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Great Spoon of Ilford, Ilford

poor angie, she dose the work of five bar staff (10 if your talking about that plank Tyrone) .the average waiting time to be served is the reason why it seems to be full of O A Ps, i went in one Wednesday aged 25 and left after my first pint aged 73 what a joke, to top this off if you dare mention this fact, then your greeted with tutting and teeth sucking,RAS-CLART.

7 Jul 2015 09:05

Maguires Sports Bar, Ilford

good food, good company and a good night out. probably the only real irish pub in ilford and the manager scotty is a good laugh

14 Jul 2010 00:04

The Red Lion, Ilford

overpriced overpriced overpriced, need i go on .no atmosphear, no laughter. no nothing. HEAD ACROSS THE ROAD TO MAGIRES FOR A GOOD NIGHT OUT

31 Jan 2010 16:34

Great Spoon of Ilford, Ilford

this mixture of drunks and OAP makes for the ultimate in pissing on the stools and seats pub probably in the world. what a dump

31 Jan 2010 16:20

O'Neill's, Ilford

stale is the only word that comes to mind, stale people, stale beer,stale bar staff and stale atmosphere. over priced, bad service, rotten food and no kids allowed which is surprising when you consider the childlike pranks the bar staff get up to while you're waiting 20 minutes to be served

31 Jan 2010 16:16

Jono's, Ilford

what a kazie if it aint helens way then your out the door, deffinatly the pub with the most bannings in ilford

31 Jan 2010 16:07

The Bell, Ilford

what a nightmare, hold your nose all who enter here for the smell of piss is the only greeting you will recive, the place is full of junkie, pimps, pros and wanna be gangers. the only possitive thing i can say is the saturday morning i nipped in for a very very quick one with my then 3 year old son is that he found a coke stained rolled up 20 pound note, HA HA cleaner

31 Jan 2010 15:55

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