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The Longford, Hampton Hill

I agree with past comments.Good customer service,plenty of room, not noisy and very clean.Yes, i was the only one in there.Atmosphere! There's more hospitable atmosphere on mars.It feels like you gone to a party and noones turned up.How does a plce like that stay open.?This must be the first time i say yes to converting a boozer into flats.At least there will be some people in them.

4 Oct 2008 08:37

The Star, Hampton Hill

The best tasted off.To frightened to complain because of the local element.This is certainly the deep South of Hampton and I was in no mood for a lynching.Retreated from the hostile stares to the beer garden.A dirty tent and a bench on the main road clutching my stale pint.Enough said!

4 Oct 2008 08:18

Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

Haven't been back since the rotting bench in the garden,or rather scrubland,collapsed under me last summer.Pleasantly surprised by the beer. Pity about the atmosphere. .More signs of life on Mars.Still it was a Friday night. Why do some pubs show sport on tv when noones watching ie some foreign game.Whats wrong with some music?

4 Oct 2008 08:01

The Railway Bell, Hampton

Nice pint and not bad food.Took a while to get served as the staff were busy chatting to people they new,Was stopped from buying another by a rather frosty landlady who told me she'd rang the bell.Lacks the atmosphere to be a real locals pub.The sort of pub that wouldn't look out of place off covent garden.But thats nothing bad.If your looking for a real quiet drink go to the other Railway up the road.

4 Oct 2008 07:46

The Railway Hotel, Hampton

Went in and tripped over the tumbleweed blowing through the pub.This guy Patrick went around turning everyone away because they weren't smart enough.Now there's noone left.Walked past and there were three people in.A barman,piano player and a bored looking girl twanging on a guitar.To embarassed to stay for a drink.Singalong this wasn't.Reminded me of the band on the Titanic....Lesson...You don't turn away paying customers in these hard times because they wear trainers and a teashirt. Patrick perhaps you wern't smart enough!....Having said that I believe he's gone.Isn't he supposed to go down with his ship?

4 Oct 2008 07:11

The Worlds End, Hampton

Saved from tackling the awful food on my plate as had to leave as a fight was about to start.........and that was the bar staff......still an improvement on the free for all i witnessed last friendly ! Perhaps for the Krays.

4 Oct 2008 06:40

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

Can't understand the fuss about this pub.The creeking necks of the locals perched on their stools as you enter.My pint was off.Nowhere to go if you don't like football.Very cramped and very pricey.Didn't try the fish restaurant bit . Good job as didn't get much change from a tenner for a sandwitch.Found the landlord a bit smarmy.QUESTION..If this is the only freehouse around for miles how comes he charges the most .?
....... .

4 Oct 2008 06:20

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

Warning just don't take loved ones especially after dark when the locals come out.....ever seen Deliverance....I can still see their faces and hear the banjo....and thats in the pub.Sunday roast....does he jest...I pushed my way through some drunken Chelsea fans over the din of the football to the bar to ask but the poor soul behind the bar just stared with incomprehension.The Setting sun must be soon for this pub.

4 Oct 2008 05:59

The Dukes Head, Hampton

Strange as I sneaked in for a swift pint the other Friday.The beer was great ,Twickenham local brew.Nice atmosphere ,friendly locals including the parrot.Smashing landlady who persuaded me to come in for a Sunday lunch,which I did.Took the MRS and the lunch was bril.Nice to be able to go out to a family local pub on a Sunday that does not have sky soccer blasting out whilst you eat.A great friendly local pub that the area needs.

4 Oct 2008 05:39

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

.Strange if its the place to go according to the last reviewer,how comes its shut all day Sunday ? Must be to keep the crowds out...... I found it dark and depressing .

4 Oct 2008 05:25

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