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Comments by fender100

The Royal Oak, Yattendon

I recently dined here on one of the stormiest nights I can remember. It was well worth battling through local roads for the experience. Although menu choice was a little restricted, the food itself was of superlative quality, matched by stellar service by charming staff. The decor is impressive and in good and fitting taste. All in all, a wonderful gastronomic experience and one which I would wholeheartedly recommend.

22 Apr 2014 23:25

The George and Horn, Kingsclere

Fruit machines, Sky Sports on televisions, full of plebs who start and finish sentences with "basically". Best avoided.

22 Apr 2014 23:11

The Jack Russell, Faccombe

A lovely hidden gem of a pub. Always had friendly service here and the food is of an exceptional, gourmet standard. Must go again soon.

24 Apr 2013 11:37

The Fox Inn, Darsham

I came in here with my wife looking to eat. We left soon after as the bar staff seemed to be ignoring customers. This is surely one of most dreadful examples of customer service I have ever experienced.

23 Jul 2012 14:49

The Bush Inn, Morwenstow

A great pub and makes a standard by which others should be judged. A place full of character and quality drinks. I'd give it ten out of ten and I am hard to impress. It's also dog-friendly which is a great bonus.

23 Jul 2012 14:44

The Hope and Anchor, Wokingham

This pub is not bad but decor is looking a bit tired and toilets need a serious refurbish. The best bit about this pub is its garden which is superb.

23 Jul 2012 14:30

The Three Tuns, Great Bedwyn

This is now closed.

20 Jun 2012 10:14

Black Boy, Shinfield

Surely one of the most awful rip-off prone pubs for miles. It has a reasonable interior but why are you charging consumers West London prices amid an economic collapse? No wonder so many pubs are closing. You may be too if you stick with prices like yours.

14 Jun 2012 23:51

The Rowbarge, Woolhampton

The pub is under new management again. I must say, service is now far sharper than it was but despite what the marketing said, the interior of the pub has not changed. There is still not enough drinking area like there was pre-2007.
BUT: drink prices are still a nasty sting; the lowest priced pint is a staggering 3.20.

14 Jun 2012 23:47

The RISC Global Cafe and Bar, Reading

This third rate dive makes me shudder. It looks as if it's stuck in the gutter of Calcutta it's so dirty and neglected. Ironic for somewhere that seems to charge sky-high prices for what it calls drinks.

14 Jun 2012 23:37

The Royal Oak, Langstone

Went here at the weekend. It was very busy and car parking was pretty limited. However, the food and rapid service were very pleasing. A place with a lot of character too.
All in all, a superlative pub experience.

25 May 2012 16:05

New Leathern Bottle, Jealotts Hill

Came in one day with some friends for lunch. We were quite late for lunch and a sandwich would have sufficed. Instead, we were given an extremely frosty reception. The unspoken language we given was "go away" even just for making a polite inquiry. The place also looked rather tired and shabby. Bar staff were odd and not at all helpful. One to avoid.

9 May 2012 14:31

The Greyhound, Eton WIck

A grim and awful place. Went in one lunchtime with friends. It was deserted on a bank holiday when other local pubs were booming. It was dark and smelled of disinfectant. The bar staff when asked were rather unsure of what food they had on offer (and then said they would look in the freezer!). They also said the pub had no menus. We left quickly.

8 May 2012 10:12

The Barbican, Popley

I can only agree with the last review wholeheartedly. An absolutely DIRE dump of a place. This grim hole is firmly stuck in the gutter of Calcutta. I'd rather drink beer in a bus shelter and feel safer than risk another visit to this dreadful place. One to be avoided at all costs!

14 Apr 2012 23:36

The Popinjay, Basingstoke

An absolutely DIRE dump of a pub. This grim place is firmly stuck in the gutter of Calcutta. I'd rather drink beer in a bus shelter and feel safer than risk another visit to this dreadful place. One to be avoided at all costs.

14 Apr 2012 23:34

The White Hart, Thatcham

A great pub with great food and great service. Good interior and games room for those who want a bit more fun. Traditional but in very good taste. A superlative pub experience.

16 Nov 2011 16:27

The Mill House, Thatcham

Under new management AGAIN!
Something very wrong with this pub.

16 Nov 2011 16:25

The Sussex Barn, Horsham

I can only agree with sundayaledrinker. This place is an utter dive frequented by chavy, churlish plebeian characters. I was instantly put off by a huge TV showing sports with slack-jawed chavs stood there.
Food is very low quality. Cheap and nasty beef mostly, no organic options at all. This is a third rate nightmare. Avoid like the plague.

17 Oct 2011 12:07

The Crown Inn, Lewes

I had high hopes of this place but was sorely disappointed. Frequented by the local low life and monosyllabic plebs. I heard the F word used rather liberally which really put me off. Barman addressed me as "fella" which I greatly resent. The place just shouts of chav. Avoid.

22 Jul 2011 16:23

The Pot Kiln, Frilsham

Outsnading pub, great ambiance and beautiful location. Come early as car park gets full quickly. Dog friendly too.

11 May 2011 11:42

The Mill House, Thatcham

Went by last night. There was a massive chav dispute going on and I think the police came. Although it has just been taken over by new management (yet again!), it seems the chavs have taken over again too. I think this place should just be demolished.

11 May 2011 11:40

The Bladebone Inn, Chapel Row

The food and drink choice here is rather good. Decor in places looks like it needs a good paint. Beer garden is very tidy and neat, like a real back garden. Adorable friendly dogs make this worth going back to.

5 Apr 2011 12:35

The Royal Oak, Yattendon

This is 80% restaurant and 20% pub. It has changed hands many times in recent years. Pub area is really quite small but good ales on tap. Some friendly people and lots of old world charm.

5 Apr 2011 12:33

The Carpenters Arms, Burghclere

The pub now has new owners who impressed me very much with the friendly approach. Food is as good as ever. This pub did have a Basil Fawlty-esque landlord but now he has gone, this place will be better than ever.

1 Feb 2011 12:43

The Winning Hand, Beenham

Went here last Sat. Superb service and food was amazing.
Great overall experience.

1 Feb 2011 12:40

Wellington Arms, Reading

A turd of a pub. Avoid like the plague if you want to know the truth.

12 Nov 2010 11:27

Polish Gospoda, Reading

Avoid like the plague.

12 Nov 2010 11:24

The Mill House, Thatcham

In a word..DIRE!

29 Oct 2010 14:20

Maltsters Arms, Henley-on-Thames

Good service but can get too busy to be pleasant. Some patrons cannot control their children in the restaurant which can spoil it.

27 Sep 2010 17:12

Royal Oak, Pewsey

Rather dated, bit downmarket. Reminds me of how pubs used to be years ago but not in a good sense.
Food was uninspiring and fatty.

28 Jun 2010 12:26

The White Hart, Over Wallop

A lovely pub; great service, great food. Nice, clean, tidy and chav-free. Just how pubs should be.

10 Jun 2010 17:03

The Mayfly, Chilbolton

Equally, a lovely location but marred by OUTRAGEOUS PRICES!!
3 drinks came to over 10.70! Why should we have to take out a mortgage to buy a round.

I think this is why so many pubs are going under..I call it extortion!

10 Jun 2010 17:02

The Mill House, Thatcham

It had closed in May 2010 and I was hoping it would be permanent unless it had a name change and went upmarket..

Alas, this chav-pikey infested hell has reopened.

10 Jun 2010 16:56

The Bell Inn, Aldworth

A cracking good pub. Cared for and still having the charm of the past. Not a chav or TV in sight, just like pubs should be.

5 May 2010 17:27

The Granby, Reading

Really chronic place. Stay away. Drink prices also horrific. It is in one of Reading's dodgiest areas to make things worse.

5 May 2010 17:25

The Wynford Arms, Reading

Truly awful; avoid like the plague..

5 May 2010 17:23

The New Inn, Kilkhampton

This is a nice pub which has been with the landlord since 1982. It is a traditional pub with lots of space inside.
Food is good but only downside is the downmarket use of a TV in the pub.

28 Mar 2010 22:22

Brendon Arms, Bude

Probably best pub food in Bude. Always seems busy. Nice location by the Bude Canal. Pretty good service.

28 Mar 2010 22:12

The Mill House, Thatcham

A truly awful chav hell-hole. Come friendly bombs and destroy it and its plebs forever. I wish my local pub was not this one, it is a blot on my area.


15 Mar 2010 11:07

Paggies Sports Bar, Thatcham

A truly awful chav hell-hole. Come friendly bombs and destroy it and its plebs forever.


15 Mar 2010 11:05

The Pot Kiln, Frilsham

This is a pub by which all others should measure themselves. A superlative experience bar none. The decor is tasteful and classic ale house. The drinks are of top quality and very well priced for these times. The scenery outside in the garden is superb and very relaxing. Car parking could be better, but on the whole, a pub not to be missed.

15 Mar 2010 11:02

The White Hart, Thatcham

Very ordinary and average. Decor was looking tired, dated and rather downmarket. Needs a good makeover to make the grade.

15 Mar 2010 10:59

The Plough, Simpson

This place is far better than the dive it used to be in the 1990s.
It is no gem but of a reasonable standard now. Well done.

4 Mar 2010 00:14

The Old Moat House, Limbury

This place is more chavvy than you can ever imagine with appalling service to match.
Service at bar was like slow-death. Decor is poor and furniture was a mish-mash of bits that did not match. Food service was also incredibly slow and uninspiring.
THIS IS A CHAV AND PLEN HELL-HOLE; Avoid like the plague.

22 Feb 2010 00:34

Castle Inn, Cold Ash

When I walked into the Castle, it was like coming out of Dr Who Tardis to about 1979!

The pub was busy but a lot of those there looked like local flotsam and jetsam. Decor is VERY dated and has the feel of a mediocre pub from the 1970s and 80s. On the plus side, prices are quite low and service fair.

5 Feb 2010 15:50

The Swan, Thatcham

This used to be a pleasant place to drink in with good staff and not bad prices. Now however, it seems overrun with chavs and proletarian plebs. Drink prices are also now totally outrageous. Far better and more upmarket places are nearby and make more pleasant places to drink.

11 Jan 2010 14:55

Polish Gospoda, Reading

This pub is in a VERY dodgy area of the town so this was not a good start. High prices and poor decor. Could do far better.

13 Dec 2009 21:56

The Kings Arms, Sandford on Thames

Went in on a Sat night a few weeks back. Not made at all welcome.
At least 3 beers were not available and service was slack.
Prices also outrageous.
Worth avoiding.

13 Dec 2009 21:53

The Fox, Sandford-on-Thames


13 Dec 2009 21:51

The Rowbarge, Woolhampton

This was re-vamped in Jan 2007 and is now more of a restaurant than pub which is a shame. In 2009 at some point, they also removed some of the comfier seats at the entrance so it is clear they don't really want you to come in for a social drink and chat which is what I loved to do there.
Food is very pricey as are drinks. Drinks can also be suspect. The Coke looks more like water than a Coke. A pity it has changed too much.

10 Dec 2009 11:43

Falmouth Arms, Woolhampton


10 Dec 2009 11:39

Great Expectations, Reading

Service can be very slow.

Drink prices tend to be pretty stiff for a pub at this, mid to lower end of the market.

Could do much better.

10 Dec 2009 11:23

The RISC Global Cafe and Bar, Reading

This is not a pub at all.

If you like VERY expensive (read rip-off) price drinks with hoardes of hippies into vegetables rights and peace, this may be somewhere you'd be mad enough to look at. No local beers, weird and very unprofessional staff.

Avoid like the plague. You might catch it there...

10 Dec 2009 11:18

The Star Inn, Alfriston

This used to be a lovely pub with great food. However, on a recent visit, the barman was staggeringly rude for no reason. I asked to put in a food order early on Saturday evening to be told "we are not serving food as we have a large group coming"...the place was almost deserted.

Customer service at this pub is appalling.

2 Dec 2009 09:35

The Bull Inn, Cavendish

An excellent pub with amazing food and great staff. Best for miles.

21 Jul 2009 00:25

The Spring Inn, Sulhamstead

Seems to have just closed.

30 Jun 2009 11:35

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