in town at 2.30. Good bar staff, nice interior. Good alternative to the Hop Pole on a wet winters evening when you can't be bothered to walk out of town!

12 Feb 2007 22:29

O'Neill's, Bath

Yawn - you may as well go to Flan O'Briens and may more for a pint than go to chain theme bar O'Neills! Or - why not go to a real pub like The Raven, The Bell or the Hobgoblin and stop being a chav!

12 Feb 2007 22:23

The Rat and Parrot, Bath

I'd rather LIVE in the Lamb & Lion than go there (which I did once - I'm still undergoing therapy!)

12 Feb 2007 22:20

Flan O'Briens, Bath

Great pub, friendly bar staff, great location. But why so expensive?? Was in there a couple of weeks ago. (Not my choice!) I've been to Irish bars in Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Budapest etc, and they ALL "up" the price of a pint by 30 or 40 pence!! Apart from Flanaggans Apple on Mathew Street in Liverpool - now that's how you should run a Irish pub and not rip people off!!!

12 Feb 2007 22:17

The Grapes, Bath

The Grapes is Grate!! 2.15 for a pint of Fosters, they always show the Liverpool football games (Kev the landlord supports them), food is cheap, always lively, very nice toilets, some of the female bar staff need to cheer up though!

12 Feb 2007 22:10

The Litten Tree, Bath

They've stopped the Friday night happy hour. I went there before christmas, asked for a pint of Directors and was asked to pay 2.75. Stupidly I paid. There's not much atmosphere and the music is too loud.

11 Feb 2007 14:47

Porter, Bath

I've been going here for the past 7 years. Best time to go is monday to friday between 5.30 and 6.30. It's happy hour and a pint of Bellringer can be had for 2.00. The place gets busy in the evenings and the local chavs know to stay away! Bar staff friendly too.

11 Feb 2007 14:45

Revolution, Bath

Rubbish, expensive, full of wannabes. Bouncers on the door which means they expect to get trouble. I was asked to take my woolen hat off before they let me in. Music was too loud, not the sort of place to go for a quiet chat with your mates. Never again. I left after one pint and vowed never to return. My friends then moved on to that other awful place on George Street - RSVP - now the Slug and Lettuce.

11 Feb 2007 14:40

The Saracens Head, Bath

I actually think it's got worse since the old managers left and took on Sam Wellers on Upper Borough Walls. The Saracens gets too packed when there's football or rugby on and it always takes ages to get served at the bar. However, I met some friends there last saturday night and it was empty.

11 Feb 2007 14:35

The Assembly Inn, Bath

I go here several times a week. Under new management and prices have gone up - but they now stock Doombar, Old Rosie and Stowford Press and a few other real ales. Great place to watch the rugby or football. And because it's not in the centre you don't get many chavs there! New food menu too.

11 Feb 2007 14:30

All Bar One, Bath

Expensive with bar staff in silly uniforms. They used to give you your change on a silver dish. It's full off toffs and wanna-be jerks.I haven't been there for years and will never return.

11 Feb 2007 14:25

The Four Seasons, Chippenham

Strange place this that attracts the local chavs. They do a good pint of HSB and London Pride though.

11 Feb 2007 14:21

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