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The Loose Box, Leamington Spa

Trying very hard to be something it's not, somewhere it's not.

19 Apr 2006 21:16

Cuba, Leamington Spa

Nice place, more than acceptable food during the day... only problem was the glass bricks used in the construction of the girls lavs....eek not sure i wanna get that intimate with my fellow bar fly.

19 Apr 2006 21:05

The Cape of Good Hope, Warwick

I don't drink ale as a rule but I had to make an exception for the Two Llocks, it is fantastic (especially if combined with a bag of pork scratchings).

19 Apr 2006 20:57

Five Monkeys Bar and Restaurant, Coventry

Open again!!

10 Apr 2006 14:36

The Dolphin, Wellington

good pub, the hand-dryer in the toilets was brass (or was it rusty?) - excellent.

4 Nov 2005 19:58

The Beer Engine, Coventry

Great place. Its the customers that make this the pub giant that it is. All truely special individuals with a tale to tell. you get a real sence of 'care in the community' here. A band who were innocently sound checking before their performance were mercilessly heckled by a pair of revelers, to inpatient to even wait for the main event. its definately a hands on place where audience participation is encouraged and lunacy is celebrated.
P.S the place could really do with a good scrub, dont go if you are prone to rashes.

9 Oct 2005 12:34

Waggon & Horses, Beckhampton

Top pub. nice staff. excellent food - can recomend the bree baguette. An example of a pub Wiltshire should be proud of.

13 Sep 2005 14:27

Riverside Inn and Restaurant, Cheddar

Pricey food, didnt quite work as a restaurant. the local cider was nice/hallucinogenic/strong though, so do partake of this if nothing else.

13 Sep 2005 14:15

Timepiece, Exeter

Great place, really enjoyed my brief stay. friendly staff and more than acceptable music playing in the background. agree with earlier comment re. general cleanliness/hygine situation..... there was a barage on the olfactory organs in certain corners of the bar reminiscent of decaying dog. But it didnt ruin the general good feeling you got from the place.

13 Sep 2005 14:10

The Clipper, Exmouth

Really really jolly lady searving at the bar (dark hair, bespectacled), looks like she really loves her job....or perhaps she just really hates chavs.

13 Sep 2005 13:56

The Longs Arms, Steeple Ashton

Not a bad place (little competition to keep it on its toes however), nice chap behind the bar, acceptable booze. Entertainment provided by local cricket team using it for post match debreifing. The food is very expencive, more raspberry jus' than toasty with crisp/cress garnish. Stick to the beer/cider.

12 Sep 2005 11:26

The Otter, Otterbourne

I like it. liked it when i was 5 and ate peanuts in the beer garden, like it now i can legally drink. the christmas decorations are a sight to behold, i challenge you to find a single wall or ceiling space without tinsel.

22 Aug 2005 17:04

The Whitefriars Olde Ale House, Coventry

If you go to play on the acoustic night on a Wed do NOT under any circumstances enter into anything other than a superficial conversation with the organiser... he may be satan. nice pub tho.

20 Aug 2005 15:41

The Golden Cross, Coventry

I did look kind of menacing in that hat tho (all 5'6" of me)!

20 Aug 2005 15:31

The Dungeon, Southampton

A place that i grew up with as an aspiring alternative muso in the southampton area. Rose tinted specs aside the dungeon is the dungeon:- god awful decor, dance area with woeful approach to ventilation/oxygen requirements, the same sad faces you know you'll still be seeing in another 10 years time and more beer on the floor than behind the bar... and yet its still a jolly night out. go and see for yourself but for f*%ks sake dont expect the Ritz.

20 Aug 2005 15:21

The Black Bull Hotel, Coniston

I was staggered to read the comment posted by phantomdrinker regarding the quality of food at the Black Bull Inn. I had no issue with the beer but the food was APPALLING! The lunch menu was so over priced it was truely laughable, for example the veggy soup was tinned Heinz (unmistakable) served with a manky little stale roll all for approx 5. I guess I was paying for the expert flick of the chefs wrist as he flipped the lid ("God you should see him, opens a tin like Herbert Von Karian"). Note: drink the beer bring your own packed lunch.

20 Aug 2005 14:42

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