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BITE user comments - keith253

Comments by keith253

Memphis Belle, Westbrook

We have visited now 3 times and not been disappointed with the beer. Usually Youngs Bitter, Speckled Hen and (I think) Spitfire. We have not eaten but the carvery is appealing and other served food looks fresh and appetising. Service can be a little slow, especially when there is a function in the back room, but is friendly and pleasant. The entertainment on the 2nd and last Saturdays each month has been a bit hit and miss. One absolutely excellent singer and one awful one to date. Next time we will eat here as well.

12 Jul 2012 16:11

Lloyds No 1, Slough

Jubilee bank holiday Sunday and very quiet. Strange place with a strange smell - not that of success. The single real ale was a desperate looking Abbot so I tried the Guinness - never tasted like this before. Card school enjoying themselves, 2 or 3 others, no fights admittedly but never to venture into again. Scope but dead on its feet.

4 Jun 2012 19:44

The Herschel Arms, Slough

Interesting yet puzzling all-keg hostelry parallel with the high street. The multi-language graffiti-like comments on the walls gave it an edge but I'm not sure what sort of edge. The room to the left as you enter was a raised area surrounded by a walkway - we didn't venture into the other side. A friendly enough place with music from some rapper swearing his head off to Brian and Michael of Lowry lyrics. Enjoyable but puzzling

4 Jun 2012 19:41

The Priory, Tynemouth

Now the priory - with the same level of alcoholics in residence! Extremely busy and cramped though good service once you managed to get to the bar - couple of unmemorable real ales. Why do people block the way then moan when they are asked to move? Even more difficult to exit. Would not like to be in here in here during an emergency evacuation!

3 Feb 2011 15:10

Turks Head Hotel, Tynemouth

Was that popular I couldn't get in the door!

3 Feb 2011 15:06

Salutation Inn, Tynemouth

A couple of real ales including the excellent Byker Bitter and Mordue Workie Ticket. Gets very busy Friday/Saturday evenings and when the football is on but service isn't too bad at all. Food was good too. Worth a visit.

3 Feb 2011 15:06

The Cumberland Arms, Tynemouth

A fine selection of real ales including mature toad and yorkshire terrier. Interesting selection of paintings, pictures and aerial photos on the walls. Busy and quite noisy but service was excellent.

3 Feb 2011 15:04

Fitzgeralds Whitley Bay, Whitley Bay

Completely different bar from the other reviewers comments! An awful place and atmosphere, full of drunken kids who could barely stand up, loud irritating music with raucous shouting and screeching. Even the beer is dumbed down, with no premium lagers (probably just as well) and the real ales did not look appealing. Never again - not on a Saturday evening anyway!!!!! (The complete opposite of its Grey Street, Newcastle namesake)

3 Feb 2011 15:01

Fire Station, Whitley Bay

Under inspiring standard spoons fare - quick service though which is a bonus for JDW pubs! Good selection of ales

3 Feb 2011 14:57

Fat Ox, Whitley Bay

5+ years on - 7-8 hand pumps (still there) and still only Old Rosie cider on offer :-wide range of clientele and friendly enough but quite cold and stark

3 Feb 2011 14:52

Corner House, Heaton

Large, sprawling pub with plenty of space and alcoves. Some sort of entertainment on every night - great live band when I was in last Saturday! No real ales that I spotted but friendly and worth a visit

3 Feb 2011 14:49

The Stage Door, Waterloo

A good find down the side street off Waterloo Road. Landlord, Doom Bar and Pride on; Broadside turned round - so 3 of my favourite beers made it a longer stay than intended and all well served and kept. Large central bar makes the pub quite small but interesting. Definitely one to revisit!

3 Feb 2011 14:47

The Wellington, Waterloo

Excellent Brakspeare's Bitter served well - reasonably busy as around tea time and most people interested in the transfer deadline frenzy (zzzz). Was closed last time I tried, so nice to see it open again

3 Feb 2011 14:44

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Getting more and more expensive every visit. Managed a 4.20 pint this week - pleasant enough but not quite sure why I am not keen on the place (prices aside!) - maybe the sterile atmosphere and lack of warmth?

3 Feb 2011 14:42

The White Swan, Farringdon

Under new management and worse than before! No real ales at all now, removing the only redeeming feature.

3 Feb 2011 14:37

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

Well spotted GuideDogSaint - you are correct! Apologies for misleading people. Will update the correct Newcastle Arms now

10 Jan 2011 15:45

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

To be honest I was disappointed considering the previous reviews that I had read here. Yes, it was old and interesting but not quite up to the billing. Beer selection was good but not great though the beers we had were in excellent form and the staff were pleasant and engaging. Still one of the best inns in the area if not the city but (maybe unreasonably) I expected more?

8 Sep 2010 15:10

The One Tun, Farringdon

Had been here many years ago when working across the main road and was very pleased to see they still served Thai food. We were not disappointed as this was the best meal of our (very) long weekend for the RLCC final. Starters and mains were hot and tasty and not a scrap left on the plates - amazing value too with quality as well as quantity in evidence. Only managed one pint due to eating but a very well kept Wadworth's 6X hit the spot!

8 Sep 2010 15:06

Wilmington Arms, Exmouth Market

Excellent pint of (GK) St Edmunds ale which I had not has before as well as Jekyll's Gold (I think) which was also enjoyed. Good service, looks a lively music venue but quiet during our afternoon stay (apart from the stabbing in the nearby minicab office!) but I wouldn't let that put you off

8 Sep 2010 15:01

The Queens Head / Easton, Clerkenwell

Bright pub due the number of windows and an excellent pint of Landlord. Service was OK too.

8 Sep 2010 14:58

The Union Tavern, Clerkenwell

Worst pint (of Doom Bar) in the neighbourhood I'm afraid to report as it was excellent on previous visits.

8 Sep 2010 14:56

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

Stayed at the nearby Travelodge and knew this pub from a wander a while ago. The Doom Bar was consistently excellent but the Gun hill was disappointing. Open til around 1 a.m. on Fri and Sat provided a great place for a night cap or 3. Excellent service too from the one person behind the bar.

8 Sep 2010 14:54

Brave New World, Surbiton

Wasn't as bad as I feared being a huge fan of the Bun Shop many, many years ago but was pleasantly surprised! Welcoming staff, good beers and a fair talent playing live

7 Sep 2010 21:24

The Castle, Surbiton

My local 30 years ago when I lived opposite. No real ales but was made to feel very welcome by the landlady who was hosting what looked like a christening party from the church across the road. Nice to see it open again as this really seems like a community pub. No sign (fortunately) of the morons mentioned below. Good 70s and 80s music in the background.

7 Sep 2010 21:23

The Royal Oak, Tolworth

Kids running wild, strange atmosphere. Didn't notice a real ale, staff friendly. Used to live near here 30 years ago and having a wander round - definitely gone a long way downhill

7 Sep 2010 21:20

Broadway Bar Cafe, Tolworth

Can't really disagree with any of the other comments below. Unattractive and uninspiring - just like the beer

7 Sep 2010 21:17

The Royal Standard, Brighton

Average pint of Harveys Sussex and not that welcoming. Sat outside

7 Sep 2010 21:16

The Duke of Wellington, Brighton

Hadnt noticed this one before - a great find, good atmosphere and well-kept pint of Tribute.

7 Sep 2010 21:15

The Evening Star, Brighton

Great beer as always - shame somebody nicked my umbrella :-(

7 Sep 2010 21:12

Albion, Warrington

Happy to back up and endorse the comments made below by Mark, Gill & Kevin - even their (magnanimous) suggestions for other pubs . Wonderful selection of ales, lovingly kept and served by people who know their stuff!

24 May 2010 00:04

Tavern, Warrington

Always a fine selection of real ales from all over the UK, all well served by friendly and knowledgeable staff. A must visit pub for any real ale fan.

23 May 2010 23:59

The Looking Glass, Warrington

Standard spoons offering now a bit quieter after the February opening. Not too long to get served and a friendly team of bar staff. A few good ales and getting better now the newness has worn off

23 May 2010 23:56

White Hart, Warrington

Revisited and a new beginning? 3 real ales on including a very good bombadier plus a flying dutchman and one other i can't remember. Big TVs for sport and maybe the good old days are on the way back again. Nice to see!

23 May 2010 23:52

Kings Head, Warrington

A historic building and a half decent pub over the years. I agree that the clientele are a mixed bunch and the ale selection is not great with no real ales. You can usually watch any live rugby league in the back room though and the staff are friendly

23 Apr 2010 16:12

Lord Rodney, Warrington

The most disappointing pub in Warrington in my opinion! From a real ale haven to a grubby, keg, dingy hole. What went wrong? Redeeming features from my last (and final) visit were the cheerful staff and the Guinness! Seems to be surviving on mass-market sales when the Wire at home?

23 Apr 2010 16:10

Porter's Ale House, Warrington

Another changed pub from its days as the Cross Keys. Great for music (loud), real ales (great selection, quality and prices) and service (knowledgeable manager and staff). Smoking area to the rear heavily utilised. A must visit pub (if you can get in!)

23 Apr 2010 16:06

The Feathers, Warrington

Another town centre pub that has reinvented itself since its heydays in the 70s - in my opinion :-) Quiet and occasionally closed on recent visits, no rel ales but friendly and welcoming

23 Apr 2010 16:04

Friar Penketh, Warrington

One of my favourite JDW venues which always has a superb selection of real ales from around the country. Busy leading up to club time, then strangely deserted til chuck out time. Can usually get served relatively quickly (compared to other JDW pubs) even when busy. Some great ales supped over the last few months including Blue Moon, Yellowhammer and a selection from George Wright plus many more.

23 Apr 2010 16:02

White Hart, Warrington

A famous old hostelry now languishing as a Thai (pub) restaurant, though I have not yet tasted the food. Good welcome by inexperienced bar staff with the standard selection of keg beers on offer. Not sure where this place is going?

23 Apr 2010 15:59

Hop Pole, Warrington

A shadow of its former self with no decent beers but generally a decent welcome

23 Apr 2010 15:57

Yates's, Warrington

This has now been taken over by the JDW chain and opened in Feb 2010 as The Looking Glass. Very busy on recent visits more due to the novelty than the beer (perhaps?) but a tolerable couple of pints of Abbott went down well. Very busy before the Wire games.

23 Apr 2010 15:56

The Lower Angel, Warrington

One of my favourite town centre pubs. Great selection of real ales, all well kept and well served. Friendly service too. Nice to see the pub is usually busy too!

23 Apr 2010 15:53

The Barley Mow, Warrington

Good selection of real ales though you are in danger of not being seen by bar staff if you wait near the pumps! Pride, Landlord and Brains SA all on excellent form in recent visits. Always worth dropping in.

23 Apr 2010 15:52

The Victoria Hotel, Cleveleys

Large, lifeless pub but the beer (OBB) was drinkable.

29 Mar 2010 16:55

Wetherspoons, Coventry

This is also included as the Flying Standard

21 Mar 2010 14:52

Flying Standard, Coventry

Good selection of beers including iceberg, ice queen and ein stein - all very drinkable! Service was consistently fast - unusual for JDW but the Lloyds No 1 in Coventry was equally good at service earlier today too! Other JDW establishments look, read and learn

21 Mar 2010 14:45

Earl of Mercia, Coventry

Good selection of beers and excellent service

21 Mar 2010 13:08

The Rocket, Coventry

This was closed and boarded up today

21 Mar 2010 13:06

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

Another Nicholson's pub - by now they were all starting to merge into one having had a good wander round! Beer was pretty good including the landlord and a surprise beer from chef Brian Turner (?). Would go back again

16 Mar 2010 11:31

Woodins Shades, Liverpool Street

Nice pint of Nutty Black and Lancaster Blonde. Good service despite being busy, pleasantly surprised really!

16 Mar 2010 11:28

The Magpie, Bishopsgate

Pleasant pub, welcoming staff and good real ales. A good find on my wander round

16 Mar 2010 11:25

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Excellent ales and friendly staff. Gets busy but can still get served which is a nice change! Stayed nearby and popped in here each evening for a least a couple

16 Mar 2010 11:24

The Coal Hole, Strand

Usually worth a visit and I was not disappointed. Good pride and landlord and quick service too.

9 Mar 2010 18:25

The Lyceum, Strand

Good pint of OBB and well served!

9 Mar 2010 18:23

The Wellington, Strand

Not too busy and a good selection of real ales.

9 Mar 2010 18:22

The Old Bank of England, Fleet Street

Efficient service despite being very busy. Pride was OK but not brilliant

9 Mar 2010 18:20

Ye Olde Cock Tavern, Fleet Street

Reasonable pint of pride and friendly service. Glad we popped in

9 Mar 2010 18:19

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Always worth a visit and again a pleasant one. Great beer and service

9 Mar 2010 18:18

Coach and Horses, Fleet Street

Dreadful place, full of drunks and quite unfriendly

9 Mar 2010 18:18

The Tipperary, Fleet Street

Poor pint of Adnams, warm and slightly cloudy. Pretty unfriendly too.

9 Mar 2010 18:15

Big Jug, Durham

Friendly pub in busy area with a good pint of bombardier- would go back again

9 Feb 2010 14:02

The Coachmakers Arms, Norwich

Stayed in the Travelodge across the nearby roundabout and this pub was a joy to find! Real fire, excellent ales as described below and a good (but traditional) food menu. Had a few games of darts (provided by the pub) and many pints. Excellent!!

27 Dec 2009 23:29

The Strawberry, Newcastle

One of the best real ales pubs in the city and a great pub too. Obviously busy on match days and with a steady after-work crowd too. Food also worth a try.

19 Aug 2009 13:48

The Waterline, Newcastle

A favourite of mine with excellent beer and food. Good deals too. Wood burning pizza oven, pool table and plenty space to watch sport on the numerous TVs.

19 Aug 2009 13:46

Yard Of Ale, Birmingham

The first pub we tried in the centre and we liked it! Good beer, excellent service, tables and bar kept clean and tidy. Good food offers (not tried). I would visit again

18 Aug 2009 09:59

Wetherspoons, Birmingham

Likeable JDW pub with ouside seating and a good range of well-kept beers. Strange queueing system at the bar when I visited fooled a few. Definitely worth a quiet pint before tackling Broad Street!

18 Aug 2009 09:56

The Walkabout, Birmingham

Good for watching sport if you're old and good to be seen if you're young. All expensive keg beers but standard Walkabout offering - you could be in any of them

18 Aug 2009 09:54

O'Neill's, Birmingham

Pleasantly surprised to find real ale in an O'Neills bar with a good pint of Landlord. Lively in the evening though managed to get served OK several times as others came and went. Good DJ with the odd Irish tune thrown in as well. Toilets OK too. Pricey though!

18 Aug 2009 09:52

The Newt and Cucumber, Birmingham

Inoffensive stop off on a crawl with good real ale and service. Food offers looked excellent and so did the food (though not tried)

18 Aug 2009 09:49

Lloyds, Birmingham

Wandered in late afternoon when it was quiet - gave up later the same day after 10pm as was (unsurprisingly) heaving! Unusual banana beer was good, service excellent, food looked good (but not tried)

18 Aug 2009 09:48

The Sun on the Hill, Birmingham

Took 15 minutes to get served (only waited as was due to meet someone here) by languid barman who was the only 1 working. Tables dirty, pub grotty, didn't risk the real ale, glad to leave

18 Aug 2009 09:45

The Trocadero, Birmingham

Quiter than other pubs nearby with a fine pint of Landlord on draught. Worth a visit on a wander.

18 Aug 2009 09:42

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Good stopping off point when on a wander round the city. Good pint of Deuchars IPA, room to sit outside.

18 Aug 2009 09:40

Bacchus, Birmingham

A very interesting location as previously described and worth a look. Weaker beer was dearer than the stronger beer strangely but both excellent.

18 Aug 2009 09:38

The Goose at the Gardens, Newcastle

Both real ales I tried had to be taken back as were sour. Bin of waste food left near the quiz machine. Generally dirty. The worst pub I visited in Newcastle, absolutely awful - avoid at all costs

2 Jul 2009 01:15

The Hotspur, Newcastle

Agree with ROBCamra - not sure exactly why but don't really like this place. Tried it a few times but will give it a while before my next visit. Beer OK

2 Jul 2009 01:12

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

Cn be intimidating due to the distinctive clientele smoking outside the doorway, blocking the entrance and the stairs. Once braved, however, its worth a look for good real ales and a selection of unusual bottled beers. Still smells a bit but its heart is in the right place

2 Jul 2009 01:09

Gotham Town, Newcastle

Ok early (when quiet) but only once for a look at the (gothic) design. No real ales, troublesome when busy though staff dealt well with such incidents. Far better pubs and bars nearby.

2 Jul 2009 01:06

The Forth Hotel, Newcastle

Worth a visit to see what real ales are on plus wide selection of lagers and the occasional draught fruit beer or similar. Al;ways busy, quite expensive though friendly. Not much bar area to get served at. Sit in the window and watch the world wander up and down the lane

2 Jul 2009 01:04

The Fluid Bar and Kitchen, Newcastle

Generally feel uncomfortable when in here but not sure why! No real ales, few staff, can have a long wait. Just not my sort of pub but bet its great on match days though!

2 Jul 2009 01:01

Fitzgeralds Newcastle, Newcastle

Managed to miss this place for a few months due to its narrowish entrance. Well pleased when I did discover it though. Real ales, good atmosphere, no screeching and nicely laid out. Friendly staff too - well worth a visit!

2 Jul 2009 00:59

The Duke of Wellington, Newcastle

Variety of well-served real ales with knowledgeable staff to serve. Toilets still stink though!!

2 Jul 2009 00:58

Crows Nest, Newcastle

Strangely likeable place with some ales and good for watching sport. Food was excellent too.

2 Jul 2009 00:56

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Unmissable when in the area - great building, beers and atmosphere. Not much room for us big chaps though :-)

2 Jul 2009 00:55

The Cooperage, Newcastle

Fine example of a real pub with real ale. Well kept and well served - bar upstairs with live bands (admission fee payable). Shows Lloyds No 1 how beer should be served!

2 Jul 2009 00:53

The City Vaults, Newcastle

Grim! Screeches and squeals - girls are worse! Never again

2 Jul 2009 00:51

The Centurion, Newcastle

One of the best station bars I have been in - and I have suffered a few :-( Excellent selection of real ales - rivet catcher always being on top form. Staff friendly and effiecient so rarely have to wait too long. Additional bonus ( for me at least) was it has a pinball machine which is very rare these days. Great for all the sport and a quiet bar to escape to if needed. Also can sit "outside" in the station.

2 Jul 2009 00:50

The Bodega, Newcastle

Only discovered this gem late during my stays at thye HI Express! Great selection of beers and mostly well kept though sent a couple back recently (which were exchanged immediately and without a problem). Well worth a visit when in the area - bit like going back in time!

2 Jul 2009 00:47

Blackie Boy, Newcastle

Standard stopping point on a crawl - no real ales as far as I could see but an interesting carpet! Service OK

2 Jul 2009 00:44

Barluga, Newcastle

Busy but pleasant after-work atmosphere though service is usually OK. Mate of mine popped in on Saturday afternoon with his wife and small child and was made most welcome. Much improved over the years

2 Jul 2009 00:43

Bar 38, Newcastle

Good to pop in when wandering along the river - friendly staff too

2 Jul 2009 00:41

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Busy city centre pub but usually can get served quickly due to efficient staff. Fabulous range of real ales, all well kept and staff well informed. Good to meet or to sit in a nice armchair and watch the world go by. Excellent.

2 Jul 2009 00:39

The Akenside Traders, Newcastle

Has run out of beer on a number of occasions recently despite being slow to serve! Great for sport on TV and food during the day and at weekends. No real ales though.

2 Jul 2009 00:37

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

Refuge for real ale drinkers though has the odd smell occasionally! Great range of well kept beers

2 Jul 2009 00:36

Dog and Partridge, Sheffield

Disappointed as was refused service despite standing at the bar for at least 5 minutes before closing time - others being served during that time. Barperson rude and offensive when I complained. Was looking forward to this pub because of the previous reviews; won't be back!

2 Jul 2009 00:32

The Cavendish, Sheffield

Standard student pub - noisy, tables filthy, hard to get served. Very busy at times with people who don't understand "excuse me, please, can I get past you?". Avoid

2 Jul 2009 00:27

The Quayside, Newcastle

Living nearby, I have visited this pub on four separate occasions and won't be getting to five. Excellent location and potential but spoiled by the dismal and grimy state of the premises. Have tried real ales on each visit and all have been too warm, on the verge of going off or undrinkable. Very disappointing offering from the JDW chain.

8 Jan 2009 16:53

The Hole In The Wall, Shrewsbury

Was very disappointed with warm Banks' beer and poor food - burgers burned on the outside and barely cooked in the middle, salad was just lettuce, no pots of ketchup nor mayo, onion rings undercooked, bacon too hard to eat.

6 Feb 2007 17:50

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