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BITE user comments - marksy80

Comments by marksy80

Bar Naz, Watford

Really cool bar. Lots of pricey cocktails to choose from and this does result in long queuing at the bar. Good mix of music, nice atmosphere and should grow in popularity soon.

17 Mar 2005 11:04

Baraka, Watford

Strange layout itís a restaurant with a bar area. Personally prefer it as one big bar as it gets packed at the weekend. Nice interior little on the dingy side. Late opening but stopped the cut through to Area.

27 Jan 2005 13:53

The Moon Under Water, Watford

Queues in ere r a BIG joke massive long bar but sparsely manned.

But very cheap drink u just have to wait 1/2 hour.

Dont like Moons on a whole as there is no music and usually lots of pervee old men.

27 Jan 2005 13:49

O'Neills, Watford

Best bet is Friday nite in ere when there is a live band, good laugh and brings something diff to Wattie

27 Jan 2005 13:39

Pane and Table, Watford

is no longer!!!!

21 Jan 2005 13:42

Bar Me, Watford

Used to go here a lot but once it grow in popularity it got way to over crowded as its tiny and now they charge entry. Very very hot and sweaty and the loos are a joke!

Used to do wicked large cocktails and bar games but think thatís all stopped.

very young crowd.

21 Jan 2005 13:39

The Columbia Press, Watford

Used to love this place when it 1st opened. Full of same people every week. not been for a while but there was always a lot of shoving, long wait for the cheap drinks and lots of stairs to the loos. Also massive queue to get in come 8:45pm!!

21 Jan 2005 13:36

The Walkabout, Watford

Massive place but the music is dire. Good bar if ya over 30 & like cheese music!

21 Jan 2005 13:34

Cafe Maximo Bar, Watford

Good for 1st drink at the weekend. Can get fairly overcrowded. They play variety of music throughout the night. Staff are nice.

Food is fairly crap though and the staff donít make the best waitress's.

21 Jan 2005 13:30

Yates's, Watford

Way too noises canít hold conversation as cant hear each other.

Full of under age Chavs.

Can get served fairly quickly though

Fairly dingy

Crap music

21 Jan 2005 13:25

Kandi Klub, Watford

Very funky bar.

Only serves doubles hence the price tags

Bit too small and gets very crowded at the weekend. Really nice bar to go on week night for chilled out drink or date.

21 Jan 2005 13:22

Revolution, Watford

I really like this bar, Iíve only gone on Saturdays when they play funky house music. Never seen any trouble in here but the floor at the back can be slippery in heals due to the over polished floor rather than spilt drinks mind.

The flavoured vodka shots are always fun and up stairs you usually find people having a boogie.

My only complaint is the time you have to wait to get served especially upstairs.

21 Jan 2005 13:19

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