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The Railway Bell, Hampton

WOW!!!! Although I'm not surprised, I think its completely disgusting how someone with body art can be discriminated against. As I've said before this pub is so up itself I will never drink here again.....unless the owners and décor change. To think my dad used to work here in the 70's too, he'd be turning in his grave if he'd seen what its turned into. Stick to The Worlds End, better ales, cheaper, better staff and toilets that don't stink!!!

24 Dec 2013 09:22

The Railway Bell, Hampton

£8.80p for a pint and a bottle of Magners!!!!!! I fear the "real" locals are being out priced......probably why I didnt recognise anyone in there either.

15 May 2013 17:41

The Worlds End, Hampton

This pub has improved from the "down days" it had a few years ago. Good selection of ales that frequently change and are well kept. Always a friendly welcome. Great to see a real pub still exists in Hampton and not one that has been turned into a rich mans gastro pub!

12 Nov 2012 21:56

The Masons Arms, Teddington

Thing's are really looking up for this once tired ol' pub. Watch this space

27 May 2010 17:56

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

How many more indian restaurant's does Hampton & Hampton Hill need!!!!

20 Nov 2009 21:36

The Three Fishes, Sunbury on Thames

Sorry to say I was not very keen on this pub at all. This pub could do with smoking being re introduced as it smelt of "wet dog"!! Found it very hard to muster a word or a smile from the man serving, not even a simple thankyou. No wonder it was so empty for a Saturday night. Shame!

14 Nov 2009 16:50

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Would like to say what an absolute joy it was to visit this pub on St Georges day. The vast choice of ales was superb and well kept. It's no wonder this place won the CAMRA pub of the year. Will look forward to visiting again soon. "ALL HAIL TO THE ALE"

24 Apr 2009 19:38

The Longford, Hampton Hill

Got your wish "Nickthefish" It's all boarded up! Wonder what they are going to change it to this time. This place has had more names than Puff Daddy....or whatever his name is?!?!?

22 Mar 2009 20:24

The Masons Arms, Teddington

For your info Heidi, I dont drink in Wetherspoons pubs nor am I a "chump" However I used to drink in the Mason's when it was open!!! And not closed at 3 o'clock in the afternoon! Many regulars that used to drink here moved on to pub's that had a bit more heart in them and didnt close at prime times of the day and evening. If the previous owner took advantage of it's location and advertised lunch's then the outcome may have been better.
C.A.M.R.A. member!

P.S. good luck to the new owners, advertising lunches outside. Things looking up already.

9 Mar 2009 14:41

The Railway Hotel, Hampton

Oh dear, thought I heard about dodgy happenings at this place. For gods sake this is Hampton not Soho!!

4 Mar 2009 21:41

The Masons Arms, Teddington

It's shut down!!! Landlord just didnt give a toss about running the place. Hopefully if new people take over they will put a bit more heart into this dying trade. Shame.

24 Jan 2009 17:10

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Looking forward to visiting during the St Georges Day beer festival. Heard a few good reports about the pub and its vast selection of well kept ales from a fellow workmate. Roll on April 23rd!!!!

12 Jan 2009 20:05

The George, Sunbury on Thames

I hear it's another pub we are going to lose. Being closed down and turned into flats!!!

13 Aug 2008 23:11

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

A lovely welcome into the comfortably refurbed "Jenny". A good choice of lagers and a couple of ales to choose from too. The new owners are certainly making an effort and I hope all goes well for them. I shall be visiting more often (especially as its a rugby themed pub). Try it, you wont be disappointed.

25 Apr 2008 09:44

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

What was the point of having posters and flags in the windows to celebrate St Georges day if your going to be shut at 12:30!!!! Big mistake. Bad business sense.

24 Apr 2008 10:58

The Phoenix, Sunbury on Thames

This was always my favourite pub in Sunbury just for the garden alone. What a great improvement. The landscaped garden is lovely and a lot more "comfortable" seating. Before going into the pub we were planing on eating somewhere else, well that idea went straight out the window. We actually ended up staying for over 5 hours! I had the whitebait for starters which was really tasty and two of my friends had the lamb shanks as a main and they too really enjoyed the food. Good choice of lagers and 3 hand pulled ale's to choose from as well as a a good choice of wines. Totally agree with "The GP",the Magpie is gonna lose a lot of summer trade. If you do plan on eating, get in early as the tables get taken quickly!!!

12 Apr 2008 16:19

The Railway Hotel, Hampton

Oh yes i popped in again and it was a Friday night. Loved it!!! What makes it for me is the fact that Patrick spends time chatting to his customers, that was what was missing in the last few years. People take over make you feel welcome then leave it to various bar staff to try and carry doesnt work trust me! For me I look forward to visiting tomorrow for lunch and having another chat with Patrick....He's a real character and I hope he and Artur are here for the long run.

14 Mar 2008 21:17

The Railway Hotel, Hampton

Having lived in Hampton all my life I have seen this pub change hands many times. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse! I'm pleased to say that The Railway could be on the up again. A great effort has been made in the refurb, getting rid of the leather sofa's and replacing them with more comfortable seating. It has a nice friendly atmosphere with Patrick chatting about his wines and plans for the place. Artur does wonderful food, salads king prawns, burgers and steaks all very reasonable in price. There is a good choice of lagers and wine but a bit short on the choice of ales (for the moment).I do hope this is one of the "up" era's of the Railway and I wish all the best to Patrick and Artur. I shall be visiting a lot more often now. Try it, you wont be dissapointed.

9 Mar 2008 11:58

The Sussex Brewery, Emsworth

"A PROPER OLD ENGLISH PUB" This is a great little pub with a nice cosy friendly atmosphere and so much better since the smoking ban, before you have a go, yes I do smoke! We booked an evening meal here and it was well worth every penny and more. Plenty of drinks to choose from as well, especially glad to see my favourite "Bombardier". Cant wait to go back.

27 Jan 2008 20:28

Ship, Emsworth

Well it's been 5 months since my last visit to Emsworth and 9 since I last went in the Ship. Things are looking up!! We went in for lunch and to see if things had improved....and im glad to say they have. The bar staff were very polite and quick to serve, the beer had improved with the choice of 3 ales on hand pump. The sandwiches we ordered were big enough to have as a dinner and looking at the other dishes that were coming out of the kitchen I can safely say we will be going back again on our next visit. Well done, keep up the good work.

27 Jan 2008 20:18

The Flower Pot Hotel, Sunbury on Thames

Wondered what was going on when I drove past yesterday. Looks like they are ripping it apart inside. I agree and hope they dont ruin a good thing!

5 Nov 2007 20:25

The Railway Hotel, Hampton

No Sunday roasts at the fact no nothing because it's shutdown!!!!!

15 Aug 2007 17:32

The Blue Bell, Emsworth

My favourite pub in Emsworth. Great service by the bar staff, remembered our drinks the following day after only having one round. It has a cosy friendly atmosphere. Have not eaten in here yet but the menu looks fabulous, made my mouth water just reading it. Looking forward to visiting again soon and having a meal.

22 Apr 2007 19:55

Ship, Emsworth

whats happened?? Used to be a great pub to have a drink and an evening meal in, now stops serving grub at 4 and the clientele seem rather unsavoury.Thank God the Bluebell is still the same great pub. Wont be rushing back next time I visit, shame.

22 Apr 2007 19:48

The Phoenix, Sunbury on Thames

Totally agree with "The GP". Myself and a few friends popped in for an afternoon drink yesterday as the weather was a bit more summer like. I much prefer this pub for it's garden compared to The Magpie but it does need a bit of a tidy up, it wouldnt take much effort and money. Cant fault the beer's though and the staff are very friendly and efficient. I am still looking forward to spending many a summers day/evening looking out across the river.

3 Apr 2007 17:29

The Royal Oak, Hampton

Oh dear, I did give it a couple of months and from what I could see the pub has not improved. The windows are filthy along with the pumps at the bar. A couple of friends had the Fosters, I wouldnt chance anything that wasnt in a bottle. Their pints were only lively because thy stuck a lemonade top in it. One of the toilets had no light bulb and the other was a bit disconnected from the floor. This place could have so much potential but I just wonder if ts being run into the ground so that it will be sold to build more houses on??? I really hope im wrong.

19 Feb 2007 18:33

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Does anyone know if this pub or any other pub in Sunbury is doing anything for St George's day this year (APR 23rd)?? Planning a bit of a crawl...........well these things have to be done dont they!!!

5 Jan 2007 20:07

Joes Bar and Restaurant, Hampton Hill

I agree with some of the comments about Joe's. It had become a place for the "Louts" of Hampton to keep coming in and out of all night while people were trying to have a meal. All that has hopefully changed. It has been re furbed and the menu has improved. Service is efficient and friendly and on my last two visits quite sign of the "Hoodies". I do hope it stays this way, its a great improvement and I think good value for money.

21 Dec 2006 17:58

The Three Horseshoes, Shepperton

Only been here a couple of times but I love this place. Its what I call a proper little locals boozer with lots of character. Usual courage ales plus Bombardier and my favourite, "MILD" on draught!!!! Always found staff and customers friendly. Hope this one gets missed by the developers.

12 Oct 2006 21:37

The Royal Oak, Hampton

Although i used to use this as my local i started to dislike some of the customers that were begining to drink in there (mainly aged under 21)so started to give it a miss. Went in for the first time this week since it had changed hands. The place seemed less cluttered and cleaner somehow. Was dissapointed in the choice of lagers and ales, being that there was no choice. The Kronenburg was out, the Spitfire also and The London pride looked a bit cloudy for me to chance having dodgy guts. Hope this is just teething problems for the new owners as they seemed genuinely nice people. I shall give it a couple more goes anyway. Good Luck to the new owners!

7 Oct 2006 15:57

The Slug and Lettuce, Kingston Upon Thames

Bugger the slug & lettuce!!! I agree, bring back the Outrigger. Had many a fun evening in there.

28 Sep 2006 21:46

The Phoenix, Sunbury on Thames

Had an smashing time in here last Sunday, stayed in the garden for most of the time then inside for a few games of pool. The owner was very friendly and the other staff too. Just wish I lived a bit nearer.

21 Sep 2006 14:05

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

One of my favourite pubs in Sunbury. Lovely large garden for the summer and cosy inside on the more chillier evenings. Landlord and bar staff are friendly and the ales are in good order. Stay out of the leather sofa otherwise you'll never want to get up unless you can find someone else to go to the bar for you.

12 Sep 2006 20:39

The Kings Arms, Hampton Court

Sort out the toilets!!!! It may be next to Hampton Court Palace but that doesnt mean the W.C. has to be as it was when Henry VIII lived there.

12 Sep 2006 20:23

The Worlds End, Hampton

Was a bit worried when Andy left over a year ago that the pub might go downhill again, but im glad to say it hasn't, if anything it has improved. Outside has been painted up and a new wall and gate makes the garden area look more inviting especially on the warmer days. There is a wide choice of lagers and ales all served by friendly bar staff. Im told the food is rather good too. The juke box is back too!!

12 Sep 2006 20:15

The Three Fishes, Sunbury on Thames

I dont understand some of the bad comments on here, some people must be used to drinking tea at the Ritz or something. The Three Fishes is a proper little pub with weird and friendly characters that you would expect to find in an old local. I have visited a few times but more recently last week and found the refurb to the seats and carpet and a fresh lick of paint a pleasant surprise. We also had no rudeness from any member of staff in fact they were friendly and smiling which nowadays is a bonus in most places. Good luck to the new landlord.

24 Aug 2006 07:04

The Old House at Home, West Wittering

I must have visited at a good time judging by some of the other comments. Found the staff to be friendly and efficient and allowed us to sample the wines before actually buying a glass or bottle, not many pubs allow this. Booked an evening meal for myself and two companions and enjoyed every bit of it. Liver and bacon was plentifull and the stilton stuffed chicken breast was tasty and moist, all washed down with a very nice wine. Only one bad thing about this pub is that they allow children in the saloon bar, what happened to the days of not allowing children in the bar especially if you have a large garden area with swings, which this pub has. Change the rules because you will be driving away paying customers who want a beer without the high pitched screech of kids having a hyper due to too much Coca Cola.

14 Aug 2006 15:43

The Royal Oak, East Wittering

Visited this pub while spending the weekend in the witterings. Luckily it was sunny enough to sit out on the newly decked patio area as the inside was a bit cramped and smokey (yes and I DO smoke). The food looked wonderful and the service was friendly. Could do with getting the larger bottles of Magners in instead of the half pint ones though. Also the toilets looked like they missed out on the refurb, pre 1940's by the looks of it. All in all a better place to have a drink than the sports bar further up the road.

14 Aug 2006 15:33

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

Decided to pop in for one as I hadnt been in for a few years. The one drink turned into several. An absolute delight of a pub. Wonderfully newly built beer garden and little outhouse area too for when the heavens open. A good choice of lagers and ales being dominated by a Badger brewery, that cant be a bad thing. Plenty of choice in the wine department too. Very friendly owners, made to feel very welcome. A must for anyone in the area. Dare say I'll be popping in for "one" rather more often

8 Aug 2006 12:19

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

My favourite in Twickenham by a long shot. A graet selection of ales lagers and wine's. You must try the bottled Blandford Fly Ale, an absolute must on a warm day or even a cold winters evening. Friendly staff and customers alike.

27 Jun 2006 17:58

The Railway Bell, Hampton

It's gradually getting there. A lot of work has been done to the seating area outside and makes it look a lot more inviting and comfortable too. Great BBQ's during the summer and the quality of the ales has improved. Perhaps need to think of re-vamping the toilets now. Keep up the good work though.

27 Jun 2006 17:47

The Bell Inn, Hampton

Here! here! Myself and some work mates were told to leave for laughing too loudly while people were trying to eat!!!! It's a pub not a bloomin' restaurant. Bring back the old days when the beer was less fancy and all could enjoy themselves without having to whisper to each other in fear of being barred!!!!!

27 Jun 2006 17:43

Bar Estilo, Teddington

Totally agree with the last comment. Whats wrong with single women and their friends going to a decent place that isnt full off beer swigging lager louts! Estilo's and Red Peppers are owned by the same people both do lovely but different food. New face lift looks good and makes it more spacious inside. Recommended for a good night out for all members of the human race (not just the girls).

27 Jun 2006 17:39

Ship, Emsworth

I visit Emsworth at least a couple of times a year and always make a point of going to the ship. Evening food is excellent and there is a good choice of beer and wine. Bar staff are friendly and the regulars too. Lovely old proper pub with clean and sparkling brass.

9 Mar 2006 14:36

The Jockey, Sunbury on Thames

Went to this pub for the first time a few weeks back. Small like everyone says but that makes it a far more friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
Great people, great music and great lamb chops!!!!!

9 Mar 2006 14:22

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