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Comments by jas12

Gios, Chingford

orange people. tiny. avoid at all costs

26 May 2007 20:49

Jets Wine Bar, South Woodford

persuaded to go in here a few weeks ago on a friday night.. what a load of crap! its dark so you cant even see past your noise, the point being?? dodgy music and no, I repeat NO atmosphere. people with long faces that look you up and down to see what your wearing as you enter. Small, crap and just....crap

26 May 2007 20:37

The George, Enfield

i really like this pub, it has a nice atmosphere and its situated in the nicer part of enfield. The best part is that it is dirt cheap.. my only complaint is going in there for a few on a sat night and waiting nearly an hour to get served it was a joke, people were begging the bar staff to serve them! more staff required?!

26 May 2007 20:19

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