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The Cross Keys, Gustard Wood

Went last night. Only locals in there but still a cozy pub. Shame no log fire on. It was still cold out.and beer garden benches a bit tatty now

19 Mar 2017 15:07

The Queens Head, Sandridge

Lovely building. Locals mostly igore you. The bloke behind the bar on Saturday night was the second rudest bartender I ever came across. Service with a sneer. Was going to try the Sunday lunch with a group of friends next day.but after that attitude they can keep it. Could not wait to escape after my bloke had a single pint. Won't visit again.

19 Mar 2017 14:58

White Horse, Chorleywood

was a good pub but now its been taken over by a couple of businessman types so wont be going there again. I preferred it as it was, with papers, log fire, Dogs welcome, Not a fancy wannabe gastropub like the Gate across the road.

27 Sep 2015 22:38

The Royal Oak, Chipperfield

tragically closed. and another ancient historial building becomes a 'indian' (read bangladeshi) restaurant serving cruelly slaughtered animals. A disgrace for the local community. A shame for British culture and heritage. I wish it doesnt succeed and someone takes in over and makes it the pub it should be again, Too many indian food places in the locality. several in kings langley and Bovingdon as well.

27 Sep 2015 22:34

Garston Harvester, Watford

no yobbos, but the food is very hit and miss. I had my worst meal EVER at this venue... tried the food once since and it wasnt bad, but still hardly a local 'gem'.. has all the character of a shopping mall.

22 Jan 2015 16:57

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

has been closed the last few times I passed. shame as they were dog friendly, and they were not rude. if you hate dogs why go to a country pub that welcomes them? I hope this isnt the end of the old fox. I went there as a kid first, and often stopped by with my dogs.

22 Jan 2015 16:55

The Fox and Hounds, Bricket Wood

another local pub gone. RIP great britain. your history and sense of community wont come back now all these pubs are gone

22 Jan 2015 16:53

Swan, Pimlico

boarded up and being converted into a house. dont locals round here give a toss about local historic buildings? now no one except some rich snoot who ends up living there can go in the oldest building in the village. and no doubt they wont care about community or anything else.

22 Jan 2015 16:52

White Hart Inn, Abbots Langley

a tragic loss. was a decent pub, lovely public building with decent food. now bought by some smartass and converted into an extra large house for people with no consideration for the local community. bedmond now lacks a decent pub. UK culture being destroyed. well done greedy developers.

22 Jan 2015 16:49

Royal Oak, Bovingdon

tragically closed. and doesnt look promising to reopen. rip another good pub :(

22 Jan 2015 16:46

The Elephant and Castle, Amwell

its a very nice pub actually with a lovely fire.
what is wrong with kids not being allowed?
some people appreciate a quiet drink with adults.

25 Nov 2010 12:11

Wicked Lady, Wheathampstead

its not a pub..just a poshed up diner with extortionately priced foood!!

25 Nov 2010 12:10

The Swan, Wheathampstead

it is a bit depressing..but by far the best pub in wheathampstead village

25 Nov 2010 12:10

The Cross Keys, Gustard Wood

a great venue..if a little busy. cant really fault it

25 Nov 2010 12:09

The Bull, Wheathampstead

was once a nice pub. now wrecked as a posh 'eaterie'
and best avoided.
shame really

25 Nov 2010 12:08

The Crooked Chimney, Welwyn Garden City

its not a bad pub.. but the staff could be more attentive

25 Nov 2010 12:07

The John Bunyan, Coleman Green

a nice location indeed.
but a poor pub with exceptionally unwelcoming staff.
told me to move my car from disabled bay despite my being a disabled badge holder.
wont go there again

25 Nov 2010 12:06

Cock Inn, Church End

further to my review of two years ago, I must say this place has deteriorated,.
its now the haunt of beer bellied leerin blokes in the bar.. and the restaurant has got dearer by the month.
the used to have a free folk music night on monday, til they started charging a fiver per head to get in/
its sarratt people"!! not a big town.
and your food prices are OTT.
sausage and chips should cost 5 or 6 quid. not ten.
and a plate of chips at nearly four quid???
and four quid for twoX coffee??

15 Sep 2010 21:57

The Cricketers, Sarratt

how do I describe this? pretentious rubbish masquerading as a traditional pub.
its not and hasnt been for years.
yes its always packed with city workers and their families who can afford the terribly priced food,. but its a pub with no soul,
yes the location is pretty, and they have given it the traditional 'look'
faked I might add, since this was for some years a snobby pizza parlour.,
if screaming kids running around and snooty dames in jimmy choos are your thing, go there. if you can get past the gas guzzlers than hog two bays each in the car park..
however if you like a traditional, quiet pub where you can sit and talk without being judged by the local false 'toffs' , you'd do better elsewhere. it really is that dire.
and no dogs are not welcome, which is pretty crap when many of the true locals are dog lovers. and older people who take their little fluffies everywhere.

15 Sep 2010 21:53

The Old Shepherd, Rickmansworth

on the edge of chorleywood.
but I havent dared try it.
great if you like a fight.. or to be ogled by drunken white van men,
or boy racers.
check the vehicles in the car park.
always noisy., always full of the wrong sort of people.. even walking past it is a trial
a sad thing, as it is a nice building, yet chorleywoods rougher types seem to hang out here..when they are not in the land of liberty up the road

21 Jul 2010 12:33

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

its still a stinker of a pub.
if you think this is a good pub.. well you must be either drunk.. or into widescreen football in a big way. NOT a traditional pub at all..or even a nice local. the Stag down the road is a million times better in every way you only have to view the clientele inside to assure yourself..,and you wont be abused by the neanderthal staff in there.
if you drive a white van, own a pitbull and smoke weed..then the land of liberty is the place for you!!

21 Jul 2010 12:30

The Two Brewers Inn, Chipperfield

further to my earlier review, which was rather kind....
this pub is a horrid place,.
we took elderly father in law for lunch, which took 45 mins to appear with no appology, spent over 30 quid on inedible, overcooked and cold food. must have been burnt then hanging around the kitchen for ages, father in laws fried egg on burnt mixed grill was like rubber egg!!
My burger was cremated.,
hubbys chicken was cold inside hot outside yuck!!
wrote in to complain, as staff were inapproachably rude.
unsurprisingly no reply.,
crap pub, crap restaurant. shame on them,

21 Jul 2010 12:19

The Three Compasses, Aldenham

boo this is a one of the chavvest pubs around.full of single mums and screaming brats,, and the kind of blokes who find them attractive for a one night stand.
its a dangerous place to be at night...
dont know where they get the locals from though, as aldenham and patchetts are nice places!!

27 Nov 2009 22:41

White Hart Inn, Abbots Langley

sadly closed now..was all boarded up when I passed yesterday
maybe due to pubmaster going bust??

27 Nov 2009 22:25

Ye Olde Greene Manne, Rickmansworth

kids are not welcome in ember inns pubs.. not everyone likes to enjoy their meal out with other peoples offspring running amok or screaming and throwing food around, and its wonderful that this chain limits it to over 14s. I expect peoples kids to be running around if I visit macdonalds.
but not if I go to a pub for a meal. well done ember inns,
This pub is one of their best. great location very friendly bar staff and decent food. and no thugs whenever I have been there so its a relaxing place to sit for any decent adult. for people with kids croxley green harvester welcomes them and isnt far away.

1 Mar 2009 17:20

The Black Horse, Chorleywood

this is a lovely pub.. I am not a regular but have never had trouble.,.. its old fashioned and comfortable inside in a really pretty area ideal for walking, dogs etc.. the pub is dog friendly throughout and the log fire is very cosy and homely.
its only bad point is its really expensive.. drinks were overpriced and food isnt cheap..
not everyone in chorleywood is loaded!!
its worth a visit.but bear in mind weekends in summer its jam packed

1 Mar 2009 17:15

The Coach and Horses, Rickmansworth

very pretty and nice but small pub, food excellent and atmosphere usually good.éxcept when overcrowded and you cant get a seat. womens
toilets are awful however..they stink and are around the back and down alot of stairs...

1 Mar 2009 17:09

The Fox and Hounds, Rickmansworth

if this is the pub near marks and spencers forget it.. full of old alkies and drugged up yobs looking for a fight... I walk past this one very fast indeed as there are always scumbags hanging outside the door beer in one hand fag in the other..(if it isnt the one near marks sorry for the mistake!!)

1 Mar 2009 17:06

Druids, Rickmansworth

this is hell in pub form.not as dire as the pub of the same name in watford but still bad vibes lots of noisy drunk thugs..including sitting outside when matches are on.

oh and women in revealing clothes on the pull.
bad bad venue,..,.. go to the coach and horses better in every way.

1 Mar 2009 17:03

The Three Horseshoes, Bourne End

this is a gorgeous pub,, and inexpensive. would I go there again?? YOU BET!!
it has lovely fires, lots of beams and candles.. and no scumbags in there either

26 Feb 2009 15:50

Fishery Inn, Boxmoor

this is a serious contender for the title of the worst pub in britain.with the rudest staff in the universe... populated by evil rude l morons.. I am sad to have to say this about an Ember inn, they are usually quite pleasant (or I wouldnt have gone in in the first place) its in a nice location but the customers are 80 percent drunken chavs who will start on anyone they dont know for no apparent reason, just because they dont like what your wearing.. the management turn a blind eye to this...
They are extremely disabled unfriendly. and refused to clean a empty table of abandoned glasses in the accessible area. I was actually told to sit somewhere else, which of course was up a flight of stairs. then one of the said chav clientele started on me for daring to ask my table be cleaned before I ate my meal..(which was not even the dish I had paid for I ordered fish and chips and was confronted by gammon steak.) the chav actually threatened to 'sort this disabled bitch out' in front of the server..who sniggered and walked off. needless to say I left the meal and the stares of the chavs at the bar.
I shall be phoning mitchels and butlers as soon as they open to complain about this vile venue.
I would suggest anyone passing this venue should keep on going.. or risk getting attacked by the scum of the earth inside..and thats just the staff.

31 Jan 2009 22:15

Crabtree, Hemel Hempstead

dont agree with bad comments..ember inns is a great chain. nice food no annoying football and nice buildings.perfect place for women and older people to go., not thug friendly thank god...

15 Dec 2008 19:14

The Artichoke, Watford

its been closed for years..and used to be full of yobbos when it was open in the 1980s. yes that long!!

15 Dec 2008 19:11

Golden Lion, Watford

horrible pub. tasteless . I would rather pee in the road than even go in and use the toilet.its that bad..even worse than the scummy verulam arms this dump. still its in a bad area so what do you expect

15 Dec 2008 19:09

The Rose and Crown, Chorleywood

lovely little pub. not expensive no annoying yobs or loud music.. very cosy and olde fashioned.. will definately go again.

14 Dec 2008 20:18

The Gate, Chorleywood

not a pub and not very cosy or welcoming restaurant either.. I went in...and went straight out... horrid crowded and pretentious place..go accross the road to the much nicer and homelier white horse...

14 Dec 2008 20:17

The Two Brewers Inn, Chipperfield

used to be part of chef and brewer chain..I think it might be independent now..very packed and very noisy... dont think much of the new decor..has lost a lot of what little character it had in the first place.. they got rid of the candles and sconces and chandeliers and hops around the beams...
having said that they obviously have a very upmarket clientele so the food must be good, always busy and hard to get a seat, but not a bad place overall...just a bit noisy and modernised...deserves better than 5!!

14 Dec 2008 20:14

The Boot, Chipperfield

Its a very pretty pub with log fires and quite 'locallish'.. having said that the locals were friendly and the pub had a nice atmosphere and welcomed dogs.. would definately come again.. loved the dancing santa

14 Dec 2008 20:11

The Rose and Crown, Sandridge

the new bar staff are not nice and friendly like the old ones.. and they dont provide newspapers or welcome dogs anymore, so I have stopped going there, which is a shame as the drinks were cheap under the old management... and the interior is very olde world

23 Oct 2008 18:59

The Goat Inn, Codicote

this is a lovely atmospheric inn which is very friendly and welcoming, and inexpensive...lovely log fires too.

23 Oct 2008 18:57

The Colney Fox, St Albans

nice venue, nice food, comfy seats.. rude staff......

23 Oct 2008 18:54

Coach and Horses, Croxley Green

this is a lovely building with a horrid unfriendly chavvish atmosphere. make sure you wear your burberry and nikes or you'll get dirty looks by the dozen from the local 'yoof'

23 Oct 2008 18:53

The Bull, Wheathampstead

poo what a way to wreck a pub.. even when it was a beefeater it wasnt dear and was lovely inside. now its gone all upmarket I would even bother.. very unwelcoming..

23 Oct 2008 18:51

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence

the pub is expensive but I guess a place like that takes alot of upkeep. lovely building and location, service not the best

23 Oct 2008 18:50

Scotsbridge Mill, Rickmansworth

yes the staff are rude..and didnt speak very good english either.. was full of screaming brats when I went there running around with the parents not giving a damn... expensive food as well....

23 Oct 2008 18:45

The Artichoke, Croxley Green

ooh I agree with some of the posters here.. this was a lovely traditional pub..looks ok still outside but inside its gross... and the staff are daft. they used to be really nice friendly people before.. what happened?? it was always busy so why change a good thing (for the worse) if its run by the guy that owns the pub a few yards away no wonder, since that is a chav infested scumhole...

23 Oct 2008 18:44

The Unicorn, Kings Langley

its a nice old pub, food ok, but can actually get quite busy with yobs and chavs if they are screening a match.. then its menacing., nice in the daytime though..I took my old mother there....

23 Oct 2008 18:40

The Artichoke, Elstree

only went in once and it didnt look too bad... until they started masquerading as a curry and thai food house.. now its closed... what a pity..

23 Oct 2008 18:38

The Hollybush, Elstree

This is a beautiful building in pleasant village location and I really wish I could find something else good to say about it.. less just say its better enjoyed from the outside as the staff are neanderthals and the locals are every manner of scum..
if you are a decent person, alternative dresser, or a woman alone dont go there..

23 Oct 2008 18:36

The Rising Sun, Mill Hill

this is a very pretty little pub, all hanging baskets and wisteria, with nice inside as well and good reasonable priced food, staff were polite enough and locals at the bar were not menacing ( I went in as a lone female and got no smirks or stares!!)

23 Oct 2008 18:33

The Gate, Arkley

this is a lovely atmospheric pub., the food is excellent and reasonable priced considering portion size, their sister pub, the rising sun is great as well..

23 Oct 2008 18:30

Pre, St Albans

this is a nice cheap place, looks like a georgian manor house.. carvery was a bargain and tasted ok. but skip the desert as it was ghastly.. frozen packet poo....

23 Oct 2008 18:28

Moor Mill, Bricket Wood

this is a lovely looking building with gorgeous surround(bar the m25 which is basically overhead..) very comfy and lots of families there. food isnt that awful, being a beefeater... and they areusually welcoming.
doesnt desrve a rating this low as its one of the more friendly pubs around here

23 Oct 2008 18:23

White Hart Hotel, St Albans

lovely old building, nice food and polite staff. dogs are allowed, and its a great place to escpae the crowds and traffic in st albans.
not too dear either, unlike the grossly priced overdraught..

23 Oct 2008 18:20

Three Hammers, St Albans

this pub has it all,despite being part of a chain. great food, reasonable prices, very friendly staff..
a great place to eat or drink

23 Oct 2008 18:17

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

one of the most atmoshperic pubs and stunning locations in hertfordshire. Ive been there are few times, and come accross some appallingly rude bar staff, but the current lot (well ex lot now as they got booted last month).... were really friendly and had a gorgeous boxer dog.
a very dog friendly venue.. landlord told me they get more dogs in there than humans..and that would be about right judging by the times I have been there. drinks were not extortionate, and fires are lovely..there are a few hardcore locals there, but make friends with their dogs and they wont be a problem!! it will be a tragedy if this pub goes under... which remind me..I had better go there and give them some support!!

23 Oct 2008 18:13

The Waggon and Horses, Elstree

excellent pub, staff are so is dog friendly, disabled friendly, serves bad vibes at all. i went there with two friends who are transsexual and we got no rude stares or comments. drinks are reasonable, atmosphere great.lovely comfy sofas and log fires, it deserves to be packed full every night.. best pub on earth shame I do t live near it anymore...

23 Oct 2008 18:09

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

its a downer for this one I am afraid... staff were rude and then some... advertised log fire on board outside, and it was bloody freezing, yet fire was not on and being used as magazine rack..
pub dog approached us and we were petting her, when the bar woman rudely called the dog away (assuming we were feeding it or something??). we were the only people there apart from two regulars in the other side, and my phone rang, a hazard of my work (as a carer)... I took the call quietly yet was 'told off' because the pub bans mobile phones..despite there being no signs to this effect on the door, on their carefully produced leaflets or otherwise. was told'we are a traditional pub here' ...Not so traditional that they didnt have a wide screen telly showing loud football(despite no one there watching it) if you are going to market as a traditional pub then dont have widescreen tv!! price of two non alcoholic drinks was astronomical at over five pounds, and not even polite service or made to feel welcome.. you think they would want to keep the customers, because its a nice looking pub in a nice location, but obviously they dont give a fig...I would really have liked to have had a positive experience here, as its near my new home..but I wont be visiting again..

23 Oct 2008 18:05

Cock Inn, Church End

this pub is a lovely old building full of atmosphere , readily served me a tea!!!!(dont drink due to allergy) and were friendly to my dog, regulars were not menacing, and no one bothered us at all . would recommend to anyone of any age (apart from yobbos perhaps...lets keep it nice eh)

23 Oct 2008 17:57

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