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High Grove, Gatley

Now closed and demolished by Hydes, to be replaced with houses.

15 Feb 2017 15:48

The Rycroft Arms, Cheadle Hulme

Now closed by Hydes who intend to sell site off for houses.

15 Feb 2017 15:45

The Waldorf Hotel, Manchester

I have drunk in here on and off for years and the beer has always been pretty average.

21 Feb 2013 12:04

The Bulls Head, Manchester

The Bulls Head used to sell average beer at top price, it now sells well-kept beer at top price. On balance, I'm a fan.

12 Jan 2013 19:43

The Unicorn, Manchester

I don't know who wrote the comment below but I'd hazard a guess it's someone connected to the new owner rather than a regular. I've drunk in the Unicorn for years and never had a problem with cleanliness, the friendliness of the staff (the last person who ran it was a landlandy not a manager) or the quality of the beer which has gone from good to average in the last few weeks.

30 Nov 2012 20:35

The Salisbury, Manchester

good atmosphere and well-kept beer, very handy if you've got time to kill before catching a train from Oxford Road station.

6 Sep 2012 18:20

Clarendon Hotel, Wolverhampton

The Victorian exterior is misleading as inside it's been thoroughly modernised and is more food-led than a traditional brewery tap. The Banks's Mild was too cold, a shame given it's brewed at the end of the street.

30 Aug 2012 17:26

The Magnet, Stockport

Went for first time the other day. I'd heard it was being run by the same people as the excellent Crown and wasn't disappointed. Not just well-kept cask beer but pork pies behind the bar as well. What more do you want?

25 May 2011 10:31

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

well worth the short walk from Huddersfield station, good choice of well-kept cask beers from mainly local breweries.

3 Apr 2011 10:52

The Church Inn, Cheadle Hulme

Basic homecooked food of a good standard and Robbies bitter well-kept in a unspoilt nineteenth century cottage type building.

13 Nov 2010 22:35

Greyhound Hotel, Cheadle Hulme

Now closed.

17 Aug 2010 22:12

Kings Head Hotel, Droylsden

Had a couple of well-kept pints of Holts Bitter in here before visit to nearby Droylsden football ground. Classic room layout and very friendly staff and locals.

22 Jun 2010 09:25

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

some interesting railway memorabilia, food looked pretty hearty as well. Sam Smiths OK and Black Sheep in very good condition.

16 Mar 2010 10:03

The Railway Hotel, Greenfield

Victorian multi-roomed pub opposite station as name suggests. Millstone Tiger Rut in top condition and pork pies perfect accompaniment.

14 Mar 2010 09:36

The Arden Arms, Stockport

The interior is classically Victorian and I've always found the beer well-kept, both the Robbies Unicorn bitter and the cask of Old Tom they had on gravity dispense on the bar over Xmas.

8 Feb 2010 21:25

Sams Bar, Stockport

Bar rather than pub, pretty soulless, no real ale, on the teenage circuit.

20 Dec 2009 19:37

Kings Hall, Cheadle Hulme

Been in a couple of times recently to use my CAMRA vouchers. Like every other Wetherspoons absolutely soulless atmosphere but beer quality has improved since last time I drank there: Jennings Cocker Hoop and Greene King Abbot Ale both well kept and only 1.49.

8 Dec 2009 21:45

The Old Monkey, Manchester

'Fantastic traditional Holts pub' no more sadly. Went past last night and like my local it's been ruined by yet another 'refurbishment' that consists of transforming decent working-class boozers into what Holts imagine are hip bar/lounges: all pastel shades, sofas and standard lamps. I predict that as they have done elsewhere Holts will be ramping up the previously very reasonable price of a pint in attempt to get you and me to pay for their social pretensions. Count me out!

26 Nov 2009 08:22

The Rycroft Arms, Cheadle Hulme

The Hydes is always well kept and unlike some local 'refurbishments' they've managed to keep a pub atmosphere and without freezing the beer or racking up the prices (hello Griffin!).

5 Sep 2009 14:57

High Grove, Gatley

I actually like the fact this pub is 'off the beaten track', 'in the middle of nowhere'. It's not that far to walk and you feel as though you've earned a pint when you get there. The location is pretty scenic for the middle of a housing estate and the outside seating is perfect for when the weather is sunny as it was yesterday afternoon when I was there. Beer cheap as well, Hydes Original Bitter 2 a pint and on top form.

20 Aug 2009 10:02

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

Popped in for first time today to see effect of overhaul, pleasantly surprised to find it still a basic, multi-room, Victorian pub.

As ToxtethOGrady says, the prices are a bit steep, especially compared to Robbies' Stockport pubs, but they do have their full range, including Old Tom, on draught. That and the Unicorn Bitter both well kept.

1 Aug 2009 17:37

The Metropolitan, Didsbury

The beer's OK but overpriced. Unless you're young and trendy, I wouldn't drink here - there's plenty of decent pubs nearby that don't charge London prices.

15 Jun 2009 19:09

The Bulls Head, Manchester

I agree with most of the points already made, both good and bad. It is a better atmosphere than the plastic pubs in the train station opposite and the staff are friendly. However it is pricey by Manchester standards and the real ales are not always well kept.

I haven't been in for a while because there are better, cheaper pubs within a short distance (like the Waldorf) but I notice from the frontage that it's now a Marston's pub so I'd be interested to know what effect that's had.

11 Jun 2009 08:48

The Unity Inn, Stockport

Used to go in all the time when I worked nearby a couple of years ago and still pop in regularly. Small, friendly pub (staff and regulars) with decent Robbies bitter.

16 May 2009 22:07

The Unicorn, Manchester

As a fellow member of Manchester Jazz Society, I agree with brucerob on the layout, staff and beer: Copper Dragon IPA and Black Sheep last night, both OK.

15 May 2009 15:58

The Heald Green (Beefeater), Headle

used to drink in here when it was a pretty standard large whitbread house in the late 80's. not really a pub any more since it was turned into a motel/restaurant with a bar shortly after.

11 May 2009 17:14

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Classic front room style pub with very friendly landlady. Boasts Manchester's last outside gents as well as decent Hydes beer.

7 May 2009 20:13

The City Arms, Manchester

I'd say the City Arms would easily make the top 40 of any list, it's in my top three of Manchester pubs. Their range of well-kept real ales is unmatched.

7 May 2009 20:10

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Easily the best pub in Stockport, good mix of regulars and people there to sample ever changing roster of superb real ales.

7 May 2009 20:05

The Masons Arms, Todmorden

Victorian two room pub with friendly staff, decent range of well-kept Copper Dragon beers (Best Bitter, Black Gold and Golden Pippin on a quietish midweek afternoon, all up to scratch) stripped wood tables and a real coal fire.

7 May 2009 20:01

Lamb Hotel, Eccles

This pub has got everything you want: friendly staff and regulars, immaculately preserved Edwardian interior (including the large billiards room), cheap, well-kept Holts bitter and only a short stagger back to the tram stop.

7 May 2009 19:46

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