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Comments by drunkdriver

The Imperial, Exeter

Came here years ago after getting kicked off the train for no ticket, was going back to London.

From what i can remember it was superb. Ended up at atudents party later on and spending the night in Exeter.

1 Nov 2007 14:57

The Marquis of Granby, Epsom

Excellent pub, been drinking here for years!

Staff are friendly, cold beers, and always has good looking customers.

1 Nov 2007 14:52

Elements, Epsom

I used to come here years ago.

Never had a bad night out in 'shittys'.

Its in need of a total refurb, maybe hold an indie/alternative night there. That is what Epsom lacks. An alternative night free from idiots.

1 Nov 2007 14:50

CAZBAR, Worcester Park

Its very good for live football.
The pool table is good too.
the smokers corner is good.
they serve the best beer, peroni.

the only thing bad about this bar is that carey (owner) has let his standards slip in hiring the barmaids......could get rid of that grolsch as well.

apart from that i highly rate this bar

1 Nov 2007 14:44

The Avenue, Stoneleigh

Thank you for having the ska night last month.

Was an excellent night. Is it happening again any time soon?

1 Nov 2007 14:32

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