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Comments by evers

The Southern Cross, Fulham

utterly unpretentious pub for the area with mix of folk who like to kick back and relax.
Excellent staff, decent food and tastefully refurbed Victorian boozer with pleasing edge.
Live footy nights and Chelsea home games are busy but do not alter the basic decency of this one. Worth a go.

19 Nov 2005 12:29

The Captain Cook, Putney

Lucky me, this is now my local and unlike most other Putney pubs, it's not full of accountants or braying Sloanes.
A few Saffas, a few estate boys, a few regulars, a few students and many diners for the Thai food restraunt to the rear - bar food also available.
Pleasant bar staff, atmosphere and decor makes this an easy venue to enjoy - just don't go there and spoil it for me.

19 Nov 2005 12:23

The Crutched Friar, Tower Hill

bland but not bad.

29 Aug 2005 17:36

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

insurance market boozer, for insurance market boozers

29 Aug 2005 17:36

The Pumphouse, Tower Hill

populare at lunch times and now has a slight sports theme. 2 pool tables and live sport.


29 Aug 2005 17:33

The Old Tea Warehouse, Aldgate

decent enough pub

29 Aug 2005 17:31

The Swan, Bank

a hidey-hole drinkers pub for the insurance market - good sandwiches.

29 Aug 2005 17:28

The Counting House, Bank

reliable boozer with excellent, good value food in great surroundings.

book a table if you want to each at lunchtimes. only 10 for some good food in good environment (upstairs).

29 Aug 2005 17:24

The Crosse Keys, Bank

bland. good bogs though.

29 Aug 2005 17:21

The New Moon, Bank

a personal favourite, so I'm biased, however an unpretentious City hostelry, nestling neatly on the corner of Leadenhall Market.

Always popular at lunchtimes where folk spill outside, especially in the summer.

Toilets stink of p!ss and have done forever.

29 Aug 2005 17:19

The Duke of Devonshire, Balham

not bad but now patronised by a larger proportion of yuppies who can't afford Clapham.

but 3 for a cooking lager is a bit rich. large tables to the rear are a boon for larger groups.

29 Aug 2005 15:49

All Bar One, Battersea

unusally for an AB1, this is a swinging joint and the vibe is always on good times - full of yuppies but not in an overtly overbearing way.

Service is generally very good at this destination bar. Don't arrive late or you'll queue on a weekend.

29 Aug 2005 15:46

O'Neills, Battersea

it's okay in here for an O'Neills.

mix of types and generally good service.

29 Aug 2005 15:40

The Fine Line, Clapham Junction

rubbish. more atmosphere in a cemetary. full of bores and wannabees.

29 Aug 2005 15:39

The Duck, Battersea

another ruined boozer now frequented by boring, identikit Yah's.

don't they have enough places?

29 Aug 2005 15:37

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

does what it says on the tin - station boozer with live sport.
since recent 're-decoration', some younger middle class locals have been using it, probably because the prices are staggeringly cheap for this area (2.10 for Fosters, 2.30 for Amstel).
Service has declined since the Poles have been involved behind the bar.

29 Aug 2005 15:31

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

this is an old time boozer - the locals will look scary to the middle classes but don't be, they're really very decent folk.

29 Aug 2005 15:25

The Railway, Putney

waste of space as a pub in this prime location.

used by ancient boozers and students (upstairs).

Has smelt of sick for over 10 years.

29 Aug 2005 15:21

The Hand and Flower, Kensington

a sympathetically restored Victorian pub??? Yes it is, with a cool, relaxed atmosphere and pleasant staff.

A joy to discover boozers like this.

29 Aug 2005 15:19

The Arab Boy, Putney

teeters on the brink or being a 'normal' pub - i.e has a mix of types and ages.

okay but nothing special. Live football.

29 Aug 2005 15:16

The Larrik, Putney Bridge

this should be a Yuppie hell-hole but it's actually okay.

Staggeringly fit Brazilian barmaid and plenty of seating.

Not bad.

29 Aug 2005 15:14

The Half Moon, Putney

a proper pub with a laid back feel - (that's unusual for Putney!), and pretty much yuppie free.

29 Aug 2005 15:08

Hudsons Wine Bar, Putney

Putney's best restaurant isn't a pub!

29 Aug 2005 15:06

Star and Garter, Putney

they've never quite pulled it off in here but better than it's been.

Too much Ralph Lauren going on my liking but you can't have everything.

could be rammed 7 nights a week if they got it right.

29 Aug 2005 15:04

The Coat and Badge, Putney

crap bar staff and overpriced.

another ruined boozer.

29 Aug 2005 14:55

The Jolly Gardners, Putney

can be full of boring middle class / graduates / precious types, who think they own the world, but can be good, depending on who's in.

Most likely asked question 'what do you do'?. Soooooo 1995. Move on.

29 Aug 2005 14:54

The Spotted Horse, Putney

can be good, depending on what punters are in. Bar staff are freindly and efficient.

Always good for watching the football.

Again, like most other Putney pubs, was best pre-refit, when a bus drivers pub (post shift, obviously)!

29 Aug 2005 14:48

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

one of Putney's best pubs - has a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, not spoiled by Shire types who now pollute Putney to choking point.

Weathering nicely.

29 Aug 2005 14:43

The White Horse, Shepherds Bush

the real thing - a proper pub, with normal folk going about their business (horse racing and Irish sports, etc) - good value and no bruschetta on the menu, thank the Lord.

Don't go changin'.

29 Aug 2005 14:38

The Stinging Nettle, Shepherds Bush

terrific boozer killed my modernisation - still fine for drinking in but atmosphere is now austere, whence it was convivial - pleasant bar staff and Frank, (the landy), is a decent type.

Scene of wild celebrations for many a QPR fan, pre modernisaition/

29 Aug 2005 14:35

The Prince, Shepherds Bush

sadly rebranded as a naff QPR pub, from one of the friendliest and most efficient in the whole of London.....and I'm a QPR fan! RIP Orange Kipper.

29 Aug 2005 14:31

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