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BITE user comments - gle1978

Comments by gle1978

The Half Moon, Harrow

Now that the Bar manager has left due to the Landlord being a complete penny pincher this pub will be lucky to carry on.

Would be a far better pub minus all the bleedin' Elvis memorobilia and pictures of the guvnor with random celebrites adorning the walls. I hear the boss is
a bit of a fool and this just goes to confirm it. Eating a Thai meal with a novelty Elvis clock gyrating above you is amusing for all of 0.003 seconds.

14 Dec 2007 16:09

O'Neills, Watford

Music has returned! This is a good thing.

9 Dec 2005 17:42

The Load of Hay, Watford

Went to a Karaoke night here recently with the Mrs. Best night I've had in ages. Strangest thing is, the mens toilets smell nice! Straight friendly!

9 Dec 2005 17:40

Cafe Maximo Bar, Watford

No longer Bar Maximo, but The Counting House!

8 Dec 2005 15:44

Southern Cross, Watford

Great pub quiz to end the weekend on a Sunday Evening.

29 Nov 2005 13:09

Rat and Parrot, Harrow

Not been here since 2000. Looks like the unbelievable has happened and its got worse!

15 Nov 2005 16:05

Taylors Cafe Bar, Watford

Would be alright if the toilets weren't rank.

15 Nov 2005 12:29

The Wishing Well, Watford

Very well actively managed pub when it comes to Sports. Its a novelty finding a pub where the management know how to actually use their satellite system! None of the "No mate, its 401 not 408" in here.

25 Oct 2005 17:15

O'Neills, Watford

Whatever happened to the live music?

25 Oct 2005 17:12

The Moon Under Water, Watford

What I find really strange is that this is the WORST Wetherspoons in the country, and yet Wethespoons head office is in Watford! Do they not venture to their own premesis at lunch time? Takes yonks to get served, the bar stuff are pretty useless, and the food, bearing in mind its centralised and all they need do is shove it in the microwave, worse than any other Wetherspoons. Cheap, but gets the blood pressure up.

25 Oct 2005 17:09

Bar Bodega, Watford

This pub is fantastic. Best run bar I know of. Customer is always put first. Thep Post below states that he they had trouble getting served. Really? Never takes more than 30 seconds, even in the busiest of times. Did I say this was fantastic? Beer's good too, and its reassuringly expensive. (No student-grade, low quality beer in here. Oh, Its fantastic

30 Sep 2005 17:12

Bar Naz, Watford

The reason this pub is always empty is that its the biggest rip-off known to man. The place is so far up its own backside its digesting itself. How they can justify charging more than the majority of West End bars is a mystery to everyone. Service reeks aswell. If you like this pub, please stay in there and don't go anywhere else in Watford as you are clearly a mental.

30 Sep 2005 17:01

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