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Comments by lukemarson

The White Horse, Oxford

I also found the staff to be very nice to deal with, helpful, assertive and chatty - a rarity in this day and age.

4 Jan 2010 14:20

The White Horse, Oxford

My girlfriend and I visited the White Horse on the 3rd of January and had a very enjoyable evening. The pub is a lovely old-world pub with a classic dark-wood, quirky, low ceiling interior plus a lovely snug at one end of the pub.

My first pint of beer was cloudy, but I later found that the barrel had gone. My second pint was much better. The selection of beer was excellent and I also found the food to be very pleasant.

Overall a definite pub for anyone to visit.

4 Jan 2010 14:19

The Crown, Blackheath

Went in today and service is fairly abysmal. The lady who served me walked off after doing the first drink of my order and didn't come back for nearly 10 minutes, by which time I'd had my order completed by someone else. There was only IPA and Bombardier on tap.

The food took 50 minutes despite it being fairly quiet and my girlfriend's medium-rare steak sandwich was quite well done.

I won't be going back in a hurry.

16 Nov 2008 18:44

The Anglesea Arms, Woolwich

Not bad. Has Sky Sports and Setanta and a few real ales. Couple of harmless but slightly annoying drunks in there when I went in at about 5pm on a Saturday.

Not the most friendliest of pubs but certainly better than some of the other boozers in Woolwich, as easy as that is,

3 Nov 2008 15:55

The Red Lion, Hockley,jewellry quarter

A brilliant pub. Great real ales on tap and a good food selection. The interior is really well done and the art adds a funky vibe to it. They've got Sky Sports too which is always a bonus.

I'll definitely be going back.

25 Oct 2008 23:23

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

A good selection of beers in here. Nothing really to my taste but all well kept.

The landlord didn't have any Cheddar Gorge cider on so he went down to the cellar and got me a pint off Old Rosie cider - absolutely superb!

A good interior, shows some football and has great ale. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the Clapham area.

28 Apr 2008 14:28

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

This place is AMAZING! The refurb is superb - you wouldn't recognise the place.

It has now got 4 ales on, two Wye Valley (HPA and Butty Bach) and two guest ales. The lager selection on tap is exceptional and the food is outstanding.

I had Wild Boar sausages with garlic mash and it was just exceptional. Definitely worth a visit if you are ever anywhere near central Birmingham.

23 Mar 2008 10:36

Bunker, Covent Garden

For those using journey planner to get here the postcode is actually WC2H 9LD.

23 Feb 2008 12:49

The Earl Ferrers, Streatham

Really glad to see this place is back open and the new management seem like they've got some good ideas. The landlord is a chef so there should be a good menu coming up.

I've just moved from Streatham and this is the thing I will miss the most. And quite possibly the only thing.

2 Feb 2008 11:10

The Beech Tree, Hazlemere

Certainly gone downhill over the last couple of years.

28 Jan 2008 14:56

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

Great pub. I can see why it has won so many awards.

7 beers on, 2 of them guests. Very very well kept beers and choice is superb: Rev James, Harveys, Adnams and a Shep Neame among others.

Definitely worth a visit if you live within 30 mins or so.

28 Jan 2008 14:54

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

The HPA and Butty Buck are both superbly kept ales. Service and food are as great as always.

A definite recommendation.

2 Jan 2008 00:20

The Lochmaddy Hotel, Lochmaddy

An average place. Had a nice pint of a Tennants bitter but my beefburger reminded me of the crappy ones we used to get at school.

2 Jan 2008 00:18

The Moon Under Water, Balham

Does it have Setanta?

29 Nov 2007 18:18

The North Star, Leytonstone

Excellent pub, cracking location and good landlady. Clientelle that I've met are nice too.

To think this pub is off Leytonstone High Street still surprises me. They had Adnams among other beers on tap.

I recommend this to pub to anyone who is going anywhere in north-east or east London.

2 Aug 2007 22:20

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Not a bad pub. Nice interior, Sam Smith's (if you like them) and it serves food.

Location isn't too bad. If you fancy a few cheap beers in an oldy-woldy type pub in Holborn then this is the place to go.

2 Aug 2007 22:18

Taylors, Streatham

Good pub. Nice interior and good beer. Food menu looks decent too.

Definitely one of the best pubs in Streatham and probably the best in this area of Streatham.

Better than the hell hole next door...

19 Apr 2007 16:06

The Golden Lion, Kings Cross

A mate of mine recommended this and said they had Bombardier, Hobgoblin and Adnams on with Timothy Taylor "coming soon".

I haven't been yet but will do at some point and will give a review when I have.

6 Apr 2007 15:59

The Farmers Boy, Maidenhead

Great pub, run by two sound Londoners (they do exist!)

Well run and with good beers that are looked after. Recommend it if you are in the area.

11 Feb 2007 22:50

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

A nice pub with some good beers. I liked the sofas at the back and the chill out music- was very Brick Lane.

Certainly nice for a quiet beer in the week or maybe a start to a nice out.

11 Feb 2007 10:23

The Blue Posts, Piccadilly

Nice little pub hidden just off the manic Shaftesbury Avenue. Timmy Taylor's was nice but a tad pricey at 2.55.

The BelleVue cherry beer, just a small bottle, was 4. My girlfriend enjoyed it but how could you not for that price?

Would definitely go back here, especially on Sunday afternoon for the live jazz.

11 Feb 2007 10:19

The Exhibit, Balham

An okay bar. We went here for some company drinks so didn't have to pau for anything but it seems quite expensive.

Worth a punt in the week but reckon it could be quite busy at the weekends.

21 Dec 2006 10:12

The Railway, Streatham

Went into the main bit of the Railway for the first time.

The clientelle are good but it was very smoky inside. They had Adnams Broadside on which was decent but the music was pretty loud and it was hard to have a good conversation.

15 Dec 2006 23:03

Pratts and Payne, Streatham

Not bad. Decent selection of real ales (3). Music was a bit loud and naff but got better as the night went on.

We just went in on a Friday about 7ish for 45 mins.

15 Dec 2006 23:01

The White Horse Inn, Ettington

Also have big TV and Sky Sports News, but not sure about normal Sky Sports channels.

Had Hobgoblin on tap the other day, very nice.

Can be a bit 'local' on Friday nights. Got a few stares when I went in (maybe I'm just odd!).

9 Nov 2006 12:18

The Royal Oak, Borough

This is a nice pub with a good old interior and some nice real ales.

The Harvey's beers are really nice and well kept. I particularly enjoyed the Old Ale.

I didn't eat but some people were and the food looked amazing. I'll definitely be going back to eat at some point.

29 Oct 2006 17:42

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Great little pub this. Fantastic beers on, both quality and well kept real ales and nice foreign lagers.

The Late Red was fantastic and I can see why they won Shepherde Neame cellar of the year for 2005 and 2006. I can also see why they got the CAMRA Pub of the year for North London cuz I don't think I've had beer this well kept for a long long time.

Food menu looked good and the bowl of chips me and my mate shared was really good as pub chips go.

They have Sky Sports on big screen and also the elusive Premiership Plus pay-per-view channel.

Decor was a bit oldy woldy and sort of worked really.

I have to agree the atmosphe could've been better but it started to fill up mid-afternoon for the footy scores.

Well worth a few quiet beers here, highly recommended.

29 Oct 2006 10:42

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

Pub has Sky Sports and Prem Plus, which isn't listed above.


16 Oct 2006 15:04

The Furzedown Pub, Streatham

Looks like this pub has been done up recently into a more trendy pub/bar.

No real ales and is a more faceless bar compared to some of the other places in Streatham. Not my cup of tea but can see why some other people would like it. Definitely one for the younger and trendier residents of the area but isn't full of chavs.

15 Oct 2006 13:03

The Railway, Streatham

A smart pub but a bit pricey. We had 2 pints of Summer Light ale (well kept) and a Magners and it came to 9 something.

Has large screen for footy which is a big bonus in this part of Streatham.

Bar service was good and despite the loud music making everyone talk so loud it created an atmosphere it was fairly pleasant.

15 Oct 2006 13:00

The Earl Ferrers, Streatham

Popped in here randomly on a Saturday night and was very impressed. It's got a good interior, a bit of charm and despite being quiet was a pleasant place to have a drink.

The pool table is in it's own small room which is also nice.

Have to agree with thehonesttruth and BillyBhoy1888. Shame about no real ales but still a good pub.

15 Oct 2006 12:58

The Bedford Park, Streatham

I agree with shw500.

It's a bit of dump but has something about it, some strange 'character'.

Young's wasn't too bad (not quite as bad as hotrods said) in my opinion.

They've just started doing live music upstairs too. Excellent!

28 Sep 2006 15:03

The Holland Tringham, Streatham

Went in the other day and they got my order wrong twice. I only asked for a burger with cheese.

If you're in a rush avoid this pub like the plague.

21 Sep 2006 11:16

The Capitol, Forest Hill

I agree with StuPC.

I like the interior and being a Weatherspoons has cheap beer (which in London is a rareity).

I went in to watch footy on a Wednesday night and apart from a couple of Chav's it was ok. Pleasant enough. Wouldn't fancy heading in on a Friday or Saturday night though.

21 Sep 2006 09:52

The Wrestlers, Highgate

Good, old style interior and a usual selection of real ales; Youngs, IPA and Abbots.

Had modern but subtle music, surprising how you can fit Mylo into the background without sounding out of place. Was very quiet, but if you liked it you'd pick it up- very clever.

9 Sep 2006 22:35

The Greyhound, Streatham

Pub is to be re-opened as a bistro type place with some flats above it.

31 Aug 2006 19:32

The Waterfront, Streatham

Nice pub, a tad pricey but the beer's not bad.

Good staff, Jim's really sound but Richard could do with supporting a better football team!

Will defo be going back here again.

31 Aug 2006 19:32

The Holland Tringham, Streatham

Been here a couple of times. Not bad- the ale selection is good and they've got a couple of 7.3% ciders on at the moment.

Food's ok but takes a bit of a while. Today I got my food at 13:57 and I had to be back at work at 14:00.

They've got a good beer garden/area and sky so not all bad.

Don't come here if you're in a rush.

4 Aug 2006 14:43

O'Neills, Muswell Hill

The architecture of this pub is AMAZING. An old converted church with clear remnants of the original interior.

No real ales, which is pretty bad and is the one reason I wouldn't come here more regularly.

Food menu looks good and is very reasonably priced.

They've got big screens and I've heard they've got Sky Sports (they weren't on when I went there).

They have live bands every Saturday, which is also a plus.

Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area, even if you only like proper beer. At least they've got Guiness.

29 May 2006 19:56

The Shakespeare, Bayswater

Nice little pub.

Food looked good and was extremely well priced for what you get. Would definitely recommend and will be going back again!!

22 May 2006 10:54

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Great interior and beers in this pub.

The Chiswick is lovely!!

22 May 2006 10:53

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

Great pub!

Food is great and beers are really good.

Bloke that runs it is a really nice bloke from Sunderland, a qualified and experience chef from what I've been told.

Definitely pop in for the Sunday lunch- it's excellent!

10 May 2006 10:53

The White Horse Inn, Ettington

Nice old pub in a lovely village.

Has oak beams and low ceilings inside and is very cosy, particularly in the winter.

Has some good real ales, a dart board and pool table.

The gentleman that runs it is very friendly, as are the rest of the staff.

Not a bad clientelle either.

22 Mar 2006 16:56

The Black Boy, Chinnor

Just recently taken over by a nice lad called Greg.

Is getting jukebox and 2 real ales put on soon.

A delightful and cosy pub, should be a nice addition to the area.

22 Mar 2006 14:53

The Bald Faced Stag, East Finchley

Is quite smart inside and have Sky Sports channels (including Prem Plus).

Not too pricy either and staff aren't bad.

Been to worse pubs.

20 Mar 2006 18:05

The Mitre, Fulham

Only complaints is it's a bit pricey- but it is Fulham after all.

20 Mar 2006 13:37

The Cock, Oxford Circus

The Cock is pretty cheap and good to drink in too.

I like the beer (not lager) they do and as Jolsen05 said- it's less quid so all good!

9 Mar 2006 10:14

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

If it weren't for the cost of beer this place would be verging on a 10.

Great venue for music and always good bandss playing. Chances are you can come once a week and see one of the bands of the future.


16 Feb 2006 15:01

St Christopher's Inn, Greenwich

I thought this pub was pretty good.

Cheap drinks, really cheap and good food (particularly the pizzas), they've got big screens, friendly staff and cool music.

Mind you, only really been on a Sunday afternoon.

Might've changed since the previous comments in October but have only been going recently.

14 Feb 2006 14:24

Terriers, High Wycombe

Terriers has come a long way since Carol took over last year.

Not so many lerring dirty old men, although I can only vouch for bar side in the evenings.

9 Feb 2006 18:06

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