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Comments by knightout

The Ship Tavern, City of London

Why do places like this exist, particularly in this area.

Having been disappointed by The Grapes across the road, I chanced here.

This must be the most neglected Pub in the area. Drinking downstairs is allways bad, but to walk dodgy strairs to be served a pint which is nearly undrinkable is extremely annoying. However owns this place really should seel it for office space, they have no business in the Pub trade.

1 Mar 2010 14:04

The Bunch of Grapes Inn, City of London

Barely fit for purpose. I visited Leadenhall and foolishly went in here. I would not recommend it to others.

1 Mar 2010 13:59

The Ship, Tower Hill

Very small indeed, and on my visit perhaps to crowded to be appreciated maybe. It was recommended for a pre-train drink by another Landlord though, so I went in.

The real-ale was in good form. Sadly that is where my compliments end.

This could be a lovely Pub, but it seems to be lacking in many areas. It is neglected in all the wrong areas, whilst someone has obviously spent money painting it a little to pastel and modernising the furniture, they have totally missed the toilets, outside and carpets. You get the feeling of a uncared for place, which is very sad.

1 Mar 2010 13:55

The Brown Bear, Whitechapel

I arrived here on the recommendation and directions of a landlord in the City is search of football. I found it adequate for my needs and pleasant enough.

Sadly the real-ale was not all I had become used to, but my pint was drinkable. The staff are reasonable, I am uncertain whether it was my northern accent, their foreign accents or the general noise that made things so difficult but I will not rate it too highly due to this.

It is a great shame this lovely Victorian Pub is let down by low staff training and a ropey pint. I feel it could be so much better than it currently is.

1 Mar 2010 13:46

The Peacock, Tower Hill

I think I may have been here on the same night as wendyk. I remember quing to ask the Landlord a question too! Does he work for the London Tourist Board part-time?

I came out of my hotel and happened upon this place looking for somewhere to watch the football. Sadly, despite a big screen, he wasn’t showing it, though they did have 2 darts matches going, so I can appreciate why. The Landlord, a very helpful, fun guy, kindly gave me directions to a place owned by his friend who was football obsessed, according to him. For that I thank him.

Whilst I was in here though, I sampled all the ales on offer, each and everyone was in perfect condition and very reasonable priced from what I had seen on my travels. The staff are excellent, polite and nothing seems to be too much trouble for them. Following the match in the Pub I was sent to, I felt compelled to return to thank him personally. Sadly, he was out at the time, but the Pub seemed busier than earlier? It kept getting busier too, it was then that one of the very friendly locals explained that this place last orders isn’t until gone midnight.

Luckily, the Landlord did return later, and whilst I said this to him personally, I felt I must shout it from this ‘roof-top’. This Pub, is all a Pub should be, the beer, banter and general ambiance are enough in itself, but added to great prices and efficient staff, etc, it really does take my top slot in the Pubs in the area.

1 Mar 2010 13:41

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