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The Waterloo Hotel, Runcorn

Believe it or not this is now a Buddhist temple.

8 Jun 2018 19:01

The Churchill Arms, Sturminster Marshall

Closed and boarded up. Sold to developers I believe.

2 Apr 2018 18:31

The Christopher Creeke , Bournemouth

The Gander may have been 'Spit and Sawdust' as RAINBOW07 says but at least it had character and there was not another pub like it in the Bournemouth area, not something you can say about the Creeke. However, those days are gone and it's all corporate crap these days so it's not possible that we'll ever see the likes of The Gander re-emerging on this premises or any other in Bournemouth.

1 Jun 2011 15:52

Greens Bar, Boscombe

Changed it for what precisely? Ringwood Best is the only real ale in this pub so any replacement would have tasted exactly the same. Yes, I acknowledge that even the best of pubs serve up a duff pint from time to time but when it's as a result of the lines not being properly flushed you have to wonder at the quality of the staff or staff training.

22 Nov 2010 09:04

Greens Bar, Boscombe

Was in there recently and the Ringwood Best had a marked chemical flavour which I fear was cleaning fluid. The fact that the pipes are being cleaned is commendable. The fact that they are not being flushed afterwards isn't.

5 Nov 2010 16:01

The Royalty, Christchurch

Now becoming seriously decrepit with the toilets being in particularly poor condition (A bucket is positioned under a leaking pipe). You have to wonder if this place is being deliberately run down by the Pubco as they look for an excuse to close it down. Oh and 3.05 for a pint of Ringwood Best is risible.

29 Oct 2010 18:48

The Grove Tavern, Southbourne

This place has undergone a marked improvement since my last visit. The Ringwood 49er - which was 'only' 2.80 a pint compared with 3.05 for a pint of Ringwood Best in The Royalty - and Wells Bombardier were well kept. The staff were friendly and hard working and most of the more menacing people who used to drink in here seem to have moved on.

29 Oct 2010 18:43

Plough Inn, Sipson

The strangest pint of London Pride that I've ever tasted.

26 Mar 2010 11:51

Deacons, Boscombe

According to Admiral Inns this place will reopen in late June as a community pub (no, really) and will be known as The Ragged Cat.

Good luck to the landlord/landlady who take on this place. To say that they'll have their work cut out is an understatement to say the least.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the old clientele try to assert themselves which they surely will and this place has such a bad reputation that attracting new custom will be difficult even if the new people are successful in barring the scum that used to drink in here.

As I say, good luck to them. They will need it.

22 May 2009 10:40

The Black Horse Hotel, Preston

Robinson's pub serving their full range of ales including Old Tom which is served in 1/2 pt glasses due to its strength which from memory is 8.5%.

Hopefully, the fact that this is a listed building will mean that this place avoids the sort of hideous makeover that has blighted so many pubs up and down the country.

Staff were great and there was a good mix of clientele. I've noticed in my short time in the area that there are more youngsters drinking real ale than I'm used to seeing where I'm from (Bournemouth) which can only be a good thing.

12 May 2009 10:42

Admiral, St Annes On Sea

Four real ales of varying quality. Bombardier is well kept, Directors is so so, don't know what they have done to the Old Speckled Hen as it's pretty vile and didn't try the Tetleys.

Picture on the large TV screen is poor although simply changing the lamp should rectify this.

Smaller TV screens tend to be oddly positoned behind pillars.

Food is bland and not particularly cheap.

5 May 2009 11:55

The Trawl Boat Inn, Lytham St Annes

Despite the previous comments this is far from the worst Spoons I've drank in. Ales from Batemans and Adnams were well kept during the recent festival though I didn't have the time to try the full range of guest ales. Food was above average for a Spoons and again the service wasn't too shabby.

5 May 2009 11:51

The Hole in One, Lytham St Annes

Good pint of Thwaited Original. Unfortunately I was one of only five people in the place so there was no atmosphere. Think it's mainly aimed at foodies but didn't try the food myself so can't comment on the standard.

5 May 2009 11:48

The Taps, Lytham St Annes

Excellent range of ale with the Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted being particularly well kept. No piped music and a limited range of food which is a good thing. Very popular with a varied clientele who were actually engaging in conversation. Most refreshing.

Beer clips from previously served ales hang from the ceiling. Think there is a smoking area out the back. Couple of fruit machines and a quiz machine.

Would love to make a return visit but I live the best part of three hundred miles away.

5 May 2009 11:45

Station Tavern, Lytham

As jkg rightly points out this is over sized for the number of people that drink in here. Good pint of Adnams Explorer on my visit but sorely lacking in atmosphere. I never thought I say this but I could handle a crowd of Hooray Henries at lunchtime just to bring a semblance of life to the place if nothing else.

5 May 2009 11:41

The Bear Cross, Kinson

This place goes from one extreme to the other. Once full of chavs, it has now re-invented itself as a semi gastro pub. Went in recently, ordered a pint and sat down and no sooner had I taken a gulp of Badger Worst than a member of staff came over and asked me if I would be eating today. Er no, why would I be? It's a pub isn't it?

Unfortunately, in reality this place is a now a restaurant with a licence. No pub atmosphere whatsoever.

18 Apr 2009 11:00

The Shamrock Bar, Bournemouth

Old Speckled Hen has replaced Ringwood Best as the resident real ale so an improvement there although it still tends to be kept too cold.

Fascinating range of sporting memorabilia and plenty of screens so you can watch the game from wherever you're sat in the pub.

Haven't seen any trouble personally, it just seems like a solid working mans pub.

As the fat beer badger says it's only 2.00 a pint during the day so gets an extra point for that alone. Haven't tried the food so can't comment on it.

Staff always seem to be attentive and efficent.

12 Apr 2009 12:48

The Royal Oak, Kinson

I take back everything I said on my previous post (Well almost everything). Went in last week and they had five real ales on; Cottage Metropolitan, Sharpes Doom Bar, Isle of Purbeck Fossil Fuel, Piddle Silent Slasher and Downton Dark Delight. Wonders never cease and the ales were well kept as well. What a transformation

8 Apr 2009 14:52

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Yarmouth

Doesn't look or feel like a pub at all. Horrible 'modern' lay out. Only saving grace was a good pint of Goddards.

29 Mar 2009 13:29

The Kings Head, Yarmouth

Had a few pints of Yates Holy Joe which is an ale I hadn't encountered before and a fine pint it was too. Low ceilings so mind your head. Didn't try the food but the prices seem pretty reasonable e.g 6.00 for Sunday lunch. Best pub in Yarmouth.

29 Mar 2009 13:27

The Branksome Railway, Branksome

Otter - which is very well kept - and Summer Lightning are the regular beers although the third beer pump is rarely dispensing.

Been in a couple of times recently and it was very quiet on both occasions, even though both visits were made on a Friday.

Not sure what the atmosphere was like before the trash were removed as Patrick puts it but to be frank there is very little atmosphere at the moment. Worth a visit though just for the quality of the Otter.

26 Mar 2009 21:38

The Mountbatten Arms, Branksome

Now renamed Miller and Carter.

23 Mar 2009 13:58

The New Queen Inn, Christchurch

I've just belatedly noticed the post by rgb. Don't think you can get Brock lager anymore but Badger beer doesn't taste appreciably better than it did back in 1977.

18 Feb 2009 14:00

The New Lodge, Christchurch

Another pub bites the dust. Greene King have sold out to developers and, subject to planning permission, it will now be converted into flats

15 Feb 2009 13:14

The Kings Arms, Ferndown

Now reopened as a Free House which is a pleasant antidote to all the Hall & Woodhouse pubs in the locality

30 Jan 2009 12:55

The Brewhouse, Poole

Ales are from the little known Milk Street brewery in Frome. Mermaid is a particular favourite of mine and it's only 2.30 a pint which is a bargain in these times. Two pool tables, quirky jukebox, pinball machine and locals who are friendly in a care in the community sort of way.

6 Jan 2009 15:06

The Cutter Hotel, Weymouth

I think that the days of real ale in this place have bitten the dust as there was none available on my last visit either and it wasn't a busy day as it was when the fat beer badger visited.

5 Jan 2009 13:16

The Sailors Return, Weymouth

Two bar pub with Wadworths 6X on tap which was well kept. Juke box has an odd feature which allows you to queue jump if you pay extra. Robster you must be very fussy if you think Weymouth is lacking in good pubs.

29 Dec 2008 15:43

The Kings Arms, Weymouth

Like the previous poster (BobOs) I'm not a fan of Courage beers but I was fortunate enough to find Adnams Broadside as a guest ale on my recent visit.

29 Dec 2008 15:40

The Rodwell, Weymouth

I think that it has finally had that lick of paint. Decent beer, quirky juke box and a quiz machine that actually pays out when you win.

29 Dec 2008 15:37

The Boot, Weymouth

Full range of Ringwood Ales available plus a guest which was Brakspears on this occasion. Bar Manager is an interesting bloke who will tell you about the history of The Boot and regale you with stories of the English Civil War among other things. He also handed me and my friends some post cards which were very gratefully received. Pub is still exactly as described by previous posters and long may it remain so.

29 Dec 2008 15:35

The Belvedere Inn, Weymouth

It's exactly as Pubgrabber says but I'll just add that if, like me, you are a real ale fan your choice is either Bass, Bass or Bass which isn't everyone's cup of tea.

29 Dec 2008 15:29

The Rose and Crown, Lytchett Matravers

Can confirm that it has closed down for good thus continuing Hall & Woodhouses' unhappy record of closing down pubs when receiving a suitable offer from developers.

The Rose & Crown now joins a list of H&W pubs closed down in recent years that includes The Greenridge, The Struans, The Fryers Arms, The Kings Arms, The Albion and going back a bit further, The Whincroft.

23 Nov 2008 13:37

The Kings Arms, Wallisdown

What do they do to the beer in here? The Marstons Pedigree is absolutely rank. It has had the effect of putting me off the stuff altogether.

5 Sep 2008 19:38

The Mary Shelley, Bournemouth

According to the local paper, the Mary Shelley will employ 90 people. I found this hard to believe until I went in there on opening day when it seemed as if all 90 were on duty so keen were they to impress.

Subsequent visits have found staffing levels to be more sensible. The multi-national staff are keen and attentive. Thus far the real ales are being well maintained and the prices are only slightly more expensive than the Moon on the Square. Even the food is reasonable.

The decor is a vast improvement on the old Bar Med days with comfortable seating. Even the toilets are clean which again is something that wasn't always the case in the old days.

Screen on the wall was showing the Olympics last time I was in there. Couple of fruit machines and a quiz machine the latter of which doesn't seem to work.

5 Sep 2008 19:33

Bar Med, Bournemouth

According to the local paper, the Mary Shelley will employ 90 people. I found this hard to believe until I went in there on opening day when it seemed as if all 90 were on duty so keen were they to impress.

Subsequent visits have found staffing levels to be more sensible. The multi-national staff are keen and attentive. Thus far the real ales are being well maintained and the prices are only slightly more expensive than the Moon on the Square. Even the food is reasonable.

The decor is a vast improvement on the old Bar Med days with comfortable seating. Even the toilets are clean which again is something that wasn't always the case in the old days.

Screen on the wall was showing the Olympics last time I was in there. Couple of fruit machines and a quiz machine the latter of which doesn't seem to work.

5 Sep 2008 19:30

The Mochyn Du, Cardiff

'Has the feel of a Harvester'? What a bloody insult. Harversters are bland, corporate family factory's unlike Y Mochyn Du which, as previously mentioned is a pub is full of character, well kept ales and great cricketing memorabilia. And what is this 'fiercely Welsh' nonsense. Just because the pub has the temerity to sport a Welsh name (in Wales....shocking) and Robert Croft had the nerve to write his poem in Welsh doesn't mean that it's heaving with cottage burning ultra Welsh Nationalists. Much better pubs in Southampton of course although none spring to mind.

30 Aug 2008 11:40

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

People now in charge are leaving shortly after their unsuccesful stint in charge. Lets hope that whoever takes over runs this place more along the lines of how it was run when James and Trish were landlord and landlady

1 Aug 2008 17:33

Bar Vin, Bournemouth

Despite what it says on the heading this place is not closed.

1 Aug 2008 17:15

Bar Vin, Bournemouth

Are you sure about that Runningdog? Bar Med has closed and will re-open as a lloyds No 1 bar but as far as I'm aware wetherspoons have no designs on Bar Vin.

As far as the comment by smash goes, it's fair to say that this is the best place on Old Christchurch Road because they look after the beer if nothing else but the best pub in Bournemouth?

What better than The Brunswick, The Porterhouse, Goat and Tricycle, Commmodore and Dean Park Inn to name but five?

13 Jul 2008 10:54

The Duke of Wellington, Christchurch

Sorry but my previous post was absolute crap. Enterprise Inns have applied for planning permission to re-develop the Welly. They want to have a smoking area out the front with decking and an awning. Good luck to them. Lets hope they get the go ahead and make something of this place

8 Jun 2008 12:20

The New Inn, Christchurch

Dear oh dear. People still deluding themselves that we are going to end up with licensed premsises on this location. As if a block of flats is going to have a small bar attached.

3 Jun 2008 19:32

The Duke of Wellington, Christchurch


3 Jun 2008 19:30

The Pudding and Pye, Wimborne

Yes Nesbitt but no mention of beer in your post. It might come as a surprise to you but some of us still like a drink when going out to a pub.

That said, will try and pay a visit over the festival. Just hope it doesn't kick off in here like it did last year.

3 Jun 2008 19:26

RoomSix Vodka Bar and Grill, Bournemouth

This was formerly Bar Bluu and going back further it used to be Chablis. No matter what it's called though nothing seems to change much inside. It still looks much as it did in the Chablis days.

1 Jun 2008 11:11

The Bermuda Triangle, Parkstone

Four real ales available on my recent visit; Freeminer Speculation, Hopback Apple Blossom, Theakstons Old Peculiar and Youngs Ordinary. So a good mix of strengths and a good mix of well known and less well known ales. Tried the Speculation and the Apple Blossom and found them in excellent condition. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable, regulars likewise and it appears that very little has changed in terms of the decor and layout since my last visit some seven or eight years ago. (That is a compliment by the way)

25 Apr 2008 20:36

Label, Bournemouth

Closed for good on Easter Sunday as did Bar Med. This isn't a coincidence as both outlets were owned by the Laurel 'Pub' Company which is in administration

24 Mar 2008 16:38

Bar Med, Bournemouth

CLosed for good on Easter Sunday

24 Mar 2008 16:36

The Cavalier, Devizes

Anonymous of 11/02/06 please give it another try as James and Trish formerly of the Goat and Tricycle (how dare you poach the best landlord and landlady in Dorset you damn rotters)! in Bournemouth have taken over which guarantees that the ales will be well kept.

25 Nov 2007 19:13

The Winchester, Bournemouth

Ringwood Best is off more than it is on. There is no sort of commitment to real ale in this place, especially when they can push nitro keg boddies at 3.00 a pint. As Paul says, The Porterhouse is a much better bet. Full range of Ringwood beers there plus whatever seasonal beer is going.

21 Oct 2007 11:28

Spotted Cow, Poole

Not the worst Spoons in the area (that soubriquet goes to the Lord Wimborne) but the ales are kept too cold, the service is slow and table clearing only happens occasionally. Good points are the usual Spoons prices and a relatively benign clientele.

14 Jul 2007 20:00

The Talbot Hotel, Winton

Didn't realise that it had re-opened as it's been closed on the three occasions that I've passed by recently.

Been a while since I've enjoyed drinking in here. Hope to see a long overdue return to the halcyon (are you sure?) days of the 80s when the place was well run and the clientele were largely friendly.

9 Jul 2007 21:38

The Lynton Court, Bournemouth

Closed about a month ago and is now in the process of being converted into a Travel Inn. Will not be missed except by those regulars mentioned by the previous poster.

9 Jul 2007 21:33

The Queen Mary, Poole

Great pint of Sharps Doom Bar. Pleasant and efficient bar staff. Not many locals in evidence due to the appalling weather. Didn't try the food. A good counterpoint to the chaos and mayhem that is Poole quay.

1 Jul 2007 19:59

The Crown Hotel, Poole

Now sells Marstons Burton Bitter which is a marked improvement on the Courage and Whitbread ales mentioned by Clive. Was quite busy when we were in (Sat 30th June) which was a surprise as the weather was atrocious but will be interested to see how busy it is now that the smoking ban has kicked in as virtually everyone in here is opposed to it.

1 Jul 2007 19:55

The Angel, Poole

Service is much improved. Has the full range of Ringwood Ales that are well kept and one guest ale. Quite busy with blokes sampling their last moments of freedom (the Registry Office is next door).

1 Jul 2007 19:50

Mailmans Arms, Lyndhurst

Real Ale shouldn't be kept this cold. My pint of Abbot was rendered almost tasteless, the flavour of the malt and hops having been obliterated. Could've been a pint of John Smith's it was that bland. Tables aren't cleared frequently enough either. As 'blamm' says 'the outside looks very welcoming' but.......

23 Jun 2007 21:39

The Athelstan Arms, Tuckton

Not the worst pint of Pedigree I've ever had but far from being the best. I like Eddie Hanbury's 'not too many tourists' remark. None at all would probably be more accurate given the location which I think is somewhat off the tourist radar. Anyway, locals seem a friendly bunch and the bar staff are efficient.

23 Jun 2007 21:31

The New Inn, Christchurch

I take no pleasure in being right Dusty but I'm afraid that this place is no more. It's also not going to be converted into a sports bar cum restaurant or resterunt as Slurper would have it.

23 Jun 2007 21:22

The Globe Inn, Swanage

Friendly little pub. London Pride and Ringwood Best are the two well kept real ales on offer. Pool table. No annoying fruit machines. Piped music was unintrusive. Didn't try the food.

28 May 2007 19:35

The Haven House, Christchurch

Cozy little pub. Unusually, the most recent refurb didn't ruin the character of the place. Good pint of Ringwood 49er. Not sure whether this is a Free House as stated on the sign outside however. Didn't try the food.

14 May 2007 18:53

The Lyceum, Strand

Rarely eat in pubs but tried the food in the upstairs bar - surprisingly there were seats available - and it was fine. Didn't encounter any of the aforementioned surliness from the staff and the beer was good and at the usual Sam Smith's prices.

22 Apr 2007 22:32

The Lodmoor, Weymouth

As bland and boring as every other Brewers Fayre. Very little to distinguish it from other Dorset 'pubs' run by the same chain such as the Bailey Bridge in Christchurch or the Holes Bay Inn in Poole.

23 Feb 2007 19:42

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Plans are afoot for the Real Ales to be predominantly sourced from micro breweries in the not too distant future. Oh and I believe that May is going to be Mild month.

Anyway, that's enough as I don't make a habit of acting as a landlord's mouthpiece, albeit totally unsolicited on his part.

23 Feb 2007 17:28

The Windsor Buffet, Edinburgh

Ha Ha Ha. Tell you what Coldie, I need to get a grip. Good job I wasn't there then for the Rodeohead gig. I would have been well gutted.

23 Feb 2007 17:22

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Can't believe that there are no prior reviews of this place. Shurely shome mishtake?

Quite a while since I've been in a pub with such a cross section of people from ageing bikers, Austrian tourists and old codgers to young couples, Asian tourists and rugby fans.

There is a main bar, a cellar bar and a front bar which isn't always open.

Seems to have a wider range of the Sam Smith ales than the nearby Princess Louise though I may be mistaken on this point. Same wonderfully low prices in any case

Look up and admire the old timbers dating from goodness knows when or take a seat in one of the crannies and read up on some of the historical figures that may or may not have drank in this hostelry.

Also does food though I didn't try this so can't comment.

Only negative point is the fruit machine which is totally out of place.

23 Feb 2007 17:18

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

I have to agree with Stonch's remarks regarding the quality of the ale since Youngs decamped to Bedford but I think his views can be applied across the whole range of Youngs ales and not just the Winter Warmer.

Pub is magnificent however. Reminds me somewhat of The Kenilworth in Edinburgh what with the snob screens and the way the seating is arrayed around the wall.

Didn't encounter any surliness from the staff.

23 Feb 2007 17:06

The Enterprise, Holborn

Visited on Saturday 17th Feb. Hook Norton Old Hookey was in great nick. The other two beers available were London Pride and Deuchars IPA.

No intrusive music on my visit and the staff were pleasant and efficient.

As many other posters have pointed out, the refurb is pretty good and hasn't devastated the old victoriana.

Hope to visit again late March.

23 Feb 2007 16:55

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Probably about the best spoons I've been in. It almost feels like a proper pub by their standards, Ales are well kept and even the food wasn't too bad. Staff friendly and attentive. Usual ridiculously low prices

23 Feb 2007 15:57

The Southbourne Cliffs, Southbourne

Have to go with the majority view on this place I'm afraid. No decent beer and no atmosphere as the place was devoid of people. Staff seemed disinterested and apathetic.

25 Jan 2007 18:36

The Tapp & Hobbit, Bournemouth

In addition to the problems outlined by BFT there is now only one real ale on compared to the four that it used to have.

It seems to be in a competition with the Moon on the Square to see which place can become the most run down before remedial action is taken.

It's a shame because in the right hands this place has the potential to be the square's answer to the Goat and Tricycle although at the moment it's shaping up to be the square's answer to the Punch and Judy.

9 Jan 2007 21:21

The Spyglass and Kettle, Southbourne

It looks as if Dorset Knob's wish may have come true as there was a fire here the other day so perhaps the chef's radio perished.

Regarding the question of anonymous postings, I'm not sure what 'bournemouthlovers' point is. Surely your entry is equally as anonymous as the aforementioned anonymous posting (as is mine) unless you have changed your name by deedpoll to bournemouthlover.

As far as the pub goes, not much has changed. I've had better pints of Ringwood 49er in my time and you still feel like an interloper if you don't order food.

5 Jan 2007 23:25

The Globe Inn, Weymouth

This was the third pub we visited on our recent trip to Weymouth although it was the first proper one.

Very good pint of London Pride. proper landlord and landlady as opposed to a manager.

Not sure if it's the best downtown pub but it's certainly up there.

3 Jan 2007 19:42

Swan Inn, Weymouth

Service much better than you generally find in a Wetherspoons. I noticed that the barmaid was pouring Guinness correctly even though she was rushed off her feet. Not a Guinness drinker myself but my mates are and they were most appreciative.

Again, the ales were better kept than you would normally find in a Spoons and I'm told the food was pretty good.

3 Jan 2007 19:37

The Dolphin, Weymouth

I don't know whether or not there has been a change of Landlord since 'mothola's visit but the Hopback ales were plentiful and well kept on my recent visit, the Crop Circle being particularly good. Also no sign of karaoke (thank goodness) or football fans, just a few locals who seemed alright.

3 Jan 2007 19:31

The Giant Pot, Weymouth

This bucks the trend by being a decent pub near a railway station. Friendly staff and locals. Would definitely come back.

3 Jan 2007 19:27

The Edinburgh House Of Sounds, Weymouth

Tiny pub with Interesting "Rock 'n' Roll" memorabilia amidst a pleasant atmosphere.

3 Jan 2007 19:24

The Golden Lion, Weymouth

This may be a fake plastic pub but the ale brewed locally by the Dorset Brewing Company is anything but fake. Great stuff

3 Jan 2007 19:21

The Dorothy Inn, Weymouth

Three real ales on when I was in recently which if memory serves were Wadworths 6X, Abbot Ale and the ubiquitous London Pride. The Pride and the 6X were kept well enough and my friends enjoyed their lunch.

However, it's obvious that this isn't really a daytime pub at it was largely deserted and consequently lacked atmosphere.

A bit disquieting was the note on the wall which read violence and abusiveness towards the staff will not be tolerated. Quite right of course but it's worrying that they even have to put a notice like this up.

3 Jan 2007 19:17

The Cutter Hotel, Weymouth

And decent ale as well courtesy of the Dorset Brewing Company. Good jukebox, especially if you can work out how to retrieve the archived tracks. Being a thicko I couldn't manage it.

3 Jan 2007 19:12

Lewes Arms, Lewes

I'd just like to add Hardy and Hansons to 'Old Toms' list as Greene King swallowed this fine Nottingham brewer up earlier in the year.

14 Dec 2006 21:41

The Mill Arms, Dunbridge

Pub is 0.1 miles from Dunbridge station and not 1.1 miles as listed.

11 Dec 2006 23:11

The Horse and Jockey, Bournemouth

I must have struck lucky then as I was in for a couple of pints on 2nd Dec and there was nary a chav to be seen.

What's more, there were four real ales on and not just the bog standard ones either. The Skinners Cornish Knocker was in excellent condition.

A couple of years back when I was still working in Saudi, someone kindly sent me an email alerting me to the fact that this place was much improved from when I made my original posting. Many apologies for never acknowledging your email but I gormlessly deleted your message before saving your email address.

Anyway, to get back to the pub, much improved all round especially on the beer front. Has a big screen which is well positioned with a good quality picture but no more on that before I start to sound like that bloke with his bleedin' widescreen campaign.

9 Dec 2006 20:53

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

What a terrific surprise to find a Timothy Taylor's pub in this part of the country that serves the full range of their wonderful ales. Would visit more often except that I'm not a Fulham fan.

Has a good pre-match atmosphere but it wasn't claustrophobically rammed which is a good thing. Obviously on match day it's a Fulham pub but there were plenty of Arsenal fans in last night and no bother. (We have a common enemy)!

To sum up, a great pub with great ales and great staff.

30 Nov 2006 21:08

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

Sorry but I have to agree with Redriley. What are Fullers thinking of? And that poncy seating. Bland Bland Bland.

30 Nov 2006 21:01

The Jolly Gardners, Putney

Didn't find it anything like as bad as previous reviewers. Three well kept real ales (Adnams Broadside, Deuchars IPA and the ubiquitous London Pride) and a vast range of bottled beers from all over the world.

Background music was of the non irritating variety which is unusual.

Also sports a large range of board games such as Risk and that Operation thingy but whether they ever get used or not I couldn't say.

Staff seemed amiable and efficient enough but - and this may be significant given the previous reviews - I didn't sample the food.

Unfortunately, the cleanliness of the toilets leave a lot to be desired.

30 Nov 2006 20:59

The Spotted Horse, Putney

Still no locks on the toilet door or soap but at least there was paper!

Apart from that, nothing much wrong with this place although they could possibly do with extra staff as one person seemed to be doing everything from pouring pints, serving food and clearing tables.

The Youngs ales are well kept, there is plenty of seating and there seems to be a decent atmosphere about the place.

Prior to yesterday, my previous visit was in 1999. Hope I don't have to wait so long for my next visit.

30 Nov 2006 20:49

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Aberjed, I'm not from Nottingham but I will argue with you about the oldest pub in England which is the Fighting Cocks in St Albans and not this place, fine pub though it is.

14 Nov 2006 22:03

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

Well anonymous, I'm English and I would have no hesitation in going back. 'Outsiders' seemed more than welcome to me. Stick to Walkabout where you don't actually have to talk to anyone.

14 Nov 2006 07:15

Samsons Bar, Springbourne

Now re-named The Lions Head. No expense spared on the sign eh?

3 Nov 2006 08:49

The Portsmouth Hoy, Poole

To be fair GP, there is a three year gap between my entry and your entry. I'm always happy to set the record straight however as this is now a far more pleasant place to have a drink. I'll never get to grips with Hall & Woodhouse beers though. Just don't like them

30 Oct 2006 18:49

The Shah Of Persia, Poole

More like a restuarant with a reputation for good beer. Had a decent pint of Ringwood 49er in here but the place just doesn't have the feel of a pub. I thought that the Eldridge Pope beer is Southern Glory not Summer but I might be wrong. One bloke sat near me must have phoned everybody on his contacts list as he made call after call after call on his mobile. Very aggravating. To sum up, there are too many good pubs in the vicinity to warrant more than the occasional visit to this place.

28 Oct 2006 08:34

The Bull, Downton

Currently closed for refurbishment. Due to re-open mid-November.

25 Oct 2006 09:39

The Windsor Buffet, Edinburgh

Quite likes this place. Couple of decent ales. Slightly higgeldy piggeldy layout doesn't detract from the overall impression. Live music once a week (I think). They recently had a band called Rodeohead (no, really) who, with that name, can only be a tribute band. Would have liked to have seen them out of curiosity as much as anything to see how they handled the post OK Computer material. Also had one of those Edinburgh Pub Crawl charts on the wall which made for interesting reading.

24 Oct 2006 18:44

The Kenilworth, Edinburgh

Has a fine choice of real ales which are kept in an excellent condition. Food menu is the same as the Conan Doyle. Interior is as described by Millay with the seating arranged around the wall. Fruit machine does seem out of place though.

24 Oct 2006 18:32

Hogshead, Edinburgh

Don't most quiz machines have Bullseye on them? Anyway, to get to the pub, not the worst Hogshead by a long chalk but like most others in the same chain, they have dropped their commitment to real ale and only have a couple on these days. Had live music on the Saturday 21st Oct when me and the wife were in but it wasn't up to much consisting as it did of one bloke playing a guitar and singing over various backing tracks so not exactly live then. Atmosphere was pleasant enough, students forming the bulk of the punters.

24 Oct 2006 18:24

The Rose and Crown, Edinburgh

Fairly run of the mill sort of place. Nothing particularly wrong with it but nothing to make you rush back either. Characterless in other words.

24 Oct 2006 18:17

Mathers, Edinburgh

The 80/- is well kept and whilst 2.10 is a good price it can be had for 1.99 in the Rose Street Brewery. Anyway, not a bad place at all. Music was at a reasonable volume on my visit. Didn't try the food. Staff and punters seemed friendly enough

24 Oct 2006 10:59

Conan Doyle, Edinburgh

Two real ales, both well kept. This is an efficently run pub with friendly staff. Food was very good (same menu as The Kenilworth BTW) with decent portions and only took 10/15 minutes to turn up from ordering. The Conan Doyle attracts a cross section of people such as American tourists, youngsters popping in for a couple of post work drinks and older men watching the football on the big screens. Is it my imagination or are pub toilets generally cleaner in Edinburgh than the rest of the UK? Needless to say these were up to scratch. As for the aforementioned American tourists, my wife and I were sat next to a group of four in here recently. When they got up to leave, one of them back handed me across the nose whilst putting her coat on. Was an apology forthcoming? Like hell it was. No reflection on the pub of course, just don't sit too near to any Americans in here!

24 Oct 2006 10:51

The Black Bull Tavern, Edinburgh

One of the better juke boxes that I've encountered in recent times. Only thing that lets the pub down is the lack of beer choice with Belhaven Best the only possibility for the ale drinker. Anyway, it's a decent enough place and thankfully free of the moronic element you'll find nearby in Lloyds and Walkabout.

24 Oct 2006 10:16

The Black Rose Tavern, Edinburgh

Allegedly sells two real ales, Deuchars IPA and Old Speckled Hen but neither were available on my visit so had a crap pint of lager and went on my way. Pub was grubby and toilets none too clean. Didn't banter with my fellow punters as there weren't any despite the fact that the live music was due to begin shortly. When I walked past (staggered?) later in the evening, it appeared that not much had changed as there were more door staff than punters. Must be a least a dozen better pubs within 5 minutes walk.

23 Oct 2006 16:39

Rose Street Brewery, Edinburgh

Only charges 1.99 for Caledonian 80 shillings (which is well kept) so gets my vote for that alone. Good cross section of locals, tourists and - on my visit - an amusing though inoffensive hen night. Staff know their business and are also friendly. Didn't try the food.

23 Oct 2006 16:32

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Difficult to know what to add to what has already been posted but just to reiterate. The revolving doors are a novel innovation, the celing is a wonder to behold and the real ales are superbly kept, my favourite being Harviestouns Bitter and Twisted.

23 Oct 2006 16:27

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

Excellent selection of well kept, mainly Scottish real ales. Big screens for major sporting occasions and they are only switched on for major sporting occasions as the landlord likes to encourage the art of conversation which is becoming something of a rarity in pubs these days. Proper old fashioned boozer.

23 Oct 2006 16:16

Milnes Bar, Edinburgh

Didn't find this anything like as bad as other reviewers. Must admit the DJ upstairs (why do you need a DJ when he only plays records that can be found on any bog standard pub jukebox?) almost put me off from entering as I hadn't realised that there was a basement. Quickly found my way down there and enjoyed a couple of well kept pints of Adnams Explorer amidst a lively atmosphere.

23 Oct 2006 16:10

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

I wanted to like this place but I'm sorry to say that I have to concur with the views expressed by mtaylor and Coldie. The pint of Hyde's I was served was rank and had bits floating in it something that the staff didn't seem particularly concerned about. There are too many better pubs nearby where the ales are properly taken care of to bother with this place.

23 Oct 2006 16:03

The White Horse, Salisbury

Good Wadworths ales and a pleasant atmosphere about the place.

10 Oct 2006 13:23

The Village, Salisbury

Can't really add much to what has already been said. Great ales, great company and great staff. Wonderful pub.

10 Oct 2006 13:21

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Not enough staff on duty even at 11am to cope with the 'crowds' and it was taking 10-15 minutes to serve people. Pedigree wasn't particularly well kept either but at 1.65 a pint can't really moan.

9 Oct 2006 13:41

The Old Ale House, Salisbury

Four well kept real ales and the barman knew what he was about. Was very quiet (this was a Saturday lunchtime) but having read the other posts am I correct in assuming that this is the sort of place that becomes livlier during the evening?

9 Oct 2006 13:39

Wig and Quill, Salisbury

Well kept Wadsworth ales but staff seemed a bit vague and distant. Did the bar used to be facing you as you opened the door as I have a vague recollection of coming here years (decades?) ago and it seems different?

9 Oct 2006 13:34

The New Inn, Salisbury

A reasonable pint of Badger Best which isn't something that you'll hear me say too often, not being the greatest fan of Hall and Woodhouse ales. Tidy little pub with amiable and efficient staff.

9 Oct 2006 13:30

Cloisters, Salisbury

Well kept Ringwood Best and friendly staff. Didn't encounter the landlord.

9 Oct 2006 13:27

The Stourvale, Christchurch

Yet another refit and a new menu. Apparently the food is very good these days but (and bear in mind this is a pub after all) the quality of the ale has nose dived. The Ringwood Best was in dismal condition last Saturday 16th Sept.

18 Sep 2006 13:26

Gullivers Tavern, Kinson

Nigegil's comments were perhaps somewhat intemperate but I had to chuckle when I read anonymous's comments about the police being rarely called. It comes to something when the police being 'rarely' called is a cause for celebration and lets be honest, the police are rarely called to Gullivers in the same way that Pete Doherty rarely partakes of Class A's.

Anonymous, try drinking in a pub where the police are never called. There are more of them about than you might think.

Anyway, as far as the pub itself goes, the ale selection is poor and I take no pleasure in saying that it really is unwise to drink in here unless you're local.

'Mcewansdrinker' says to "look out for the sporting tipsters, the gentlemans (sic) club members and the debating society". Translated, this means look out for the football bores, misogynists and the local branch of UKIP.

6 Sep 2006 19:14

The Blue Bell, Emsworth

I also forgot to mention that there is a notice on the door asking for mobiles to be switched to silent or vibrate and that you will be asked to make a donation to charity if you don't comply and your mobile goes off. So yet another reason to admire this place.

2 Sep 2006 15:45

The Clinkers Tavern, Fareham

Smoky beyond belief and I smoke but can concur with the other comments made by F Richards and Alan Morris.

29 Aug 2006 13:46

The Railway, Emsworth

The only crap pub of the four I visited on my first trip to Emsworth. The sign outside proclaims The Railway to be a Free House but the sad truth it that only the ubiquitous Greene King IPA is available. There are a further three hand pumps but they don't appear to have been used in a long time and now serve a decorative purpose only.

There was also a faint air of menace about the place which was disquieting.

Toilets were pretty minging as well.

29 Aug 2006 13:44

The Blue Bell, Emsworth

Quite busy for 1130 on a Monday even if it was a Bank Holiday and it's easy to see why.

I asked for a pint of London Pride which the landlord (I think he was the landlord) duly poured but before he even handed it over he commented that it didn't look right and replaced it with a pint of Hopbacks Odyssey. How rare is that? Someone who can see that there is a problem with the beer before it even gets to the tasting stage. Only wish that other pubs would show the same level of professionalism.

All of the staff were friendly and I was asked if I wanted another pint poured before I even finished the first one which I unfortunately had to decline as I wanted to check out some of the other pubs in the area as this was my first visit to Emsworth.

There was a nice atmosphere about the place with a good cross section of people imbibing.

Going back to the beer, quite a few pubs have Hopbacks Summer Lightning and you occasionally see Crop Circle but this was the first time that I've seen Odyssey and can thoroughly recommend it along with this great pub.

29 Aug 2006 13:40

Ship, Emsworth

This was my first visit to Emsworth and it won't be my last. Came across some very good pubs including The Ship. Gales HSB was well kept and the snack that I had was tasty. Staff were friendly and attentive. Background music was unobtrusive. Beer garden out the back.

29 Aug 2006 13:25

The Coal Exchange, Emsworth

Dan Cooke has just about covered everything but just to say that The Coal Exchange still has the usual range of Gales Ales but not surprisingly they have now been supplemented by Fullers London Pride and Discovery. Gales HSB was in good nick.

29 Aug 2006 13:21

The Clarence, Whitehall

OK for a couple of pints but wouldn't want to spend an evening in here. Average beer, average atmosphere, average staff and average punters. Can only be an average 5/10 for this place.

17 Aug 2006 13:15

The Captains Cabin, Piccadilly

Exceptionally average. Very quiet for a Saturday evening which was strange because even the crap pubs in this area tend to be packed at this time. Nothing really good or bad to say about this place. Not one that will stick in the memory.

15 Aug 2006 13:38

The Red Lion, Westminster

Great pint of Adnams and friendly staff. Luckily we were in there on a Saturday evening so we didn't encounter any of the 'Rupert and Cuthbert' types mentioned by FattusBlokus. Didn't appear to have changed too much since a previous visit some 18 or so years ago which is great.

15 Aug 2006 13:33

The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough

Having read the previous reviews I was a bit disappointed when I finally got round to visiting this place recently. The seats are unusual but they are also uncomfortable. Beer was also a disappointment as the Tim Taylors Landlord was off leaving only grotty old Greene King IPA. Place was very quiet also so there was a distinct lack of atmosphere.

15 Aug 2006 13:27

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

To have only one person serving on a busy Saturday afternoon isn't a good idea and caused a long wait to be served. Youngs Ordinary was well kept but that's one of the few positive things I can say. Suffers by being next door to the peerless Market Porter.

15 Aug 2006 13:23

The Market Porter, Borough

Easy to see why this is the most popular pub in the area. Great range of well kept real ales, some of them fairly obscure. Good atmosphere about the place. Staff hard working and efficient. Other posters have said that the staff are rude but they seemed pleasant enough to me.

14 Aug 2006 13:46

The George, London Bridge

Disappointing to see only two real ales available on our recent visit. Luckily the pubs own beer was pretty good because the only other option was the ubiquitous Greene King IPA which isn't my favourite. Don't often see outside toilets these days but that's where the gents are situated so wouldn't fancy visiting during inclement weather. However, the weather was reasonable on our visit so we were able to sit outside. Hold that glass up straight Jamie!

14 Aug 2006 13:32

The Old Kings Head, Borough

Really like this place. Well kept real ales, good mixture of people and friendly staff who also seemed to be local and not Eastern European which is a rarity these days. Agree with Boss_Hog regarding the decor.

14 Aug 2006 13:25

The Jack Horner, Tottenham Court Road

Good pint of Chiswick on my visit and the food was tasty and reasonably priced for the location. Staff were attentive and pleasant. Not particularly crowded on our visit which was a bit surprising for 1pm on an August Saturday. Would definitely make a return visit.

14 Aug 2006 13:20

The Westbourne, Westbourne

Now given up entirely on real ale which can only benefit The Porterhouse which is a much better pub in any case.

8 Aug 2006 13:22

The Durley Inn, Bournemouth

Sorry. The start of my previous entry should have read 'The Brewers Fayre chain..........etc

4 Aug 2006 13:42

The Durley Inn, Bournemouth

The Brewers Fayre has now been sold to M & B who intend to convert all of their pubs to Harvesters or Beefeaters. How will we be able to tell the differnce? The blandness continues.

4 Aug 2006 13:36

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

Wilbur101 - many thanks for that info. I must be living in the wrong place as you get nicked for wandering around town with a pint where I come from.

Would definitely make a return visit and hope to in the not too distant future.

3 Aug 2006 13:27

The Glasshouse, Winton

Yet another name change. It's now known as The Famous Old Pines which is risible as it's neither, being only some twenty years old and famous for naff all. Inspector Knacker might regard it as infamous however.
BTW, this place is one and the same as The Pines which you have listed as a seperate pub.

2 Aug 2006 13:25

The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch

Now that the Thomas Tripp has taken over that horrible nightclub on Bargates with the intention of turning it into a live music venue does this mean the end of live music on these premises?

1 Aug 2006 13:23

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

Does real ale served in plastic glasses constitute progress? Discuss. Unfortunately, this was case on my recent visit. I'm hoping it was a one off because of the England v Portugal game.

26 Jul 2006 13:11

The Old Vine, Winchester

Would agree that this place aspires to be a restuarant but it partially redeemed itself on my visit. This was because the pint of Timothy Taylors Landlord was in superb condition. The only comparable pint of Landlord that I've had the pleasure of drinking was at The Brunswick in Derby.

25 Jul 2006 13:41

The Exchange, Winchester

Good for a lunchtime drink and has a great garden. Beer kept reasonably well. However, unlike most contributors I'm not particularly concerned with the appearence of staff and would prefer that they are attentive.

25 Jul 2006 13:29

Old Gaol House, Winchester

Will2 is wrong. The longest bar in Britain can be found in The Falcon near to Clapham Junction railway station. Can't really think of much else to say about this place as this is a bog standard 'Spoons' and 'sross' has said all that needs to be said.

25 Jul 2006 13:21

The Albion, Winchester

I normally avoid drinking in the nearest pub to any given railway station but make an exception for this place. Quiet, friendly and with a decent range of ales.

25 Jul 2006 13:16

The Clarence Pier Southsea, Southsea

Dismal even by the standards of Brewers Fayre. The response I got to politely ordering a pint of Tetleys was a barked 'Is that all?' followed by. 'Will you be going outside?' I answered yes to the first and no to the second although I couldn't see the reason for the latter question in the first place. Why should it matter whether I choose to drink inside or outside? I suppose I committed the cardinal sin of not ordering any food. There were also an unpleasant and intimidating group of people sat off to the left of the bar as you look at it and also a couple of woman sat nearby, one of whom was at least as overweight as me(bloody enormous in other words) but wearing next to nothing. Urrrrrggghh. The quiz machine refused to pay out when I won although this may have caused it to go into shock as I get the impression that people don't often win. Had one pint and left.

24 Jul 2006 13:32

The Perseverance, Havant

Yet again (as per The Star) my experience was the same as 'petergoesrock'. I too left without trying after finding that, contrary to the sign outside, there are no cask ales on offer

19 Jul 2006 13:45

Trax / The Star, Havant

Other than the fact that I approached from the opposite direction my experience was identical to 'petergoesrock'. Only real ale available was London Pride which was foul and a glass was deliberately smashed within 5 minutes of my being there. I was happy to escape unscathed.

19 Jul 2006 13:42

The Spice Island Inn, Portsmouth

Terrific views across the harbour and well kept beers to boot. Staff attentive and far friendlier than those working at the nearby Still and West. Nice outside seating area although I believe that the local society for the visually impaired meet here judging by the amount of people who ignore the sign that says 'No glasses to be taken beyond this point'.

19 Jul 2006 13:34

The Wellington, Portsmouth

Unpretentious pub with good beer and food. Seemed tourist friendly but also had a good smattering of locals. Well worth a return visit.

18 Jul 2006 13:27

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

Beer is excellent. As 'dixont' says, there are several different rooms and I found it amusing that each separate room was occupied by one person who seemed to think that he was entitled to be the sole occupier of that room. Didn't try the food but the toilets were cleaned to the sort of high standard that you'd only wish other pubs would emulate. To sum up then, great place for a beer but lacking in atmosphere due to most of the clientele lacking basic social skills.

18 Jul 2006 13:25

The Cork and Bottle, Southampton

One of the signs outside advertises the fact that real ales are available. In reality there are none whatsoever and haven't been for many moons. You know your luck is out when you have to explain to the bar staff what constitutes a real ale. A hint, it's not John Smiths keg.

19 Jun 2006 13:24

The Hen and Chicken, Upper Froyle

I remember a group of us turning up only to be told that they were closed for a private Beaujolais tasting evening.

14 Jun 2006 13:32

The Ship, Lambeth

Despite what anonymous of 13 Sept says this is anything but a new pub. When I saw his/her post on BITE it caused some confusion as I was sure that this was the place I used to have an occasional post match pint in during the 80s. Went back a couple of months ago to check it out and was pleased to find that it has barely changed from those days. No horrible trendy makeover for this place just good ales (Adnams Broadside was very well kept), good value food and amiable locals. Won't wait so long before returning.

12 Jun 2006 13:32

The Two Brewers, Covent Garden

Good pint of Charles Wells Bombardier and it was even possible to find a seat late on a Saturday night even though it was busy. Has a pleasant atmosphere and wouldn't hesitate to return.

8 Jun 2006 13:36

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

McMullens beer is a plus but far too many people are allowed in of an evening making it claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Unless you get in early enough, you face an evening of being constantly jostled which is aggravating.

8 Jun 2006 13:31

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

There are still a few decent pubs left in Soho, this being one of them. Decent ales and somewhat surprisingly a group of six of us managed to find seats. Stairs to the toilets are potentially lethal if you've had a few. Would definitely make a return visit.

7 Jun 2006 13:40

The King and Queen, Hamble

Very quiet when I was there recently which can be probably be explained by the somewhat inclement weather. Ales were well kept and staff friendly and efficent.

7 Jun 2006 13:35

The Plough, Bloomsbury

Ale is poorly kept and staff seem pretty clueless. When a particular beer runs out, they seem to find it too much trouble to even drape a towel over the hand pull or simply turn the sign around so that it isn't facing outwards. Consequently, you get to hear the same exchange over and over again when a new punter comes in.

'Pint of London Pride please'.
'Sorry but that's off.'
'OK. I'll have a pint of Youngs instead.
'Anything else.'
'Yes I'll have a pint of Guinness Cold please.'
'Sorry that's off.'

How difficult is it to indicate that a certain beer isn't 'on'?

5 Jun 2006 13:35

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Great range of ever changing real ales but unfortunately smudger69 is spot on with his comments. Good pub that could be so much better.

5 Jun 2006 13:27

The Station Hotel, Netley

Massive place badly in need of refurbishment. Only a handful of people drinking in there on my visit. No real ales although a redundant hand pump suggests that this wasn't always the case. Strange fruit machine based on Chav 'culture'. What's that all about?

1 Jun 2006 13:45

The Prince Consort, Netley




These are just some of the signs dotted about the place and contribute to a deeply unwelcoming atmosphere. Only redeeming feature was a decent pint of London Pride

1 Jun 2006 13:43

The Osborne View, Fareham

More like a restaurant with a licence than a pub. On my recent visit everyone bar me was eating. Beer is Hall & Woodhouse and crap as a consequence. Was worth stopping off for a pint though just to see a couple storm out in a huff when they couldn't bag a table with the aforementioned view across the Solent.

1 Jun 2006 13:35

The Westcliff Tavern and Carvery, Bournemouth

A strangely contradictory place. It has eight real ales - including Theakstons Old Peculiar and Best, Courage Directors and Best amd London Pride - which might make you think that this is a drinkers' pub but the tables are of the dining variety and this, coupled with the open plan layout means that this 'pub' is clearly aimed at diners/tourists and feels more like a restaurant despite the welcome ales. The food did smell good though I didn't sample it. It's also no smoking. Hope that this place works out as Bournemouth is something of a real ale desert. However it's a shame that it's only a few minutes walk from the real ale mecca otherwise known as the Goat and Tricycle when there are other parts of town sorely in need of a real ale outlet.

31 May 2006 13:32

The New Inn, Christchurch

Anonymous is correct unfortunately. It's been sold off to developers but not sure of the closing date. So another Christchurch pub bites the dust which by my reckoning is six since the late 70s.

31 Mar 2006 18:16

The Smugglers, Milford on Sea

Excellent of pint of Shepherd Neame Spitfire was the best thing about this place. Unfortunately, with all the tables being set out for diners it feels more like a restaurant with a licence than a proper pub and even the two fruit machines and comfy sofas around one side do little to dispel this impression. Staff seemed friendly and efficent but the place was quiet for a Saturday lunchtime when I was in there.

13 Mar 2006 19:04

Bar Med, Bournemouth

Tatty decor, intensely aggravating DJ, crap beer. A couple having a domestic was the only entertainment when I was in there recently.

15 Jan 2006 17:48

The Kings Arms, Lymington

plumbpudding is spot on. Although on our recent visit the 'weirdness' was provided by Natasha with her ironing board and miniature policeman's outfit which was apparently for her son who was going to a fancy dress party. Only joking Natasha, you're not really weird and we thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with you. Had a pint of Ringwood Huffkin which was well maintained and the friends I was with also enjoyed this place.

16 Nov 2005 12:32

The Thomas Tripp, Lymington

Pale shadow of its sister pub in Christchurch. Lacking in atmosphere although the lay out doesn't help matters.

16 Nov 2005 12:26

The Fusion Inn, Lymington

Never went there in the Black Cat days but was in recently and found it to be a bit bland. Aussie bar staff which is something of a rarity for Lymington. (I think)

16 Nov 2005 12:24

The Borough Arms, Lymington

Had a couple of pints in here with friends on 12th November and as Richard says its a 'normal' pub. Nothing too flash about it but the ale is decent, the juke box has some good tunes and oh yeah there's the blonde barmaid with legs up to her armpits. Lovely.

16 Nov 2005 12:21

The Angel Inn, Lymington

Visited The Angel recently and the both ales that I tried were fine (Wadworths 6X and Ringwood 49er). Staff were helpful and friendly. Perhaps plumbpudding caught them on a bad day. Think it opens at 1030 as well which is always a bonus.

16 Nov 2005 12:16

The Pig And Whistle, Bournemouth

The good news is that they serve Ringwood Huffkin. The bad news is that this place just doesn't look like a pub.

30 Oct 2005 12:58

Stour Inn, Blandford St Mary

Cozy little place with a nice looking garden round the back. Pity about the beer.

9 Oct 2005 19:53

The Brunswick Hotel, Bournemouth

Give it another try Paddy and you might be surprised as The Brunswick has now been taken over by the people who used to run the Red Shoot in the New Forest. Consequently, there are now four well kept real ales. The Batemans XXXB was in top condition as you would expect. There is no longer a hostile atmosphere, all of the 'what you f****** staring at' crowd have fled to The Broadway. Didn't try the food but have heard good things. Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and take good care of the beer. Couple of screens for the sport. All in all a 100% improvement as this place had been in the doldrums for years.

9 Oct 2005 19:52

The Harbour Lights, Bournemouth

Place must have been designed on the Brewers Fayre model. Bland, boring and packed with families. Couple of fruit machines and a quiz machine. Large 'No Smoking' area. Beer average. Didn't try the food.

9 Oct 2005 19:42

Butlers, Fordingbridge

Not normally my sort of place as it was very bright and airy and pinewoody and looked as if it had been polished to the nth degree. However, it redeemed itself by having Huffkin on tap which is an Autumn ale brewed by Ringwood. Large non-smoking area.

24 Sep 2005 19:02

The Crown, Fordingbridge

This place has Batemans XXXB and therfore deserves high marks just for that fact alone. There is plenty more to admire about this place however such as the friendly locals, one of whom was particularly helpful in imparting his knowledge of local pubs and much more besides. The Crown has only had two licensee's in some 50 years and it is rare to find such continuity these days and the landlord and his staff certainly know how to look after their ales. There is a large but unobtrusive flat screen showing all the usual sports. Going back to the beer, there was also Ringwood Best and Flowers Original available. Seems to be an older crowd at lunchtime with younger people coming in as the afternoon wears on. All seem equally amiable. Toilets could be better lit but that is a very minor complaint.

24 Sep 2005 18:58

The Compasses Inn, Damerham

Excellent beer and beer garden. Food was spot on. Seperate bar with a jukebox and pool table. Would visit more frequently but for its somewhat remote location.

24 Sep 2005 18:41

The Ship Inn, Fordingbridge

Had a great pint of Ridley's Old Bob in here a week ago. In fact you can't go far wrong in Fordingbridge when looking for a decent pint or three.

24 Sep 2005 18:38

The Grove Tavern, Southbourne

Choice of ale was Fullers London Pride or Brakspears both of which were reasonable well kept on my recent visit. Fairly quiet so didn't encounter the problems that Dave S had to contend with on his visit. Quiz machine is one those old 'Guinness' machines where you have to press buttons rather than the screen when answering the questions. Toilets need to be cleaned more frequently as the stench was unbearable. Can't comment on the food as I didn't try it. Beer garden looked a bit spartan. So all in all a bit of a mixed bag.

29 Aug 2005 17:46

The Woodman, Branksome

Much friendlier these days. Will never be a regular here however due to the ropey Hall & Woodhouse Ales.

27 Aug 2005 19:35

The Rising Sun, Poole

No longer a pub but a Thai restaurant with a licence.

25 Aug 2005 22:42

Slug and Lettuce, Poole

It has become very tatty which is in keeping with the other Hogshead pubs in the area, The Parkstone and the Hop and Kilderkin. No longer deserving of its Cask Marque accreditation as the two remaining ales are poorly kept at the best of time. Bit of a rough crowd in there as well. The tables that are left are frequently covered with empty glasses and full ashtrays.Don't know why Hogsgead have allowed their pubs to fall into such a state of disrepair.

25 Aug 2005 22:40

The Greyhound, Blandford

Much as stated by Raymond. It also opens at 1030 of a morning which is a bonus as there are far too many places that no longer open until noon. Beer wasn't too bad considering it's Badger.

25 Aug 2005 22:19

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Made another visit recently and there were no ales on at all. Lagers only! Won't be going back again.

24 Aug 2005 22:27

The King Charles Inn, Poole

I'd like to retract the comments I made albeit over two years ago as this place has thankfully bucked the trend and has reverted to being a proper pub. Ale was well kept and the barmaid was amiable and efficent. Regulars were a friendly bunch. Keep up the good work.

24 Aug 2005 22:24

The Blue Boar, Poole

Had a great pint of Cottage Southern bitter when I was in there recently. Place was virtually empty however which was a shame but the explanation probably lies in the fact that there was a squalling brat present shrieking at the top of his/her voice. Would like to have stayed longer but wandered over to The Angel instead.

24 Aug 2005 22:21

The Angel, Poole

Ales well kept but as the previous poster mentioned this place is lacking in atmosphere. Also took about 10 minutes to get served when there were only about six or eight punters present with only one of them waiting to be served ahead of me.

24 Aug 2005 22:17

The Tapp & Hobbit, Bournemouth

Don't agree with Ian re the ale as I've found the quality to be somewhat varaible. Stairs can be lethal if you've had a few.

24 Aug 2005 22:10

The Cellar Bar, Boscombe

Good ale, good live music and punters are generally down to earth and non-pretentious. Staff seem pretty switched on. Haven't tried the food so can't comment.

24 Aug 2005 22:07

Dean Park Inn, Bournemouth

They've changed things around since my last visit so the big screen is now in the larger bar (right hand side as you go in). Think the smaller bar has been made no smoking but not 100% sure. Wasn't rowdy when I was in there recently or 'roudy' either as Pioneer would have it.

24 Aug 2005 22:04

The Three Guineas, Reading

Not sure when this place emerged from the primeval sludge that used to be the railbar as it's a while since I travelled through Reading. I was amazed therefore to find that eight Real Ales are available. Unfortunately, I only had a chance to try the excellent Gales HSB before my train departed. Didn't encounter any of the problems experienced by Dappertutto. Unsurprisingly, there was a good cross section of people merely waiting for their trains.

19 Jul 2005 22:19

The Old Coffee House, Soho

Had a swift pint in here recently whilst my mates who I was on a session with were getting a bite to eat down the road. Found the staff friendly and the ale was reasonably well kept. As a previous poster commented, it is surprisingly quiet given its location.

19 Jul 2005 22:03

The Mitre, Paddington

Forgot to add that my mates raved about the quality of the Guinness.

19 Jul 2005 21:57

The Wargrave Arms, Marylebone

Clean and tidy pub. Good Youngs ales though my mates weren't impressed by the quality of the Guinness. Friendly staff and locals.

19 Jul 2005 21:55

The Victory, Marylebone

Very quiet on our visit last Sunday but a good pint of Abbot Ale was had. The pub sign has terrific attention to detail, not something that I usually notice or even particularly look out for. Currently not serving food at the weekends.

19 Jul 2005 21:52

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

I'm afraid that the most recent refurbishment removed the last vestiges of character from what was once a decent boozer. Worst of all though was the fact that I was served the worst pint of Youngs Ordinary that I've encountered in 25 years of drinking. A big disappointment all round.

19 Jul 2005 21:47

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Unbelievable prices for Central London. My mates enjoyed the stout and the ale (Sovereign) wasn't bad at all. There seemed to be a good atmosphere about the place and it was busy without being heaving.

19 Jul 2005 21:38

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

On my visit, the Irish contingent were neither drunk or obnoxious not that I was expecting them to be. Cracking pint of Adnams and friendly staff. Didn't sample the food but it smelt great. Wouldn't fancy negotiating the stairs to the toilet after a few too many though.

18 Jul 2005 19:59

The Polar Bear, Leicester Square

Although I'm a smoker myself, I thought I'd check this out as it's now a no smoking pub. Found that it didn't bother me too much although whether that will be the case when the full scale ban comes in remains to be seen. Anyway, the pub itself lacks the character that it possesed in the 80s due to a bland refurbishment. (not sure when the refurb took place as it's a long old time since I've been in here.) The best aspect of this place is the statuesque French? barmaid who was friendly and efficent. Food wasn't too bad although there was a cock up with the order as the kitchen decided to wait about 30 minutes before telling my mate that they didn't have what he'd ordered. Bit of a mixed bag really.

18 Jul 2005 19:55

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Absolutely mobbed on Saturday with punters spilling down the road so not tucked away enough despite what previous posters say. Beer was alright on my visit so maybe in4 was just unlucky.

18 Jul 2005 19:47

The Great Western, Paddington

Certainly agree with Tburrows rather than Zagreb. The Landlord seemed like a good bloke to me though I didn't get to meet any of the other staff on my recent visit as it was pretty quiet due to the superb weather. Only gripe would be that the London Pride was off leaving no real ale available.

18 Jul 2005 19:40

The Mitre, Paddington

They were a bit late with the cleaning when I went there on Saturday and consequently their was an overwhelming smell of polish but fortunately it was a cracking day and the five of us on a session were able to sit outside. Five different real ales which was great to see with the Pedigree which I had being well kept. Didn't find it either dark or unwelcoming and would certainly make a return visit.

18 Jul 2005 19:36

The Clachan, Soho

Tim Taylor's Landlord was the best pint of the many good ones that I had during a recent session. Pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff.

18 Jul 2005 19:31

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Exactly as described by realalesnob. Hopefully it'll resist the march of 'progress' and not end up as an All Bar Slug. No smoking at the bar in this place but then again it'll be no smoking in pubs full stop sooner rather than later.

18 Jul 2005 19:28

The Curlew, Bournemouth

You are right Peter although I can think of a few pubs that I wish 'only' did London Pride and Bass. Anyway, different people running the show these days and the whole atmosphere is much lighter. Food is good and the beer garden is popular.

13 Jul 2005 20:14

The Oddfellows Arms, Wimborne

Little being the operative word but nothing wrong with that. Regulars are friendly and my only gripe would be the fact that it's a Hall & Woodhouse establishment so the beer is very ordinary.

13 Jul 2005 20:07

The White Hart, Bishops Caundle

Disappointingly bland especially for a country pub. Average beer, average food, average lay out, average people drinking there. All round average. 5/10 naturally

10 Jul 2005 20:20

The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch

Ringwood 49er was well kept on our visit yesterday. With the weather being glorious the beer garden was packed with scantily clad females so here's hoping for a heatwave.

The Thomas Tripp is Christchurch's premier live music venue but whether or not it can maintain this status remains to be seen as there have been complaints recently from a local resident concerning the alleged noise levels.

Staff were friendly but would like to have seen a greater choice of ales because whilst I'm a fan of Ringwood 49er some aren't.

10 Jul 2005 20:09

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

The most expensive of the five pubs that we visited yesterday but the Caledonian 80 shillings was in top condition. Staff were efficient and friendly. This place hasn't seen much change over the years which is to be applauded although the beer is much improved from the days when it used to be a Whitbread tied house.

10 Jul 2005 20:02

The Royalty, Christchurch

Concur with all the remarks made by Seasider and would just like to add that the landlord is very friendly and chatty as well.

10 Jul 2005 19:56

The Ensbury Park, Bournemouth

Contained - Many of the pubs in the area such as The Five Ways, Thatched House and Horse & Jockey have shown a marked improvement over the past few years so I recently re-visited The Ensbury Park hoping that it had undergone a similar transformation. Sorry to say that it's as bad as ever if not even worse as you can now witness the people nipping in and out of the Gents toilet at a frequency which can't be explained by a need to empty the bladder even if they are necking pints at a record pace which didn't seem to be the case. Atmosphere remains deeply unpleasant and the ale very ordinary. Must admit that I had a chuckle when I saw that my rating of 2/10 for this place is actually above the average.

3 Jul 2005 20:41

The Albion Hotel, Wimborne

Took an age to get served when I visited recently as there was only one person serving. This is a Hall & Woodhouse pub but the Badger Best was better than average although that's not saying much. Food is basic but very tasty

28 Jun 2005 18:40

Drax Arms, Spetisbury

If you are doing the Stour Valley walk and are feeling parched take a detour when you get to the Crawford bridge and pay a visit to the Drax Arms. Fairly quiet on a Sunday afternoon when I visited due to the fine weather. Friendly landlady was welcoming and the Badger Best was drinkable which isn't something I usually say about Hall & Woodhouse beers. They do food and it seemed to be well received although I can't vouch for that personally.

28 Jun 2005 18:35

The Acorn, Creekmoor

Management have made a real effort to sort this place out. The blanket ban on swearing may be OTT but there is certainly a more pleasant atmosphere in the place these days.

25 Jun 2005 12:14

The Pig And Whistle, Bournemouth

Not sure if this place is still open as the last time I was in this area the place was closed and the building was surrounded by scaffolding.

1 Jun 2005 21:58

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

It's still the best pub in Bmth although they no longer serve the free roast spuds that David B was refering to. Over the past few months, a bigger effort to showcase real ales from smaller breweries has been made which is welcome. Food is much improved from the bog standard pub grub fayre that it was a couple of years ago.

23 May 2005 17:24

The Fleetsbridge, Oakdale

Hasn't changed since Sid made his comment back in 03. It's either a Beefeater, Harvester or Brewers Fayre place. I've never been able to tell the difference.

23 May 2005 17:17

The Beverley, Cardiff

This a good little area for pubs although the nearby Cayo Arms and Y Mochyn Du are better. I was there before and after the Cup Final and it was packed as you can imagine but the staff coped reasonably well. Brains bitter is the only real ale and it wasn't kept that well. Has a patio out the front where you can drink and they also set up a bar-b-q on Saturday lunchtime which was serving better burgers than you would have got in the vicinity of the ground. Also found it a good place to stand outside after the match as you could abuse all the Mancs heading home by coach. The Beverley has 17 en-suite rooms which is handy as it's only 15/20 minutes walk to the Millennium stadium and the city centre.

23 May 2005 17:12

The Cayo Arms Hotel, Cardiff

As well as Brains beer, it also has half a dozen ales from the excellent Tomos Watkins brewery including Braf and OSB among others. As the previous poster mentioned there is a welcoming atmosphere. Accommodation also available.

23 May 2005 17:00

The Mochyn Du, Cardiff

Tidy little pub next to the cricket ground. Great pint of Brains Rev James served. Cricket memorabilia on the wall including a poem by Robert Croft and a photo of Sir Viv and Adrian Dale walking off after their partnership of 426. All in all a nice, friendly place that hasn't abused the fact that it's in a prominent position.

23 May 2005 16:56

The Coach and Horses, Wimborne

Quite busy when I went in on a Saturday afternoon. Had a good pint of Greene King IPA although the service was a bit slow. Didn't try the food so can't comment on that. I had been told that this place had become run down but seemed in a reasonable state of repair to me.

8 Apr 2005 17:28

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

Not the worst Spoons that I've been in by a long chalk. Decently kept Pedigree at 1.65 a pint was a bonus and they had numerous plasma screens dotted about the place which is unusual for a Spoons pub.

8 Apr 2005 17:23

The Bakers Arms, Poole

Brewers Fayre place but not as bland as some of them. Beer was reasonable and I even managed a rare win on the quiz machine recently.

6 Feb 2005 13:49

Bar Me, Bournemouth

So anonymous of 26th Jan, a pub is now to be judged solely on its takings is it because it's funny that you don't actually have anything positive to say about the place? It's every bit as bad as Wh1tey, Adam Solley and Laura say it is. It was a good pub with decent ales in its incarnation as the Jug of Ale but these days the music is played at ear bleeding volume making it nigh on impossible to order your drinks. The glass on the floor is rarely swept up. People who are clearly drunk are happily served which is and has been illegal for decades. The toilets are minging but at least the doorstaff are pleasant which is the only positive thing that I've got to say about this place. Unlike some, I'm not advocating that this place be bombed or closed or whatever but the various semi-literate anonymous posters who claim that 'we don't know how to enjoy ourselves' or 'that we are too old to drink here' (are you not planning on getting old then?) or that we 'should drink elsewhere' are missing the point. Old Christchurch Rd and Bmth town centre in general is full of identikit pubs but at least when this place was the Jug of Ale you actually had a proper pub to provide some balance and some choice. Now there is nothing of the sort except for the Goat & Tricycle which I'm sure is hated by the people who drink in here not least because you might actually have to strike up a conversation with someone. All we are asking for is one 'proper' pub along Old Christchurch Rd. Isn't too much to ask for is it? And Darren, there isn't a Goose and Granite(with an e)in Bmth you muppet.

6 Feb 2005 13:40

Bar Tonka, Bournemouth

Closed for good

20 Jan 2005 22:45

The Bell, Yeovil

Good for a few pre or post match pints. Greene King IPA was well kept on my visit. Big screen for the footy and decent food. Large eating area where children are permitted. Couple of fruit machines.

30 Nov 2004 10:55

The Christopher Creeke , Bournemouth

It is still being refurbished but a sign has appeared outside saying that it will be re-opening as Karma bar and brasserie. I would like to thing that this is a wind up but I'm sure it isn't

29 Nov 2004 11:01

WAVE, Bournemouth

It is still there but is now known as WAVE

29 Nov 2004 10:59

The Fryers Arms, West Moors

Further to my previous comments, the local council has voted to allow Hall and Woodhouse to sell The Fryers to developers despite the fact that 150 locals signed a petition asking for the pub to be saved so another community pub bites the dust

19 Nov 2004 14:37

The Hunters Lodge, Ringwood

Funnily enough, my one and only visit was on a Saturday and the only other people in there were an old bloke reading a newspaper and a younger bloke playing the fruit machine. A real hoot? I think not

26 Mar 2004 16:35

The Five Ways, Charminster

A mate advised that this place has taken a turn for the better so went there yesterday afternoon to watch the FA Cup game between Leeds and Arsenal. Certainly nothing like as rough as it has been in recent years. Atmosphere was fine although the Wadworths 6X was a bit ropey. Good to see a B'mth pub that is actually on the up. Keep up the good work.

5 Jan 2004 11:39

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

You are right Alex, this was the pub that was nailed bombed a few years back. One of the victims was a good bloke called Nik Moore whom I knew from working with British Aerospace in Saudi Arabia in the early 90s. RIP

25 Nov 2003 14:30

King William IV, Sipson

Within walking distance of many of the Hotels dotted around Thiefrow. Decent beer and massive portions of food. Much better than The Plough down the road.

17 Nov 2003 12:57

The Bath Arms, Brighton

Always been mobbed on the occasions that I've visited but there always seems to be a good atmsophere and as Dennis says, a good selection of beers.

26 Sep 2003 18:06

The Sussex, Brighton

As Dennis says, it can get busy with tourists but generally not of the annoying variety. Last time I was in there, there were three separate occasions when women mistakenly entered the mens toilets! It does have one of those little signs of a silhouette of a man on the door so not sure what that was all about. It's a friendly place right enough and I'd definitely make a return visit.

26 Sep 2003 18:04

The Crown, Odiham

Although I suggested this place, I didn't add any comments at the time as it's been some years since I lived in the area. In fact, when I first started drinking there the only toilet was outside which was a bit of an ordeal during inclement weather. However, the pub itself was always good and not infected by the snobbery as some of the local hostelries are. Beer wasn't anything special (Courage) in those days but as I say, a decent pub. Never had any music back then that's for sure.

10 Aug 2003 19:54

The Bright Helm, Brighton

Remember going in here with a mate. After about 30 minutes he had turned from a normal human being into a manic depressive. Read into that what you will. Follow Lee Newton's advise. (In fact, I'd go as far to say, go to any pub recommended by Lee Newton).

20 Jul 2003 16:14

The Durley Inn, Bournemouth

I don't think that this place is regarded as awful by us locals it's just that there's nothing that makes it stand out from the crowd. For really awful pubs try some of the watering holes in Boscombe or Kinson. On second thoughts, don't if you value your health.

18 Jul 2003 16:45

The Malt And Hops, Southbourne

Definitely an evening pub. Empty during the daytime and consequently lacks atmosphere epecially given the large size of the place.

16 Jul 2003 18:48

The Branksome Arms, Bournemouth

'It's now a gay pub?' To the best of my knowledge this has been a gay pub since the 70s and maybe even longer.

11 Jul 2003 16:13

Finn M'Couls, Ringwood

I'm not one of these people who post info on pubs that they've never been in but I see that I'll need to expand on my previous comments to illustrate my point. I went in here on a Sunday afternoon by myself and was quietly drinking my pint when three 'lads' made it pretty plain that my presence in the pub was not required. I don't know these people, they don't know me and as I say I was having a quiet pint and bothering nobody. And your comments about it being the best pub in Ringwood are frankly risible. They don't even serve a decent pint!

11 Jul 2003 10:36

The Wyvern, Church Crookham

Apologies for the out of date information that I posted regarding this pub. Haven't drunk here in a long time. What is the point if you don't get on with the clientele? As for friends. Plenty but thanks for enquiring.

9 Jul 2003 17:52

The Fox, Ellisfield

Although I suggested this pub I didn't add any comments due to the length of time since I last visited (I no longer live in the area). Heartening to hear the views posted by A Jones as I have fond memories of this place. Hope that the ale is as good as ever as I recall that they used to serve an excellent pint of Gales HSB.

9 Jul 2003 17:45

The Cornwall Hotel, Dorchester

Back in the mid to late 80s a few of us were our way to Yeovil for a mates' stag night and we had to change trains at Dorchester South and wander over to Dorchester West where a train to Yeovil runs once a decade or so. We decided to have a pint in this place whilst we were waiting. Place was a complete tip and full of menacing gypsies. They asked us if we wanted to join in a card game and made it plain that answering no was not an option so we drank up our foul ale as rapidly as we could and departed never to return. As I say, this was a long time ago so hope that things have improved.

7 Jul 2003 17:35

The Crown, Northbourne

Please don't tell me that this is a listed building like the nearby Horse & Jockey. An absolute dump. Every seat cover is torn, a ferocious alsation patrols the bar and the beer is foul.

4 Jul 2003 17:50

The Horse and Jockey, Bournemouth

A listed building! Tell me this is a wind up. If this place is a listed building how on earth were Wadworths allowed to get away with savaging the Avon Causeway Inn all those years ago? In fact if this is a listed building then so must be 90% of the pubs in the Christchurch/B'mth/Poole conurbation.

30 Jun 2003 19:39

The New Lodge, Christchurch

Agree with Tom. The Greene King IPA is always well kept. A much improved pub.

27 Jun 2003 15:59

The Broadway Tavern, Throop

This place got the same treatment that the Dolphin on Holdenhurst Road got. Thankfully they haven't gone the whole hog with incessant disco/karaoke nights. Another plus is that the locals are much more amiable than those in the Dolphin though that isn't difficult in truth. Downside is that they don't look after the beer too well. Had a ropey pint of Ringwood Best the last time I was in there.

25 Jun 2003 17:41

The Crown and Cushion, Waterloo

Has seen better days. There was a time when this was a meeting place for exiled Man City fans who seemed a good bunch of lads.

11 Jun 2003 17:13

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Make that Bournemouth even!

6 Jun 2003 20:06

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

The Pembroke Shades days were grim indeed. Just goes to show what can be achieved if the effort is put in. I won't even begin to list the pubs in the Borunemouth/Poole area that could benefit from this kind of transformation.

6 Jun 2003 20:06

The Dolphin, Springbourne

Once upon a time this was a pub. It might not have been the greatest pub in the world and it had a few unsavoury characters but it was recognisably a pub. Then, about three years ago it was decided to give this place a much needed refurbishment. I had my suspicions when a large sign that said SHOTZ appeared outside and those suspicions were confirmed when the place re-opened as a horrible open plan disco pub. Sample of the sign outside:
Most people took one look at the new look Dolphin and took themselves off to The Cricketers or the Queens Park Hotel so now
you have the worst of both worlds. During the day it is inhabited by ne'er do wells, scroungers and general misfits and by night it is largely deserted as those who want this type of entertainment from a pub quite rightly head for Bournemouth town centre. Hoping that one day this will be restored as a community pub but I'm not optimistic. Toilets have no locks or toilet seats. Lovely. Even Chelsea Tom doesn't drink here anymore.

1 Jun 2003 18:10

Seabourne, Pokesdown

The pub sign outside isn't of a bell but of a rubik's cube instead. Most peculiar. Even more risible is the message underneath the cube that reads 'Pokesdown's winning local'. Make no mistake, this place a dump but when your only competition is the lamentable White Horse you can't fail to attract some punters.

29 May 2003 15:48

Samsons Bar, Springbourne

This place was once known as the South Western and was a decent boozer. It then had a refurb and morphed into Zonkers (no,really) and on entering I was greeted with the surreal sight of the barmaids rattling tambourines as they worked. Even that was preferrable to the doss house it is these days.

28 May 2003 21:26

The Crown Inn, Christchurch

Doubt if there are many places the size of Bransgore that still have three pubs. This is the worst of the three as it's just another same old same old Brewers Fayre joint. Try the Three Tuns instead, you won't be disappointed.

28 May 2003 21:10

The Antelope, Poole

So far this cosy place has resisted the temptation to chase the tourist money. Pleasant pub with decently kept ales.

28 May 2003 20:51

The Mountbatten Arms, Branksome

Went there one Sunday lunchtime. At 2.30 those of us drinking only were turfed out but anyone eating was allowed to stay on. What's all that about? Haven't been back since.

28 May 2003 20:40

The Dorset Knob, Parkstone

Sorry, forgot to mention the pub itself! Massive place with hordes of unsupervised kids running around causing mayhem. Believe that the footy team mentioned below are pretty good as it happens.

28 May 2003 20:38

The Hogshead, Weymouth

Pretty much a replica of the Hop and Kilderkin in Winton, Bournemouth but lacking the clientele. Not that there's anything wrong with the people who drink here it's just that the Hop has a diverse range of people of all ages in there whilst this place seems only to attracts the youngsters. Good range of well kept real ales.

28 May 2003 17:20

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Timothy Taylor's Landlord was excellent when I visited. Unfortunately won't be visiting again unless Derby County get their act together and return to the Premier League. Is that likely anytime soon? Methinks not I'm sorry to say.

20 May 2003 17:23

The Somerford Hotel, Christchurch

Think that might be a travel inn attached and not a travel lodge. Does it matter?

15 May 2003 13:39

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Further to the below. Now has an expanded range of guest ales to go with the Wadworths range. I was in their the other night and they had Pedigree, Bombardier, McMullens Country, Hook Norton and the over-rated Tanglefoot. It was busy as well which is a good sign as it was very quiet on my previous visit leading to fears that this place has been forsaken in favour of the Moon on the Square with its cheaper (by far) beer.

9 May 2003 20:40

The George, Fordingbridge

Forgot to mention that there is a sign over the bar which says that all mobiles should be turned off and that a fine of 50p will be incurred by anyone allowing their mobile to warble and this includes text messages . Good stuff. Hope more places follow suit.

23 Apr 2003 12:27

The White Horse, Pokesdown

How do these places still exist in this day and age? The whole place is falling to pieces, one of the windows at the front of the pub has been smashed through and just boarded up. Fruit machine, jukebox and pool table in one bar. The other was closed. Claire Rayner should relocate here as everyone seems to have a tale of woe. This is a Carlsberg/Tetley outlet with the usual range of ales you'd expect to find.

23 Apr 2003 12:21

The Stourvale, Christchurch

Recently refurbished pub. Small garden out the back with kiddies playthings. One bar is billed as a Sports Bar and contains two pool tables and a fruit machine. Other bar has a fruit machine and a floor that - by design - is half carpeted and half wooden. Everything is generally bright and shiny which is the opposite of how it was pre makeover. They do serve a decent pint of Wadworth's 6X and a decent pint isn't something that has always been easy to get hold of in this place down the years. I was recently in there on a Sunday lunchtime and it was largely deserted. Why? (a) Because it doesn't do food (b) Although the refurbishment was long overdue they appear to have gone for the yoof market which is strange considering the area in which this pub is located. There are a couple of pubs nearer to Bournemouth Town Centre that could benefit from this type of makeover. Case of right makeover, wrong pub.

23 Apr 2003 12:17

The New Queen Inn, Christchurch

A great pub although the address is bit mis-leading if you don't know the area. Don't bother looking in Christchurch for it. Excellent food although my mates partner did once find a dead spider in her grub. Riverside beer garden is a must in the summer although as you can imagine it gets packed. The only downside is that this is a Hall & Woodhouse pub with their crap range of beers although the last time I was there they did have Ringwood Best which was a relief. One fruit machine if memory serves.

10 Apr 2003 15:58

Wellesley, Waterloo

Total rip off. Why bother when the Hole in the Wall is nearby?

5 Feb 2003 19:24

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

I've been waiting for over 20 years for a train to come through the roof but have yet to be rewarded for my persistence. Excellent range of ales and a good post-match meeting place for footy fans heading South and West

28 Jan 2003 16:58

Bar Me, Bournemouth

Was an atmospheric pub without being claustrophobic until they totally re-vamped it a couple of years ago, making it bright and open plan and adding hideous thumping disco music in the evenings. Excellent range of ale although you pay about 10p a pint more than you do in the Hop and Kilderkin which is another Hogshead pub in Bournenmouth (Winton).

27 Jan 2003 16:52

The Christopher Creeke , Bournemouth

Quite agree with comments made by Radish on 26 Jul 02. The 'so called' greasy bikers that inhabit the place might appear somewhat menacing at first but they never cause any bother. This pub has admirably refused to move with the times, it looks much as it did when I first started drinking in the late 70s. You dos struggle to get a decent pint however.

27 Jan 2003 16:41

The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

Packed on match-day as you can imagine but the bar staff cope excellently. Harder working bar staff you won't find and you won't wait long to be served even when the place is mobbed. Only grouse is that there is only one bitter to four lagers.

24 Jan 2003 08:29

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