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Greyhound Hotel, Cheadle Hulme

Now flattened!

29 Dec 2010 11:09

The Railway, Stockport

Haven't had a bad pint in here for ages, but it desperately needs a refurb! There is a new sign outside, though, so hopefully a sign of things to come.

29 Dec 2010 11:00

Stockport Arms, Stockport

This is now a coffee shop type place.

29 Dec 2010 10:58

Calverts Court, Stockport

Visited here again this week to meet up with some friends. 5 Christmas seasonal beers were on, tried 3 and had to return 2 of them. Service horrifically slow and the best the food can be described as is 'fuel'. Horrible experience.

29 Dec 2010 10:57

The Stokeford Inn, East Stoke

Holidayed nearby in converted church. Closed on first visit (at least the opening hours were displayed outside), I was one of only 2 punters on second visit. The beer was like vinegar and the staff were rude. I had 3 sips of my beer and left. Avoid.

5 Jul 2010 14:22

Bulls Head, Stockport

I was in the day after Supreme_being, my Dark Hatters was fantastic but the Old Stockport was a little sour. If the landlord had've been in I may have taken it back but decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I wonder if they are trying to keep too many beers on for the turnover? £2.10 a pint is easily the cheapest Robbie's pub worth going in, though, and on previous visits it has been on top form. The food was good, too, despite it being the new chef's first day.

1 Apr 2010 21:23

The Magnet, Stockport

This is a great pub, and as already mentioned it reopened last November and is run by the familiar team from the Crown on Heaton Lane. The interior is bright and airy, the bar area looking particularly modern and the lounge area being slightly more traditional. I wouldn't say it's uncomfortable, but it needs a bit more wear and tear. 14 handpumps adorn the bar, one of these usually serves real cider/perry, there are a couple of tall fonts serving fairly interesting keg beers such as Paulaner Hefe-Weisse, and there is a well stocked fridge full of imported bottles, including Brooklyn and Flying Dog beers. One of the great things Lesley and co have brought here is the return of cheese night, on Monday evenings!

1 Apr 2010 21:15

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Great pub with great beer. Current Tyneside CAMRA Pub of the Year.

3 Aug 2009 17:09

The Cooperage, Newcastle

Now closed.

3 Aug 2009 17:08

The Duke of Wellington, Newcastle

Much better under new management, and beer quality and choice are improved. The smell seems to have gone, too.

3 Aug 2009 17:08

Tilleys Bar, Newcastle

The real ale has really gone down hill in here (from indifferent to shockingly bad!). Ordered several different beers on several different occasions, at several different times of the week and all have had to be returned due to being warm (HOT in some cases!!). There are much better pubs in Newcastle, avoid.

3 Aug 2009 17:06

Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle Hulme

I tell a lie: Mild is now £2.10!

28 Dec 2008 19:43

Calverts Court, Stockport

Ugh this pub gets worse every time I visit it. The beer range is now down to the three usuals and one guest, possibly two if you're lucky, almost always from the Marstons family. In fact the whole place generally has a whiff of sulphur about it. Not so much as a smile from any of the staff (who can blame them), and the manager is the rudest I have ever encountered at a McSpoons. Aaargh!

28 Dec 2008 19:38

Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle Hulme

Really nice Holts pub, with a stark contrast between lounge and vault! Beer still just about under £2, with Bitter, Mild and seasonal usually available, along with lots of bottles, and the ususal Holts lagers. The Mild is always on form, but I find Holts Bitter in general to be undrinkable.

22 Dec 2008 22:42

Kings Hall, Cheadle Hulme

Typical McSpoons... had a decent pint the other day, but expensive (for Spoons) at £1.99! Also tasted another beer, which had 'just come on' that tasted of water. The manager pulled it through some more but did not withdraw it from sale. Nice to see the 'coming soon' and 'sorry not available' signs in use, though!

22 Dec 2008 22:40

The Railway, Stockport

I love this pub, and it was probably my first introduction to real ale outside of Robinsons! Also responsible for my liking of Belgian and German beers, I suspect. I was in this weekend though and very disappointed, the atmosphere was nasty, the beer selection was uninspiring and the quality average. What's happened?

22 Dec 2008 22:34

The Thatched House, Stockport

I've never found this pub open...

22 Dec 2008 22:32

The Armoury, Stockport

Made my first visit to this pub over the weekend, bustling locals pub with Unicorn, Hatters, Old Tom and Mr Scrooge available. I opted for the Mr Scrooge at a very reasonable £2.04, and it was in very good nick. Also available was Chocolate Tom in bottles, which I bought for later! I was shortchanged by a fiver, but this was soon rectified with a till check, and the barmaid was very friendly. The locals were a little bit drunk by the time we arrived and perhaps intimidating to the female members of the group, but it was the last Friday before Christmas yada yada... Worth a visit I reckon.

22 Dec 2008 22:31

The George Hotel, Stockport

Cask Ale allegedly available from here now for the first time in years...

22 Dec 2008 22:11

The Pineapple, Stockport

Lovely traditional little pub, often overshadowed by its neighbour the Crown. It has been included in the 2009 Good Beer Guide (for the first time, I believe). 4 hand pumps on the bar, with Unicorn, Hatters, and Cumbria Way the regulars, along with seasonal beer Spellbound on 'Black Friday'. In a start contrast to the Crown, the Pinapple was very quiet, with no more than 15 people in the bar. The Cumbria Way I had was in tip cop condition, the service was friendly, and the 'Commercial Room' very comfortable!

22 Dec 2008 22:10

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Absolutely rammed on 'Black Friday'. Usual varied selection of beers, mostly kept well, although as beers were going left right and centre I was unable to try them all! Unfortunately, to my horror, the landlord went into the cellar to change the beer and started pulling new (different) beer through WITHOUT CLEANING THE LINES. Come on, this is not what you expect from such an award-winning pub!!!

22 Dec 2008 17:59

Swan With Two Necks, Stockport

Much improved pub under new management. Impressive range of Robinson's beer now available, with 7 on my visit this weekend, including the uber-rare Dark Hatters, Chocolate Tom, and a cask of Old Tom on the back of the bar. I tried a decent selection, shall we say, and 50% of them were good to excellent, the others were served warm and slightly uninspiring. A smaller range with higher turnover might be in order here.

Still, a lovely little pub and certainly a lot better than my previous visits. Very busy on Friday lunchtime, less so on Saturday evening - the opening hours are now extended also.

22 Dec 2008 17:57

The Bank, Manchester

Had a pint of Fullers London Pride in here this afternoon, £2.35 a pint. Good service, the barmaid even removed the sparkler when asked. Surprisingly quiet for the Monday before Christmas, I'm guessing they're all in Primark! Cumberland was also definitely on today, along with Skinner's Ginger Tosser and something else which escapes me. Nice interior and comfortable, better than McSpoons!

22 Dec 2008 17:52

The Romper, Marple

Now run by the same people as the Duke of York in Romiley, this pub now has a more upmarket feel to it, perhaps appropriate to the spectacular surroundings. It isn't really the kind of pub you would go to just for a pint anymore, but the Mediterranean restaurant is worth a visit, although the menu is more or less the same as the DoY but £2 more expensive per dish!

Real ales are available, 4 hand pulls now stock Shepherd Neame Spitfire and Wells Bombardier. The Spitfire has been off on both my visits but the Bombardier has been well received.

29 Jul 2008 00:11

Duke of York, Romiley

Pleasant free house situated by the Peak Forest Canal. 7 handpumps on bar. Beers at time of writing John Smiths Cask, Sharpís Doombar, Bombardier, Deuchars IPA, Adnamís Explorer, with a rotating guest beer, and Owd Rosie cider. Beer in good shape time and time again.

Upstairs the bland old function room is now a restaurant 'The Mediterranean', the food is top notch. Bar snacks from the upstairs menu also available.

29 Jul 2008 00:07

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

One of the few places selling Robinson's Dark Hatters, £1.78 for a pint, in 2008!! Interior is a bit run down but the beer selection is good and competently kept.

28 Jul 2008 16:48

The Black Garter, Newcastle

The grim karaoke at 10,000dB is enough to send me running past!

28 Jul 2008 16:18

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

Passed today and there is a sign in the window saying 'closed until further notice'. There are half full glasses still on the tables. Hope this works out.

28 Jul 2008 16:12

The Beer House, Manchester

Was at a local CAMRA meeting last night, apparently this pub has reopened again, as of last Friday, as a 'no nonsense pub grub' sort of place. 2 or 3 real ales available.

11 Jul 2008 15:03

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