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The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

A great pub that plays great music. Service at the bar is important to me and I've never had a problem here, even when busy. The door staff seem ok too, unlike many places in Camden.

16 Mar 2013 22:15

The Earl of Camden, Camden

Terrible service this evening. Not enough bar staff on duty and those that were simply served whoever had pushed in at the bar first (generally pretty girls who started a conversation straight away even with the girls). Result - 10 minute wait for a pint. Staff training definitely needed here.

16 Mar 2013 22:12

The Railway Telegraph, Thornton Heath

A friendly enough locals place which gets rather busy before matches at Crystal Palace. Could really do with a few more bar staff working before the game, as people were waiting 15 minutes or more for service.

24 Aug 2009 17:39

The Cock and Lion, Bond Street

For the benefit of search engines... The Cock and Lion is still the pub in which to watch Newcastle United play when on Sky or Setanta in London! The food and beer ain't bad either...

4 Feb 2009 01:43

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

In a nutshell... average pub, terrible service. The bar staff seem totally unable, or unwilling, to note roughly in what order people come to the bar and will happily serve first whoever has appeared in front of them that very second. I waited 10 minutes while others (usually pretty girls!) wandered up and were served first, even with a bit of a nod and an attempt at eye contact. After someone finally bothered to take my order, and I started to walk away, I noted that the bloke next to me, who had arrived immediately after me, was himself being ignored.

The beer was fine, although I drink lager and as we all know, it all tastes the same! ;)

4 Feb 2009 01:40

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

The other reviews below perhaps paint a different picture, or perhaps we were just there on a good night, but I'd say this is now one of my favourite pubs in London (and I've been to a lot). It was a Saturday night, it was nearly midnight, and the place was heaving and playing a floor-filling mix of 80s/90s/00s rock and indie. People were in high spirits and dancing around... life was good! OK, it was REALLY packed, but there wasn't any pushing or shoving. Oh, and at the end of the night, it made a change to be asked nicely to finish our drinks off by a polite and friendly bouncer - top man! The only downside was all the people sitting around the bar, but the bar staff were on the ball and able to serve "over the top". I'll be back... 9/10.

4 Feb 2009 01:33

The Proud Gallery, Camden

This place has the potential to be great, but sadly I fear it will never live up to that potential. There are basically three "rooms" (one with old stables you can hire out, one with space for a band and one that's a bit trendy disco) which should mean there's something for everyone. However, even early on in the night, the music is so loud you can barely hear you or your friends speak which is no use when the place is still filling up and you want a chat. There are three bars which tend to get quite busy, but a complete lack of anything on draught means you get served quite quickly. Oh, but bottles are 3.50 a pop... that's going to be an expensive night out then! On leaving, we passed a bouncer-type on the door who overheard us bemoaning the drinks prices and lack of draught beer and proceeded to argue the toss - classy. A nice building and location, which is let down by, errrm, everything else.

4 Feb 2009 01:26

The Railway, Putney

A load of us went here after a game at Fulham (Toon won 1-0!) and it was perfectly adequate - plenty of space, decently priced drinks and fairly tasty nibbles, which we'd ordered in advance. The bar service was efficient and as usual for Wetherspoons the toilets were sparkling. Nothing spectacular, but nothing to complain about either.

17 Dec 2007 14:43

Zulus, Putney Bridge

A pre-match drinking barn for the Fulham away game (the ground is about 10 mins walk away). It's fine for that, but not somewhere I'd go otherwise. The only pub I know with a grotty vending machine inside... Chocolate bars for 1!!

17 Dec 2007 11:21

O'Donoghues, Shepherds Bush

A proper pub frequented by proper people. and you don't get many like that any more! There are two pool tables (which don't work on the "put your money down" basis - you need to write your name on the board) and a couple of screens for showing the footie. Quite a few QPR fans drink here so it can get a bit busy on match days but not uncomfortably so. Bog standard drink selection but the staff are friendly.

14 Dec 2007 12:53

The Goldhawk, Shepherds Bush

My girlfriend recommended this place, and I wasn't disappointed. They have a great selection of drinks (hot and cold) and the food looks brilliant. I get the impression that the owners don't take themselves too seriously which adds to the good vibes (i.e. the friendly blackboard notices all over the pub advertising the quiz, DJ night etc). There's a nice little beer garden / smoking area out the front too, albeit located on the main road.

AND... they have Scrabble. Great fun!

14 Dec 2007 12:47

The International Restaurant and Bar, Trafalgar Square

Pros: Comfy seats (if you're lucky enough to get one) and fairly efficient bar service.

Cons: Expensive, full of upmarket chavs and very loud.

But as with most things, it's who you do it with that matters, and if you're with a group of mates and you've already had a few, and other places are kicking out, then this place is absolutely fine.

14 Dec 2007 12:40

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

We popped in here after our Christmas meal and it was OK. Nothing special, just OK. The staff were fine, although the bouncers on the roof were rather, erm, efficient. I certainly didn't see too many "pushy suits" or "loud Aussies" - just a random mix of people having a good time. But hey, it *IS* Christmas. Maybe I'll revisit in January...

14 Dec 2007 12:21

The Queens Head, Bloomsbury

I reckon this pub is stuck firmly in the middle between posh wine bar and dingy backstreet local. Don't get me wrong, it isn't either of these, which is what makes it good! You can have people from anywhere on the social spectrum rubbing shoulders here, and that I think makes it a little different from the other pubs near Holborn. Plus, being just that little bit further away from tourist hell, there was room to move. Thumbs up!

16 Oct 2007 18:27

The Tally Ho, North Finchley

No, I don't work for the Elephant Inn down the road, but given a choice I'd go there every time. There's some nice decor inside but that's about it for the positives... We popped in around 6pm on a Saturday and the beer garden was, as someone else mentioned, full of drunken chavs having an argument with their "missus". Shame really, as the beer garden could be the best in North Finchley - sheltered from traffic by palm trees and plenty of tables and heaters.

16 Oct 2007 18:17

The Old White Lion, East Finchley

Marvellous! I've been in twice over the last month, once when drunk at the end of a night out and once at the beginning. Both times, I was impressed with the selection of both food and drink on offer, and the beer garden feels cosier and more European than any other I've been to in London. Yes, the staff are a little slow but they appear to know their stuff, and generally the customers are quite laid-back and patient. A good 8/10 from me.

16 Oct 2007 18:13

The Doric Arch, Euston

I'm not an ale drinker but most of my friends are, and they do seem to have a better selection here than in most places I go to. I agree about the staff being friendly, although the toilets are a bit dingy and could do with a refurb. There was a faint smell of stale sweat in the air when we arrived on Friday which is probably a combination of the pub being popular and warm, and years of people chain-smoking there. Still loads of train memorabilia on the walls... I wonder how long this will survive?

16 Oct 2007 18:10

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

If I owned a pub, it would be exactly like the F3K. The air conditioning was a godsend on Saturday, as the thermometer nudged 30 outside. Once inside, there are loads of TVs and screens showing sports from all round the world, and with the pub split up into a number of different areas, it's possible to have two or three different commentaries on at once. Drinks prices are reasonable, and the decor/furnishings are top notch. There are two pool tables at the back and fruit machines dotted around here and there. Food is available and the nachos we had were good. A great place, all in all.

7 Aug 2007 12:55

The Globe, Baker Street

Handy for the station with a decent enough interior. Now for the bad news... We arrived, and after fighting through the masses of tourists we made it to the bar. All the real ales were off. Fair enough, as I don't drink ale but I like to make a note of these things for these reviews. But... shock horror, nearly all the lagers were off too! The only option was Fosters, which was warm and flat. Ugh. Service was shockingly slow, with the bar staff seemingly taking as long as possible to process every order. By the time we left (after that one drink) everything draught was off. A few of the outside seats were also broken. Were we just unlucky?

7 Aug 2007 12:48

The Swan and Edgar, Marylebone

This place is an absolute gem, so much so that I travel from Victoria to Marylebone just to go drinking here! There's not much room inside and it's handy to bring your own climbing apparatus to get to the gents but there are as many seats again outside and the staff are brilliant and chatty, so you don't feel claustrophobic. There's also a flat screen TV which doubles as a jukebox, often playing classic hits from the 80s. Pure bliss.

7 Aug 2007 12:43

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

This review is based only on one visit (Saturday late afternoon) but overall I have to say I like it! OK, there were FAR too many children running around, scoffing fish fingers and making excessive noise (pubs should be for grown-ups) but if you could ignore that and retire to the tranquility of the large beer garden, between showers, you'd find an oasis of calm in which to enjoy a decent pint. The service was absolutely fine... not outstanding but not as bad as some have experienced. I can see how queues could build up though, as the serving area isn't huge when compared to the size of the pub, and the high food turnover could certainly slow things down. A good place to start a Hampstead pub crawl!

31 Jul 2007 11:53

The Barley Mow, Mayfair

I've been back a few times now since the refurbishment and while there's still no footie, the Mow is well worth a visit for a drink or something to eat. The food is excellent and the whole place is far brighter and cleaner than it ever was before. Sky News is always on in the background... now if only they had the sports channels back I'd be in heaven!

31 Jul 2007 11:44

The Cock and Lion, Bond Street

A pub which is slowly growing on me... Most of the former Barley Mow Newcastle United fans now come here to watch televised Toon games, and there's a decent atmosphere around the old round table which was carted over here when the Mow closed for refurbishment. The pub is quite small downstairs but has 2 TVs, one of which can be seen from the small smoking area outside, and a good set of bar staff who actually remember what you're drinking (bonus!). The manager is a good bloke who always has time for a chat and from what I've seen the food (while standard pub fayre) is pretty filling and good value. Air con for the summer, although the pool table upstairs mentioned earlier has now been removed. Come here to watch NUFC when in London!

31 Jul 2007 11:41

The Yorkshire Grey , Holborn

I'm sitting on the fence here, as the Yorkshire Grey seemed like an OK pub which could go either way (i.e. to brilliant or rubbish). We managed to get seats easily enough around 9pm on a Saturday night, and the vibe was good, although a large group of drunk "lads" did come in just after us to spoil it a little. The bar staff were funtional and the prices were a little high but I've come to expect that as standard now. Given the choice, I'd go to the Kings Arms round the corner.

31 Jul 2007 11:34

The Old Star, Westminster

I've tended to avoid the Old Star as it's far too close to my office for comfort, but have been in 3 times in the last 2 weeks and it's certainly growing on me. The bar staff are friendly and do remember you if you're a semi-regular and apart from Friday nights it's fairly easy to get a seat. The arches downstairs are nice if there are loads of you, although there'd be a bit more atmosphere if the lighting wasn't so harsh in there. The gents toilets downstairs are tiny... not sure if there are more on the top floor, which never seems to be open.

31 Jul 2007 11:34

St Marks Tavern, Surbiton

I never managed to visit when it was the Rat and Parrot, but it can't have been worse than it is now? Took ages to get served as the bar staff were more keen on serving their mates although they were friendly enough when they did finally get round to me. Quiet on a Wednesday night but I'd imagine it gets packed out at the weekend. Basically, there are far better places in Surb than this!

31 Jul 2007 11:33

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

There's something for everyone here, I think. A decent post-work standing area by the bar, a pool room which remained surprisingly quiet all night, seats towards the back and a nice beer garden (with BBQ when we were there). The bar staff were helpful and there was no feeling of being rushed out 2 minutes after the bar closed. Will visit again!

31 Jul 2007 11:32

Tiger Tiger, Piccadilly Circus

I've been in here twice now, both times early evening, and while it's not brilliant, it was certainly acceptable for this part of town. The poster said it was "happy hour" although the drinks didn't appear any cheaper but the staff were OK. I did experience some of the low-life who frequent this place though, and had an amusing few minutes watching "Sharking in Action". Shame the (pretty and seemingly nice) girls fell for the chav boy charm mind...

31 Jul 2007 11:32

The Kings Arms, Clerkenwell

I really like this pub, and not just because we play our pool league home games there! The bar staff will bend over backwards to help and are always friendly. This is a "proper pub" for local people but you'll always be made welcome. The pool and darts room upstairs is great, although it gets very hot in summer. Toilets are tiny, but there's nowhere else to put them!

2 Jul 2007 11:33

The Victoria, Surbiton

A large and decent enough Youngs pub with ample seating and barstaff who know their drinks. Grab a seat by the window and watch the world go by!

2 Jul 2007 11:21

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

My favourite Surbiton pub by a mile, although I haven't yet been in at "commuter time". For a Saturday afternoon beer though, it's great - decent seating, good food, speedy service and clean toilets.

2 Jul 2007 11:19

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

A fairly decent JDW which doesn't seem to attract the "uber-chav" element seen all too often in Kingston. Have to agree with the previous comment about the fruit machines / ITbox though - stick a quid in and within 5 seconds you'll have someone peering over your shoulder ready to jump on straight after you. Argh - pikeys - NO!

2 Jul 2007 11:13

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia

A decent Sam Smith's pub with their usual range of drinks and a few tables outside for when the weather is nice. You're not allowed to stray more than a metre or so from the building though, and the bar staff often come out to enforce this. There's a comedy night downstairs here every Wednesday called Pear Shaped (you can Google for their website) which, at a fiver for 2 hours of entertainment, is excellent. Be prepared for some good, some bad and some downright ugly but it's a small intimite venue and we had a great time.

28 Jun 2007 16:44

Yucatan, Stoke Newington

Excellent, great for the football!

22 Jun 2007 11:27

The Walkabout, Finchley Road

Much better than any other Walkabout I've been to, although on the downside, it's part of a soulless shopping centre. Busy but not packed (on a Thursday night), quick service and live music which actually was very good - one man and a guitar playing covers of cheesy music you secretly love. Thankfully there was no toilet attendant on duty (I hate these people) but the loos were clean.

22 Jun 2007 11:03

The Banker, Cannon Street

A great pub which I, following my first visit, naively thought didn't get busy on Friday nights. Wrong. It was absolutely heaving last week! The outside area is nice in the summer with good views across the Thames, and the cavernous interior has plenty of space for sitting or standing later on. The "pool balcony" is an excellent idea, with 2 decent tables (albeit at 1.30 a play!). The only downside, as below, was being hurried along to drink up as soon as the clock chimed 11. I know bar staff want to get home but please chill a bit and everyone will be happier.

11 Jun 2007 11:32

The Anchor, Southwark

A nice pub in a great location, although it was ridiculously hot inside, and quite busy. Food looked excellent. Downstairs gents toilets were out of order, leading to a scrum for the upstairs facilities. Huge outside area for drinking, talking and watching the tourists go by.

11 Jun 2007 11:24

Arch One Bar and Grill, Waterloo

I would never go here as a destination pub, but it's handy for a quick drink before the 0042 train to Kingston, mainly because it's the only pub near the station still open at that time. The music is far far too loud, although getting served quickly has never been a problem and I usually get a friendly nod from the female doorstaff on my way in. It can be quite nice sitting outside late at night when the weather is nice, especially if you want to have a conversation (avoiding the loooooud music).

11 Jun 2007 11:20

The Hawley Arms, Camden

I visited this pub for the first time yesterday / last night and thought it was excellent. We arrived about 4pm and while upstairs was packed, it wasn't too difficult to find a seat downstairs or out the back, and it never got what I'd call busy right through until last orders (this was a Sunday night). Speaking as a single bloke, there were loads of really gorgeous women there which is always a Good Thing, and the bar staff were both helpful and friendly. I wouldn't know a celebrity if they came up and hit me in the face, so I have no idea whether Moss or Winehouse were there, but generally the clientele seemed pretty mixed and quite laid back. There were even two disabled OAPs sitting at the table next to us! Maybe I was lucky, but I'm giving this pub a 9, and the title of "My favourite pub in North London".

11 Jun 2007 11:12

Ben Crouch's Tavern, Fitzrovia

Probably not to everyone's liking, but I think it's a fairly decent pub with excellent bar staff who serve quickly and with a smile. The pub isn't as big as it looks from the outside but it's fairly easy to get a seat, and there are some tables out the back now ready for summer. Shooters are sold in creepy test tubes!

7 Jun 2007 15:15

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Despite working in the area for 3 years, it was only recently I found out about this place. And what a pub. Honestly, I'd say it's in my top 5 across London. Really it's two pubs connected by the same cellar, but that just adds to the charm. Lager on tap is HB, so no Fosters or Stella, and there's a good range of ales if you like that sort of thing. One side is currently non-smoking, although the tables and steps outside will surely continue to provide for smokers following the ban. Good staff, who didn't try to force us out at 11:01pm.

7 Jun 2007 15:00

The Feathers, St James's

Currently closed for refurbishment. Fingers crossed they are removing the roof on the first floor ready for the smoking ban...

7 Jun 2007 14:53

The Raynes Park Tavern, Raynes Park

Doesn't seem to have got noticeably quieter despite the arrival of Wetherspoons just down the road. Barstaff can be very hit or miss - some are excellent and remember exactly when you arrived at the bar while others (often the glamorous girls who are just doing bar work to supplement their modelling careers) will make a beeline for the loudest or trendiest bloke who has just arrived. Beer is cheap, and in fact seems cheaper than it used to be - probably as a way of competing with JDW. Two big screens and a number of smaller TVs for the sport, and a pool table completes the picture.

7 Jun 2007 14:51

The Terrace, Wimbledon

Not bad for a post-work drink Mon-Thu, but can get pretty busy at weekends. The food looks pretty good and they have a fairly comprehensive cocktail menu, although there's also an equally decent selection of lagers if you prefer. One of the few places I've been to where there often seems to be more women than men! Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't have posted that... :)

7 Jun 2007 14:45

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

Ridiculously small toilets considering how packed this place gets on a Friday night. Decent bar staff... the sort who remember who arrived at the bar in what order, and politely telling the usual arrogant suits who push in to wait their turn.

9 May 2007 16:38

The Feathers, St James's

There are far too many pubs like the Feathers around Victoria... This area is crying out for something a bit different but all we have are loads of clone busy-on-a-Friday-yes-we-sell-food-gosh-that-wallpaper-looks-familiar pubs doing the same thing. The Feathers isn't really that bad, but then it's not really that good either - unremarkable I suppose, like someone else said. There is an upstairs area you can book for private functions, although when this happens at the weekend, the main bar gets packed out.

7 Mar 2007 12:58

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

A tiny tiny pub with around 7 tables and some standing room at the bar. Can get packed on a Friday night but now summer is coming the outside area will again provide a bit of breathing space. The bar staff seem efficient to me - no better or worse than anywhere else around Victoria in my opinion. The little goal-and-ball in the urinal makes going to the loo into a competition!

7 Mar 2007 12:50

Bar Malden, New Malden

The best pub in New Malden, although there aren't many to choose from. Gets quite busy on Friday nights but there's never usually a problem getting a seat through the week. The non-smoking area now seems to be the whole "lower" floor, with the bar area still allowing smoking. There are a few comfy sofas dotted around and generally the place feels clean and well looked after. The toilets are, as someone else said, excellent for a pub like this.

17 Jan 2007 17:11

The Barley Mow, Mayfair

Currently closed for refurbishment, which includes the removal of SKY TV and therefore most of its customer base.

RIP Barley Mow.

17 Jan 2007 14:14

The Grenadier, Belgravia

No smoking, no mobile phones, no making loud noise, no drinking beyond the designated area, no atmosphere. Yes, it's a nice pub and the food looks tasty, but the service is slow and it can take a long time to get served behind the masses of American and Japanese tourists / businessmen who come here. Quite hard to find unless you really know where to look.

3 Oct 2006 16:06

The Nags Head, Belgravia

A real blast from the past this one, but many things combine to make this one of my favourite pubs in London. Varied beers and lagers on tap, a proper towel in the on which to dry your hands, a landlord who'll welcome you like a regular even if you've never been in before, curious artefacts from a by-gone era and music which will surely take you there if you close your eyes. I've found no-where else like this in London and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

3 Oct 2006 16:00

The Good Samaritan, Whitechapel

Continuing my "Tour de East London", a few of us popped in here for pre-football drinks at the weekend. Having had generally bad experiences of pubs in East London I was pleasantly surprised here. The pub is just behind the hospital and as such is shielded somewhat from the noise and bustle of the main road. Inside, the bar and furnishings are well looked after with a good range of food and drink on offer. A couple of new HD TVs complete the picture. Seems popular with couples out for Sunday lunch / quiet drinks.

18 Sep 2006 15:49

The Duke of Edinburgh, Upton Park

Been in here twice now, both times on match day as an away fan. Immediately before and after the game, packed is not the word to describe this place - I've never seen so many people squeezed into in one room before. However, bar service is very quick due to enough staff who know what they're doing. No hassles at all as an away fan, a good crowd and cheap drinks. There's a pool table for quieter moments and loads of TVs to watch sport on. The "beer garden" isn't too bad, although "beer yard" would be a more accurate description.

18 Sep 2006 15:44

The Canton Arms, South Lambeth

A decent pub with a nice outside seating area. The bar staff started counting down to drinking up time from the stroke of 11, but unlike many other places this was done in a friendly and cheerful (although no nonsense) way. Some other people were eating and the food looked good.

13 Sep 2006 17:17

The Reef Bar, Waterloo

I seem to be spending more and more time here on the way home (thanks SWT!) and have to admit it's growing on me... It's handy being able to see or hear train delays from the balcony, and the inside isn't really _too_ bad. Service can be slow, and the beer isn't great but hey, you wouldn't come here for a night out... would you...?

10 Sep 2006 16:44

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Almost four pubs in one: A "posh wine bar" at the back, a smoky "old mans pub" a bit further round, a decent "sports bar" in the next room and a continental style "roof terrace" up top. Can get busy on match days, but never so busy that you feel squashed in.

10 Sep 2006 16:36

Bar 366, Earlsfield

Not a bad place, and better than the Halfway House or the Puzzle. Looked pretty busy around 8pm on a Saturday but had quietened down when we went in after 11, for a pleasant few drinks. The music was at a decent volume and the beer garden is nice, especially if you like the sound of passing trains every 30 seconds. Bigger loos than the Open Page!

10 Sep 2006 16:32

The Open Page, Earlsfield

The best pub in Earlsfield by a mile. We went in on a Saturday night and it was busy but not crowded, with first class bar staff providing excellent service. The beer garden out the back was very pleasant on a warmish September evening and the burgers (mentioned below) did indeed look excellent, although unfortunately I'd already eaten. There's a non-smoking area at the back, with the only let-down being the size of the (clean) toilets. A 9/10 from me, and only because I couldn't give it 9.5!

10 Sep 2006 16:29

The Reef Bar, Victoria Station

Anyone know what's going in to replace it? There's something going on behind those blue hoardings but inevitably it'll be another M&S or a Boots, rather than a pub!

24 Aug 2006 11:24

No.88 Bar and Grill, Kingston Upon Thames

Went in for the first time last night for a few drinks with friends. While the beer is pretty expensive (3 a pint for Fosters) this does play a part in keeping away the riff-raff element. For a Wednesday it was well patronised but not crowded - pool table was well looked after and there are loads of screens for sport. The bar staff were excellent and it made a real change not to be hassled to "drink up" at 11.01pm, then again at 11.03pm etc. Top marks... well done!

24 Aug 2006 11:15

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

I used to like this pub when it was a bog-standard Wetherspoons. I normally like Lloyds Number One for their cheap beer and music. But after popping in here on a Friday night recently to wait for a friend, never again! Some bloke at the bar took 5 minutes to remember his pin number, then dropped pills all over the ground, there was a fight in the toilets and the entire place felt like a Mecca for Burberry and cheap jewellery. Avoid, and try the new Wetherspoons in Raynes Park when it opens...

2 Aug 2006 16:41

The Willow Tree, Norbiton

LittleNicky makes a good point, although I think they are a bit too far from the main Korean population in New Malden to be successful. I've noticed there have been more changes recently - the size of the bar has been cut yet again (approximately by half) with some new walls springing up. I presume the restaurant has expanded then? I'd go in more regularly but despite living with 3 pub-loving people less than 2 mins walk, my housemates avoid it like the plague!

2 Aug 2006 16:35

The Kings Arms, Hampton Court

Really handy for Hampton Court Palace, the Kings Arms is a treat of a pub in SW London. We ordered some food on a Saturday lunchtime and it came in record time... good quality too. Nice selection of beers, I had the HB Export while my friend went for the Tanglefoot. Take a trip to Hampton Court, do a mini crawl, finish here and relax until last orders in the comfy armchairs.

18 Mar 2006 22:33

De Hems, Soho

Went here for the first time a few weeks back (on a Saturday night) and loved it - party atmosphere, great tunes, quality beer and friendly doorstaff! Is this pub REALLY in Soho?? I'd recommend...

18 Mar 2006 22:30

The Willow Tree, Norbiton

Following on from my previous comments, the Willow Tree has been in "refurb mode" for around 6 months now and to be honest I don't think it will last much longer. It's a nice enough bar and the new owners will bend over backwards to accommodate, but there just never seems to be anyone in drinking! The back room is now a Korean restaurant (I don't know whether this is more popular) but unless they do something soon I can't see the pub surviving. They have recently re-installed the pool table which you're almost always guaranteed to get a game on, since the place is usually dead. Bonus points for the free peanuts when you buy a beer!

18 Mar 2006 22:28

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

Typical Youngs pub really. Friendly bar staff, one of whom is a whizz on the card game on the Itbox. Relaxed, quiet and hassle-free.

18 Mar 2006 22:23

The Coach and Horses, Westminster

This is our usual Friday night post-work haunt and while small, the C&H is perfectly formed. Bar staff are without exception friendly and helpful, beer is well priced for the area and there's never any trouble. Small patio area out the back for the summer (OK, 3 picnic tables in a yard) although the pool table (as mentioned above) has severely reduced the capacity of the back room. 8/10.

18 Mar 2006 22:21

The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

I actually quite like the Tattershall Castle... You can't beat sitting on deck on a fine summer evening with a few pints watching the Thames go by. In the depths of winter when everyone is crammed inside it can feel a bit claustrophobic but getting served is usually quite easy. I took my parents in here last week for a drink (mid afternoon) and despite them not being particularly big pub fans, they liked it too! The food can be hit or miss but as somewhere to drink around the Embankment, there are few better places.

18 Mar 2006 22:17

The Walkabout, Embankment

I've just read the previous 33 reviews of this place and agree with the majority of them. This Walkabout (like the rest I suppose) was loud and packed but overall we all had a great night. It was just the little things which were annoying - being sent outside to take a phone call, surly and agressive bouncers (the ones inside, the door staff were OK) and toilet attendants who really think they deserve a quid just for handing you a piece of paper towel. The drinks were normal for this kind of place and the prices didn't seem too astronomical, although that might have been because I was too drunk to care by then... Anyway, I'll give it 6/10 because I've been to far far worse!

13 Mar 2006 16:32

The James Joyce, Harrow

Blimey, I can't agree with the above review at all! We dashed in at 1059pm on a pub crawl and were served by a pretty and friendly barmaid. The other customers were all young "normal" lads in their 20s and 30s chatting and playing pool - not a hint of trouble and none of them came across as being particularly chavvy. The interior of the pub was clean, warm and welcoming and had the usual smattering of Irish tat on the walls. Decent pool table as well. Maybe I was there on a good day but I'd recommend the JJ.

6 Dec 2005 11:13

The Fox and Hounds, Croxley Green

A bit out of the way but pleasant enough, and with some friendly characters who seem eager for a chat if you're not a local. Not a sniff of trouble and plenty of TVs for the football.

6 Dec 2005 11:06

The Masons Arms, Battersea

A nice pub, good atmosphere on a Saturday night and the food smells delicious (haven't sampled yet). On the downside, drinks are a bit pricey and the bar staff seem to be competing with each other over who can be the slowest. Handy for a post-work beverege.

11 Nov 2005 11:33

The Barley Mow, Mayfair

The ONLY place to watch Newcastle Utd games in London. Great atmosphere, brilliant bar staff and good beer/food. Not too touristy either, as it's slightly off the main road.

11 Nov 2005 11:28

The Elephant Inn, North Finchley

A great pub for football, decent beer and a fit barmaid, what more could you want?!

11 Nov 2005 11:24

The Crown and Cushion, Haslemere

We stopped here for a quick pint on the way back from Portsmouth. Nice pub with cheap pool table and friendly attentive staff. Spotlessly clean toilets. My only concern was that my companion's beer was slightly iffy, but my lager was fine. They advertise loads of live music and/or disco nights.

3 Oct 2005 10:54

The Willow Tree, Norbiton

This pub reopened a few weeks ago after a pretty major refurbishment and is now under new management. Looks much better than it used to and seems to be attracting a slightly friendlier crowd than before. They have a few new plasma TVs dotted about, ideal for sport.

26 Sep 2005 11:17

The Cardwell Inn, Gourock

The Cardwell is a bit of an "Old Man's Pub" but will welcome anyone with a great range of drinks. Food is pretty good and well priced.

26 Sep 2005 11:12

The Northcote, Clapham Junction

Not a bad little pub and a decent place to watch the football. The only downside of this place is a daft non-smoking policy which applies to only two tables, with no segregation between these and the rest of the pub. Result? Non smokers who sit there still get a faceful of smoke while smokers who sit there when the pub is busy are barred from lighting up by the slightly over zealous staff. Food was ok, nothing special.

26 Sep 2005 11:08

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