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The New Inn, Canterbury

as always a great pint, welcome retreat when in canters

8 May 2013 12:14

The Two Sawyers, Canterbury

popped in yesterday early eve and was very busy surprising for a tues after bank hols, nice pint of elsie mo was told that generally busy days & early eves with local businesses and teachers and local residents have to say nice buzz with wide range of people. Apart from few bits of chipped paint place is still immaculate. looks like pub has turned a corner will be back next time in canters

8 May 2013 12:12

The Two Sawyers, Canterbury

Wow or what ! This has been refurbed i cant believe it, 3 ales on just had black sheep was great. Really smart pub in such short space of time, contemporary yet traditional.. food looked good too. New owners to boot.

6 Aug 2012 15:52

The Two Sawyers, Canterbury

pub is open and trading JUST very limited on everthing and very tired, souless joint needs lots of money spending on it, has banner advertising it to let still
years ago was a good PROPER pub .. shame

9 May 2012 23:30

The Maidens Head, Canterbury

well popped in to have a look as said under new management.. not something you should advertise unless youve done something to change or repair the place.. what a hovel needs demolishing and rebuilding
its a goner !!

9 May 2012 23:25

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