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Robinskis, Fallowfield

Spent more time and money in here than I care to think about. Not bad for a night out, especially when they open upstairs, and non students are still allowed in most of the time before the bouncers get there. Decent on Sunday nights. Before the evenings though there's no need to have the music on so loud. It's as if the concept of going for a pint and a chat with your mates is totally alien.

15 Jun 2008 17:17

The Cheshire Cat, Fallowfield

Don't think this is the best pub in Fallowfield as per the comments of the last user, but not bad for a 'quiet' one (and I use that term loathingly as the music's often unnecessarily loud) or a bit of pre-drinking before heading into town, or a sociable game of pool.

15 Jun 2008 17:12

The Queen of Hearts, Fallowfield

Great beer garden for when the Sun's out, even if the quality of the beer doesn't always match. Not keen on it inside of an evening, however, but that's just me.

15 Jun 2008 17:10

TROF, Fallowfield

Great food and a great selection of drinks, but annoyingly pretentious at the same time. Any place which refers to milk as 'moo juice' on the menu is just asking for it. That said, the steak baguette is insurpassable.

15 Jun 2008 17:08

Fuel Bar, Withington

Withington's answer to Trof. Decent array of drinks but as the previous poster said, it's pretentious not to mention pricy.

15 Jun 2008 17:05

The Red Lion, Withington

Cracking pub, very large with a decent outside bit for the rare occasion when the sun's out! Well kept beer and normally fairly lively. Good for the football.

15 Jun 2008 17:02

Victoria Hotel, Withington

Roomy, friendly and reasonably priced Hydes pub on the high street. Recommended.

15 Jun 2008 17:01

The Drop Inn, Fallowfield

Went in there 6 months ago. The palce was deserted, half of the beer was off and they had no vodka in stock. The area may not be overrun with decent pubs but most in the Fallowfield/Withington area are better than this.

15 Jun 2008 16:59

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

In agreement with the last 5 or 6 comments, I am a big fan of this place. If you like sanitised, charmless chain pubs then give HITW a wide berth, but you'll struggle to find a decent, old-school 'rough-round-the-edges' boozer serving cheaper beer in the area. My mate's assertion that they're 'the worst oub toilets' he's ever seen may be a little extreme, but I'd have to say that they'd be up there. Then again after a while, who cares? Highly recommended.

18 Jul 2007 15:45

The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield

The only 'proper' pub in the area. Decent mix of students and locals, decent beer and I'm told the food's decent too. One of the better pubs in the Fallowfield area.

18 Jul 2007 15:37

The Seven Oaks, Manchester

Nice place tucked away on the edge of Chinatown. Nice atmosphere and layout. Worth a visit, certainly.

12 Jul 2007 12:06

The Bowling Green, Manchester

A bit pricey, but it's worth it for a laid back atmosphere and a good pint. Nicer surroundings than the Grafton just down the road, and doesn't tend to be too rammed.

8 Jul 2007 01:18

The Old Abbey Inn, Manchester

Typical Krobar outlet really. Brilliantly kept pint of Deuchers, but it's not really in a prime location to get the punters in and consequently the atmosphere suffers a bit. Worth a visit though.

8 Jul 2007 01:16

The Ducie Arms, Manchester

This is my favourite pub in Manchester. Laid back atmosphere, a superbly kept pint and decent punters. It's a tad pricey admittedly, but certainly worth paying a bit over the odds for a good pint in a chilled out atmosphere. Hihgly recommended, especially when the sun's out.

8 Jul 2007 01:14

Scubar, Manchester

Very much a student bar, and with all the drinks offers they have on it obviously attracts student types in before a night out. Been to a few decent parties here too, I must say. Not much of an atmopshere, but that's to be expected I guess from such a place.

8 Jul 2007 01:10

The Wanderer, St Pauls Cray

Another pub in the area which is very much closed.

8 Jul 2007 01:06

The Partridge, St Pauls Cray

Drove past this place the other day, and it's very much shut down! Only the pub sign remains as a hint to what was there previously, and I'm not entirely sure whether they're renovating it or if it's being converted into something else.

8 Jul 2007 01:04

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

Marginally better than average Spoons. Can get crowded, with a few obnoxious types knocking around, but it's well placed for the DLR/Greenwich station and near a subway/McBastards if you can't handle the 'Spoons fayre.

1 Jul 2007 15:32

Admiral Hardy, Greenwich

Gets very crowded, especially when they stop people sitting outside, but the drinks are cheap with student deals on and the atmosphere's normally pretty laid back. Mind you, I have seen a couple of fights in here, but that's not uncommon of a weekend.

1 Jul 2007 15:28

The Powder Monkey, Greenwich

Soulless, pricey gay bar. Ended up in here on a Friday night once and there was virtually noone there! Even if I were gay I wouldn't voluntarily choose to drink in this gaff. The elss said about the gents' toilets the better.

1 Jul 2007 15:24

Phoenix, Manchester

Quite what the point is of having this place virtually opposite another, more appealing and more spacious scream pub (The Footage) escapes me. It's alright, and in truth it's rarely as packed as the aforementioned place, but it's no different to any other scream pub and easy to miss if you didn't know it was there. It's alright though.

30 Jun 2007 20:18

The Czech Bar, Manchester

Not too bad at all. Several drinks offers, reasonably prices beer and decent food (so I was told by my mates anyway). A tiny bit out of the way, but worth a visit.

30 Jun 2007 20:15

The Church Inn, Manchester

This place isn't the most appealing from the outside. Nor for that matter, the inside. The beer's ok though, and quite cheap, but when I was there the punters did seem a tad downtrodden, although there was no lighting and it was pissing down with rain (although that's hardly unusual in Manchester...). The salutation is better than this gaff, it must be said.

30 Jun 2007 20:13

The Cavendish, Manchester

Obviously been re-fitted recently, as it's a weird sort of trendy-type pub. The decor is quite bland, but there was a good atmosphere on my visit, and despite the minimal selection the beer was OK. Aside from one extremely drunk gentleman rather vociferously attempting to insist to me that the apocalypse was nigh, the clientele seemed rather laid back. If you're in the area then it's probably a better shout than the Church Inn round the corner, but it's not worth going out of your way for.

30 Jun 2007 20:10

TP's, Bromley

Reasonable during the week for a pint, as it's quiet and quite cheap with a survival card, but I'd not even dream of visiting on a weekend.

30 Jun 2007 20:02

The Manchester and County, Manchester

Obviously a very slow day when this place was opened as it seems nobody could be arsed to come up with a name for it! Doesn't detract from the fact, however, it's a decent place for a pint, and a good meeting place in central Manchester. I laugh when people moan about going into a Spoons expecting an above-average drinking experience and atmosphere, there are plenty of other places you can do that! This to me is typical of most Spoons outlets, and I've certainly been in worse! That said, it wouldn't probably be my first choice for a pint in Manchester city centre.

22 May 2007 15:35

The Salutation, Manchester

A very cosy pub tucked away round the back of the college of music. Reasonably priced beer, well kept as well, very local but friendly at the same time. Had my friend's dad not told of this place I'd never have found it, and on the rare event I find myself in that area I'll certainly nip in for a pint.

8 May 2007 13:45

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Very touristy, but worth a visit if you're in Nottingham. Their own "olde trip" beer was nice as well, and not too expensive.

13 Mar 2007 19:44

Welcome Inn, Rusholme

If you're not looking you won't find this place but it's worth a look if you do. Tucked down a side street off the Curry Mile, it's very much a locals pub but not exclusively so. Reasonably priced and very well kept pint in a decent atmosphere. Worth a visit.

13 Mar 2007 19:41

Baa Bar, Fallowfield

Great range of shots although avoid the "ring-sting" (that's a shooter by the way, nothing more sinister). With their discount card drinks aren't too badly priced and there are even games consoles in the corner.

5 Feb 2007 20:55

Revolution, Fallowfield

Wallet-bothering to say the least. Like everywhere of a weekend in Fallowfield it gets rammed and you can barely move, and consequently it often takes ages to get served. Unless you're on a pub crawl or something I don't really see why you'd want to come here in the evenings. The good range of drinks is a redeeming feature.

5 Feb 2007 20:53

The Orange Grove, Fallowfield

Yeah students only this place, although you're not missing a great deal if you're not one. Decent beer, sports on the tv and bar games are a plus, but it gets rammed of a weekend as you might expect.

5 Feb 2007 20:51

Great Central, Fallowfield

Of a weekend/evening it's like every other Lloyds - rammed, hot, unpleasant and full of pissed people. I've never drunk in here during the day, so I couldn't comment, but there are better places in the area to drink.

5 Feb 2007 20:49

The Whitworth, Rusholme

This pub is presently boarded up, I heard there was a massive fire here last week. Shame, hope it opens up again soon.

5 Feb 2007 20:34

Osborne House, Rusholme

Small but very friendly pub just down from the Curry Mile. Didn't really know what to expect, but was made to feel very welcome. Does an excellent and reasonably priced pint of Hydes, and the City decor is great. Great place to meet for a pint. Highly recommended

2 Feb 2007 14:42

The Clarence, Rusholme

This pub looks permanently closed, I don't know if that's the state of affairs or not. Sounds like the Albert is a better option anyway.

2 Feb 2007 14:34

The Whitworth, Rusholme

Pleasantly surprised by this pub. Looks a bit pokey from the outside, nestled on the edge of the Curry Mile, but it's deceptively spacious inside and a good selection of drinks. Is more of a local pub thsn the majority of places on or just off the Oxford/Wilmslow Road, but the atmosphere was pretty laid back and the beer was in good nick. Would definitely go back.

14 Dec 2006 19:05

Hardy's Well, Rusholme

Not a bad pub, friendly mixture of locals and students and a decent array of beers. Pool table and reasonably kept facilities. Can't fault it really. Sort of place you'd go before a meal on the Curry Mile.

13 Dec 2006 00:43

The Livingstone Arms, Gillingham

Superb pub, very welcoming and puts on free food for away fans. Seems to copes with large crowds well, obviously well drilled with this being so close to Priestfield and the designated "away fans' pub". Can't recommend it highly enough.

14 Nov 2006 12:26

The Rampant Lion, Manchester

Live literaly 30 seconds walk from this place. It's a bit dear if you want one of their excellent foreign beers, and although the toilets are a bit grim it's good for a sly pint or to start off an evening. Too expensive to stay for a whole evening though.

2 Oct 2006 00:48

The Footage, Manchester

A massive pub which still gets rammed on several nights of the week. The karaoke is patchy but the girls in here are top notch and the beer isnt bad either. Not good for a quiet drink, of course, but you could do orse on a night out.

26 Sep 2006 17:27

The Kro Bar, Manchester

Slightly pretentious gastro-pub type establishment opposite Manchester uni. The beer's nice, but is pricey and if you're on a budget you'd probably want to visit sparingly. It is worth a visit, however, as the beer is varied and well maintained.

26 Sep 2006 17:10

The Oxford, Manchester

Cheap beer, decent standard of pub food, friendly atmosphere, pleasant staff. Have been here every weekend since I relocated to watch the football, always seems to be a lot going. Unpretentious Studenty type place on the edge of Manchester city centre.

26 Sep 2006 17:07

Big Hands, Manchester

A quality little place which'd be easy to miss as it's sandwiched inbetween a florists and a takeaway. Fantastic range of foreign bottled beers and the food looks OK as well. Only downside is tht, as already mentioned, is extremely pricey. Nevertheless a foo place to go for a livener or if you want to impress girl.

26 Sep 2006 16:59

The Tigers Head, Chislehurst

Nice food (massive portions) and well kept beer. Shame it isn't a family pub really, but then again screaming kids might spoil what is a well maintained and atmospheric pub which is excellent for a laid back pint of a Sunday afternoon. Highly recommended.

29 Aug 2006 22:00

The Daylight Inn, Petts Wood

Set foot in this place for the first time in about 10 years the other day since it stopped being a family pub. Had heard bad things, and maybe on a weekend the atmosphere is different but on my visit it was reasonably busy, a lot of commuters and middle aged couples, as well as punters watching the football, and the beer was quite well kept. Interestingly it also has two sets of toilets, which is not something you see much.

25 Aug 2006 12:42

Wellesley, Waterloo

Don't understand why the name's changed, cos there seems to be no change on the inside. Nevertheless far superior to the Bodaecia (sic) at Charing X and Victoria Spoons, with a good array of light ales. One drawback is the lack of a display board inside showing train departure times. Otherwise I'd say above average for a station pub.

30 Jul 2006 22:22

O'Neills, Bromley

I believe it's no longer a 21's place all the time, given thatcI went in of a Wednesday and most of the clientele were late teens. Probably wouldn't drink here of a Friday/Saturday night ideally, as it gets quite stuffy and crowded, but it's a friendly enough atmosphere and the female clientele has been of a good standard on the 2 occasions I've been there. Only downside. as mentioned, is the toilets. One of the more favourable drinking holes in the main part of Bromley, however.

24 Jul 2006 00:01

Boadicea, Charing Cross Station

What I'd expect of a station pub. It's alright for the odd light ale, and if you're waiting for someone before going on, or waiting for a train it's not bad. Wouldn't spend too much time in here, but the pint of youngs (I think it was) I had was OK, if maybe a little flat. Wouldn't come here for a session, but for a livener it's alright.

21 Jul 2006 17:23

The Iron Duke, Victoria station

Expensive, a bit soulless and given there's a Spoons across the concourse if I were going for a quick drink at Victoria station I know which one I'd choose. Inoffensive, and right next to McBastards for some "sustenance" if you're hanging around the area, but not the best place you could choose to go for a beer in the vicinity of Victoria.

10 Jul 2006 21:53

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Yeh this isn't the best pub in the world, far from it in fact, but if you've had a long day on your way home from work, or if you've got a spare few minutes waiting for someone, then this serves its purpose adequately. Wouldn't go here for a session, but for a short period of time it's cheap and, well, maybe not cheerful, but you get what I mean.

10 Jul 2006 21:50

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Decent pub with some interesting beers. A tad pricey, which is why it wouldn't be my first choice being a student, but I guess given that it's a touristy place and right next to the Cutty Sark, it's understandable. Definitely worth a visit.

9 Jul 2006 17:49

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

Not the most atmospheric pub you'll ever go into, but the beer's good and it's worth a visit. In agreement with the anonymous post, "it's not trying to be something it's not", which is why it's good for a quick pint ahead of some of the trendy bars which seem commonplace in Greenwich.

9 Jul 2006 17:47

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

Wallet-botheringly overpriced trendy bar. Couldn't help feel horribly underdressed and as if I'd wandered into an art critic's convention or something. The beer was nice, don't get me wrong, but I found the atmosphere to be very "rah-rah" and I didn't feel entirely like I fitted in.

9 Jul 2006 17:40

The Guy Earl of Warwick, Welling

This place is quite a "local" pub, but I've been in there a good few times now and I've always found it to be alright. They do Löwenbräu which is always a bonus and the staff were quite polite. Nice beer garden for the Summer as well. Wouldn't go out of my way to drink there but if I'm in the area it's more than sufficient for a light ale.

5 Jul 2006 19:17

The Toby Carvery, Beckenham

Younger clientele, but nonetheless a decent atmosphere. A little pricey for my liking, especially with the Goose just up the road, but a better atmosphere and a large seating area for when the sun's out. Can get busy though, especially on evenings and weekends, and I think the Langley Park school kids drink here a lot. Clean and quite airy and not bad for a pint nonetheless, although I'd not spend too long in here if I were on a night out.

22 Jun 2006 17:02

The Ethorpe Hotel, Gerrards Cross

I know one of the waiters there so I couldn't have been made more welcome there! Nice range of drinks and a very sedate atmosphere which is sometimes what you need if you can't face a loud chain pub with shite music blaring out deafeningly. I think it's more of a restaurant and I'd not normally go into a place as posh as this, but I was pleasantly surprised.

22 Jun 2006 16:57

The Cricketers, Orpington

Out of the way of the main bit of Orpington in a quiet area. Friendly local place and a shaded garden to relax in. Beer is a bit on the expensive side, but I guess that's what you pay for a laid back and friendly environment with well kept ale, including 6X and Broadside. Great on a sunny afternoon. Highly recommended.

19 Jun 2006 20:26

The Maxwell Hotel, Orpington

Went in there 2 years back or so, and was alright but wasn't blown away by any aspect it. Then again it was just after opening so explains why it was empty. No idea what it's like at night, but I've no inclination to really try it now. Certainly wouldn't bother walking there from Olaves every lunchtime ;) (only joking fellas)

19 Jun 2006 14:24

The Crown, Blackheath

Probably the cheapest place in Blackheath, although given the area that's all relative I suppose, £2-50 a pint was the most reasonable price last time I checked. Still, it's right near the heath and the clientele is a good mixture of young and old, with a genuinely good atmosphere all in all. Agree though, toilets are a little unwelcoming, even by pub toilet standards. My one qualm is that with the bar right next to the door it often gets very crowded, and it often takes a while to get served at busy times. Still, wouldn't bother drinking anywhere else in the wallet-troubling world of Blackheath drinking establishments.

19 Jun 2006 14:03

The Dry Dock, Leeds

Surreal, this place, being a boat in the middle of the road! Didn't encounter any problems with door staff, and the pricing was pretty standard for a Scream pub, with the usual lack of decent beers and odd decor. A weird place, but essential, I'd say, if you're on a night out in this top city.

10 Jun 2006 22:49

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

Inoffensive during the day, I found, but I don't harbour any plans to visit of a Friday/Saturday night as I imagine the atmosphere's slightly different. Decent range of beers, and spacious, but that's as far as I'd imagine the redeeming features go.

28 May 2006 20:14

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

Central London pub with central London prices. A good place if you have a lot of money and fake plastic trees (wonder if they'd ever put that song on the Jukebox :D) but if you're a skinflint student then it's probably not for you. The main advantage is it's size.

28 May 2006 14:51

The Bat and Ball, Leicester Square

Shame this place appears to have closed. Have enjoyed myself in here, comparatively cheap beer given the area, friendly barmaids and a laid back atmosphere. If it has gone it's a shame.

28 May 2006 14:48

Sound Bar, Piccadilly Circus

This place is shit. I'm loathe to say that about any establishment, but it's the God honest truth. Expensive beer, rude bar staff and unconvincing tacky mock-Latino You're spoilt for choice around this area, so don't bother with this gaff.

26 May 2006 11:25

Tattenham Corner, Epsom Downs

This place seems really big, and I suppose it is. Lots of indoor seating, a large beer garden. Was a nice day when we visited, but I imagine in the depths of winter this place is pretty empty. Not bad for a pint, mind.

14 May 2006 23:12

The William Camden, Bexleyheath

I quite liked this place. Wouldn't choose to go out drinking in Bexleyheath generally if I didn't know people there, but was very pleasantly surprised. Door staff have a sense of humour, unlike the dehumanised humourless types you often get, and the beer's reasonably priced (apart from the stella!). Was fortunate enough to be there on what the barman described in no uncertain terms as one of the quietest nights he'd ever seen, and I get the impression it's usually one of the busier places of a weekend, altho I also got the impression it's the place many people go for a livener before hitting London due to it's proximity to the station. Got pool table and a decent (predominantly!!) jukebox, although the toilets are somewhat on the small side for a pub which gets pretty rammed of a weekend. Would certainly go back, however.

7 May 2006 14:51

The Red Lion, Bromley

This place is a gem. Despite being the youngest two people there by comfortably 10 years we were more than welcomed and the atmosphere was really friendly, not to mention the quality of the beer being excellent, a far cry from the unforgiving Bromley town centre of a friday night and very welcome at that. Definitely worth a visit. Hard to believe this is in Bromley, feels very local.

16 Apr 2006 11:22

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Went in on a Thursday expecting it to be reasonably quiet and was surprised to see no space at all. Decent selection of beers and a nice atmosphere though and got served quickly, and an eclectic mix of younger people and more middle aged types made it quite homely. Would certainly go back there.

14 Apr 2006 17:44

The Lost Hour, Greenwich

Agreed, this place isn't brilliant but it caters to a certain clientele and there are lots of places in Greenwich to go if loud student types aren't your cup of tea. Best avoided Thursdays if you're an oldie as it's student night, and probably weekends for that matter! Bouncers are decent, however, and the bar staff are very tolerant given the hoardes of youngsters thronging at the bar. Wouldn't recommend it for a quiet night out, especially with the music TV on loop making conversation difficult, but a drink at off-peak times is probably good. No real ales tho, which puts a black amrker next to it. A yellow card also helps as it's a bit pricey otherwise (£3-05 for a bottle of tiger if memory serves!)

14 Apr 2006 17:39

The Goose, Beckenham

Had many a nights out in here although haven't visited for about 9 months now so things may be different now. Certainly not the place for a quiet evening, and agree with the Wetherspoons comparison, but in fairness like any Spoons it serves its purpose and I've met a lot of decent people in here. The bar staff are all friendly pretty much, although some of them didn't speak much English. Decent range of drinks, including a few bitters, and the bouncers, although seemingly different ones every week, were always sound, and also go around turfing out trouble makers. Toilets are OK as well. I can understand why people would have reservations about this place, and yeah it's probably the least sophisticated place in Beckenham, but there are other nice pubs in the area if you really can't handle it.

11 Apr 2006 13:35

The Swan and Mitre, Bromley

One of the pubs I feel more comfortable in in Bromley. More laid back clientele and some decent ales. Only been in here a handful of times, but and nearly always felt at home there, although back in the days when I drank stella I did find it to be very potent! Might just have been me though! Only downer was the toilets, but that's a minor qualm in what I've found to be one of the nicer pubs in Bromley.

11 Apr 2006 13:20

Shamrock Irish Pub, Salzburg

Great place, nice beer and one of the funniest bartenders I've ever met!

10 Apr 2006 14:47

The Porter and Sorter, Croydon

Only ever been in here before getting a train, and tbh that's the only purpose for which I'd use this place in general. It's alright, but not great, and I wouldn't spend too long here.

9 Apr 2006 19:11

The Lord Northbrook, Lee

Heard bad things about this place but was very pleasantly surprised when I went there. Reasonable selection of drinks and the one lady behind the bar seemed pretty laid back, although admittedly we were the only ones there at the time. One word of warning, however, regards the toilets. One or two ankles turned perhaps in there after one too many!

9 Apr 2006 19:06

The Oak, Bromley

Very nice place on the way down into Bromley, ideal for a civil pint, and very nice proprietors, who let me in without a ticket on Xmas eve to see frends after just arriving back in the country! Is reasonably priced and a civil atmosphere. Highly recommend it, and the food menu looks nice too. And, as mentioned, the legendary Papadom is round the corner!

9 Apr 2006 19:02

The Tigers Head, Bromley

Never quite felt at ease here, and although it's got a big screen which is good for the footy and what have you, you can't really have a quiet drink in there without shouting over the crap MTV or whatever it is. No real ales either to my recollection which is a big thumbs down in my book.

9 Apr 2006 18:57

The Bricklayers Arms, Bromley

I really like this place. It has a slightly olde-worlde feel to it, which makes it slightly anomalous in the chain pub purgatory of the town centre, but has a decent selection of lager and ale to appeal to everyone. Not too sure about the strange opening hours but the proprietors are very friendly and if you're after a place for a quiet drink with your mates in a laid back atmosphere as opposed to a night out then this beats anywhere else in Bromley hands down, for me.

9 Apr 2006 18:53

The Sovereign of the Seas, Petts Wood

Don't see why people have a problem with the Sov really, it's no different to your average Spoons. It is slightly pokey, yeah, but if you have a chip on your shoulder about that and want somewhere more high brow for a white wine spritzer or whatever then go to Bradleys round the corner. The clientele tends to be predominantly under 25s and over 60s, and the atmosphere has always been alright in the time I've been there. Staff have always been pretty laid back and friendly as well.

9 Apr 2006 18:48

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