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Comments by james66

The Rob Roy, Buchlyvie

This is a friendly pub with a mixture of mainly locals and some visitors, but you will feel welcome. Decent food but also good beer (Deuchars recommended)

26 Feb 2006 23:05

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Had the great pleasure of a visit to this pub recently after many years away. Miss the charismatic past landlord but the place is as beautiful as ever. Polished wood, comfy, traditional, good beer. Somewhat impersonal but then it is a city centre pub. Occasionally seems to be closed for private parties so don't plan your whole night around getting in. Long may it survive.

26 Feb 2006 22:50

The Gamecock Inn, Great Harwood

Whitbread Brewers Fayre pub

26 Feb 2006 22:35

The Dog and Otter, Great Harwood

Small-ish pub with good reputation for food and stocking nice cask beers (Jennings and guests). More upmarket / less downmarket than most of Harwood's other pubs. Can get very smoky with quite a few cigar smokers too

26 Feb 2006 22:34

George & Dragon, Leigh

Packed, noisy, smoky, keg only pub adjacent to the bus station

26 Feb 2006 22:25

The Waterside Inn, Leigh

This pub is on the north west outskirts of the town centre of Leigh, next to the canal. It's a converted warehouse. The outdoor seating area includes a decked section over the canal. Inside the pub is deceptively large and has lots of quiet tables and quite good dining. The Hardys and Hansons bitter in here is well kept and tasty. The pub is open late several nights a week and gets packed with - how can I put this - people 30-45 on the pull. It gets jam packed near the front but seating is usually available if you go further down past the bar. The atmosphere is very good, though slightly impersonal. The prices are average to high. I would recommend this pub to anyone but the younger drinker.

26 Feb 2006 22:24

The Musketeer, Leigh

Appears have slightly less choice of beer than it used to

26 Feb 2006 22:17

Goose At Spinning Jenny, Leigh

Fairly large, modern pub. Smokey, loud but generally well-behaved, with Tetley on cask as well as plenty of lager and bitter on keg. Very good prices. A good place to meet if your friends are arriving by bus, as it's adjacent to the bus station in Leigh. Early evening therefore it's busy with people meeting to start the night out. Later it becomes a pre-club pub for the youngsters going across the road to Barbarella's.

26 Feb 2006 22:15

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