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Comments by dd1962

The Marsh Harrier, Norwich

A very bad experience recently on my first and last visit there. 1 beer, flat and lukewarm, dismal food obviously reheated and i felt unwell afterwards - but wasn't ill.

7 Dec 2008 01:12

Coach and Horses, Norwich

Greene King, say no more, avoid. Shame, quite a nice pub inside.

7 Dec 2008 01:10

The Brickmakers, Norwich

Great music pub, first and foremost and I must say i've never noticed the gay overtones or the surly staff. However, i'm forced to drink cider because they only serve a Speckled Hen, which I won't drink on principle because of the sods who brew it and because it tastes rank. Sort the beer out and i'll come in more often, stay longer and drink more than 1 bottle of Magners!

7 Dec 2008 01:08

The Kings Arms, Norwich

Possibly the best pub in Norwich, if not certainly one of the top 5. Consistently blindingly good beer, top service, inexpensive and you can bring in your own grub. Wish I lived nearer than I do, but then I'd be very poor and weigh a lot more than I do!

7 Dec 2008 01:02

The Coal Hole, Strand

Went in for one and the Harvey's Sussex was so fine we stayed for 3 more and missed our table at a nearby restaurant! Great atmosphere, really busy but service was very efficient

7 Dec 2008 00:59

The Golden Star, Norwich

Greene King pub. Stay away. Used to be one of the few Norwich boozers that sold real ale in th 70s and 80s, but now look at it.

7 Dec 2008 00:56

The Barleycorn, Hedge End

It used to be fantastic but as usual with the bruisers from Bury St Eds, decent beer goes by the wayside when they foist their foulsome muck on us. As does customer service and any suggestion that they are good for beer, pubs or the brewing industry. Can we start a campaign that challenges this Britain's Favourite beer nonsense? I'd rather drink coke. How can a half decent pint of Adnam's, Harvey's, Badger or indeed 1000 other beers not be considered as more likely to be described as a favourite?

7 Dec 2008 00:53

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