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The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

For your attention Mr Wibble, this is the old sign. the orginal sign that has been restored.

24 Feb 2010 12:27

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

To you all, I have been the landlord for a month now, and believe that progress is being made, I do not stock northern ales? Adnams is from Suffolk, Rinwood is from Dorset and St Austells is from Cornwall, I have just re-introduced Summer Lightning from the Hopback Brewery. As for my spirit and wine selection, please do talk to me at the bar and we will try to find a happy ground for price and choice.
As for stock control, there was an issue with 2 products. Last saturday was an experiment that will not be repeated, but I have to look at ways of increasing trade so that the business is viable.
Please do not hesitate to put your concerns to me directly, I cannot please all of the people all of the time.. but will endeavour to please as best as I can.

6 Oct 2009 13:42

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Here's to a new landlord.. let the good times roll

1 Sep 2009 06:31

The Magpie, Walton On Thames

It seems this pub is now full of 15 year olds.. Oh well time to try some where different

3 Apr 2009 17:42

The Magpie, Walton On Thames

Another change of Manager has resulted in this little communtiy pub losing all it's custom.

26 Sep 2008 09:04

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