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Comments by keymon

Globe Bar, Chiswick

Normally fairly quiet, shows most major sport. Main thing is it does rather nice cocktails which are worth a trip on their own.

It is a good hotel bar and doesn't try to be anything else. Plenty of decent pubs nearby if you're looking for ales instead.

15 Apr 2009 14:44

The Allsop Arms, Marylebone

I've been to this pub a few times and I would echo Mr Matt's comments. Good place for a lunchtime pint or a cheeky one if you're in the area.

14 Oct 2006 13:48

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

This is a top pub in an area which is rich in "upmarket" bars. The beers are well kept and change regularly. The service is good, but it can get busy when there is rugby on (and football, if it's a big match like the Champions' League final). There is food sometimes I think (over and above the availability of pork scratchings and - brilliantly - square crisps), but really it's a pub for drinking in.

The first time I was introduced to this place it was an unexpected bonus. I now live nearby and have the pleasure of using it on a regular basis. Highly recommended.

14 Oct 2006 13:29

Il Cicchetto, Farringdon

Sadly this pub closed about a week ago for 'major refurbishment'. The impression I got from the landlady was that the place was unlikely to open again in the near future, and even then not under her management... a shame as it was the sort of unusual little place that's always worth a visit

20 Sep 2005 17:26

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