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BITE user comments - jgurney1

Comments by jgurney1

The Black Bull, York

This pub is not in York as stated, it is over 40 miles from that city, in the small village of Ugthorpe about 6 miles from Whitby.

It was a pleasant enough pub when I dropped in while cycling in the area. Strongbow cider. Open at lunchtime and then from 6:00 pm.

8 Aug 2018 22:35

The Waterloo Arms, Lyndhurst

Did a good real cider ('Rabbit' something) and my vegan wife approved of the range of vegan dishes on offer. My beefburger was good. Large garden.

30 Jul 2018 23:40

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

Still does a real cider, Muddy Scamp. but not as good as the Lulworth Skipper they had last time I visited.

30 Jul 2018 23:36

The Fox, Corfe Castle

Looked as if there was building work going on inside today.

30 Jul 2018 23:35

The White Swan, Swanage

Sold me a nice pint of Joe's Dry real cider.

30 Jul 2018 23:32

The Ship, Swanage

They have a large sign offering 'Dorset ciders' but it turned out they have one bottled local cider. The Red Lion up the road have several on draft.

30 Jul 2018 23:21

The Red Lion, Swanage

My preferred pub in Swanage. Very good range of real ciders and perries. In the last few days I have had Joe's Dry, Clutton Cloudy, and Thatchers Dry ciders and Two Trees perry. Didn't try the food, but other people's meals looked good.

Comfy old-fashioned inside, and a large outside seating area.

30 Jul 2018 23:17

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Still a reliable source of Wilkins cider, and stocks some other real ciders.

Was not impressed by the 'music' which seemed more like a loud droning with repetitive pulses.

2 Jun 2018 20:35

The Travellers Rest, Stone

Called in twice this week, again cycling between Castle Cary and Glastonbury.

They no longer have the Badger Spit but do have the very good Somerset Glory Dry real cider and three medium or sweet real ciders.

The food was good - I had the ham eggs and chips (£9.70) going one way on Monday and the ham omelette, also served with lots of chips (£8.50), going back on Friday. Both were tasty and substantial.

2 Jun 2018 20:32

Hawthorns Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, Glastonbury

Still sells Wilkins cider.

2 Jun 2018 20:19

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

Glad to see that the Beckets is unchanged - still welcomes drinkers bringing in takeaways, still does Rosie's Pig cider.

There is a good Chinese just up the road - a meal from there eaten with drinks at the Beckets (cutlery and plates provided) is probably a better deal than many of the restaurants in town in the evening.

2 Jun 2018 20:17

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

Very pleased to be able to report that Wilkins cider is back on sale at the Rifleman!

2 Jun 2018 20:14

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Very sorry to be told they are no longer stocking real cider here - end of at least eight years as a customer.

12 May 2018 12:49

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Very sorry to find that they no longer stock Biddendens cider. They have replaced it with a lower alcohol and lower taste version called Bushels.

12 May 2018 12:42

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Still a very good pub, current ciders not quiet in the same class as the Biddenden and Pawley Farm they used to stock.

12 May 2018 12:38

The Station Inn, Whitby

It is a good pub, but not the excellent pub it once was.

It still sells a well-kept Old Rosie cider, but no longer offers mead or fruit wines.

It now plays canned music and no longer provides Cheri's fish and chips and filled giant Yorkshire puds.

10 Feb 2018 12:13

The Maltings, York

A very good range of real ciders on offer. Pennard and Cramps, two more, and Oliver's perry. Good beef pie and chips, too, and a jacket spud with vegan curry.

26 Nov 2017 16:22

The Ackhorne, York

Nasty shock! After about 15 years of calling at the Ackhorne whenever in York, walked information to find no draft real cider sold any more. The Old Rosie and others are all gone, just a kegged Aspall's on offer. Left and found Old Rosie at the Wetherspoons down the road.

26 Nov 2017 16:12

The Maltings, York

Sorry to find the Maltings no longer serves the excellent Biddendens cider which it had for many years. It still stocks real ciders, but not such good ones.

25 Jun 2017 00:12

The Swan, York

Continues to serve Broadoak perry.

25 Jun 2017 00:09

The Old Ebor, York

Regret to report the Old Ebor no longer serves real cider.

25 Jun 2017 00:07

The Jolly Farmer, Cliddesden

Has bottled Orchard Pig ciders and a good garden. I didn't try the food.

11 Jun 2017 00:58

The Albion, Kingston Upon Thames

A nice pub all round and very pleased to see they have taken to stocking Angus Whitehead's Newtons's Discovery ciderkin on draught. I had not realised it was even supplied other than bottled. Newtons's Discovery is as far as I know the only remaining commercially made ciderkin in the country. While I am a fan of real ciders in the 6% - 7.5% range, a drink that tastes nearly as good but is just 3.8% also has a useful role.

26 Apr 2017 21:13

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

A glimmer of light. The Rifleman now offers Orchard Pig cider, a passable real cider although it's main strength is in marketing. It also has a bottled 'local producer' cider, which seems odd as small local cidermakers don't generally do bottling.

27 Oct 2016 09:28

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

A glimmer of light. The Rifleman now offers Orchard Pig cider, a passable real cider although it's main strength is in marketing. It also has a bottled 'local producer' cider, which seems odd as small local cidermakers don't generally do bottling.

27 Oct 2016 09:28

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Still in good form.
Has Wilkins cider & occasional Gurt Dog.

27 Oct 2016 09:22

Just Ales, Wells

Well's new micropub, located very near the bus station.

It has Wilkins and Riches ciders and a perry.

Welcoming atmosphere and I liked the decor.
Open all afternoon but closes early in evenings.

27 Oct 2016 08:26

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Unchanged since my last visit, still an excellent pub.

27 Oct 2016 08:18

The Lion At Pennard, West Pennard

A spacious free house.
It offers draft Orchard Pig cider and Old Conky Scrumpy which proved to be a nice dry real cider.
Occasional daytime buses on the Shepton Mallet - Glastonbury route.

27 Oct 2016 08:16

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

A very tasty dry real cider was on sale today, Lulworth Skipper (named after a rare butterfly species found nearby).

14 Aug 2016 19:29

The Kings Arms, Stoborough

No longer has the excellent 'Cider by Rosie' real cider, but has boxed Gwenn Y Draig Dog Dancer, which is a quite acceptable pint.

A thatched pub set opposite a petrol station and beside it's own car park noticeably bigger than the beer garden.

It's a pleasant enough edge of suburbia house, but anyone who thinks this counts as a "genuine old-fashioned country pub" has never seen a surviving one.

14 Aug 2016 14:58

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

Currently has the excellent Biddenden cider on. AFAIK that makes it one of two pubs in London to stock Biddies, the other being the Claret at Addiscombe which always has it.

A brilliant pub in many ways, but I wish they would get rid of the canned muzak.

The steak dinner with a pint for £12 on Thursdays is a good deal - my steak was substantial and tasty.

25 May 2016 19:35

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

Currently has the excellent Biddenden cider on. AFAIK that makes it one of two pubs in London to stock Biddies, the other being the Claret at Addiscombe which always has it.

A brilliant pub in many ways, but I wish they would get rid of the canned muzak.

The steak dinner with a pint for £12 on Thursdays is a good deal - my steak was substantial and tasty.

25 May 2016 19:35

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

It is still there now, and still sells a very good pint of Biddendens cider.

23 Mar 2016 15:04

Hawthorns Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, Glastonbury

Still sells Wilkins cider, and the opening hours now seem to match those advertised outside.

23 Mar 2016 14:53

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

Tragic to see. This pub has been ruined by Enterprise Inns who have compelled the new landlord to stop selling many of the old lines, including the Wilkins cider which was onc ethe single best selling drink here.

What was once a bustling pub with great atmosphere, and offering the best evening meals in town, is now nearly empty and sells cheesy chips, lager and a fizzy cider-substitute which tastes of saccharine.

Go to the King Arthur or the Hawthornes to find the ciders and the people that were once to be found here.

23 Mar 2016 14:51

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

The Gurt Dog cider is back and has been joined by another local one as well as the long-established Wilkins.

23 Mar 2016 14:47

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

Still a good pub, still welcomes drinkers bringing in takeaways, still does Rosie's Pig cider. Buster has been joined by his young nephew Jack who is just as friendly.

23 Mar 2016 14:16

The Old Town Inn, St Mary's

Seemed a very nice pub. Boasts of having 30 ciders on. Old Rosie was off, but they served a good pint of Moles Perry instead. About half of the 30 were real ciders.

10 Aug 2015 20:34

The Mermaid Inn, St Mary's

A good enough drinking house (but no real cider).

Food was expensive, not especially good and took a very long time to be served.

10 Aug 2015 20:32

The Seven Stones Inn, St Martins

This is now a very good pub. It had the only draught real cider I found in the Scillies and provided substantial and tasty ploughmans for my wife and I, with an excellent view over the Sound towards St Mary's.

10 Aug 2015 20:31

The Squirrels, Winkfield

No real cider, but keg Stowford Press.

In Cranbourne, not actually in Winkfield.

21 Jul 2015 21:10

The Warren House Inn, Binfield

Bottled Orchard Pig 'Reveller' cider, or keg Aspalls.

Seems to call itself just 'The Warren'

21 Jul 2015 21:09

New Leathern Bottle, Jealotts Hill

A much nicer pub that the plastic tree outside suggested at first glace.

Served two real ciders - Westons 'Single Orchard' and Orchard Pig 'Explorer'.

Very large garden.

21 Jul 2015 21:07

The Plough And Harrow, Warfield

Calling in while cycling in the area and was pleased to find Westons OldRosie real cider on offer.

This pub cater for all modes of travel - as well as the car park it has a cycle rack and - unique in my experience - a horse park, complete with hitching rail, water trough and salt lick.

21 Jul 2015 21:04

The Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

Metrobus 22 runs through the village 6 journeys per day Mon - Fri, 5 journeys on Sats, no Sun service.

8 Apr 2015 15:11

The New Inn, Send

Stowford Press cider at £4.25/pt. Nice enough stop on a hot day.

8 Apr 2015 14:55

The Plough Inn, Horsell

Addlestones cider. Prices typical of the district. Nice garden.

8 Apr 2015 14:53

The Fox, Fox Corner

I came upon this pub while out cycling. I was pleased and surprised to find they stock Surrey Gardens cider, as I hadn't known any pubs carried it. It is a tasty cider made by a local cidermaker near Guildford, who makes cider from apples collected from gardens and small orchards and swopped for cider.

I gather the pub was closed for a while and is now re-opened as a free house run by a local man, so hopefully the many negative comments below refer to the previous management.

Odd opening hours: 4 - 11 on Mon-Fri, 2-midnight Sat, 2 - 10 Sun.

I only had a drink, but noticed signs for pizza on Fri & Sat and Sunday roasts.

8 Apr 2015 14:50

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Still as good as ever. The evening buses to Lane End have suffered cuts, but it is worth cycling up the hill to visit the Hunters.

8 Mar 2015 11:52

The Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

Randolf 7, are you getting this village mixed up with Abinger Hammer, a few miles away on the main road?

If there is real cider here, why did the bar staff say there was not?

Can you tell us which bus company operates 'frequent buses every day' through Abinger Common?

8 Mar 2015 11:43

The Victoria, Oxshott

Aspalls cider, but kegged. £4.30/pt! Friendly dogs and locals in the bar. Comfy ambience.

8 Mar 2015 11:38

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

I was relieved to find that the Pawley Farm cider is back on sale - it had disappeared on the previous time I called in. With the real cider back this pub is as good as ever. The helpful landlady retrieved a bottle of my favourite, the dry, from the cellar.

8 Mar 2015 11:35

The Albert Inn, Totnes

Back again after 2 year and it is as good as ever.
The Hunts real cider has gone, but it has been replaced by a choice of the local Wivilscombe 'Suicider' or Westons Old Rosie.

The Albert is now the only real cider pub in town now that the Bay Horse has gone over to kegged stuff.

19 Feb 2015 18:24

The Bay Horse Inn, Totnes

A disappointing visit after some very good times here in the past.
The real cider has disappeared: there was only keg 'cider' or a blackberry flovoured confection.
Fortunately I found that real cider is still on at the Albert Inn, down the High St and just over the bridge.

18 Feb 2015 21:06

The Plough, Coldharbour

Another successful visit. It has now been a few years since I had negative comments to post about the Plough (apart from the prices). The Biddendens cider was in good condition (just as well at £4.90/pint). The service was prompt and unremarkable.

18 Feb 2015 20:56

The Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

Passing by, I saw this is a free house so I called in for a look, just in case they served a real cider. They don't. In other respects it seemed a nice enough pub as this area goes. There were 4 real ales on, dogs wandering about, it scored points with me for displaying the local bus timetable on the wall (albeit there is 1 bus per week). Pretty building in pretty spot opposite the church.

18 Feb 2015 20:43

The Ackhorne, York

Good to see that the cider range has expanded to three real ciders.

3 Dec 2014 19:55

The Woolpack, York

Quiet pub just outside the city walls, and a good break in the wall-top walk round the city.

Stocks Gwent y Draig's Fiery Fox real cider., which was in good condition when sampled.

Offers vetetarian, vegan & gluten-free meals, but we didn't try the food.

Traditional decor & seatinng, pool table.

3 Dec 2014 19:51

The George Hotel, Wedmore

Rodger Wilkins informed me that he now sells cider to this house. I've not yet been able to get there and sample it.

2 Nov 2014 18:25

The Bird in Hand, Westhay

Excellent to see the the Bird has re-opened, and to find that it once again stocks the local Wilkins cider.

Lots of tempting meat dishes on offer but no sign of vegetarian meals.

Between the evenings-only opening hours and the restricted local bus service, it is saddly impossible to get the the Bird by public transport as I used to in days of yore.

2 Nov 2014 18:21

The Railway Inn, Meare

I can't speak for the beer bit the cider is as good as ever and only £2.30/pt

2 Nov 2014 18:16

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

The Gurt Dog cider has disappeared but it was good to see (and drink) Wilkins Dry which has been reinstated (along with some arriviste called Orchard Pig).

2 Nov 2014 18:05

Hawthorns Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, Glastonbury

Found it open at last! It does indeed sell Wilkins local cider.

I liked the elderly armchairs and sofas.

2 Nov 2014 18:00

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

Now offers two Westons ciders - Traditional and Rosie's Pig.

Once again bringing take-aways in here was a better choice than the second-rate evening eateries around the town.

2 Nov 2014 17:57

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

Good to see that the George & Pilgrim is once again stocking local Hecks cider.

31 Oct 2014 22:23

Hawthorns Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, Glastonbury

I've been told that the Hawthornes now stocks Wilkins cider. However, my efforts to take advantage of this have been thwarted so far as it's opening hours do not match those displayed on the chalkboard outside the door. Tonight (halloween) it was advertising a special event with "food from 6pm" but was still closed when I gave up at 6:35pm.

31 Oct 2014 22:20

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

This was once my favorite Bristol pub, good to see it has reopened but it has lost some of it's old character.

5 Oct 2014 20:01

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

They need to get their deliveries sorted out. On the last two occasions I visited, my first choices of both meal and drink were out of stock.

5 Oct 2014 19:59

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

One of those annoying occasional 'Spoons which turns out to have no real cider.

5 Oct 2014 19:48

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

It was just about worth paying £4.75 for a pint of keg Aspall's for a one-off visit to the roof terrace, but at that price I won't make a habbit of it.

The view from the roor terrace is just of the main street from a different angle.

5 Oct 2014 19:46

The New Inn, Gravesend

With a score of 0.7 this must be the lowest rated pub in the country!

Was listed for sale in Nov 2013.

19 May 2014 12:48

The Ratty Arms, Ravenglass

No real cider. A welcoming house with lots of railwayana (inc.being the only pub I have ever seen selling Thomas the tank engine books) with part of the pub rigged out to resemble an old-fashioned corridor compartment coach.

26 Apr 2014 23:03

The Black Bull Hotel, Coniston

I liked this pub, although I agree the prices are high. It has Gwent y Draig Black Dragon real cider, which was nice to find far from traditional cider territory.

I only ate here once: it was a substantial and tasty Cumbrian sausage with plenty of gravy. Certainly dog-friendly - there were about 6 well-behaved mutts in the bar each night.

26 Apr 2014 23:00

The Wasdale Head Inn, Wasdale Head

Sells Westons Family Reserve cider, which was a pleasant surprise.

We arrived at 2.05 after hiking over Black Sail Pass and were very pleased to find meals are served from 12 to 8. The portions are hiker-sized. My steak and ale pie was substantial & tasty, and came with a good pile of chips. My wife's cauliflower cheese was also reported to be tasty and filling. Meals prices were £11 - £8.

Dogs are welcome, and there is a welcoming resident canine.

26 Apr 2014 22:56

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Westons Rosie's Pig cider.

24 Feb 2014 08:17

The Big Angel, Whitby

Now a spacious Wetherspoon. Sells Westons Old Rosie cider.
A reliable source of reasonably-priced evening meals in a town where most of the cafes close by 7:30pm.

24 Feb 2014 08:14

Wellington Hotel, Cromer

Aspall's cider (but keg).

Nice open fire.

27 Jan 2014 19:50

White Swan, North Walsham

Aspall's cider (but keg).

Tasty & substantial cheeseburger & chips for £5.

27 Jan 2014 19:47

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Excellent local 'Pawley Farm' cider (although a bit pricy, probably as it is served from bottles). I've never noticed the alleged ill-tempered management despite coming here several times a year for at least six years. I always get a welcome from Dude, the chunky canine meeter-&-greeter. There is a well-stocked bookcase and usually a good range of newspapers.

19 Jan 2014 23:16

Stephan Langton Inn, Abinger Common

Calling during a walk, I was sad to see that Old Rosie cider is not longer stocked.
The staff I asked didn't seem to know what it was or that they had ever stocked it.

They told me they had no real cider, but then I spotted that they did in fact have bottles of Hazy Hog tucked away behind the bar (its a cider made by Thatchers for Hogs Back brewery) so all was not lost, although bottled Hazy Hog is a long way short of the former attraction of draught Old Rosie.

19 Jan 2014 22:51

The Franklin Tavern, Brighton

Hummm..... The last three posters are all showing as having only ever posted one review.....

4 Jan 2014 12:47

The Oaks, Ashford

I called in on a weekday at about 4pm. It seeemd a typical outer suburban modern pub, nothing special, about 8 people in. No real cider (not that I had expected any, but I'm sometimes pleasantly surprised). Strongbow £3.50/pt. Rather a long wait for service given how quiet it was.

4 Jan 2014 12:29

The Queen Victoria Inn, Priddy

HenPen is quite right, I was pleased to see that this house is indeed alive and kicking. I had indeed been told a rumour which really related to the New Inn

1 Jan 2014 22:22

The Old Ebor, York

Very nice Manx Cider Co dry cider on.
A surviving non-gentrified York pub with friendly staff and locals
When the Swan has no seating left, any cider drinker could do worse than stroll along here. Handy for the City Walls walk.

30 Nov 2013 23:11

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

The only pub I've come upon outside Somerset with a secret cider.
The Kings Tun sells Westons Old Rosie but conceals the fact. There is no sign, etc, about it but when I ask for it at the bar it is produced from a back room.

Some tied pubs in Somerset secretly sell a locally-made cider to locals, in breach of their tie contract, but that can't be the explanation here.

19 Oct 2013 13:52

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

The food prices have gone up significantly. Cider is as good as ever.

20 Aug 2013 00:04

The Exmoor White Horse Inn, Exford

A relief to find Thatchers Traditional real cider here, after being offered a choice of chemofizzs at the other end of the village.

The menu loooked good, but I had no chance to sample it. Very nice riverside garden.

19 Aug 2013 23:57

The Crown Hotel, Exford

This looks form the outside like a good old-fashioned village pub.

Unfortunately. it only looks so - we soon learned to go to the White Horse instead. This house is just a posh restaurant behind the nice frontage.

19 Aug 2013 23:53

The Crown Hotel, Exford

This looks form the outside like a good old-fashioned village pub.

Unfortunately. it only looks so - we soon learned to go to the White Horse instead. This house is just a posh restaurant behind the nice frontage.

19 Aug 2013 23:53

The Village Inn, Lynmouth

Welcoming. No real cider. Nice doggies.

19 Aug 2013 23:50

Marisco Tavern, Lundy Island

An excellent pub, especially, as Campanologist writes, given their captive market: they do not abuse their customers at all.

Good Westons scrumpy on sale - although perhaps they could manage to stock a local Devon real cider (Sam's dry, perhaps.....).

The food was very good quality in good-sized portions, and bearing in mind that most ingredients have to be shipped in at some cost, the prices were certainly reasonable. I can think of a lot of mainland landlords who could learn about pub food by coming here.

I gather some day-trippers are disappointed that the pub has to offer a restricted lunch menu on those days when they are there, to cope with the higher demand.

19 Aug 2013 23:48

The Ship and Pilot, Ilfracombe

I was pleased to find this pub, as it was not listed by any of the usual real cider listings. It has two real ciders - one being the excellent Sams dry - and Bee Sting perry (? real). They also give free lime and soda's to designated drivers and tetotallers. A good find.

19 Aug 2013 23:40

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

The Wilkins cider is now served from a pump on the bar, not brought from the barrel in the back room. It still tastes the same.

19 Aug 2013 23:32

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

Good to see that Hecks local cider is being sold here again.

19 Aug 2013 23:30

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

Nice Thatchers cider (although do also try the local Wilkins at the King Arthur or the Rifleman).

This house allows drinkers to bring in take-aways, and even provided plates and cutlery. This was very much appreciated when we needed a meal late in the evening and only the take-aways were still offering food.

Dog-lovers will certainly like Buster the resident spaniel.

19 Aug 2013 23:27

The Travellers Rest, Stone

Very pleased on a second visit to find that as well as Somerset Glory they now have two other real ciders, including the excellent Badger Spit dry cider. This was once made by the Naish brothers nearby and a 'disciple' of theirs has now revived it. The food was good. There was a good range for vegetarians.

19 Aug 2013 23:22

Red Lion Inn, Somerton

Note that this pub is not in Somerton at all, but is in Babcary, a village a few miles away.

19 Aug 2013 23:19

Ye Olde Swan Inn, Thames Ditton

Aspall's cider, but from a keg. Customer moorings.

Nice riverside garden but I don't see why the location is praised that much - all you see is a narrow backwater and a row of bungalows on the other side.

19 Aug 2013 23:17

The Weir Hotel, Walton on Thames

No real cider. Customer moorings.

They are making a fuss about the planned hydroelectric generator set in the weir, saying it will ruin the view. My opinion of that is - what view?? Looking over the river you see a huge corregated iron shed in a boatyard, a steel and concrete weir structure, and some suburban bungalows.

19 Aug 2013 23:15

The Fox and Goose, Bristol

This pub is not in Bristol, it is in the village of Barrow Gurney, which has it's own BITE entry.

22 Apr 2013 00:05

The Slabhouse Inn, West Horrington

It was indeed burned down. Now a derelict shell.

21 Apr 2013 23:57

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Quaffer says "The owners rely on the regulars to keep this pub going but refuse .. to invest in any improvement ". Perhaps because the same regulars would not regard any change as an improvement? There is nothing wrong with the Claret.

20 Apr 2013 12:07

The Railway Inn, Meare

With both the Countryman at Meare and the Bird at Westhay closed, this house is the only survivor nearby.

It must also be the cheapest at £2.10/pt for Wilkins cider.

Opening hours - 4:30 - 11:00 Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri.
12:00 - 11:00 Wed, Sat, sun.

20 Apr 2013 11:56

The Queen Victoria Inn, Priddy

Reported by their suppliers to be closed. Apparently it is doomed to become an executive residence.

20 Apr 2013 11:51

The Apple Tree, Glastonbury

Actually in West Pennard, which has it's own BITE listing, not in Glastonbury. Located on the A361 at the site of the old Somerset and Dorset Railway station.
Sells bottled Hecks cider and perry, but pricy. Mainly an eating house.

20 Apr 2013 11:33

The Travellers Rest, Stone

Local Somerset Glory real cider is stocked.

It is always good to find a previously unlisted real cider pub, and this one was a good rest for us travelling by bike between Glastonbury and Castle Cary station.

The food looked good, and there was a friendly atmosphere and a newspaper rack.

20 Apr 2013 11:15

The Pound Inn, Coxley

As it is a free house I called in to check for local cider, but was disappointed.

20 Apr 2013 11:11

The Cricketers, Cobham

Looked a nice place and has Aspall's cider, but I didn't get to try it as after standing several minutes at the bar without being served, I wandered out again.

3 Mar 2013 17:44

The Albert Inn, Totnes

The nameless cider reported on 7/8/11 has gone, replaced by the very good Hunt's Dry. The pub is as good as ever, and now has an expanded food offering, including a tasty vegetarian hommity pie (a local potato, onion, leek & cheese dish).

29 Oct 2012 23:10

The Red Lion, Isleworth

They currently have the dry version of Somerset Glory cider - rare and welcome, as it tends to be only the medium version which goes beyond the Somerset border.

22 Aug 2012 14:12

The Foundry, Canterbury

It has 3 ciders from the Kent Cider Co. I tried the Bramley which was tasty - if you like a dry real cider. 10% off to CAMRA members.

6 Apr 2012 21:07

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Excellent Gurt Dog cider! A still dry straw-pressed real cider from a local farm.

20 Feb 2012 20:01

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

After reading comments about changes, I was releived to find that the Wilkins is as well-kept as ever and the only obvious change is that there is food available on a Tue evening. Not very busy - but it is a Tue evening in February.

14 Feb 2012 19:53

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Amid all the general gloom, hopeful signs at the King Arthur.
The new management knew it as it was 15-20 years ago and want to reclaim that
and do more. Their aim is "an eco-sustainable community pub"
The key point for me is that they have restored real cider (although it
had run out and they were awaiting a delivery by the farmer when
I called in today). The overheard buzz was definately reminisent of the
KA as I first knew it.

14 Feb 2012 19:46

The Bear Inn, Wincanton

I came in after finding 'Uncle Tom's' closed.
I spottted Thatchers Dry, which sounded good but turned out to be the keg version. Still, could be worse (rephrase that - still cider would be better) & the town is a bit small to hope for two real cider pubs.

A tasty sausage, egg & chips for 4.75: very good sausages from the local butcher,

Nice to find tjhe local bus timetable book available on the bar.

14 Feb 2012 13:12

Uncle Tom's Cabin, Wincanton

Closed for building work when I passed through Wincanton today. Hope it emerges undamaged.

14 Feb 2012 13:05

The Plough, Coldharbour

A good visit this time. A man behind the bar was friendly, the Biddendens cider was in excellent condition. I didn't try the food. The music was at a reasonable volume this time (although I still think canned pop, even if quiet, does not go well with real cider & ale and a log fire at a remote house in the woods).

4 Jan 2012 19:44

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Wikins medium cider currently on. Excellent!

My rating up from 9 to 10 as the dog ban is rescinded & the music volume has been reduced.

4 Jan 2012 19:29

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

Becoming a bit of a victim of it's own success: I go in less often now as is sometimes standing room only.

28 Nov 2011 19:32

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

Excellent range of ciders. At first therer was a tendency to get the easily obtainable but second-rate stuff such as Millwhites but now they have some really good small-producer real ciders. Quick service, food is good.
Pint prices are better than many around here, esp if you use their loyalty card (1 free after buying 10). Food prices normal for Twickenham.
I've never seen so many bicycles parked outside a pub before - often 8 - 12 at a time.
I do wonder how many customers actually prefer the music as loud as it is.

5 Oct 2011 23:56

The Rose of York, Richmond

A rare source of S Smiths Cider Reserve in this area.

26 Sep 2011 11:01

The Office, Brighton

They have a rotating real cider & a perry from Middle Farm (National Cider Centre) nr Lewes. Currently a Gwatkin cider & Hecks Blakeney Red perry. Tables in the street outside, for watching all the North Lanes shopppers go by. Small outside seating area at rear.

27 Aug 2011 17:49

The Nog Inn, Feniton

What a find while waiting for a train! Quiet country pub with attractive old-fashioned interior and with either local Skippys or Richs cider. Books & newspapers. No food. Closes 3-6.

22 Aug 2011 13:57

The Hole in the Wall, Bodmin

Had a pint of well-kept Old Rosie cider here, liked the look of the menu.

16 Aug 2011 10:11

The Bay Horse Inn, Totnes

Very good cider house. Draft Ashridge, bottled organic Ashridge, Thatchers, and Westons perry. (Also two of the keg versions of Sandford Orchards, if you like otherwise good cider kegged). Very appealing cosy interior, pasties on sale, newspapers,only reason it's not a 10 is the intrusive loud music.

16 Aug 2011 10:08

The Golden Lion, St Ives

Had a very nice dry cider called 'Skreach'

16 Aug 2011 09:49

The Albert Inn, Totnes

An excellent pub. I enjoyed a very fine dry cider which "hasn't got a name yet, it's made by someone up the road". It also has keg versions of Sams & Sandford Orchards ciders - not tried while the excellent 'nameless' was to be had. Muzac-free while I was there (but speakers fitted so may sometimes be noisy). Excellent unreconstructed pub decor. I got a warm welcome from the two resident spaniels. Burgers, curry & pies but no sign of vegi food.

7 Aug 2011 15:54

Castle Inn, Totnes

My.appologies - my review below was of the Bay Horse, not the Castle. Blame a combination of cider and Blackberry.

6 Aug 2011 11:13

Castle Inn, Totnes

Very good cider house. Draft Ashridge, bottled organic Ashridge. (Also two of the keg versions of Sandford Orchards, if you like otherwise good cider kegged). Very appealing cosy interior, pasties on sale, only reason it's not a 10 is the intrusive loud music.

5 Aug 2011 21:48

The White Hart, Pulborough

Pretty location & building. Stowford Press cider.

24 Jul 2011 15:32

The Black Horse Inn, Byworth

Looked like a nice old country pub that might have a real cider, but had only the obnoxious chemofizz Thatchers Gold.

24 Jul 2011 15:04

The Grove Inn, Petworth

About half a mile south of the village centre. More of a resturant & bar than a pub. Gaymers cider. Distant view of S Downs from the garden.

24 Jul 2011 14:29

Apple Tree, Haslemere

Despite the name, it turned out to have no proper cider, only Stowford Press chemfizz.

9 Jul 2011 08:09

Birling Gap Hotel, East Dean

Has rare and tasty Biddenden cider, rather oddly sold in 330ml. bottles (two make just over a pint). Hourly bus to Eastbourne and Brighton passes outside in summer.

6 Jul 2011 23:05

The Crossways Inn, Churt

They had a Sheppys real cider in very good condition, and an Angus Whitehead cider as well.

6 May 2011 21:12

The Star, Godalming

My last two visits here left me keen to return when in the area yesterday but I was disappointed at the cider selection this time. There were four 'real' ciders but all were from from one producer, Millwhites, whose products are not in the same league as Biddendens, Wilkins, Sheppys and Hecks, four who come to mind as having been served here before. I was left regreting that I had restrained myself to one pint at Churt in order to leave capacity for visiting the Star.

3 May 2011 22:26

The Sun Inn, Dunsfold

I was pleasantly surprised to find this is a secret real cider pub.
The only clue was a small faded Westons sticker in one window. Those usually mean nothing more than Stowford Press chemfizz, but I went in for a look. There was no sign of any Westons product at the bar so, thinking it was probably just an old sticker, I asked, and was told there was Westons Scrumpy on. A pint glass was taken off to a back room and brought back duely filled.

3 May 2011 22:17

The Galleries Inn, Cheddar

Has Thatchers Traditional cider.

25 Apr 2011 22:24

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

This pub has stopped selling Hecks local real cider & now offers only chemofizz.

24 Apr 2011 14:59

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Offered Thatchers Heritage cider when Icalled in, but I was told they may start stocking Wilkins' cider again as in days of yore. Passing cider enthusiasts please call in and show there is a market for it.

24 Apr 2011 14:56

Riverside Inn and Restaurant, Cheddar

Thatchers Traditional cider, in good condition when I tried it.Didn't try the food.

23 Apr 2011 20:00

The Gardeners Arms, Cheddar

Thatchers Traditional cider Didn't try the food. .

23 Apr 2011 19:44

The Trotter Inn, Crickham

Strange opening hours - arrived 1:30 on a Sat. to find it closed. A notice on the door says it opens 12 - 1 then 7-11 except Suns (12-3 & 7-11). Never known a pub close at 1pm after opening for 1 hour before!

23 Apr 2011 14:32

The Lendal Cellars, York

Good to see thayt this subterrainian house stocks Old Rosie real cider again.

27 Feb 2011 14:06

The Rook and Gaskill, York

I liked the look of the menu - stew in giant Yorkie pud, sausage casserole, meant or vegi chilli, but it wasn't a mealtime when I passed through.

26 Feb 2011 12:25

The Rook and Gaskill, York

Full marks for trying to stock real ciders, but I think they are being an ale specuialist. Last time I visited it was Thatchers Hertitage ('marketed' as a real cider but never a first choice of enthusiasts), this time it was Broadoak Moonshine (similar class) but there was also Westons Old Rosie - usually an excellent cider, but my pint tasted as if it had stayed a bit too long in the barrel.

26 Feb 2011 12:22

The Last Drop Inn, York

Old Rosie real cider, 10% off for CAMRA members, has a bookcase & boardgames. Didn't see any sausages. Good pub.

25 Feb 2011 21:01

The Tap and Spile, York

Very glad to report that this fine house has re-opened and is as good as ever. Still stocks Old Rosie real cider.

25 Feb 2011 18:32

The Little Angel, Whitby

This Monday it was closed when I tried it at 21:00 although a board said "open at 6".Is it in trouble?

23 Feb 2011 16:34

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

This must be the best pub in London. Publicans who think stocking Millwhites or Westons Organic makes their pub a serious cider house should come here to see how it should be done. Currently has Burrow Hill (in top condition, too) & Gwatkin ciders and a very good Butford dry perry. Sells pork pies, pork or cheese baps, vegi Scotch eggs, etc. Board on the wall claims there is a resident "beautiful dog, Fred".

5 Feb 2011 14:47

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Very nice pub, well-kept Gwent-y-draig real cider.

28 Jan 2011 20:18

The Masons Arms, Teddington

I'd been told this house had a real cider. This turned out to be almost true - Millwhites Blackberry Blush, not strictly the real thing but better than the industrial 'ciders' offered elsewhere in town. A very pleasant atmosphere, and cheese & crackers on the bar.

24 Jan 2011 21:08

The Ship, Saltburn by the Sea

Right by the beach on the edge of town. The Sunday dinner was good, no real cider stocked.

9 Jan 2011 17:44

The Golden Lion Hotel, Loftus

Hardly changed since my last report 2yrs ago, except that they have stopped doing toasties.

9 Jan 2011 15:25

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Currently stocking Wilkins cider & Cramps perry.
Dogs are now being admitted again, provided they are well-behaved.
Does anyone know what has become of Steve?

8 Dec 2010 22:02

Woodies, New Malden

Thatchers Traditional real cider - might well be the only source in Greater London. Ifound this fine house when a photo of the bar was on the cover of 'London Drinker', showing the Thatchers pump. Caught a bus here and sure enough... Friendly (& dog-friendly) house, I saw no sign of the hostility to strangers reported in some reviews. I'll certainly be back.

4 Dec 2010 17:30

The Maltings, York

The only thing weong with this house is that it is too popular and often is overcrowded.
Stocks Biddenden real cider - sometimes goes off in the barrel, & staff don't know as they're all ale drinkers. If you get a dud just let them know and if there is another barrel in the cellar it will be brought out. Good food. The chilli is not for the fainthearted.

28 Nov 2010 18:58

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Has Westons Old Rosie real cider - may be the only pub left in York serving it now the Tap the Ackhorne have closed. The Sunday dinners being served looked good. 10% off ales, cider & food to CAMRA members.

28 Nov 2010 14:48

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

It had Green Valley real cider when I visited - but at 3.95! Most expensive pint of cider I've ever had.

27 Nov 2010 18:52

The Ackhorne, York

Closed - the local paper says the company jas gone bust. :(

27 Nov 2010 16:02

The Tap and Spile, York

Closed - the local paper's website says company has gone bust.:(

27 Nov 2010 13:48

The Ackhorne, York

Closed on a Friday night ???

27 Nov 2010 13:40

The Red Lion, Isleworth

A good place for real cider, if not quite as xonsistent as the Magpie down the road in Brentford, sometimes has gems such as Biddendens, other times goes in for less good (but aggressively marketed) cider such as Orchard Pig or Millwhites, still, much better than Wrongbow.

14 Nov 2010 21:14

The Bree Louise, Euston

Had an excellent Biddendens cider when I last called.A fine Cramp's Double Vision on today - & a good egg & chips.

14 Nov 2010 20:46

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

After a period with no real cider after Steve was pushed out, good to see the current management have resumed his policy of stocking varying small+producer ciders & perries. However I agree with BB that barring dogs is a bad move.

14 Nov 2010 19:47

The Gun, Keyhaven

Went with some trepidation after seeing the recent reviews, but the Real Cider Guide said it had Old Rosie ... Turned out it had a very well-kept Old Rosie and the service was prompt and polite. We didn't eat here but other peoples' grub looked good and seemed to be served in a reasonable time for a busy lunchtime. Perhaps we just struck lucky, perhaps the landlord has sufferred from too many unreasonable demands and over-reacted. Having seen the "conservatory" is really a fully-fledged dining room with rugs on the floor, I can see why the attempt to take a bicycle through it was not well-received: I am a keen cyclist but would not take my machine through a room like that.

17 Oct 2010 21:38

The Gun, Keyhaven

Went with some trepidation after seeing the recent reviews, but the Real Cider Guide said it had Old Rosie ... Turned out it had a very well-kept Old Rosie and the service was prompt and polite. We didn't eat here but other peoples' grub looked good and seemed to be served in a reasonable time for a busy lunchtime. Perhaps we just struck lucky, perhaps the landlord has sufferred from too many unreasonable demands and over-reacted. Having seen the "conservatory" is really a fully-fledged dining room with rugs on the floor, I can see why the attempt to take a bicycle through it was not well-received: I am a keen cyclist but would not take my machine through a room like that.

17 Oct 2010 20:56

The Gun, Keyhaven

Went with some trepidation after seeing the recent reviews, but the Real Cider Guide said it had Old Rosie ... Turned out it had a very well-kept Old Rosie and the service was prompt and polite. We didn't eat here but other peoples' grub looked good and seemed to be served in a reasonable time for a busy lunchtime. Perhaps we just struck lucky, perhaps the landlord has sufferred from too many unreasonable demands and over-reacted. Having seen the "conservatory" is really a fully-fledged dining room with rugs on the floor, I can see why the attempt to take a bicycle through it was not well-received: I am a keen cyclist but would not take my machine through a room like that.

17 Oct 2010 20:53

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Hecks' perry currently in stock.

29 Sep 2010 20:08

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

The landlord of the Hunters Lodge, is an old-school Englishman and can seen reserved at first, but will proive to be neither miserable nor humourless in good time.
Those wanting cringing false friendliness can find it at McDonalds - although the nearest branch, at Glastonbuty, was burned down a few years ago.

25 Sep 2010 23:19

The White Hart, Over Wallop

Looked like the sort of place that might have a real cider. Sadly turned out to have nothing better than Stowford Press, but a very nice pub in all other ways.

23 Aug 2010 12:45

The Plough, Coldharbour

Nice to find the Plough still offering a well-kept Biddenden cider, although pricy at 4.00/pt.
Do any customers actually like the pop videos that were being screened? I would have found them annoying if I'd been sitting inside. The new bus operator runs an 18:20 service down to Dorking from opposite the pub on weekdays, handy for getting back after a walk and drink (but beware - it came through 5 mins early when I used it today).

20 Aug 2010 17:21

The Bell, Walton On The Hill

Closed 3 - 5:30 weekdays.

20 Aug 2010 17:10

The Bell, Walton On The Hill

Cloased 3 - 5:30 weekdays.

20 Aug 2010 17:10

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

Aspalls cider (nearest thing to a real cider for several miles around).
Visually attractive location but while it is strictly true that there is "no through traffic" immediatly outside, the pub is only 350 metres from the M25 and while it is hidden by trees it can certainly be heard and smelt. Handy for walks on the Common if you don't mind being so near the motorway.

20 Aug 2010 16:51

The Douglas Arms, Lerwick

Stocks several local Valhalla Brewery bottled ales. I liked the 'White Wife', named after a ghost said to appear in cars passing along the road near the brewery. Local traditional musicians session (fiddles, accordian, bodhran, etc) on Tues 8 - 11.

5 Aug 2010 08:59

The Pierhead Restaurant and Bar, Voe

A very good pub. Stocks three varieties of the local Valhalla ales. My wife said her (huge) haddock bar meal was the best fish she had ever had and they served me a very good steak-filled Yorkshire pud.
There is a bod (camping barn) opposite - could avoid driving by staying the night.

5 Aug 2010 08:52

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

A surprising find, both for the decor and for the well-kept Westons Old Rosie cider. I was passing and saw the Old Rosie through a grimy window - so I went in & found the interior. Not as busy as claimed - I'm alone in one of the back rooms at 21:50 on a Mon.
Good spot for a walk along the canal (behind the pub). Very near Deansgate station & G-Max tram stop.

31 May 2010 21:50

The Prince Regent, Marylebone

Has Old Rosie & Aspall's ciders.

18 May 2010 19:37

The Molesworth Arms Hotel, Wadebridge

The food here is rasty and comes in good-sized portions. My wife's jacket spud turned out to be two potatoes, lots of filling & a big salad. My ham egg & chips was also big - about 4 times the chips I get at Wetherspoons.not cheap but good value. Has Cornish Rattler cider which if not quite real cider is much better than Wrongbow or Lackthorn.

3 May 2010 16:55

The Bell, Alresford

Nice to find Angus Whiteheads 'Heart of Hampshire' real cider here.

17 Apr 2010 13:34

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Very sorry to see that this house has given up stocking any local cider. When I first visited Glastonbury there was always Wilkins on, it seemed one of the best-selling lines & the landlord told me he made more profit on it than any other pint although it was the cheapest cider he sold, as well as the tastiest.. Seemed a win-win situation to me, but after an on-off period it now seems to be a confirmed chemofizz pub.

14 Apr 2010 18:10

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

Nice to see this pub has local Hecks cider (1.20 more than Wilkins at the Rifleman, but that is a bit out in the suburbs).Did not try the food.

14 Apr 2010 18:01

The White Hart, Castle Cary

Thatchers Traditional real cider.
Opens for breakfasts 10:00 - 12:00 Mon-Sat. Open all afternoon.

14 Apr 2010 17:51

Two Swans, Castle Cary

Closed & boarded up.

14 Apr 2010 17:46

The Railway Inn, Meare

Open 16:30 - midnight Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri. 12:00 - midnight Wed, Sat & Sun.
This pub is officially not in Meare but in neighbouring Ashcott.

13 Apr 2010 19:04

The Ring O'Bells, Ashcott

Well-kept Wilkins cider, but kept hidden away, so do ask.

13 Apr 2010 13:27

The Sun Inn, Frome

Has Thatcher Dry and does various rolls. No, this is not "Mothers", that is the Lamb & Fountain.

12 Apr 2010 22:20

The Crown and Sceptre, Frome

Both Thatchers Traditional & Cheddar Valley.

12 Apr 2010 18:25

The Lamb and Fountain, Frome

Certainly an excellent pub. Well-kept Rich's cider. (But steep curving stairs to toilets likely to be difficult for disabled people).

12 Apr 2010 18:23

The Three Swans Inn, Frome

Nice old building, friendly locals, cheap bar food 3.80>. Regretable that the 'Pheasant Plucker' cider & 'Bee Sting' "pear cider" are both fizzy keg stuff.

12 Apr 2010 18:20

The Railway Inn, Meare

The place has been smartened up and is now open all afternoon on Sats. Well-kept Wilkins cider, and Taunton Natch. Sitting in the garsen was veruy pleasant this afternoon. Nice cheese or ham (thick slices off a real ham) rolls. The right-wing propaganda on display was the only fly in the ointment. The cycle path from here to Glastonbury has been much improved and is now a smooth ride with a normal bike.

10 Apr 2010 19:14

The Retreat, Reading

Excellent little house with a range of real ciders. The Old Rosie and Troggi were both well-kept.

Go up the hill and turn right for tasty samosas at a corner shop

8 Apr 2010 17:01

The Swan, Pangbourne

Keg Aspall's cider.

8 Apr 2010 16:58

The Carriers Arms, Watlington

'Westons Cider' sticker in the window raised hopes, but it was only Stowford Press, not a real cider.

8 Apr 2010 16:56

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Yes, it is open, but the new landlord has stopped stocking real cider (although it always sold well). Next nearest pub for real cider is the Red Lion at Isleworth.

4 Apr 2010 23:21

Tap and Spile, Scarborough

Called in and found they have stopped selling Old Rosie. Expected us to have Stowford Press instead. We left & found the W'spoon has Rosie. What a shame after coming here for 15 years when in the area - a Sunday routine of a pint, over the road to the eat-all-you-like Chinese, back for 2 more pints. Not any longer.

14 Mar 2010 13:03

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

Real cider guide website reports Eli's has taken to selling "pressurised" Burrow Hill "from a keg font" instead of thje old barrel on the bar! Can this be true??.

20 Feb 2010 16:42

The Crown, Sheringham

Locals tell me that one of the bar staff is a BNP activist & so his supporters tend to gather here.

31 Jan 2010 12:28

The Black Swan, Martyr's Green

Looked like a pub from the outside - it was only after entering that it turned out to be a rather crowded restaurant. It has Aspalls cider, but at 3.55/pt.
Bad sign that virtually every customer seems to come in from the car park and the front gate was hanging on its hinges looking almost disused.

17 Jan 2010 23:52

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Today is Steve's last day running the Magpie & Crown. Tomorrow a manager from the property co. which owns the freehold will take over and run the place while they look for another tenent. So not strictly closing but will probably lose all it's character and become another plastic pub, so effectively the end of the Magpie.

10 Jan 2010 21:05

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

This excellent house is doomed to close on the 11th Jan due to the freeholder demanding an impossible rent rise!

Re Alex's comment, dunno 'bout ladies but the Magpie is one of my wife's favourites.

1 Jan 2010 00:43

The Lansdown Arms, Lewes

Called in between trains.Good to find both Sheppy's cider & Broadoak Perry on tap.Liked the tree, ghost & general decor but does there have to be that very loud music blaring??

30 Dec 2009 20:13

The Five Mile House, Duntisbourne Abbots

I last got achance to visit this pub just before the dual-carriageway was built outside! Does it still do the excellent local cider which it stocked then?

23 Dec 2009 09:32

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

That "hint of bitterness" is not over the food or any other feature of this unremarkable house, but over the loss of the excelllent former Canbury Arms now vanished in all but name.

22 Dec 2009 20:06

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Found a rum-cask real cideron sale.A pleasant interlude with.a pint of the same in a comfy pub without blaring muzac.Didn't see the dog discussed but was approached by a cat.

22 Dec 2009 19:59

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

I got a chance to visit this fine house yesterday and was pleased to find that they as well as the Pawley Farm local cider they now also offer Cramps 'Double Vision'. Dude the resident dog is also still on fine form.

20 Dec 2009 18:57

Tap and Spile, Scarborough

I've been told that the Tap has stopped selling Old Rosie and has had a character-spoiling makeover! Is it true?

16 Dec 2009 18:08

The Doric Arch, Euston

They have tak en to hiding the Westons organic cider under the counter.Don't be shy about asking for it.

25 Nov 2009 19:26

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Yes, it is back and as good as ecer. Use it or lose it!

25 Nov 2009 19:05

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

A horrible shock! We went there for a meal the night before going away for a week. All seemed normal. Then we came back to see darkened windows and that ominous notice on the door. One of the best pubs in London in my opinion. Any chance of it re-opening?

4 Nov 2009 21:10

The Eastbrook, Dagenham

Never been to the pub but alerted by a report in the London Lite paper today saying the BNP hold meetings here.

22 Oct 2009 20:19

The Scott Arms, Kingston

Fantastic view from the garden, but you pay for it - Old Rosie cider 3.50/pt! Have one while admiring the view then go on the Square & Compass in the next village (Worth Mattravers) where local cider is 2.80.

23 Aug 2009 12:11

The Oak, Dorchester

A fine pub. Well-kept local 'Cider by Rosie'. Good food at reasonable prices (my 4 ham sandwich had thick slices straight off a proper ham), cod & chips 6.50, range of vegetarian meals). Even muzac-free & has newspapers.

23 Aug 2009 12:05

The Fox, Corfe Castle

Has Addlestones. Deserves a true real cider, then I'd never boither with the Greyhound again.

19 Aug 2009 20:43

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

Has Westons Organic real cider & I have found staff friendly. They could make a slight effort and have a Dorset real cider rather than bring a fairly bland one from Herefordshire.

19 Aug 2009 19:39

The Weld Arms, East Lulworth

Served me a very well-kept pint of 'Cider by Rosie' local cider - a very tasty dry real cider. Friendly quiet pub with newspapers & a bookcase. Didn't try food (starts at 10 for ham, egg & chips) but meals looked good. Will call here again when in the area.

19 Aug 2009 19:34

The Old Smugglers Inn, St Brelade

A fine pub, which became our temporary local while on holiday on Jersey.
Seems to be the only pub on Jersey to offer real cider (Old Rosie) all year round.
Good food, at prices which are good by local standards.

8 Aug 2009 14:33

The Bath Arms, Brighton

A nice enough pub and good to find Old Rosie cider, but at 3.80/pt it won't tempt me away from Brighton's other real cider pubs.

16 Apr 2009 13:52

The Crown Inn, Pewsey

Called in this lunchtime having spotted the Old Rosie handpump through the window. Well-kept Old Rosie real cider and both Westons Organic & Thatchers scrumpy as well. Nice quiet pub, no muzac, newspapers available, can't understand why it is rated 4 unless I caught it at a very unusual moment - 8 in my opinion.

14 Apr 2009 21:33

The Barge Inn, Honeystreet

Usually has Thatchers Cheddar Valley cider from Easter to October. Friendly place in beautiful surroundings. Offers camping (tents and caravans). Seems to be a rallying point for crop circle enthusiasts.

14 Apr 2009 21:27

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Excellent pub, if visiting note the odd opening hours. Opens at 3 on Mons and at 2 on Tue - Thur.

9 Apr 2009 14:15

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Visiting last week, found there is usually Taunton Trad. cider but it had gone off.

Bring back the Wilkins that this house was once noted for.

20 Feb 2009 13:36

City Arms, Wells

I was lured in by the "numerous ciders" sign outside but disappointed to find that it this is true that they have several, they are all chemofizz : why no local real cider?

20 Feb 2009 13:33

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

Good to see that the Rifleman still sells excellent Wilkins cider and has recently gone back to doing food in the early evening again.

20 Feb 2009 13:24

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

Good to see that the Rifleman still sells excellent Wilkins cider and has recently gone back to doing food in the early evening again.

20 Feb 2009 13:23

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

Good to see that the Rifleman still sells excellent Wilkins cider and has recently gone back to doing food in the early evening again.

20 Feb 2009 13:22

The New Inn, Wedmore

I see the new management have put the Wilkins cider up to 2.80/pt which is a bit cheeky as most pubs round here sell it at 1.80 - 1.90 and it has to be transported all of 2 miles from there farm where it is supplied at about 50p/pt.

20 Feb 2009 13:19

The Half Moon Inn, Somerton

Looked boarded up when I passed on a bus yesterday!
Anyone know any more?

20 Feb 2009 13:17

The Apple Tree, Bedminster

Good Taunton Traditional cider.

Worrying that highly visible racist grafitti was still on toilet walls two days after appearing.

20 Feb 2009 13:11

The Barley Mow, Bedminster

Thatchers Trad cider is cheap and well-kept here.
Certainly not a gentrified pub, smokers in the toilets and closed early last Saturday night a because a fight had broken out.

20 Feb 2009 12:16

The Bank, Bristol

Offers Thatchers trad cider and usually has a guest cider as well (had run out of Gwent-y-Draig was before my last visit).
Music gets very loud on Friday nights.

20 Feb 2009 11:34

The Star, Godalming

I had a very good pint of Hecks cider here this evening.

4 Jan 2009 17:32

The Cyder House Inn, Shackleford

I chanced upon this pub while walking, seeing the name I went in in search of a real cider. One of the staff said they had Addlestones so I settled for that.Then I noticed a poster for Angus Whitehead ciders and asked about it. One of the staff said that was just a decoration but then another said they did sell it. Ihadn't time to have another and check, so I'll be back for another try.

4 Jan 2009 17:16

The Hawkley Inn, Hawkley

No longer has Swamp Donkey cider, but it has got Angus Whitehead's Cirrus Minor cider & Newton's Discovery ciderkin.

2 Jan 2009 09:23

The Plough, Coldharbour

After reading the recent reviews I tried this house again. It has definately redeamed itself! None of the horrible noise or rude service of past visits, and the Biddenden's was in xcellent condition. (3.30/pt, but I know I can't expect Somerset prices in Surrey).

23 Dec 2008 18:10

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Two real perries on when I called on Thursday!

5 Oct 2008 16:39

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

In my opinion this is one of the best pubs in England.

Gimli's reply to Eomer makes a fitting response to the 2nd & 3rd comments below: "You speak evil of that which is fair beyond the reach of your thought, and only little wit can excuse you".

27 Sep 2008 13:06

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Well-kept Biddenden cider, they have both the dry and medium versions. Ask for it, as it is not on display. Helpful staff allowed us to put our large bags (we were going to Gatwick) in the cleaners cupboard so people did not keep falling over them.

21 Sep 2008 12:58

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Real cider seems to have returned as a permanent feature, currently Burrow Hill and some barrels left over from the beer festival. Well worth a visit.

21 Sep 2008 12:35

The White Horse Inn, Priors Dean

A great pub. Good to find it sold Mr Whiteheads' perry.

21 Sep 2008 12:31

The Burtle Inn, Burtle

Sells its' own cider made from the apple trees behind the pub - probably one of the last pubs in England to do this. Very good cider, too. The food was a bit out of my price range. Provided camping in the orchard, so after drinking some of last years crop then slept it off under next years'.

21 Sep 2008 12:17

The Railway Inn, Meare

Worth a visit if you like real cider - they have Roger Wilkins' local product.

21 Sep 2008 12:10

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Nice quiet country pub, I was welcomed warmly enough, Moles Black Rat cider and Westons' perry served.

21 Sep 2008 12:00

The White Horse, Maplehurst

Quite a find! Well-kept John Batcheldon real cider, good bar food, comfy building, no canned music, all reigned over by a haughty tortoishell cat who clearly knows she is the real boss.

This place is accessible by postbus from Horsham at Mon-Fri lunchtimes but don't take a party - the post-van 'bus' has only four seats!

21 Sep 2008 11:58

The Lamb, Rusper

Very nice pub with well-kept Biddenden real cider. I did not try the food.

21 Sep 2008 11:53

The Sandrock Hotel, Shirley

Aspall's cider. We got a friendly reception.

2 Aug 2008 11:39

The Golden Lion Hotel, Loftus

This pub has definately improved since they stopped playing loud music in the saloon.
The S Smith's cider is the nearest to a real cider here.

1 Jul 2008 17:43

The New Inn, Wedmore

Served the excellent local Wilkins cider on my last visit. Shame that the fine old willow tree which used to shade the garden has been chopped down.

29 Jun 2008 21:39

The High Corner Inn, Linwood

Good to see that the High Corner has added a real cider to it's stock (Weston's Traditional).

They did a very good job of serving our party of 27 despite our turning up later than booked.

29 Jun 2008 21:33

The Half Moon Inn, Somerton

Has very well kept Burrow Hill cider. Hope this continues to be sold after the change-over.

29 Jun 2008 21:28

The Plough, Coldharbour

"why doesn't they install a water fountain outside so the cyclists and walkers can get their free drink. Sadly the cyclists and walkers are not spenders but they expect the free use of the facilities of a pub."

Read the reviews - it was mainly people in groups having meals, often with children, who were complaining at not being provided with water on request. Few of these arrive on bicycles. The walkers and cyclists coming to the Plough seem to drink lots of pints of more expensive fluids.

29 Jun 2008 21:24

The Cider Bar, Newton Abbot

An excellent cider house!

The earlier reviewers' comments re. women not being served pints must be out af date. My wife has never had any problem over buying pints here. However, she knows her ciders - possibly the staff have been encouraging women who were obviously novices at real cider to try halves.

27 May 2008 12:54

Hunters Lodge, Priddy

Fantastic pub!
Wilkins cider, real ales, excellent and cheap food, great atmosphere.
Well worth the 2-mile walk along the ridge from the bus route - and the buses run until 11:00 pm, rare in a rural area.

8 May 2008 13:07

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

Update on may last review.
They now serve food (pies & mash, inc. vegetarian pies)so we can't take in take-aways any more.
Cider is just as good as ever, and a warm welcome from the new puppy.

8 May 2008 13:00

The Plough, Coldharbour

I've been in this pub several times and always liked it, esp. the well-kept Biddendens. However when I called in today I was driven out into the rather cold garden by the very loud music blaring indoors. Do many of the people who come out to this quiet spot out in the woods in mid-afternoon come for loud music?

11 Apr 2008 21:47

The Clifton Arms, Caterham

Good to see that they sell Old Rosie cider (even if they had run out whwn we visited).

Still open now (April 08) but the planning application to turn it into flats is advertised on the wall.

11 Apr 2008 00:47

Bristol and Exeter Inn, Bridgwater

The online cider pub guide calls this a "faintly unbelievable pub". That proved about right.
I liked it but it will not suit everyone.
Mainly sells real ciders (I think there were some beers on sale as well) to a mainly local regular clientelle.
The human staff were friendly although the dog seemed very unused to any strangers being in the bar and kept hiding being chairs growling.

23 Mar 2008 00:49

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

Excellent for real ale, and good food, but real cider drinkers may prefer the Biddenden cider down the road at the Duke of Wellington to the Addlestones semi-real cider at the FILO.

23 Mar 2008 00:23

The Duke of Wellington, Hastings

Pleased to find it stocks Biddenden cider.

23 Mar 2008 00:20

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

No real cider on the last two times I tried.
Hopefully third time lucky next time I'm in Kingston.

24 Feb 2008 12:36

The Railway Inn, Meare

Basic local pub tucked away down a lane 1.5 miles from the village, at the site of the old railway station and canal wharf (rail/canal enthusiasts may like the old photos on display). Opening hours are a bit eccentric. Real cider.

24 Feb 2008 00:36

The Countryman, Meare

This pub was demolished in 2006!

24 Feb 2008 00:32

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Shame to see the King Arthur no longer does real cider, apart from bottled Green Goblin.

24 Feb 2008 00:31

The Long Bar, Bristol

It looks tiny from outside but goes a long way back - some interesting old wooden beams at the rear if you like that sort of stuff. Good real cider, good prices, refuge from the gentrification and associated inflated prices spreading round Bristol. The shoplifters trying to sell stolen goods are a bit of a nuisance.

6 Jan 2008 18:12

The Swan With Two Necks, Bristol

A good pub and a reliable source of real cider as well as good beer.

The only pub I have heard of where the landlord has an ASBO! He has one telling him not to call his car park 'The Porking Yard'. Different sources claim that this either upset users of the mosque next door (but then why has the pork butcher over the road still got his large sign up?) or that teachers from the local school complained after it led to kids making dirty jokes - it seems 'porking' means sex with a prostitute locally.

6 Jan 2008 18:06

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

Well-kept pints at under 2.00. They invite customers to bring in take-aways - the Chinese just down the road is good.

30 Dec 2007 23:11

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Still the only pub in outer West London that can be relied on to have a real cider from a small producer.

30 Dec 2007 23:04

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

Still a great pub, but what a shame the formerly great food has vanished.

30 Dec 2007 22:58

The Little Angel, Whitby

One of three in Whitby to offer real cider (Old Rosie).

14 Apr 2007 23:29

The Station Inn, Whitby

Good to see the new management have kept on stocking real cider, but I was very sorry to find that thay have introduced constant "music". As the Tap and spile this was on of the few pubs in the area which did not plague customers with noise.

14 Apr 2007 23:28

The Tap and Spile, Whitby

Now the Station Inn

14 Apr 2007 23:23

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