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Swan Inn, Weymouth

I went in this pub a couple of years ago and it wasn't too pleasant an experience. Smoky, crowded and full of old men. Now it has gone no smoking the difference is startling. Of course it's still a Wetherspoon so the requisite old fellas are ever-present, but it's far less crowded, the service is lightning and I can leave without coughing my ashmatic lungs up after a few bevvies. The bar staff are young and easily confused, getting mine and the next persons orders wrong simultaneously, but they are keen. Food and drink both tip top. One of the best JD's I've ever been in.

11 Jun 2006 19:21

The Somerset Hotel, Weymouth

This is one of the most clean and well taken care of pubs I have ever been in. There were lilies in vases around the pub and in the ladies'. It has had a bit of a re-fit, if memory serves correctly from my last visit. Had a lovely pint of bitter shandy, which was lovingly poured and tasted marvellous! As we left like bores after only one pint each, the landlord thanked us and said "You take care now". Nice.

11 Jun 2006 19:10

The Ship Inn, Weymouth

I recently revisited this pub after a couple of years and was pleased to find it as welcoming as before. It was a hot day so I plumped for a most uncharacteristic Pimms, which was lovingly garnished with strawberries and orange slices. Ladies toilets most pleasant. Plenty of seating, service prompt. The only downside was it was mostly empty, being in the day time, and lacked a bit of atmosphere. Well worth an evening visit.

11 Jun 2006 19:04

The George Inn, Weymouth

A lovely looking harbourside boozer. Aside from the glare of the fruit machines, soothing on the eye. Had a pint of bitter shandy (sorry purists) which was a beaut. If only the barmaid was as warm as the decor.............

11 Jun 2006 18:59

Finn M'Couls, Weymouth

I recently revisited this little boozer and it was better than previously. The bar staff seem friendlier, the jukebox was better, the music ( saw 2 bands while we were there for a week) was cracking. Booze fine and reasonably priced. It's well worth paying a bit more than Wetherspoons etc to feel at home in a proper rock pub!

11 Jun 2006 18:58

The Dubliner, Digbeth

The first place we dived into after coming off the coach. Needs another refurb in the toilets, I'd say. Bog(excuse the pun)standard unhappy looking bird behind the bar, usual dog behind the bar. Nice Irish cider. Food only on weekends, apparently. Nice mix on the jukebox. Not the kind of place to brave of an evening, I would guess, but a handy little stopping off point in the daytime.

16 Mar 2006 21:41

Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham

This is a nice place to hang out for an afternoon. Plenty of cosy/cramped seating and nowhere is ever really far from the bar. Nothing special in the booze department but it's cheap and served up with a smile. The kind of place you can get chatting to random people and before you know it you know their life story. A good excuse to pester my Brum mates for another visit!

16 Mar 2006 21:34

The Costermonger, Birmingham

This is an OK rock pub, but lacking slightly in atmosphere. Booze average. Toilets foul. I actually walked back out of the ladies as it stank of ammonia so badly I was convinced I was in the mens'. A mirror wouldn't go amiss either. A couple of comfy leather sofas if you're lucky enough to get in early. Not a bad little jukebox. Went in with friends from Birmingham and the only difference they and I could see was the entrance is a bit beige. Scruffy's is better for atmosphere and chatting to random pissheads.

16 Mar 2006 21:22

Ye Olde Pump House, Hastings

This pub does Hurlimanns!! What else need I say? I'm not even a real beer drinker but this stuff is amazing. Lovely creaky historic pub, well worth stopping off at on a stroll through Old Town. Often crowded, even in the daytime, and it's no surprise at it's such a cosy welcoming pub. I've only had the food once, and will reserve judgement for my second attempt, as it tasted better than it looked, oddly enough. This is a favourite watering hole.

19 Feb 2006 14:49

Bucket Of Blood, Phillack

I stayed in Hayle a few times and trekked down to The Bucket of Blood with my fella and parents in tow, in the pitch black, telling my knackered mum 'It's only a few more minutes!' Lovely old pub with beams and low ceilings, a pub you can sit in and imagine being there 300 years before. Didn't want to leave. Well worth a visit and will definately go again. Best name for a pub ever!

19 Feb 2006 14:37

The Hungry Years, Brighton

I used to go to the pub with my then-boyfriend and the club with my mate Guy. The landlady was an interesting character. The club was pretty cool, when I used to go the DJ sent round a list so everyone could put down a few requests. The seating on the sides of the room with the dance floor in the middle was a bit reminiscent of a school disco, but didn't make it any less charming to me. I know when it shut a lot of people felt they had no choice but to trek up to London for a decent night out. Well missed.

19 Feb 2006 14:31

The Smugglers, Brighton

This pub is always worth a visit when in Brighton, if only to wonder when all the stuff hanging from the ceiling is going to fall down and knock someone sparko! Interesting decor, especially from ceiling :) Dark, even in the daytime, and you can usually find a comfy seat. Nothing much going for it except the pool tables, if you're looking for entertainment this is the wrong pub. But is a quiet refuge from the Big Issue sellers and general melee that Brighton can be, especially in tourist season. Does a nice pint of cider. This is a pub which I will always return to, and I hope no one bastardises it and turns it all trendy.

19 Feb 2006 14:22

The Orange Tree, Wilmington

I used to go in this pub waaay before I was of age, make up is a wonderful invention! Always worth going back to, even after a year or two away, as it's always a cosy, comforting place to be. A proper old fashioned looking pub, and nostalgic for me.

18 Feb 2006 15:34

The Two Brewers, Dartford

Duck! Nice enough stop off on a week night or a cosy Saturday afternoon. Dark and dingy and vaguely historic, my kind of pub!

18 Feb 2006 15:28

The Litten Tree, Dartford

Ugggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Trendy heaven. Even the food is rubbish. Reminds me why I couldn't wait to be 18 and get the hell out of Dartford. Fellas, if you want your face booted in at the end of the night, here's your mecca. Laydeez, want to cast a bile-laden glance over your fellow Sharons' outfit in the lav then talk about it loudly to all your mates after? Bingo. It may have changed since I was last there, I do hope so.

18 Feb 2006 15:23

The Wat Tyler, Dartford

Go over to Spoons over the road first, then come to this place to enjoy the tranquility. Interesting characters abound, Guinness poured properly, seats which make your bum hurt, but make it an incentive to jump up and go to the bar again. Nice historic watering hole. In the town of my birth, so occasionaaly I bump into someone I knew 15 years ago. Very little chav activity, which for Dartford, is nigh on miraculous.

18 Feb 2006 15:17

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Staffed almost entirely by African men, who are very attentive if you are a laydee. Overpriced, as always in London, as if the surroundings alone merit whacking 50p on. Methinks not. Tiny, crammed ladies, grease yourself up if like moi you ain't anorexic. A fine start or end to a journey, or to avoid paying 20p to pee in the public lavs. Sit out on the balcony and watch the 'ants' below scurrying to their trains.

18 Feb 2006 15:10

The Bright Helm, Brighton

If you are an aged beer drinker, do not enter, as you may expire by the time you get served in here. I have been in here probably a dozen times, and been swiftly served once. Bar staff all vacant. Food nice enough, again, if you can get served. Roomy seating area, exotic downstairs lavs, although foul smelling and cold. An acceptable place to stop off for a pee and a meal on the way back to the station.

18 Feb 2006 15:06

The Jubilee Oak, Crawley

This was the first ever Spoons I went in, however many years ago it was they were spawned. Back in the day it was alright in the daytime, but slag/stud central of a weekend night. Had many an all-dayer in there, but only ever used it as a starting point for a few Aftershocks on a weekend night. Sounds like it's gone downhill now, shame.

18 Feb 2006 15:00

The Lodmoor, Weymouth

Nice spacious pub. Went in there in the daytime a couple of times and I'd hope it comes to life a bit more at night. Nice clean toilets, how refreshing! Lots of entertainment, pool and games machines. A nice stopping off point on a walk into town.

18 Feb 2006 14:55

Troll Cart, Great Yarmouth

Yarmouth must have the hungriest revellers in the country, or else delivery vans can't find it on the GPS, as half the time this place has half the menu OFF the menu. Average Wetherspoons fare, food not bad (when you can get it) as JD's go. A few nice booths if you want a bit of privacy. Breakfast well recommended, especially if you're hungover and just about to get on a coach.

18 Feb 2006 14:47

Gallon Pot, Great Yarmouth

Lovely looking pub from the outside. Strongbow fine. Old fashioned 'old man' type pub. An OK place for a start, middle or end of a crawl in Yarmouth. Several other pubs nearby :)

18 Feb 2006 14:44

Paper Moon, Dartford

My favourite Wetherspoons pub, probably because it's in the town of my birth (and I still remember when it was a Lloyd's) and every time I go in there now it means I see my dad or my brother. I have got plastered here so many times, always in the daytime funnily enough, as I am always on my way to the station. Pretty good food and service, as JD's go. The toilets are a three mile trek up a tiny stair case with no real passing places, so wait until you're breaking your neck then run like hell! The usual cheap booze etc, no one on here needs telling what JD's sell!

18 Feb 2006 00:52

The George, Soho

Nice cosy old pub, interesting woodwork and old mirrors. Refreshing to see a pub which hasn't been bastardised by a brewery into some sanitised hell hole. Nice selection of booze. Yet to get a seat in there, but hey ho, Soho.

18 Feb 2006 00:45

The Hobgoblin, Brighton

My kind of pub in that it's full of greasy grungers. Music's always good, but why are so many rockers still in the belief that smoking is cool? Every time I go here I'm forced out coughing and spluttering a couple of hours later. An interesting crowd visually, goths to gays to grungers. Interestingly enough (or not!), the only time I've ever been slagged off for my tattoos was in here, of all bleeding places. Sells Hobgoblin as well, how apt.

18 Feb 2006 00:39

The King and Queen, Brighton

Not a bad place to spend and hour and a tenner, for the surroundings alone. A great echoing cavern of a place, always a stopping off point, never a destination.

18 Feb 2006 00:34

The Nuthouse, Eastbourne

Lovely lovely landlady. The sign outside says it all, something about 'There are no strangers here, just friends you haven't met yet'. Crazy loo seats in the ladies, nice selection of liquers etc, nearly as colourful as the shirts on the fellas behind the bar. The landlady makes you feel special by engaging you in conversation then remembering little details about you next time around. The kind of place you have to tear yourself away from. By your second visit, you'll be a 'regular'.

18 Feb 2006 00:17

Mullens, Eastbourne

Many a Friday and Saturday night have been spent in here watching a band. Slightly expensive beer, but on a night where there's a band you don't mind as much. Does get a little smoky and you sometimes need to grease yourself to enable getting up to the bar in the crush, but it's open till 12 on band nights and that was before they introduced 24 hour liver carnage.
Well worth a walk away from the town centre.

18 Feb 2006 00:12

The Marine, Eastbourne

Nice cosy pub, old fashioned looking with huge-looking food portions. I've not eaten there yet, just drooled over someone else's lunch. A nice stop off on the way to Mullens.

18 Feb 2006 00:08

Hogshead, Eastbourne

A nice enough pub, quite 'trendy' looking from the outside but you do get a mix of people in. Gets surprisingly empty sometimes, which means you can get to the bar! I've only had the food once, a couple of months ago at my work Xmas do, it was quite nice for the budget and they provided a very interesting goody bag as well. Nice and open in layout, another good starting point for a crawl, especially if you've just jumped off the train.

18 Feb 2006 00:04

The Hartington, Eastbourne

This place is a total scream! An excellent night out if you're gay or straight, although I can see how less-liberated men would feel uncomfortable in there. The buzzer only thing means no difficult looking people are allowed in, so you can be assured of a hassle free night out. An average range of booze, but this pub isn't the kind of place you go to looking for beer, if you get my drift...

17 Feb 2006 23:59

Gildredge, Eastbourne

Oh, there were many a fun night in here when Steve was the landlord. Quiz nights, laughing so hard I nearly peed as Steve read out my filthy answers to the questions I didn't know. Well priced, quite appetising food. A good selection of booze generally, an It box, a jukebox and a pool table. A few undesirables hang around the pool table on occasion, but otherwise an eclectic mix of people from old men reading the paper to Oxfam-raiding students. A good place to start the pub crawl, just head towards the sea. If you're still standing when you get there, please don't go near the water.....

17 Feb 2006 23:52

The Earl Of Burlington, Eastbourne

Not the best Wetherspoons I've ever been in for food or service. Once had a meal with 12, yes I was outraged enough to count, 12 chips on the plate. Same for my fella, you could see the bottom of his plate in the middle there was so little food on it. Funny for spotting all the sex-hungry chavs on a weekend night, charming enough in the daytime. There are always lonely old men in Wetherspoons and this place is no exception. Best avoided on the weekend and any evening really, although you can never really say no to cheap booze, can you?

17 Feb 2006 23:46

The Dolphin, Eastbourne

Oh the karaoke in this place was/probably still is the best ever. Never have I seen such a bunch of loons let loose on the public at large, and every poor sod walking down South Street, as it was so loud! Rib achingly funny. Used to get charmingly full on the weekends without being rammed, and it does the girly lightweight drink that is Bols Blue Curacao. Wicked. Karaoke, hilarity and a blue tongue. What more could anyone wish for?!

17 Feb 2006 23:40

The Buccaneer, Eastbourne

A nice little pub, slightly off the beaten track. Complete with Shove Ha' penny board, which you don't see very often. Nice old posters in the hallway to the loos of old pantomimes etc at the nearby theatre. Always cheap booze offers on.

17 Feb 2006 23:35

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Absolutely massive place, cavernous. A welcome refuge after a leg busting trek up the Downs to Beachy Head, but not a place I'd go out of my way to go to otherwise. Food OK if a little overpriced. Not too cosy, but if it's raining outside and you're gagging for a pint after a hard walk, beggars can't be choosers :)

17 Feb 2006 23:32

The Intrepid Fox, Soho

I used to consider this my local, even when I lived 30 miles away. The landlord Pat is an amiable fella who lets the madness swirl around him whilst keeping an ironic grin on his face. Some of the bar staff are a bit chilly, but expect any less in London and you are deluded, baby! Hold onto your skirt or trousers when you go to the lav, or else you'll end up showered in the most foul smelling effluent if they skim the floor. The music is usually pretty cool, as are a lot of the characters. I've had some of the best and weirdest nights of my life in here, but in the end the effected 'achingly-cool' ness of them all got a bit old. I still harbour fond memories and will no doubt stick my head through the door once a year for old times' sake.

17 Feb 2006 23:23

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

Alright food, but the bar staff have the worst attitude of any Wetherspoons pub I've been in (and that's saying something!) If you want to stand at the bar for 20 mins on a Friday night and be studiously ignored by a spotty git with self esteem issues, by all means proceed. Otherwise give it a wide berth and go over the road to the Havelock.

17 Feb 2006 23:10

The Carlisle, Hastings

This is my local. A dark, dirty, grimy sweat hole. Fantastic!! Ace jukebox, lovely friendly staff, but rank toilets. This is the kind of pub you can bring your kids and your dog to, and this is the only pub as a female I feel comfortable enough to sit in all day with a paper, knowing I won't be pounced on by saddoes.

17 Feb 2006 23:06

The Red Lion, Southampton

I went to this pub on 11/02/05. Perfect for a furtive little first date, or for any aged bugger who wants to slip his hand up his missus' bloomers when no one is looking.(Especially when you sit upstairs!) Dark and dingy, old and creaking with wonky floorboards. The food is great. Portion sizes HUGE and reasonably priced, a lot better than the usual Wetherspoons slop. Complete with an in-house African grey parrot and a scowling fag-ash Lil barmaid. This is one of the oldest pubs you're likely to rest your butt in, with the cellars dating back to the 1200's and the rest of it being of Tudorish heritage. Get there soon before they knock it down and turn it into a Starbucks.......

17 Feb 2006 23:00

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