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The Swan, West Wickham

Dont worry about Pissflap(name sayes it all). Last year it was on about the Coney and New inn !!!! Its also always on about "one post wonders", well it needs to understand that this site is not the be all and end all of everyones life !!! For what its worth i visit this pub about once a month to see regulars that drink in there and it has improved as the management now at least care. It will never be the most popular pub as it needs serious money spending on it but as i say it has improved and it depends what you are looking for.
Good luck to the new owners .

18 Jan 2012 11:01

The Coney, West Wickham

I am sure the owners(like M & B at the George) are really pleased with their policy of ACTIVELY discouraging relaxed drinkers, having now seen what a pigs ear the New Inn have made of combining a friendly drinking atmosphere whilst also having groups of friends and families being able to have a nice meal in pleasant surroundings .

20 Nov 2010 00:35

New Inn, Hayes

Really do not understand where these adverse comments are coming from and what their motivation is. Popped in last night for a pint about 9.00pm and the place without exageration had about 200 people in it, maybe more. A few months have passed since the opening and still 200 people at 9.00pm on a Wednesday night !!
Enough said people will always vote with their feet and apart from the very early days i have had nothing but good experiences in this place as have many others i speak to.

23 Sep 2010 09:06

The George, Hayes

The owners of the George have made as big an error here as Scunnings review of this restaurant. There simply is not enough people prepared to pay the money(and they do have it) in a 3 mile radius of Hayes. Nice place but will end up reverting back to what it was with microwaved food as that is the only gap in the market for this area.

13 Sep 2010 09:35

New Inn, Hayes

the stout one is correct and in fact this is only the second posti have ever posted to any web site.I am not the manager,owner or employee but as i say do as i advised and try for yourself.

8 Aug 2010 20:11

New Inn, Hayes

This pub/restaurant is the BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO THE AREA FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!

The management and staff try their best and really cant be faulted on their attitade though many are new and need training which will come with time and are already much improved.In fact my main issue is the fact the pub it is so good that it is too popular and busy(and seems to be getting busier) so the service is not immediate as i would like. The communication of the age and restuarant ordering policy could be better and a few well positioned signs(not bits of paper) would help but remember the place is new. You dont have to be Einstein to know why the age policies exists and unfortunately as always it is not fair on some.
Anyway dont believe me see for yourself the hundreds of people that use this place daily and especially the groups of mums that use the place in the evening which is always an indication of how good and clean a pub is !!!!!

5 Aug 2010 11:21

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