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The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

i also was here on the ill fated day we visited this public house two years ago, as said by the duck it was very bad the way we were treated,he waited untill the money was in the till(the round came to over sixty pounds)before we were asked to leave,as a fellow publican it was more to be said,only that the ale i had was in first class condition,just sorry i could not have another one.

14 Sep 2011 15:26

The Harrow Inn, Caterham

just returned from north africa,still a good pub,good service and good ale,love this pub from my days at caterham,shame pat has left....

7 Sep 2011 15:27

The City Barge, Chiswick

why do they do this ........

7 Sep 2011 15:21

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

come on you guys,sort this out,its beer in the evening,not slag off in the evening,if you dont like the pub dont go there,landlord we all know what happens on this site,dont go down to there level.i saw one of my pubs go from 7.6 down to 4.4,and for what reason...i started posting back,the guy is a complete wanker...dont give him the plesure.....yours fellow publican.

19 Aug 2011 15:43

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

sorry nell your out of order.

19 Aug 2011 03:55

La Rascasse, Beckenham

piss faps is a well known idiot.

16 Aug 2011 16:46

The Finchley Tavern, North Finchley

stay out of mc.spoons we all know what they are like.

16 Aug 2011 15:51

The Ram Inn, Firle

see below,if you cant afford a car and have too walk how on earth can you afford a pint of bitter??????

16 Aug 2011 15:49

The Southside Steamie, Edinburgh

not disabled friendly,spend your money elsewhere.

16 Aug 2011 15:46

The Crooked Billet, Little Marlow

but then again gann it is aimed at a certain market,which we enjoy (all being over 50)and tick all the boxes for us...good food,very good ale and good service,and also agree about the billet.

16 Aug 2011 15:05

The Pack Saddle, Chazey Heath

agree psi,why oh why do they do it,a big zero

16 Aug 2011 14:38

The Northcote, Clapham Junction

i also remember the pub as well lol

15 Aug 2011 10:41

The Northcote, Clapham Junction

remember the pug from the90s when martin heany had it,good to know its still a pub...

15 Aug 2011 10:40

Belushi's, Fulham

great review from the manager see below.....a big fat zero from me for trying to con people.

15 Aug 2011 06:45

White Hart, Henfield

why on earth wait till now to post a comment(see below)

14 Aug 2011 23:29

Janets Bar, South Kensington

you two are quackers....

1 Aug 2011 01:05

Silent Woman, Slaithwaite

just noticed that the above blurb was updated on the 27th of july and then the landlord posted on the 30th with almost the same thing...landlord we are not idiots....unlike you...hate false posts....spend some money with the local papers...and up your game...real ale coming soon??? put it in rating given.

30 Jul 2011 18:38

The Dysart, Petersham

dougie59,thank you for your review of the dysart very informative,cant wait for your next review of a pub you have never been in based on the befuddled second hand memories of a landlord of a since closed pub in hounslow 14/15 years dont get about much do you??....ask your carer to wheel you around to the dysart one day and you will find to your utter amazment that a g/t and a pint of lager will not set you back 30.00pounds,then go back to your care home and rest in peace....all our love....normal people

30 Jul 2011 18:28

Silent Woman, Slaithwaite

agree duck a shame that they resort to this,instead of wasting time on the site they should be behind the bar trying to up there game...0/10

30 Jul 2011 18:09

Queens Arms, Edenbridge

not been in for about five years,elsie is an icon,lots of love....

30 Jul 2011 17:10

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

his name is steve dawes.....

27 Jul 2011 09:03

Janets Bar, South Kensington

and that just put you down to 4.8

27 Jul 2011 09:01

Janets Bar, South Kensington

well lustish trade must be bad, but you wont drum up any extra trade by false out of ten for trying to con people...

27 Jul 2011 09:00

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

why do they try and fool us,it does the pub no favours at all,just a bad rep and big fat zeros.....

23 Jul 2011 12:49

The Earl Haig, Hounslow

i can remember when barbara took this pub over with her boyfriend back in the early 90s,when she worked in the travellers friend just down the road(now the drive through mc donalds) and it was a quite a good pub,but after a few years of neglect by the companys that controlled it i.e host,s/n fell by the wayside,as have so many other pubs....what a rating given not been there for years......but use the curry house just down the road every week!!!!!!!!!!

12 Jul 2011 15:28

The Cross Lances, Hounslow

sorry had to come back,click on to the user name of the so called want to be landlord paulkersey,one post?and as the owner of three pubs myself,this is not the sort of comments we would make...nuff said.

12 Jul 2011 15:16

The Cross Lances, Hounslow

good pub.good ale,dont see what all the fuss is about,went there from the bullstrode,now that is one to avoid.5/10

12 Jul 2011 15:12

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

well said adamf........has to be the manager.

11 Jul 2011 14:13

The Ginger Pig, Hove

some people are very easily pleased......

12 Jun 2011 10:24

The Emma Hamilton, Wimbledon Chase

i used to run this shit hole,get all the scum that used to drink in there back in for a farewell drink,lock the doors and set fire to it.

11 Jun 2011 11:35

The Welcome Inn, Dawlish Warren


6 Jun 2011 23:49

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

false postings yaaawn

6 Jun 2011 23:47

The Sun Inn, Englefield Green

the last 4 are all one offs,smell a rat anybody???????

6 Jun 2011 23:46

The Surveyor, West Molesey

stay there............

28 Mar 2011 20:10

The Crown Inn, Stockport

you really are a bunch of wankers ,no jobs,no home(unless its a crack den)and no common sense,w1,live and die that dream you worked in a factory all your life,and when you go home thats all you dream of,wanker.

25 Mar 2011 17:17

The Crown Inn, Stockport

bye the way stoutfatfellow i didnt know that stockport had a tourist board,give up your day job (if you have one) and try and get a proper norman tebbit once said (get on your bike)and look for work,i for one am sick and tired of you northern lazy idiots claiming state money,for which us hard working southen ENGLISH PEOPLE pay taxes for.........

23 Mar 2011 18:30

The Crown Inn, Stockport

to woo,to whit.

23 Mar 2011 18:14

The Crown Inn, Stockport

new york,new york,so good they named it twice...yes the song does spring to mind...but buds posting..well,as we all know english lager is served chilled,so you can tell the difference between american lager (horse piss)...vacation next year in (northen land where everybody is on the dole,and lives on state handouts and in little council boxes that they call flats...yes all broke and deal in drugs....just like the bronx) well come down south too the rich part of england...and see how the real english people live..with proper houses,inside toilets,no ferrets,flying rats and where we talk proper english,where in fact your great grand perants came from. yours with a smile and a big LOL

23 Mar 2011 18:10

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