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The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Closed yesterday (28/05/15) for a refurb probably closed for 5-6 months due to major construction work at the rear.

29 May 2015 15:24

The Antwerp Arms, Tottenham

Reborn as a community pub, Redemption beers in good nick. Bike, dog and child friendly, plans for food in the future. Worth a visit.

26 Apr 2015 18:09

The Toll Gate, Hornsey

Good to have Redemption on as a permanent choice, and an offering from Dark Star on a very regular basis too.

6 Jan 2015 19:57

The Westbury, Wood Green

Upside: Reborn, decent selection of beers and ciders.
Downside: Too many rug-rats, acoustics are terrible, badly in need of some soft furnishing.
Much improved but...

6 Jan 2015 19:37

The Garden Ladder, Harringay

Not sure about the relaunch, music a bit tinny, local Brewery Redemption's beer not at its best, didn't linger....

6 Jan 2015 19:15

The Canonbury, Canonbury Place

Dire. Waited 5 minutes to not get served, mug punter beside me accepted 2 " pints " about 80% full, 4 staff behind the counter, only 1 serving. Avoid like the plague.

15 Jun 2014 20:29

The Old Ale Emporium, Harringay

Just met Rob Murphy outside here, ex Oakdale, now the new boss here, Green Lanes now has a venue worth visiting, 2014 looks like being somewhat better...

20 Dec 2013 01:10

The Lifeboat, Margate

Paid a visit yesterday on a trip down from London. Was pleasantly surprised to see stillaging for 9 beers, 3 of which were on, the Goachers Mild was excellent. Also available were 12 bag-in-box ciders! Would highly recommend this pub.

17 Jul 2013 14:12

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Magic Rock mini festival last night, Dark Arts being the stand out beer. A good night out.

16 Oct 2012 12:56

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

£3.75 for Purity Pure Gold!! Taking the mick or what? And not vey good condition either.

11 Oct 2012 16:52

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

gaypostman, now that the gay man behind the bar is gone, why don't you just head back to Old Compton Street?

14 Apr 2012 22:13

The Great Northern Railway Tavern, Hornsey

Apparently Mr Tony Lennon ex Euston Tap is taking over here, that, hopefully, will lead to a change in direction.....

4 Mar 2012 21:28

The Champion, Fitzrovia

New management, very short measures, very reluctant to top up, shame really, now off list of pubs to visit in W1.

7 Feb 2012 11:11

The Northgate, Islington

Nice pint of Deuchars IPA, but £3.40 is a bit much for Southgate Road.

27 Nov 2011 17:22

, Digbeth

Was in on the 16th, of the 6 beers sampled, the Pug IPA was the only dud, the rest were very good to excellent.

25 Nov 2011 16:40

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Planning permission to demolish the pub has been denied.....

27 Oct 2011 14:47

The Beaconsfield, Harringay

Was closed last night at 21.45 when we walked past. Another one bites the dust?

24 Oct 2011 12:38

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Dear Sir/Madam

Town & Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2010

26 Wenlock Road
N1 7TA
Application Number:
Development Description: Demolition of existing two storey public house building and
construction of a five-storey mixed use building to provide 160sqm of commercial floorspace
(Use Class A1/A2/B1) at ground floor and basment level with five self-contained residential
units (comprising one x three-bed unit, two x two bed units and two x one -bed units) provided
on the upper floors.

Site Address:

Thank you for your correspondence concerning the above application.

The issues you have raised will be taken into consideration during my
assessment of this application. In the event that the application is to be
determined at the Planning Sub-Committee, I will notify you of the date and
advise on how you can arrange to speak at the meeting.

In the event that the application is determined under delegated powers, you will
receive notification of the outcome.

If your comments formed part of a petition, please make other signatories of the
petition aware of this letter.

Yours faithfully

Benjamin Dixon
Planning and Regulatory Services

11 Oct 2011 12:57

The Wheatsheaf, Tooting Bec

We were there last Sunday, 6 beers on, 7 pumps, 3 tried, all in good nick. Food being served, no obtrusive music and what was being played was a good selection.
Not a bad boozer, will be interesting to see how it pans out.

16 Sep 2011 19:04

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Two very enjoyable visits yesterday, 30/06/11, the occasion being the Sleeping Scooper's 60th birthday. Beers consumed were all excellent.

1 Jul 2011 14:55

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

The windows are now being bricked up. Sad sight.

4 Jun 2011 17:11

The Great Northern Railway Tavern, Hornsey

If they don't up the ante on the real ale front this place won't last, which would be a shame as they have done a lovely job on the restoration. Just two hand-pumps, London Pride and GK IPA, of which only Pride was available. Food was on the pricey side.

3 Jun 2011 14:42

The Toll Gate, Hornsey

Have been told by the manager that @Oakhamales will be featuring heavily next month, oh happy day!

24 May 2011 18:01

The Anchor and Hope, Clapton

Just watching a young lad getting a puncture repaired courtesy of one of the staff, great to see the community spirit lives on. Oh, and the beers are nice and all...

20 May 2011 18:48

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Latest posting is, in the words of Burnley Dave '' absolute b*ll*cks! '' so there you have it.

13 May 2011 14:23

The Toll Gate, Hornsey

Have to agree with mendes, the Freeminer Deep Shaft was impeccable, even though it was the tail-end of the cask, and a 6.2% beer at £2.40 is amazing value.

11 May 2011 15:14

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Ian's birthday beer from Mighty Oak was most enjoyable and the Red Squirrel London Porter was bang on the money. Lovely.

4 May 2011 11:31

The Welsh Harp, Waltham Abbey

Nice pub, beer good but could do with losing Heart FM.

20 Apr 2011 18:18

The Angel, Waltham Abbey

Decent pint of AK @ £2.70. Nice beer garden. Clean toilets, friendly barstaff, job done I reckon.

19 Apr 2011 15:28

The William IV, Leyton

Some nice beers before the Orient match on Tuesday, Citra was bleedin' gorgeous!

7 Apr 2011 14:17

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

Well that's it....
Thanks Rob, Ant, Dani and all the other staff who looked after us over the past few years, it was great while it lasted, just a pity that the evening was hijacked by a crowd of numb-nuts, in spite of whom we enjoyed ourselves. Anyway thanks again guys.

20 Mar 2011 20:02

Goodman's Field, Whitechapel

Very poor selection of ales, just GK muck and London Pride.

5 Mar 2011 22:42

The Toll Gate, Hornsey

Acorn Challenger IPA was very good this evening, Orkney Raven was also very enjoyable.

5 Mar 2011 22:35

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

Sad to see the Oakdale is going to close, will be sorely missed, only proper pub in N4, thanks Rob and the crew....

22 Jan 2011 16:05

Leyton Orient Supporter's Club, Leyton

loads of lovely mighty oak, noel coward outstanding, great night, thanks to all concerned,

24 Dec 2010 04:52

Devonshire House, Crouch End

Much improved compared to what it was like before. My only gripe is that 6 of the 10 hand-pumps were dispensing Greede Kerching IPA and Abbot and London Pride. The RCH Old Slug Porter was in excellent condition and the food was good for a 'Spoons. Get some more guest beers on please.

20 Nov 2010 16:11

The Toll Gate, Hornsey

Festival beers still on at festival prices £1.89 a pint.
Wadworth Pixley Blackberry Stout 6% a steal at that price!
Going back this evening for more.
Apparently there are about 10 casks of festival beer left ( as of yesterday evening, Friday )

20 Nov 2010 16:04

The Stapleton Tavern, Finsbury Park

No longer the Larrik, now the Stapleton Tavern. Wasn't open whenI went past this afternoon, doesn't open til 4pm, couldn't be any worse than the previous incarnation. Liked the curtains and the hand written '' mission statement '' on the wall outside, will give it a whirl soon.

19 Nov 2010 18:42

Devonshire House, Crouch End

Has now re-opened as '' Devonshire House '' a JDW, 10 hand-pumps, going to check it out this evening.

18 Nov 2010 17:14

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Ascot Ales Anastasia's Double Vanilla Stout, sublime! 9.8//10

18 Nov 2010 17:10

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

gaypostman, when was the last time you were in the Wenlock? Just curious...

9 Nov 2010 20:25

The Toll Gate, Hornsey

This place has come on in leaps and bounds. Five festival beers on, all in good nick, most enjoyable. Watching the Met's finest tear up and down Turnpike Lane is a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon/early evening.

31 Oct 2010 19:30

The Eagle, Hoxton

How this pub ever got in the GBG has always been a mystery to me,the last time we were in there was no ale available, all five pump-clips were turned around, so we had Weston's organic cider ( with ice, anathema to me, but the fridges weren't working), to be avoided.

17 Oct 2010 13:15

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Oh dear, what can the matter be,
Pembury's gone down the lavatory,
Won't be back there on Saturday,
Or any other day of the week 'til it gets sorted out good and proper! Shame that it's got this bad, used to be a must visit after Pigs Ear, not this year...

17 Oct 2010 13:06

Spouter's Corner, Wood Green

Filthy tip, last time we were in before going to the cinema, the gents toilets were absolutely disgusting, seemed that someone with terminal diarrhoea had visited every cubicle. To be avoided at all costs.

16 Oct 2010 15:38

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Nice one Jim. ;-)

16 Oct 2010 15:21

The Shooting Star, Liverpool Street

Nice enough pub, pricey, nowhere near as loud as Woodin's Shades across the street. Beer was in good nick but the measures served were somewhat short, meaning that we had to ask for top-ups each time,10% or more. Nothing inherently wrong with the place but wouldn't go out of my way to return.

16 Oct 2010 15:04

Woodins Shades, Liverpool Street

Music was far too loud, hand-bag house for teenagers when the average age of the punters was late 30s, early early 40s. When asked to turn the music down, the bloke behind the bar actually turned it up. 110dB is not my idea of fun. Shame really because the beer was good. Left and went to the Shooting Star instead.

16 Oct 2010 14:57

The Edinburgh Cellars, Newington Green

re-opened as the Cellars

8 Sep 2010 22:09

O’Donoghues, Dublin

Wrong address. O'D's is in Merrion Row.

27 Aug 2010 13:39

Leyton Orient Supporter's Club, Leyton

Club of the year again and deservedly so. Congratulations to Mike and his team!

12 Aug 2010 21:04

The William IV, Leyton

Kiwi and Mild both in excellent condition. Great way to spend a Sunday evening.

25 Jul 2010 19:17

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Most enjoyable evening for the pub quiz, Dawkins Pithead Porter on top form.
Caviar to the general, Eddie.

23 Jul 2010 10:09

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