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Sidcup Place, Sidcup

Not impressed. Rang to book table in advance, as am disabled, to check facilities and explain what was needed. Rang on morning of booking and double confirmed all in place. Arrived in evening and nothing appeared known about the booking. Eventually made ourselves understood and a table reluctantly sourced and reserved. However, debit card asked for in advance to create a tab (not mentioned when booking) and had to move from the table to the tills to create, as machines were fixed to the tills. Explained then that I was on the understanding this was a disabled friendly restaurant, which is certainly not the case. Orders eventually taken at table, but food when arriving was very bland. Pate was obviously from a packet and the salad was limp. Camembert bites had been double fried. Steaks were OK but nothing special. Desserts were again bland. Drinks and wine faultless and price was in keeping with quality of food. Disabled toilet facilities good but marred by soaking wet floor - even though I was warned in advance. Wouldn't be in a hurry to go again. Was good in the 80s but still stuck there¬

18 Apr 2011 13:33

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

Good pub with interesting range of beers but no disabled facilities makes this a no go area - plenty of space always allowed for a garden and pushchairs however!

7 Apr 2010 15:10

O'Neills, Blackheath

Very disappointed. Not disabled friendly at all. Steep steps to enter and no disabled facilities. When I asked if I could use the side entrance, was met with a firm no!

7 Apr 2010 15:00

The Porcupine, Mottingham

Rumours true - no longer a pub - now a carvery restaurant! Can't see this doing well - The Royal (formerly The Royal Tavern) - now a Gastro Pub at the other end of the road, is bombing literally!

6 Apr 2010 14:57

The Porcupine, Mottingham

Apparently under new management again, if rumours are anything to go by, as ill health has prevented visiting of late! If so, what's gone wrong this time?

1 Apr 2010 14:21

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

Used to be a little gem in the days of Dave and Jackie, but sadly not so now.

1 Apr 2010 14:19

The Porcupine, Mottingham

At last, The Porcupine back to what it was - well done to both Paul and Frankie for bringing back things to an even keel! Ignore and forget what you've heard before and go back!

8 Apr 2009 11:17

The Duke Of Wellington, Shoreham by Sea

Revisited following change of management. Although very lively, with music and an obviously happy local crowd, I did miss the quietness that was apparent before. Beer still however top notch and an extremely friendly welcome. Possibly such a contrast from previous visit that it took the wind out of my sails. Will definitely return in October 2009, when next in Brighton.

8 Apr 2009 11:15

The Mucky Duck, Brighton

Lovely pub with super atmosphere and wonderful ales - Tony, the Head Bar Person, is wonderful, friendly, entertaining and makes my twice yearly visit worthwhile! See you on Saturday!

30 Mar 2009 13:48

W Lounge, Greenwich

Another brave try at reopening, but indifferent cocktails and still no disabled facilities - this is a breach of the law, given the new makeover. Had to go up and down stairs to the toilet on my bottom on Saturday 3 January 2009, with no offers of help and a laugh from the barman when I asked if there were disabled facilities on the ground floor!

5 Jan 2009 14:12

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

Had a return visit to this establishment on 3 January 2009 and situation not improved. Pulled up new Manager, who seemed totally disinterested, responding to complaint over obviously watered down Spitfire and Bishop's Finger with 'nobody else has complained'. One complaint is enough - it is time that the Brewery investigated what is going on at this pub, as certainly the law is being broken!

5 Jan 2009 14:08

The Bulls Head, Chislehurst

Still overall good, but rating dropped following rather unnecessary makeover which has lost much of the traditional feel. The prices have hiked up rather too high as well, although if this is now brewery standard, not a lot that can be done! Thank goodness the smaller bar has been left alone (at the moment)!

27 Aug 2008 12:23

W Lounge, Greenwich

Clueless kids behind the bar who don't even know what real ale is, let alone whether or not they sell it! Still no disabled facilities and no concern that the're aren't, either! Avoid, avoid, avoid!

1 Apr 2008 13:36

Eltham GPO, Eltham

Cask Marque - don't make me laugh - this wouldn't win an award for anything apart from perhaps direst pub of the year. No life, no interest, absolute rudeness from staff and clientele guaranteed. Disabled toilet key never available. On the rare occasions it was, toilet misused by able bodied clientele. Avoid it like the plague!

28 Mar 2008 10:41

Zero Degrees, Blackheath

No disabled facilities, yet space given over to a pizza restaurant on ground floor, which is hardly warranted given the amount of eating establishments in Blackheath. Requested assistance to climb the stairs to the toilets and was look at like I had three heads! Not acceptable, given that this is a new conversion and disabled facilities should have been provided by law.

28 Mar 2008 10:34

The Regency Tavern, Brighton

Was good until management change. Geoff and Chris were a 'one off' and no one will ever match them. Now a Shepherd Neame House - nothing wrong with that per sae, but atmosphere totally gone. Only link with the past is Chris, the Head Barman but even this can't replicate the good old days!

25 Feb 2008 11:20

The Brighton Tavern, Brighton

Friendly welcome guaranteed. Have had some great times in here and a shame I only visit twice a year when in Brighton for weekend. See you at the weekend, guys and gals!

25 Feb 2008 11:17

The Evening Star, Brighton

Superb and well worth a visit. Only visit twice a year, but counting the days until the weekend. Guaranteed a good time, friendly locals, always a character or two there to enjoy. Oh, and the beer/cider/snacks are to die for! Wonderful - 10 out of 10!

25 Feb 2008 11:14

The Blue Anchor, Portslade

Lovely home cooked food, friendly staff, top notch beer. Don't miss the wonderful landscape photograph of Brighton along the wall of the lounge bar, with the 'find the double decker bus' logo above it. Have studied this so many times, but yet to find it.

25 Feb 2008 11:12

The Crown, Eltham

Now closed for revamping, but chalkboards outside suggest they're going for a 'gastro' type look, as advertising hoardings for croissants, coffee and panninis seen outside. Wonderful - upmarket drunks here we come! A lick of paint doesn't change and won't change the clientele.

17 Dec 2007 13:46

The Bulls Head, Chislehurst

Wonderful place - excellent manager (Dave), excellent restaurant manager (Sara) and on the whole, a lively set of bar staff with one or two straggling. Wonderful beer and food out of this world. Took my husband to the restaurant for his birthday and we were the only ones in that night - treated like royalty! See you for the rubgy final on Saturday!

17 Oct 2007 14:58

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

Absolutely awful. Beers not kept correctly, staff with little or no knowledge of spoken English and as for complaining - forget it! Typically Wetherspoon style - pretend to sell and be a real ale outlet, but prefer the standard lager drinker and trouble maker!

17 Oct 2007 14:54

The Powder Monkey, Greenwich

No problems with this little gem at all. Prices keep out the unwanted. My husband and I regularly drink in here and have had some wonderful times with the regulars. Lose any prejudices you may have and you'll be welcomed and have a wonderful time. Only slight snag is no disabled toilet, but with a building originally of this age not a lot that can be done. Never a shortage of helpers to assist me up and down though!

17 Oct 2007 14:49

Admiral Hardy, Greenwich

Excellent little watering hole - Rob and his team are superb, with one or two exceptions. Beer always top notch. Highly recommended, although toilets could do with a spruce up and be kept a little more clean.

17 Oct 2007 14:47

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

Ruined pub, following recent updating and refurbishing. Bishops Finger Ale definitely watered down on last visit. Challenged landlord, who suddenly couldn't speak English, despite doing so most clearly in the few minutes before.

17 Oct 2007 14:45

The Crown, Blackheath

Either an excellent time or an awful time to be had here. Range of beers varies from good to awful, as does the quality and standard. Struck gold a few weeks ago when a big rubgy game was packing out O'Neill's and my husband and I had the place to ourselves for a good 45 minutes!

17 Oct 2007 14:42

The Railway, Blackheath

Fairly unimpressive. Good range of drinks, but restrictions on some foreign beers, whereby I was refused a pint, saying they were only served in half pints. Additionally, when I asked for the key to the disabled toilet, was told by a totally uninterested bar staff member that he 'couldn't find it. No effort made to look either - more interested in food orders.

17 Oct 2007 14:37

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