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Comments by jugularvein69

The Hare and Hounds, Lingfield

very good pub with an eclectic and homely decor, and while it does very good food it is also a drinkers place. best food in surrey? no way, surrey's a big place but done with care and that's always appreciated. puddings are outstanding.
perfect to take the other half to.

24 Aug 2005 16:23

The Plough, Dormansland

now a thai restaurant there that is really very good. good old pub, particularly in summer, or deepest darkest winter

24 Aug 2005 16:16

The Cherry Tree, Copthorne

or even average

24 Aug 2005 16:13

The Cherry Tree, Copthorne

avergae beyond belief

24 Aug 2005 16:13

The St Vincent Bar, Edinburgh

became part of a chain which is a shame but not disastrous as it's got that traditional feel and tucked awayness anyway. tiny little place really in very quiet area of town. a place to get away from it all. being a chain the beer and wine are shite

24 Aug 2005 16:10

The Cumberland Bar, Edinburgh

if you're feeling hungary then go to budapest. baddaboom!

i like this place and it's in a nice area of town. nice decor and atmosphere. avoid when inundated with students. the worst type frequent this place. very good pub though and worth a visit.

24 Aug 2005 16:07

Teviot Row House, Edinburgh University

a pint for a pound? can't say no really. but if money was no object then i would definitely avoid.

24 Aug 2005 16:04

Sandy Bells, Edinburgh

small, simple decor - and average looking place. why is it so good then? just a good atmosphere and you can fit in easily and have a good chat. not really the place if you're a large group and you wanna get sompletely plastered. but to set the world to rights with a good mate whie getting slowly more 'opinionated', it's perfect.
most nights they have a folk band that is great and the atmosphere can't be beaten when they're playing. it's very mixed - old boys having a game of chess or some nice young ladies having a chinwag. it's charm is that it is so small but but this can be a problem, although if you've got a seat then you don't care. a proper pub with proper people.

24 Aug 2005 16:01

Bailie Bar, Stockbridge

lying below street level in a quiet but picturesque part of town, the bailie is a hidden retreat that once you get down and through the bar, is surprisingly large. i love the decor of red and black that gives it a traditional and warm feel and you feel that you can happily spend longer than you should there. when you climb back up to the street after a long night, you feel you've been somewhere else.
good beers i thought but i'm a simple lager heathen - the bar staff were friendly and there was a sense of familiarity about it all rather than just being another customer.
perfect on a winter's night. hard to find i expect.

24 Aug 2005 15:49

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

not amazing but pleasant enough. it couldn't be your local and it's a bit empty of atmosphere. i would take my girlfriend there for the oysters once in a while which was always nice. i would say it's certainly worth a visit for those going along princes street or getting a train or something. as the rest along princes street / rose street are so bad. but not the best place in eburgh by a long shot.

24 Aug 2005 15:41

The Victoria Bar, Edinburgh

I love this pub. Purely because it's the worst i think i've ever been to. Men with beards sit on their own except for their miserable looking dogs, and you can hear a pin drop. the favourite tipple is whiskey and lots of it, the place stinks and the decor is old and tired, and slightly bizarre. the only thing i heard during my hour there was an unintelligible drawl that somehow the barman understood as 'more whiskey'. food is just out of place here, you may be able to get some crisps though. an awful place that i would like to go back to for some reason.
maybe take the girlfriend there for a date...

24 Aug 2005 15:32

The Junction Bar, Edinburgh

i lived above here and frequented it many times. got steadily worse and worse and eventually abandoned it. they used to do good food, especially the home made burgers but i'm not sure they're doing them anymore. quiz night decent though. maybe the management changed....

24 Aug 2005 15:23

The Abbey, Edinburgh

distinctly average pub, good for football though. barstaff friendly but the regulars are tediously drunk and rowdy. gets very busy, music good sometimes but on the whole a pub lacking any imagination or soul.

24 Aug 2005 15:21

The Withies Inn, Compton

beautiful garden to have lunch, and when the suns out, it has to be one of the nicest pubs you could hope for. good food and beer, but it is the setting that seperates it from the rest. what a country pub should be like....
usually some lovely classic cars in the car park as well

27 Jul 2005 14:34

Crown and Goose, Camden

go to this pub whenever i am in the area as i think it's a gem. that the demolition order was succesfully beaten is great news.
no pub can please all people, from your older ale drinkers, to your white-wine guzzling media types or gastro-snobs on the other end of the spectrum, there are pubs suited to different types of people. but i've seen all types getting along or enjoying themselves in the crown and goose.
the food is superb for a pub / good otherwise and isn't pretentious. the a happy balance between foodies and drinkers. the bar staff are welcoming and remember things well from my experience. i hadn't been there for a while and they still recognised me...down to continuity of staff i think, which also brings that community feel.
draw-backs were slightly pricey although where isn't these days, sometimes over-crowded as small and popular at weekends, then the staff become a bit stressed.
however - one of the best pubs in the area (and beyond methinks) and not to be missed.

22 Jul 2005 15:59

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