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The Lord Stanley, Camden

my girlfriend and i started using this place a few months ago and although we love the building and the location; the staff are pretty poor. no-one pays attention to whether there are any customers waiting much less who was at the bar first. as for the comment about the slack service being due to it 'being busy therefore they must be doing something right' is complete nonsense. they are just slack barstaff. the food has been good on both occasions that i have eaten there and i'm sure that it shall remain as such. However; i've never had a good drink there (shorts with mixers) the ice is always half melted, the drinks themselves are always tepid and it has usually taken an age to even get them. poor drinks, poor staff, time to find another local.

1 Sep 2009 19:10

Canal 125, Caledonian Road

Sunday roast... not great, in fact not even good. Tasteless beef, bullet peas and bitter wine gravy. 14 x2 not well spent. Do not bother eating your Sunday roast here. Good service although it was just about empty so really no excuse to be anything other. Can't speak for the evening drinks, so shall have to drop in sometime in order to comment. Hope it's better than the food.

5 Feb 2008 19:49

The Globe, Moorgate

Barstaff are completely oblivious to any order of serving. As reported before it pays to be the loudest and wave money about. Tubby guy in his late 30's especially rude, consistantly gets orders incorrect and then wants to give you an argument about it. Could be good. Nice location, great space outside in the summer, it evan has grass to sit on and actually has a nice feel inside when it's not full of shouty city suits.

14 Oct 2007 15:04

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

It is a tad small and can get very busy. ideal for meeting people though I've never stayed for more than two. The girls behind the bar are particularly nice at the moment.

23 Jan 2007 17:43

Big Red, Holloway

A friend visited here by chance a few months a go and loved it. I joined him there the other week and enjoyed it also. It was a quiet night but had a great feel to it. It's compared to the Intrepid Fox, a place that I never experienced but if it's like this it's a shame I never made the effort. I don't have any piercings or tattoos but I really like this place. Good bar staff, good value (except the food menu that although I didn't try looked a pretty damned expensive for what it was)and a great juke box. It won't be everybodies cup of tea and I won't be there every night but it's on my local list.

4 Jan 2007 20:00

The George, London Bridge

Hmmm, of course that should be spelt 'agitated' Don't know what I was thinking.

31 Dec 2006 16:37

The George, London Bridge

So.. along with a larger round I order a single Jack Daniels and coke and when it arrives it is in a tall glass filled to the brim with coke. Now, I thought that if you worked behind a bar you should know how to serve drinks. Not only did this stroppy student not know this, but when I 'politely' explained that rather than fill the glass to the brim with coke he should only put a dash in it or ask the customer how much he/she desires he got adjitated, blurted out that no-one else has ever complained in an annoyed manner and strutted off. Now, why do I have to put up with stupid kids who don't have the first idea how to serve drinks and are rude to the customer for no reason. The rest of the barstaff are not much better. If you're going to employ teenagers and immature twenty something students at least teach them how to do it properly.

31 Dec 2006 16:35

The Landseer, Holloway

Very bare, needs soft furnishings. The current salvaged wooden chairs (look like ex church) need a bloody good clean. I went to get up after sitting in mine for 20 minutes or so and my jacket was actually stuck to it. I kid you not, they are almost all coated in a dark grime that can be scraped off with a fingernail. Preferably someone elses. A big space but very live acoustically which doesn't help when it gets busy (as has been mentioned before). Needs a bit more thought. Could be very good.

30 Dec 2006 00:37

Black Horse, Fulmer

Some friends of mine are local to this place and when I'm in the area this is invariably where we end up. I wish it wasn't.

23 Dec 2006 14:35

All Bar One, Broadgate

I have just noticed that Mr Lash has used 'no,no,thrice no'. I, too have used this for AB1 in Canary Wharf today. Appologies MrLash, it is not an instance of plagiarism. I tend not to write comments as i visit pubs, but instead input in bulk. hence todays multiple entries. Anyway onto the review...

It doesn't get much worse than this place. Appalling, I don't care what the beer tastes like.

23 Dec 2006 14:12

The Old Bank of England, Fleet Street

I like the building and what has been done with the interior but unfortunately it's another of those places that fills with the suit brigade. Mind you, they've all cleared off to the suburbs by 10pm which leaves it virtualy empty.

23 Dec 2006 14:04

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Yes it's old and has history and character but the most I could handle was the two minutes it took to realise that I shall never go there again. Too small, tiny,tiny bar area and that silly room out the back is a about as inviting as a poke in the eye.

23 Dec 2006 13:45

Tiger Tiger, Piccadilly Circus

I went here once, six years ago.

23 Dec 2006 13:22

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Doesn't do much for me, this one. Just a place that sell booze. You can't miss it so good for meeting people.

23 Dec 2006 13:19

The Duchess of Kent, Barnsbury

LOL at kmcs. I liked it for a quiet evening, but you won't find me playing connect 4. Didn't have to wait to be served either.

23 Dec 2006 13:14

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

A bit small and crowded for my liking on a Friday night. Usually a good crowd although does suffer from a few up themselves city types which has to be expected given the location. Lots of atmosphere though and never any aggro.

22 Dec 2006 22:41

The Market Porter, Borough

I fail to see how this place gets to be 'Pub of the Year' It's busy because of it's location, size, local traders and passing tourists. There's not much else in the immediate vicinity. In fairness i'm not a beer drinker (spirits only) so I can't comment on the range of beers on offer, but even if the range of beers was outstanding that alone can't be the reason for the award. The place has no soul.

22 Dec 2006 22:32

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

Perhaps I was there on a slow night back in October. It was a Thursday night and although it had nothing particularly wrong with it I wont be returning. No atmosphere and very little character for me. very small too. I think it's more of a locals/regulars pub and nothing wrong with that.

22 Dec 2006 20:14

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

My colleages and I have been in here a fair amount over the last 8 months we are working locally untill March 07 but we no longer go here as we have finally become fed up with the bad smell, and the flies in the summer were very offputting. The girls behind the bar were fine and I liked sitting outside even though it is a busy road. It's a good place to start on a Friday night after work but it does need a damn good clean.

22 Dec 2006 20:10

The Duchess of Kent, Barnsbury

Yeah, nice. Didn't eat their so can't comment but geat corner plot, nice interior, easy going place (I don't even remember if there was music playing so if there was it was at the correct volume) nice staff and not too busy on the friday night that I was there and I can walk it in 15 minutes. Great.

1 Oct 2006 12:03

Royal Saracens Head, Beaconsfield

QUOTE:Calling the sarries rough is a bit extreme, calling any pub in beaconsfield rough is a bit extreme, its about as rough as a girl fight in a nursery school, obviously need to get out of beaconsfield.

I meant rough as in a horrible place to be, as
Gueuzefan has indicated, not dangerous. I frequent plenty of pubs in London with genuinely hard (for want of a better word) patrons and they are all a far nicer place to be than the Saracens Head.

Oh, I did leave. I live in Central London.

19 Apr 2006 18:48

Royal Saracens Head, Beaconsfield

QUOTE: What?! It's an excellent pub! This guy has obviously had a problem with someone from the pub and wants everyone to think negatively about it.

I don't have a problem with anyone in the pub, or indeed anyone from Beaconsfield. Nor do I want anyone to think negatively about it. If you like this sort of place that is fine, I don't. The review I gave is true and if I may quote your statement,

"I do agree that there are a lot of old men thinking they are hard"

you tend to agree but find this acceptable as a place to spend your time, which is fine. I however do not, therefor I chose to drink elsewhere, but the fact remains, it is more than a little rough.

7 Apr 2006 21:04

The Harp, Covent Garden

I like this one. Only been there twice, a Friday and a Saturday night. Great atmosphere, low lighting, just nice.

16 Dec 2005 23:34

The Poachers, Chalfont St Peter

This place was great in the early to mid eighties when 'Dave' was the landlord just after it changed from 'The brick layers arms' these days I wouldn't recommend it unless you are an 'oik' and then you will fit right in.

16 Dec 2005 23:14

Royal Saracens Head, Beaconsfield

Dreadfull, and has been for the last 20 yrs. I moved to London 5 yrs ago after having to endure this dump as a local pub (not my local, but A local) from age 18-35. I visited my brother who still lives in the area a few weeks ago and it's worse than ever. Full of 30-40yr old blokes being hard and a handfull of vile chav 15 yr old girls. We got 5 steps in, turned on our heels and left immediately. It was alright as I recall in 1982-3. There has been a pub on this site since the 13th century, Dick Turpin is reputed to have been a regular and this is it's destiny... disgracefull.

16 Dec 2005 23:06

The Worlds End, Camden

It's big and you can have a laugh but I have never been served a Jack Daniels that tastes like a Jack Daniels in 5 years, the glasses are dirty and have seen better days. In it's defence I havent been in the place in at least 8 months. Maybe it's changed... but I doubt it.

4 Aug 2005 21:45

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

A dump, always has been. A casual meeting place at best. Too crowded (why)too expensive (position, tourists) Dirty. I would say vastly overated but I don't know anyone that rates it at all. Dreadfull, spend the time you would wait to get served looking for somewhere better.

4 Aug 2005 21:23

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