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Comments by heliopolis

The White Hart, Pulborough

Visited on several occasions for lunch.....good food but staff pre-occupied with domestic problems on one occasion, second visit was much better. WIns by position and view, otherwise nothing special. Resturant area rather cramped.

31 Jul 2009 17:52

The Wheelwrights Arms, Havant

This pub could be great given the right management. It must upscale the food offer beyond Sunday roasts, and appeal to the local clientele who are desperate for a decent pub offering good food, a real welcome, good real ales, and a year-round hospitality. It has all the requisites for success - location, parking, space and a kitchen, but it has stubbornly failed to capitalise on these.
I've had a few very pleasant beers outside on the terrace, so the potential is there for the taking.

22 Jul 2009 17:25

The Sussex Brewery, Emsworth

Great for meals, great for a drink or three, and at all times of the year too. The sausage menus are amazing, and it had a really local feel.

22 Jul 2009 17:17

The Blue Bell, Emsworth

Cracking little pub - really friendly staff, good food and beer, and utterly unpretentious, which is an achievement in a rather pretentious town. Felt welcome as soon as we walked in. Worth a visit for sure.

22 Jul 2009 17:14

White Hart, Buckingham

Went in, had a pint, went out. That's the appeal of the place to me. Zilch. Don't understand how pubs like this get away with it. Must try harder.

22 Jul 2009 17:08

The Arkley Hotel, Barnet

This used to be my local and was awful. When Ember took it over it had to be better, and in many ways it is. Recently, the service seems OK and the food bog standard fare. These chains like Ember and PunchTaverns really have to get their act together because having a drink or eating out is now becoming a rarer event for many people. Being adequate just won't do any more. It's more of a place to have a snack with a drink than a pub.

22 Jul 2009 17:01

The Crown and Anchor, Chichester

Recent midday week lunch far too small for amount of customers, young bar-staff over-worked until a woman appeared to get things under control. Food was very ordinary, had to wait, and service was poor. This place is trading on a past reputation which it isn't living up to. The situation is not enough to get by with, and there are plenty of other pubs nearby with just as attractive views.

22 Jul 2009 16:56

The Crab and Lobster, Bembridge

I visit this pub a couple of times a year, and despite others comments, I find the food pretty OK although I agree pricey. Last time we all had fish of one sort or another and it was fine, quickly served and well-presented. The position is of course great, but that is not enough in itself. The current landlords are making a real effort in my opinion, and as I shall be back in August, we'll see how things are then. By the way, best to book in advance as in the summer the place is heaving even at lunchtime.

22 Jul 2009 16:21

Lord Raglan, Emsworth

I like this pub a lot ... has character, good food(very good sometimes), an outside area and friendly staff. It is sort of out of the way in terms of Emsworth's main square, but all the better for it. It has that something that good pubs all have which is that you feel welcome even before you say anything. Do give it a try.

22 Jul 2009 16:11

The Ferryboat Inn, Hayling Island

Actually have used this pub for over eight years and it has varied, but overall is OK. The problem seems to be lack of management in terms of motivating staff and so the service varies. Have had great fish and chips with kids playing on the beach, and by and large I can live with the fact it is mainly a holiday venue, not a local pub. Somehow seems a sleeping giant, with that location it should be fantastic if moved upmarket a bit in terms of menu and facilities(fairly rough toilets).

22 Jul 2009 16:06

The Royal Oak, Langstone

This pub varies on a daily basis. Recent midweek visits had great service and excellent food. A Sunday lunchtime visit was poor - average food, average service, and a grotty garden with fag packets on the ground. The staff can be welcoming and friendly, or dismissive and bored. I stick with it because over the years it has been better most of the time. As a local, much preferred in the autumn/winter when the place has more of a local clientele.

22 Jul 2009 15:59

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