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The Prince of Wales, Shrivenham

The POW has changed hands twice recently and is lacking in atmosphere at the moment but hopefully will improve as the new landlords settle in. This is a good old fashioned village pub with real ale, fire, garden, etc & I hope it isn't 'improved' by Sky TV, crap piped music & other modern horrors!

11 Apr 2011 10:31

The Woodman, Fernham

I'f you're going to The Woodman on the weekend for food always make sure you book first. This Saturday we didn't and, despite being given drinks, a table and menus, were ignored for 40mins. When I asked if we could order, we were told that customers who booked came first and we'd have to wait. Fair enough, but it doesn't cost anything to apologise for the delay & maybe offer a few olives, a bit of bread and ask if we'd like more drinks. In short, the food and beer are good here but the service is going downhill.

11 Apr 2011 10:24

The Lamb Inn, Clearwell

A cracking place - a traditional pub with a relaxed atmosphere and good beer. Probably the best pub in the Forest - a rare survival.

4 Jun 2009 13:17

The White Horse, Woolstone

I've never been impressed by this place, but recently we were told it was under new management and thought we'd give it a try again. First impressions were good- it's been tidied up and looks better inside. However, it went downhill from there. We hadn't booked but the place was half-full. Despite this, the landlord looked perplexed at our request and it took him five minutes of head-scratching and staring into the diary before he decided he could fit us in. We had a drink at the bar and waited for our table to be set..and waited..and waited. We asked if we could order, but no - "only one order at a time into the kitchen" is the policy. Eventually, the waitress arrived and said flatly (and I quote) "what do you want?". My partner chose but was told that was off the menu (why they couldn't have said that before I don't know). When we did get the food it was OK but nothing to get excited about. Oh well, we'll all have to keep waiting for this place to get the management it deserves...

12 May 2009 12:45

The Woodman, Fernham

Excellent food and range of cask ales at this country pub. More of a restaurant really, but still a great place for a few ales as they don't mind drinkers as well! They haven't alienated the locals which is good, and the staff are efficient, friendly and lookers to boot!

18 Mar 2009 15:50

The Prince of Wales, Shrivenham

A charming old pub with a good atmosphere, ever-changing range of real ales, beer garden and cheery landlord. However, they have the monopoly in the village at the moment and it shows too much on the menu, pricey drinks and weekend nights frequently without the landlord or landlady. They make a good effort with year round events such as live music, BBQs and parties but many think they could do with concentrating their efforts on reviewing their menu and giving better value to their customers.

1 Jul 2008 14:20

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