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Comments by essexlad123

The Railway Hotel, Dagenham

Shame this pub is closed, had a right sort behind the bar. Anyone know if it'll re-open one day

22 Jun 2011 20:56

The Cherry Tree, Dagenham

Decent boozer, great for the football just a pain in the backside to get to!

22 Jun 2011 20:51

Essex Yeoman, Upminster

Only been in twice before, however on my last visit got chatting to a few locals - friendly bunch which is rare - most pubs i've known to be hostile to new people. staff were good as gold too.

22 Jun 2011 20:37

Bull, Dagenham

Surprised by the reviews.. not a bad drinking gaff in my opinion. People are friendly enough (not like the stuck up twats you'll find down the road.)

22 Jun 2011 20:30

The Eastbrook, Dagenham

Not a very nice pub to drink in at all. The barmaid behind the bar has to be the most miserable bird your likely to see, and bloke think's he's rocky. Seems to be a pub purely for locals, so wouldn't recommend anyone coming from outside because they'll make you feel about as welcome as the great plague - boring, crap pub!

22 Jun 2011 20:21

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