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Comments by jimmycliff

Calverts Court, Stockport

Don't go here if you want to relax. It's like a terminal for Stockportians to start the night off early and get hammered, with the intention of moving on to more 'glamorous' offerings of Stockport. Scallies and bog-trotters with 50 cent ringtones a plenty.

13 Aug 2007 16:48

The Romper, Marple

Chain pub experience all-round. Sad really because it's in such a nice location, but then that's Britain for you.

13 Aug 2007 16:45

The George Hotel, Stockport

It is shameless - just like Stockport itself.

13 Aug 2007 16:41

The Romiley Arms, Romiley

Agree with the last comment. There's alot of 'I am bovvered' types in there and an awful selection of beer/lager. Not surprising there's an awful council estate (Cherry Tree) up the road.
To give it credit - the present landlord seems nice , and bowls out the back is great to watch and relax with.

13 Aug 2007 16:40

Grand Central Square, Stockport

Another dump in a dump-town. Can remember it vaguely now.

13 Aug 2007 16:35

Brannigans Metro, Stockport

An utter dump just like the town itself. Full of in-bred Stockport louts. The last comment sums it up perfectly.

13 Aug 2007 16:32

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